Canning 101: Using Good Water + Giveaway

mavea elemaris

As many of you have come to know, water is often a primary player in canning. Most pickling recipes call to dilute vinegar by half. We can whole fruit by making a syrup of sugar and water. When I want to include an intense flavor (like ginger) in a preserve, I blend it with some water before squeezing it through some cheesecloth to get a potent little brew.

In all of these recipes, I make a point of using filtered water. Preparing fruits and vegetables for canning is often a process of cooking down and concentrating your ingredients. I really don’t want to concentrate any extra crud or crap in my finished product. I live in an older apartment building, so who knows what kinds of funky particulate matter is in the H2O that comes out of my tap? It’s just one of those steps I like to take to ensure that the quality of my product is as good as I can make it when I go to open those jars six or eight months later.

Edited to add: There’s been a little confusion in the comments. I don’t use filtered water in my processing pot. I only use it IN the canning recipes. Regular tap water is fine for the outside of the jars.

elemaris box

For most of my adult life, I’ve been a Brita water filter user. Recently, I had an opportunity to try the new Elemaris filter and I really like it. It’s made by Mavea (which is part of Brita), is entirely BPA-free and the filters are recyclable. It has a meter on top that tells you when the filter is due for a refill and the lid is designed so that you can simply position it under the tap and fill, no need to remove a piece or flip open a flap.They’ve even created a nifty blog called Inspired Water to help spread the word about this product.

Thanks to Mavea, I have five (yes, five) of these nifty Elemaris pitchers to give away. Winners will get to pick their color (they come in black, purple, red and white). To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and share your favorite way to drink water (reusable bottle? tea with milk? infused with a squirt of lemon?). Comments will close at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 18, 2011. The winners will be selected at random and will be posted the following day (I promise).

Disclosure: Mavea gave me that black water pitcher you see above. I’ve also filmed a series of canning videos with them that will be appearing in the next few weeks. No money has changed hands and I wouldn’t say nice things about their pitcher if I’d didn’t genuinely like it.

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  1. I love to drink water just plain & simple, with a couple of big ice cubes to make it extra cold and refreshing! Mmm! Every so often I do love the lemon water though! Delish!

  2. Ooh, count me in on this. I drink LOTS of water – bitingly cold! When I as a child I would sneak into the kitchen and pour the freezing water out of the metal ice cube trays in the refrigerator (or maybe just put my lips to it and slurp it down). Yes, I was a bad girl!! I would do it now, except no metal trays for me these days. Maybe I should check E-bay.

  3. I will have to look into these I need to replace my water filer that got cracked when we moved. I like adding pieces of fruit to my water to give it a fruity taste.

  4. I don’t like water but I like to use purified water in my coffeemaker. That way, the coffee is PERFECT…just the way I like it.

  5. On a hot summer day, when you’re outside working. Doing something. Let’s say picking some food to put in jars. When the hose is left sitting in the sun, the water inside warms up. You have to run it for a little while – not long, just ten or fifteen seconds – but that short delay gives you just enough time to anticipate the crystal-clear cylinder of cold water that rushes up from under the ground, through your basement, and out the nozzle to spill onto the ground moments before the first drops touch your lips.

  6. We use filtered water for everything! Making tea (yes, with milk!), cooking, drinking straight up, or saving for later in our kleen kanteens at school! We don’t drink other things, or soft drinks/sodas, etc. so water is a huge staple for us since we’re on a very tight budget(and for health!). A good filter is essential! Thanks for this offer!

    p.s. we love purple!

  7. My favorite way to drink water? Well, that is a three-way tie. Either straight from the hose on a hot summer day, a cup of home made chicken broth or a cup of simple ginger tea with lemon and a smidge of honey. Oh, make that a four way tie, I love a glass of black sun tea brewed in a mason jar. I love drinking water from a mason jar, not a regular glass. YUM!

  8. Hello! I’ve been wanting a good water filter pitcher for some time now. Admittedly, I am not a good water drinker, but I thought having a pitcher would make it easier. I like water straight up, but at times it is nice with a little Crystal Light mixed in. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  9. With the exception of good wine, about the only beverage I drink is water. Our local water is so foul that we cannot drink it without filtering. We have been using a Brita system which works fairly well, but I would love to try this new one you are offering! You can rest assured that it would be used every single day of the year!!

  10. Great! I’ve been wanting to buy a new water filter. I’d love to try something new. These days I’ve been drinking a whole lot of hot tea (using filtered water) with honey to get over a nasty cold!

  11. wow, that’s so awesome!
    I drink a ton of water in my water bottle b/c I exercise so much, but I also use water in my coffee maker every single morning. What a nice thing for them to donate these! Fabulous!

