The First Issue of Edible Philly

November 23, 2013(updated on December 16, 2023)
Edible Philly November 2013

For years now, I’ve envied all the other cities out there that had their own Edible magazines. It just seemed wrong that a vibrant food town like Philly didn’t have its own food-focused publication. Happily, my envious days are over. The very first issue of Edible Philly finally hit newsstands this month.

Edible Philly November 2013

This first issue is filled with good stuff, including a story about locally made ciders, a piece about Bethlehem, PA, and gorgeous, photo-heavy spread about Di Bruno Bros., Philly’s cheese institution.

Edible Philly November 2013

Some of my favorite local writers and photographers contributed to this issue, including Tara Matazara Desmond (I’ve been raving about her new book, Choosing Sides, to anyone who will listen), fab photog Albert Yee, and Madame Fromage herself, Tenaya Darlington. I am honored to be listed among so much talent.

Edible Philly November 2013

I wrote about beets for the In Season column in this issue. I had so much fun developing the recipes and have made the both the roasted beet dip and the beet and potato latkes repeatedly since writing that piece. The latkes would be a fun way to mix up your Hanukkah table this year, if you’re looking for fresh inspiration.

Edible Philly November 2013

I’m looking forward to reading (and hopefully contributing to!) many future issues of Edible Philly. It’s such a good addition to the city’s food scene!

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9 thoughts on "The First Issue of Edible Philly"

  • Congratulations! I love Edible magazines. We have one here in our area called Edible Upcountry. They are always lovely. This post actually leads perfectly into an email I will be sending you later today about contributing to our new online magazine. You can check it out at http;// The site and facebook page just went live on Friday and we are already getting a great response! I’d love to include you and your wisdom on canning!!!

  • So cool! As managing editor (and contributor to) our local Edible (geez, am I name-dropping again?), I am so smitten with this magazine. Congrats on being in the inagural issue!

  • What a wonderful looking publication. The amount of knowledge on foods, esp. local ones, would be such a warm welcome to me. I keep an old calender, and every yr, as I find new things locally in season I add them to my calender. Then as the yr rolls on, I know exactly when I need to take a trip to that market I found those perfect jewels the year before.

  • So very cool! I have loved reading Edible in every place I’ve lived! Congrats on being in the first issue. My parents live close to Philly, so perhaps this would be a nice gift for them!

  • This is the perfect final Christmas gift for my sister who just bought a house in Philly! I bought a subscription for her tonight after reading this. Thank you for helping me with my gift shopping 🙂

  • Since I saw it, I’ve wanted to get one…if you subscribe (which I didn’t do on time), do you get the first issue too? (I meant to go to Tara’s book signing in the neighborhood too, but was feeling so crummy I decided to keep the germs to myself)