EcoJarz Relaunches Fermentation Kit

August 18, 2018(updated on October 2, 2018)

The folks at EcoJarz are some of hardest working jar accessory makers in the business. Not only do they use the highest quality food grade stainless steel and silicone, but they’re also always striving to make their products better and more useful.

For instances, take their newly reissued Fermenter Kit. They’ve offered such a thing for some time, but this latest version is best ever. It includes a Wide-Mouth Stainless Steel Jar Band, a Wide-Mouth Stainless Steel Lid with Silicone Gasket and Silicone Grommet, a Three-Piece Airlock, a Cotton Cloth for covering the jar and a Fermenting Guide. All you need to do is add a jar and some produce!

If you like jars, but fermentation isn’t for you, consider the ToGoJar Travel Set. It’s plastic jar coupler that allows you to carry your lunch and a snack to work without fear of breakage. The set comes with a mesh cozy and a travel bag, for easy transportation.

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2 thoughts on "EcoJarz Relaunches Fermentation Kit"

  • Couldn’t one make fermented veggies without one of these? I’ve seen barrels of pickles at the deli without this type of product on top. Why would one use something like this, if it’s not needed? Is it just for keeping dust and debris out of the food, while allowing gas to escape? Just wondering.

    1. You can totally ferment without a kit like this, but using an airlock ensures the best quality fermented product. Air can cause discoloration and softening. Those barrels of pickles aren’t actively fermenting anymore, and while they were, there was probably something on the top keeping them weighted down and below the liquid.