  12. I like mine cold with ice in a huge glass. And I drink a glass or two in the bathroom after I brush my teeth πŸ™‚ Nothing better than the minty fresh taste followed by water.

  13. I’ve always had lots of sweet tea with my water (in the form of ice), but I’m working really hard to replace that with regular H2O. A slice of cucumber or fresh lemons helps a lot! Thanks for the chance to win something that would help motivate me!

  14. Water is life – a small pot of tea on my desk in the morning, good coffee with my aeropress, homemade spiced chai, water with ice, maybe ice water with lemon or lime, but there is nothing better than plain ice cold filtered water all day long!

  15. I like my water super cold, but generally with no ice. I like lemon in it as well, but I usually don’t bother with it at home.

  16. Ooooh!!! wonderful! Right now I use a water filter on my sink that is about to give out! We ONLY drink filtered water and it is the only water we cook with. I keep a glass bottle of water with me all the time at home, and use a stainless steel water bottle for on the road. Plain wonderful delicious water is my favorite! I would love to taste the water from this Mavea!
    MaryBeth (greenlady (at) gra dot midco dot net )

  17. I try to drink warm filtered water in the morning with lemon juice, maple syrup and a pinch of cayenne to help rehydrate me before my cup of Joe….

  18. I’m a true water obsessive- my family calls me “the camel”. I almost always have a glass of water nearby, but my favorite way to drink it is right after a hot yoga class, when I can polish off half a Sigg bottle in one sitting!

  19. My favorite way to drink water is straight up, cold from the tap, no ice (unless I have to) and maybe a twist of lemon if it’s available. You just can’t beat it for thirst quenching and health.

  20. In the summer, I go out to the garden and pick a bunch of fresh mint leaves and stuff them into an infuser ball and have fresh mint water all summer long. Love the stuff,

  21. I drink water in wide-mouth quart jar on my desk. When I want a little flavor, I throw a tea bag in the water cold. It brews just a little bit… enough to give a little burst of flavor. I know that when I’ve drank 2 jars of water, I’m good for the day.

  22. I love my water brewed into s glass of light sweet black tea with a healthy squirt of lemon. I’m also found of it just straight in the glass with some crisp ice cubes. πŸ™‚

  23. I like water with lime and in my resuable cup with a straw that looks like a disposable cup with a straw. It has a peacock on it. I like to think the peacock encourages me.

  24. I drink tea, both hot and iced, each and every day. I can not imagine a day without tea. I also enjoy jam water, which is 1 – 2 tbls of thick jam melted into a cup of hot water. When my tummy is upset I like to take two pieces of Ginger Chews and melt them into either a cup of plain hot water or with a weak black tea. There is instant hot Cream of Wheat and Oatmeal that I generally use as a between snack on those long days where it will be a ridiculous amount of time to wait from one meal to the next. I used to heat my water in the microwave but when it broke the tiny enameled pan came out of the back cupboard and now we do this all on the stove top. It actually tastes a bit different vs heated water in the microwave, go figure. Water is a life-force and very few foods can be created or maintained without water.

  25. In the summer time I make a lot of sun tea. I like mine with no sugar. So I end up making 2 large pitchers of it. The hubby likes sugar in his. Good clean water is important. If its plain tea, coffee, or just a glass of water your drinking.

  26. My new state of residence has terrible water that needs filtered just to drink. I was just thinking today that I could use another water filter.

    Sometimes I drink water from a jar: I recently took a quart jar with a plastic lid on the airplane with me so I could have water after I made it through security.

  27. I Love it Ice Cold with a bit of Lemon Verbena, or Lemon or mint or just plan cold water! lol I drink a LOT of water and have glass juice bottles I freeze a bit of water in to keep it cold! I would TOTALLY love one of these πŸ™‚

    PS did you see Keeping up with the Turnbulls post today about Cinnamon heart Marmalade? Gotta try another marm now πŸ™‚

  28. I drink it straight or in barley tea for the most part from the fridge, or heat it up to make some yummy hot oolong tea.

  29. Oops, forgot to say that we used the Brita Water filter from out of the tap. Dont like water bottles. WE use the brita water in the coffee maker and the reusable cups we use all day long.

  30. I use filtered water all the time. My little girl takes a smaller reused bottle in her lunchbox every day to school. Our drinking water is now usually filtered through the refrigerator’s built-in filter, but my wife and I have owned several Brita containers over the years. This article just got me thinking I should be using one of those filters at work. I’ve stopped drinking water at work because of how unpleasant the taste is. I could have been using one of my own filters that is sitting unused at home.

