Cookbooks: Homegrown Pantry

July 12, 2017

People often ask me if I grow the things I preserve, mostly in the hopes that I’ll be able to share with them favorite varieties for growing and canning. I always end up disappoint them when I confess that other than a couple seasons with a mediocre community garden plot, I almost no gardening experience.

Happily, there’s a new book that is the resource that people have always wished I could be. Called Homegrown Pantry and written by Barbara Pleasant, this book should be on the shelf of everyone who likes to garden and preserve what they’ve grown.

The book is designed to help you choose the best varieties to plant, determine how much you’ll need to grow, and the best ways to preserve the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are the result of your hard work.

This book digs into canning, drying, fermenting, freezing, root cellaring, and even wine making. There are tips, tricks, recipes, and a world of useful recommendations.

It’s even useful for those of us who don’t garden, but occasionally find ourselves in possession of a bushel of apples, a big bundle of herbs, or a fresh potatoes from the farmers market. It’s a really terrific resource!

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5 thoughts on "Cookbooks: Homegrown Pantry"

  • OOh, what a novel idea! I do garden and preserve much of my harvest so I love this idea of a book that covers both aspects! I Must add this to my wish list!

  • I really need this book. I love canning and preserving the harvest. We grew about 150 lbs of potatoes one year and didn’t have any idea what to do with that many potatoes. This is awesome.

  • I am growing berries, tomatoes and giant pumpkins. I would love a resouce to help with the gardening and preserving.

  • I ordered this book as soon as I saw it here! I knew if it impressed Marisa, it had to be a good one! And it is! Lovely to read and chock full of great info!