    Thanks for the reminder to use filtered water in recipes. I’m careful about the other ingredients, so why not the water? As long as we don’t all turn into molecular gastronomists, it makes sense. (I like to enjoy my food with as few steps as possible separating it from the garden or field of its origin.)

  31. Even though tea purists don’t like them, I love our hot water pot. It’s wonderful being able to get a cup of hot tea (with filtered water) at a moment’s notice.

  32. I use an insulated Kleen Kanteen — they are the best! I love putting fresh mint from my mint pot into the ice & water πŸ™‚ We use a filter on the side of the sink — makes it easy to use the filtered water in cooking.

  33. I like room temp water, I usually bring it to school or work in a mason jar! Sometimes I add a little fresh fruit or cucumbers to flavor things up a bit!

  34. Two favorite ways to consume my H2O…straight
    From my filter pitcher in a mason jar. Or filtered
    Water turned into strong coffee in my French press.


  35. I’m a big sweet tea drinker, with TONS of ice; also ICE COLD water with slices of orange and a squeeze of fresh OJ in it.

  36. i love my hot water with lemon and my cold water infused with cucumber peels. and i love the simple reminder to use good water, that is certainly a detail i haven’t thought to attend to.

  37. Mmm…a steaming cup of proper English black tea, a splash of milk, and two sugars if you please. A hot scone just makes it all that much better!

  38. I’m such a boring plain water girl. I used to like it ice cold and now I’m fine with just the cold filtered out of our fridge. I agree on filtering your water for canning. We have really hard water and it all gets filtered before we use it. We even filter the water for our homemade pectin!

  39. Most of the time I drink my water straight from the tap. I don’t buy bottled water very often. When I do, it’s Penta water..b ut that’s a ” treat” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Otherwise, it’s tap water all the way πŸ™‚

  40. Oh for me it’s got to be sweet tea! I love the stuff. I don’t make mine AS sweet as my southern relatives, but still, it’s best as cold as it can be and with good fresh filtered water and ice cubes! Sun tea is even better… with a dash of fresh lemon slices!!

  41. I chug it down on my way to work from a reusabe bottle or my travel mug, so it is almost like coffee (without the caffeine! :)During the day from a cooler…but my favorite is to let it sit in the fridge with an apple cinnamon tea bag, then pour it over ice… yum yum!

  42. I’ll take any color. I drink water from the Bopple bottle, it has a filter in it that will handle 300 refills.

  43. I always get super thirsty when I am in the kitchen baking. Lately I have been thinking about getting a filter, but I wonder if it would really work since we have super hard water that killed my coffee maker. I would love to find out though. Maybe I could filter the water first and then put it in the coffee maker.

  44. I have always been a big fan of water all my life.I like it plain, cold, room temperature, it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m one of those type of people who always has a bottle with me where ever I go. I get irritated when I go some place and don’t have access to just some plain old water. I don’t drink bottled water very often, usually just tap water ran through my Brita. I like that you said this pitcher has a meter because I never remember to change my brita filter when I am supposed to. Definitely going to check this out.

  45. Since I live without running water and have to haul all of my water in five gallon jugs, every glass of water and mug of tea tastes precious.

  46. I LOVE drinking water which I drink a ton of everyday, not only does it cleanse our system it refreshes as well. I have two favorite ways of drinking water the first is to have it chilled with a bit of lemon and honey. The other is to drink water which
    is super cold with a bit of fresh mint leaves which gives a wonderfully cool and refreshing feeling to each sip, which is especially nice on a hot day.

  47. I love to drink my water slightly slushy after putting a reusable Brita water container I got at Sundance Film Festival last year in the freezer for about an hour.

  48. Where can I get one? I use a Brita and would LOVE something that did the same thing with no BPA and was recyclable!

  49. In my battle-scarred BPA free bottle! Occasionally, I’ll add a drop or two of liquid stevia to it for flavoring, but usually its simply sweet ol’ well water for me.

  50. I like to drink water in my coffee travel mug, since it keeps it cold, and seals up great when I am on the go.

    I am planning on entering the world of preserving this year, so I will take your advise on filtered water!

  51. Room temperature and straight up! No ice, no lemon, no nothing. OK, a glass to drink it out might be needed. Just water.

  52. I certainly need to drink more water. I have a couple of reusable bottles that I carry with me at work, but I never can seem to remember to drink enough while I’m at home.

  53. Lately, I’ve been using filtered water to make tea. I also made some killer ginger syrup this weekend. I’ve been adding that to my tea and it is extra tasty.

  54. My favorite way to drink water…..with a bit of crushed ice next to a glass of a well aged Cabernet Sauvignon. πŸ™‚

  55. Filtered water for everything (live in a pre-war building)- many homemade soups,teas and even for face!Stainless steel kleen kanteen for the road. Sun tea in jars.Grapefruit or lemon squeezed in not too cold water. Tulsi tea. Cheers!:)

  56. I also like it with a bit of lemon served from my 4 year old daughter and her younger cousins ” lemonade stand” that they set up regularly!

  57. I just love to drink water. My kids do too. No soda drinkers in this house. The exception is ginger ale(with cane sugar) with a tummy ache. Otherwise it is filtered water, and no ice. We barely drink juice unless it is watered down half strength. Water is best for quenching thirst and making me feel more full when drunk before a meal. Therefore I eat less when I drink more water. And ever since visiting China in the early 80s, I do not take clean running water for granted. I don’t know about conditions now, but back then you had to boil all water before drinking. I nearly kissed my kitchen faucet when I got back home to Portland!

  58. I drink the vast majority of my water as iced tea. You can take the girl out of the South, but you can’t make her stop drinking iced tea!

  59. Being 66 I have to drink a lot of water daily to keep skin and body hydrated so I have been drinking bottled water with a either a squirt of lemon or lime in it. It really gives the water a wonder flavor otherwise I don’t think I could drink a total of four bottles a day I need. And I think my canning last summer turned out better since using bottled water.

  60. I love cool water with cucumber slices or borage, or a nice iced tea. Iced coffee and I also get along famously. I would love a good filter and having one that’s recyclable would eliminate a lot of my guilt!

  61. I drink tea with stevia and half-and-half until noon, then water with True Lemon and/or True Lime in my Klean Kanteen the rest of the day.

  62. Room temperature from a mason jar or to make mint or ginger tea. I think a filter like this would help me drink more water.

  63. Ah water – the drink of choice for me & my 3-year old son. I love to sit with him and have a drink of ice-cold water when we are thirsty from playing, and hear his enthusiastic, rhythmic gulps as he drinks. I also love to hear him chew. Is that weird? It’s just all so pure.

  64. Most times I drink room temperature water…no ice cubes, no lemon. in the summer I like a slightly chilled, cucumber infused water-how refreshing!

  65. I actually prefer my water closer to room temperature with a squeeze of lemon.
    I bought a Brita water pitcher a couple of years ago and now am really annoyed that I can no longer find the proper filters to fit. Now my pitcher no longer really does anything more than keep the water cold in the fridge. I actually prefer my water closer to room temperature with a squeeze of lemon.

  66. There is a water cooler right outside my office door and it has hot water so I frequently make tea. During the Summer I go down to the break room and get ice to cool it; during the winter I drink it hot. I also like plain water several times per day.

  67. I’m about to enjoy some water that has been forced through the coffee grinds of my moka pot. But otherwise: I like it straight. Days when I forget my sigg bottle are dreadful.

  68. What a stylish water pitcher! When I feel like I’m not getting enough water, I usually fill up a big water bottle with ice, lemon, and mint. Then I top it off with water and make sure I finish it by the end of the day. I also drink lots of hot tea, but I don’t allow myself to count that as water consumption because it’s not always herbal!

  69. I like water with cucumbers and lemon (so tasty) but I have to have ice in it. Actually, I am not a great water-drinker but I am pregnant right now so my Dr. suggests that I drink a gallon a day! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  70. Drink filtered PUR water plain no ice. Because we are on well water- I always use distilled water for all my canning projects. Has worked out well.

  71. I love cold water, and I’ve recently taken to drinking it out of Rubbermaid water bottles. For some reason, I really like the shape, size, and mouth. I’m generally dehydrated, so I’ve been doing my best to drink more! I would be super excited to win a pitcher… the water at my office is a little funky and I’ve been thinking about bringing a filter in to work.

  72. I own 3 Brita water pitchers, 2 kept in the refrig for the family and one next to the dog dishes for the pups. Love water plain, used for coffee or tea. Aren’t we all lucky to have fresh water available to us when ever we want it?!

  73. ICE COLD, that’s how I like it. Sometimes with lemon, sometmes with crystal light, but always COLD!!

    Super cute pitchers, the purple makes me smile. Have a good one.

  74. oooh, i’d love to win one of these. honestly, i tend to drink water out of the tap, but a friend just gave me sourdough starter for my birthday, and suggested that i make sure to feed it with filtered water…!

  75. we keep a few glass pitchers/bottles in the fridge so we have a constant supply of cold h2o
    we find that we drink more if its cold…and we’re not big fans of ice

  76. I usually drink water from a tiny Nalgene bottle, and it’s usually straight from the tap. When I’m at home, I drink Brita-filtered water, but I like to carbonate it (we have one of those seltzer bottles that you add the little CO2 cartridges to) and add a drop or two of Regan’s Orange Bitters. Delicious.

  77. Water ~ all day and all night. A BPA-free water bottle on my nightstand, 2 16 oz cups of hot tea with milk to start my day, then at least 3 more water bottles emptied during the day. Water is life.

  78. I drink water all the time. Either out of a reusable sigg bottle, in a glass or as iced tea through the day. I Can a lot and would definitely use it for that. One of these would be great.

  79. I drink my water straight from the tap, often with a piece of lemon and always ice cold. I love ice! I really need a way to filter my water, so I am happy to have a chance to win.

  80. I drink my water plain, but was really bad about drinking it. Then I bought myself a super cute stainless steel bottle with a sport top. I keep it next to me and now it’s habit to just keep sipping it. No top to open means nothing to slow me down.

  81. Marisa, I love to fill a quart canning jar in the summer with fresh herbs from my garden. Usually one or two the mints that I grow, lemon verbena, a sprig of thyme, lavender flowers, beebalm, hysop. Whatever catches my eye. And always slices of lemon and a sprig of fresh stevia.

  82. absolutely love it icy cold with lemon in it! drink it all day and i keep a glass of it on my nightstand so i can have some when i wake up during the night

  83. Tea reigns in my home as well as throughout the South where I live! I don’t drink coffee anymore, but I have tea all day – English Breakfast in the morning, peach or plain sweet tea for the rest of the day. Tasty, terrific tea must start with good water! (In the south the words ‘sweet’ and ‘tea’ are always spoken together. Sweettea.) Next to drinking water, I also love to swim in it – got a filter big enough for that?

  84. Our Northern Wisconsin water is “raw” water straight out of the Mother. It tends to taste very minerally and so we’ve always used Britta to filter what we drink. My favorite use of this wonderful miracle, is to dilute our Toddy coffee concentrate to make the perfect cup of joe you’ve ever tasted…love and peace…lynnann

  85. I mostly like my water straight but sometimes I do add a dehydrated lemon or orange especially in the summer. Even fill my ice cube trays with bottled or filtered water. Lately it’s been bottled because I’ve run out of filters! I make my morning coffee & my evening tea with bottled water, too.

  86. I love water at room temperature with no ice (unless it’s July or August). My husband wishes we kept our Brita pitcher in the fridge, because he likes it cold. If I won this, he’d get his wish!

  87. In her book “What to Eat” Marion Nestle ( has a really good chapter on bottled water. In the end her recommendation for the safest water, the most economical to drink and often the best tasting, is filtered water from a reliable domestic water system. We like ours that way and use it for cooking and drinking. My favorite is with two key limes juiced and one half left floating in the glass. Chilled of course! Very refreshing!

  88. Ha, plain ol’ water please! I usually have several drinks at hand… one tall pint of tap-temperature water (I have cold sensitive teeth) and a mug of hot tea made with an herbal loose leaf. I live in Florida and am very active, so staying hydrated at all times is paramount and, fortunately, I also love water!

  89. I work at home and drink water exclusively. I refill my pint container approx four times daily and use increased amounts of lemon. I noticed the other day that my water might be considered a weak unsweetened lemonade! Lately, I’ve taken to mixing equal parts lemon and lime.

  90. I like water in a ceramic mug, no ice. And I really need a filter/pitcher — so pick me, please! Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. I like to drink my water with lots of ice, but without an ice maker, I’ll just drink it twice filtered(we use a well)! Whenever we’re out, I usually down four or five big glasses of iced water just because it’s no extra work for me!

  92. I once learned in a class that using ice water with food actually numbs/dulls your taste buds-not allowing you to taste everything that you should be. So now I like mine at room temperature or slightly cold-straight up πŸ™‚

  93. Five!! Wow! I’m a huge fan of water in a cup with ice and a quarter slice of squeezed lemon. YUM – cures my thirst every time.
    PS. LOOOOVE your blog and just can’t get enough of reading over the archives!

  94. Oh, I’m so excited to see these! I hope I win. (Our Brita filter has been out of use for some time now. I just don’t love the plastic.)

    My favorite way to drink water is out of a quart sized Mason jar, sometimes with a slice of lemon, usually just plain and always at room temperature (much better for the digestion). A container that larger means you don’t need to refill as often.

  95. I love my water COLD- I try to get in 4 liters a day. Usually my fourth liter I’ll ad Pure Fitness Crystal Light to get it down! I just refill a liter bottle- 4x a day. I’ve never owned a filter system and would LOVE to try it πŸ™‚

  96. I love my water super cold from the Brita pitcher in the fridge. I’ll always worried about the BPA (well at least since the danger of it became known. Plus I hated having to throw out the filters. This seems like the perfect solution!

  97. In our apartment, the water comes out of the tap smelling like a public swimming pool, so we use our filtered water for EVERYTHING: cooking, baking, drinking water, coffee/tea…

  98. we recently installed a Pur filter on our ancient taps, but we keep a brita in the fridge for the kids. it makes me nuts because of the bpa aspect, and it seems silly to filter the water then filter it again (though the amount of crap that lives in out pipes it’s probably a good idea). the mavea is on our neverending list of too little $ to actually purchase items that we really should purchase.

  99. My family of 5 drinks oodles of tea, many of which are herbal potions created by my 7 year old son. We use Kleen Kanteen bottles for water and Contigo for teas when we are out traveling.
    We are on well water while we do not have additives such as chlorine or chloramine put in our water that municipal sources do, we have fluctuations in levels of thing such as arsenic and uranium. We currently use a reverse osmosis under the counter system, which works wonderfully at removing these, but wastes a LOT of water in the process. I’d love to find an alternative to this.

  100. In the winter, I like my water boiling hot, in a mug, with a wedge of lemon. In the summer, I drink my water at room temperature — ice-cold water hurts my teeth.
    Thanks for this giveaway offer!

  101. I like to drink room temperature water, straight from the tap, out of a wide mouth pint jar. I loooove how the water in my area tastes! I was reminded recently how lucky I am, because my husband and I went to Hawaii, and brought an empty bottle with us to fill and drag around with us; Hawaii water tastes HORRIBLE!

  102. I currently get my drinking water from the local natural food store. They have a reverse-osmosis system and I pay by the gallon. I take the water to work with me almost every day in a stainless steel bottle and drink it straight or heat it up in a mug for tea. It would be great to try one of the Mavea pitchers!

  103. My favorite way to drink water is cold, straight from the bathroom tap, in the middle of the night. Of course, now that I’ve moved to the Philly suburbs, I’ve been crying that our water tastes like dirt, and doing everything in my power to avoid that middle of the night thirst quencher. I would put one of these containers next to me on the nightstand!

  104. Absolutely nothing is better than a cold glass of water with ice, and a slice of cucumber. SO refreshing!!

    (I like red.) πŸ™‚

  105. Just got a soda stream for Christmas so I use my filtered water to make seltzer. It is so nice not to have to lug home bottles of seltzer from the grocery store anymore!

  106. I start with hot tea in the morning and then ice tea in the afternoon. I finish my day with a glass of ice water. Probably at some point in the day, a beer sneaks into the plan. Good water is important.

  107. Excellent post! I keep a container of sliced citrus (lemon, lime, orange, etc) in my fridge and add varied sliced to my reusable water bottle. Very refreshing, especially in the summer!

  108. I drink water all day, in a glass. Not ice cold though, it hurts my teeth. When I need to take water with me, I fill up one of our many stainless water bottles. My favorite and most used wedding gift (almost 17 years ago) was a 2 gallon Brita system that stays in the fridge and has a button type spout. It came from my stepfather. I think of him every time I open that fridge door. πŸ™‚ At work we have a filtered water system and I brought in a glass from home to drink it from.

  109. We use a water cooler. It gives us really cold water to drink and the ability for quick hot chocolate. The kids love it in the winter. We fill reusable bottles when we go out and about. We recently ran out of bottles and no one could get used to plain tap water again. It just wasn’t the same.

  110. You’ve lured me out of my lurkerdom with the chance to win a fancy water pitcher… I absolutely love this blog. As far as drinking water, my favorite way in summer is water with a slice of cucumber and some mint. The rest of the year, my favorite is Earl Grey tea with vanilla soymilk.

  111. Recently I discovered electric kettles and am currently using mine to heat water for tea. My current infatuation is loose mango green tea with a touch of honey… mmm!

  112. Favorite way to drink water? In a fancy water goblet with plenty of ice. It’s nice to nestle a slice of lemon on the edge now and then. And then there are all the other ways: in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, with Zip Fizz, etc. etc.!

  113. I love water cool but we add slices of orange, apple, lemon and line to it (without peal). It makes drinking water a true treat!

  114. I always try to mention “filtered” water in my canning recipes, because it really does make sense. We live in a cottage converted from a 1700’s barn: our water supply is the original well. Last summer we had to “shock” the well with some sort of antibiotic because of bacterial build up. Blargh! Not in my jam, thank you!

    I’m a water fiend: mostly I drink fizzy water from my fabulous Soda Stream. But – filtered water also makes pretty good coffee. πŸ™‚

  115. I have several old Perrier bottles filled with water in the frig. Something about green glass that makes water taste yummy. πŸ™‚

  116. We actually have really great water but since we live on the mountain we have a problem with too much minerals. In previous houses we have always used a Britta but haven’t gotten around to getting one here yet. It would be nice to can and not have so much mineral depositing to have to scrub off of everything when I am done. Thank you for the chance to win!

  117. Me, me, me!!! I hope I win!! I make home brewed sweet tea every day. In the summer sometimes 2 or 3 pitchers a day. So refreshing! It’s the house wine of the South! :o)

  118. Cool design. I drink my water straight, or in tea with lemon. Also, drink spring water and use tap for tea. It would be nice to save money with filtered water.

  119. My only concern is: how easy is it to find the filter replacements? I’ve got my Brita filter sources down now, but will I have to go out of my way for these?

    Either way, sounds good, and I’m definitely pro recycling!

    I drink my filtered water in tea mostly – my favorite is Earl Grey with a wee bit of milk and honey.

  120. I drink lots of plain water from the tap (probably better to filter it!) and I usually enjoy a cup of tea (peppermint or nettle) in the morning. This pitcher looks very cool!

  121. Nothing beats a tall glass of iced water during a hot summer day, and a big cup of hot steaming tea in my favourite mug during the winter.

  122. I drink tea regularly as well as water in a cup from the tap. I avoid buying bottled water and will reuse the bottles I do have.

  123. I suck water down without even thinking about it when my CamelBak water bottle is near. We have incredibly hard water at our new house and would love to have the pitcher for canning this summer. (And drinking from my water bottle! :))

  124. Blue for me, please! Room temp, iced, or hot tea with cream. But I’m a Southern girl, so my favorite is iced tea with a stalk of fresh mint, in a vintage Ball mason jar.

  125. I like that the filters are able to be recycled! My Refrigerator has a filter on it, but as far as I know you can’t recycle those at all!

    This would be great for having cold water on hand!

  126. I’d love to try out one of those pitchers. I had a Brita but it broke a while back and I’ve gone without for a few years.

    I drink a ton of water, straight-up. People say that watching me drink makes them thirsty πŸ˜›

  127. My favorite way to drink water is mixed with a strawberry lemonade, stevia-sweetened packet from Hansens in my reusable water bottle.

  128. I actually have a question about water. I was heating up my big canning pot yesterday and it’s collected a lot of rust. I didn’t want to heat up my jars in dirty water like that, so I used the oven. Is there a way to clean the rust from the canning kettle?

  129. I just enjoy drinking water, cold from the fridge. I don’t doctor it up much in the winter, but in the summer I like to add some sprigs of mint and some cucumber slices to the pitcher and leave them to infuse for a while. I grow a variety of mint called Cotton Candy that has a pleasant sweetness to it that works really well for this.

    My kids each have their own water bottles and drink water throughout the day. They seldom have juice at all.

  130. I love my bobble, a bpa free personal water bottle with a filter in the lid! You just unscrew the cap, pour water in, then drink. I haven’t bought a bottle of water in a loooooooong time thanks to this little gadget. Also, and this really is important because it makes me want to use it more, the lid is bright, bright pink! Okay, okay, and it kind of makes a noise you’d expect to hear when a door opens on Star Trek. That might add to the value for me.

  131. I love to drink filtered water out of my aluminum bottle. I’ve beaten the crap out of it, but it’s never leaked! Plus, the aluminum keeps the water cool, even on a hot day!

  132. I love my Klean Kanteen. I’ve slowly been converting my boyfriend and family to using them too. I carry mine with me all day and refill the water. I usually don’t even use a glass at home anymore.

  133. I use a reusable waterbottle and I like mine room temperature. The rest of the family has waterbottles but they prefer cold water. And I drink a ton of hot tea in my glass mug.

  134. I love water! I like it room temperature, but our water has so much hardness that I usually have to drink it from the fridge (brrr) which has a filter in it. A filtering pitcher like this would be great b/c I could have filtered room temp water available at all times.

    AND yay for the recyclable filters. I’ve written about that on tinychoices, I’m glad it’s going somewhere!

  135. I mostly take my water in the form of coffee and tea, hot or cold. I know it’s all in my mind but drinking plain water on purpose makes me feel too bloaty and floaty.

  136. Oh this looks great! I always drink filtered water. I love it with cucumber and herbs like basil, mint, or lemon thyme.

  137. I love water by the bottle full – and my bright green, stainless steel, novelty “Carbonated Pickle Brine” bottle is the perfect size and shape to quench my thirst here in dry New Mexico!

  138. I have several Camelbak water bottles that I love. One at work, another by the bedside, one in the car, one waiting for me at camp and always 2 chillin’ in the fridge. Love water! Have some in coffee in the AM, but drink straight up H2O the rest of the day.

  139. I put tap water in an old water jug to keep in the fridge. that way, we always have cold water. I also drink it with a little lemon.

  140. Water, water, everywhere,
    And not a drop to drink
    Especially if that water
    Comes out of my kitchen sink!

    We just remodeled our kitchen and found that the new hose connecting our water gives the water a distinctly plasticy flavor…since we’ve always used BRITA anyway, its not a big deal, but it does make one think. My favorite recipe using water, teehee, is good old STRONG black tea mixed half and half with lemonade (its got a golfer name)…or STRONG BLACK coffee with some fresh milk from our goats

  141. I love to have a cold glass of water, with no ice, while I’m working in the garden on a hot day. Dirt caked hands are a requirement for pure water drinking enjoyment. It gives me enough time to enjoy and ponder my next garden task.

  142. Thanks for the post! It is nice to hear about new products. My favorite way to drink water is in the form of black tea with a splash of milk.

  143. I use reusable metal bottles all the time. In the early days, when such bottles were not common, someone asked me, “What’s in that thing? You’re addicted to that stuff.” That’s me. Addicted to water!

  144. My husband drinks like a horse: sometimes a Brita pitcher over the course of a single nighttime rambling. A pint is gone in four big gulps! So: we drink water quickly. Hot tea would be #2. πŸ™‚

  145. i probably drink water the most via tea. I am also guilty of buying the cases of small water bottles on sale– hey, If it makes someone in my house grab a bottle of water rather than a soda, it is WORTH IT!! πŸ™‚

  146. I get most of my water from the green tea that I drink at work all day. We keep a brita filter pitcher on the counter since most of us don’t like cold water and then use that to fill the kettle. I keep the tea mild so I don’t get too much caffeine and it keeps my hydrated. During the summer we’ll often make a pot of mild green tea mixed with mint leaves and let it reach room temperature.

  147. Neat. Generally in a glass, sometimes in a mason jar. Unless I’m at work, in which case its either the fountain or the Nalgene.

  148. I run into the same issue/questions in my ancient apt building. We run to the store for filtered water when we brew, and I’d love to make it easy for canning. MY favorite water is simple ginger water (or iced ginger tea, however you look at it).

  149. This would be perfect for us! The ice maker no longer works and I only drink my water cold cold cold, so I always have to wait hours or constantly be refilling a plastic pitcher in the fridge already. Such a hassle! Add lots of lemon juice and I’m golden.

  150. I’m a Brita pitcher girl too, but I like the idea that the Mavea filters are recyclable. My favorite way to drink water is cold right out of the fridge out of real glass, made out of glass. I drink twice as much water if I’m drinking it out of glass instead of a plastic bottle or cup.

  151. Water with lemon, iced tea, and brewed hot tea are my staples of life. I have celiac and am highly allergic to msg so most processed food/drinks are out for me, I LIVE on tea these days! (and pepsi throwback when I can find it!)

  152. water with fresh mint and cucumber can be just the trick on a hot summer’s day! i also just love it plain, at room temperature… keeps me going all day long. thanks for the recommendation! i’ve been a Brita gal for awhile, but really like what you’ve described about this filter. hopefully i’ll be one of the lucky winners, but even if i’m not i’ll have to check out mavea!

  153. My water has to be cold, i’ve been told that isn’t always the best way for the body to process but it’s the only way i can drink it. Not a big water fan but it HAS to be filtered and cold. This sounds like a great product.

  154. At the moment, my handy little water pitcher is sitting on my desk. If I fill it up in the morning and drink all day, I’m sure to get enough water.

    Love your blog — I’ve learned so much from it.

  155. I love water cold out of my Brita in the fridge. Both at work and at home. Ice is always involved too πŸ™‚ Our pitcher at home is starting to look a little ragged, so this would be awesome!

  156. I’m in serious need of a water filter… these look awesome!
    I love to infuse water but tend to only do this on hot summer days–water with mint is my favorite! I also love cucumber water & water with orange/lemon. Yum… making me crave summer! Sometimes I wonder if I drink herbal tea more often than plain water, though. Thank you for the giveaway!

  157. My favortie way to drink water is with some ice and a lemon. I would love a picture. Thanks for such a great giveaway. I agree with you on using great water in preserving. It DOES make a difference in taste.

  158. It’s weird because I have a Brita that I use religiously for my (and my dog’s!) drinking water but your post made me realize I don’t use filtered water in my cooking. Anyhow drink of choice is cold water in my kleen kanteen to go.

  159. I prefer my water to be room temperature, with a hefty squeeze of lemon!

    How does the Mavea pitcher handle removing strong flavors from water? Our well water contains a lot of iron – so much so that even with a heavy duty iron filter in the house, the water still turns yellow if it sits in the dog bowl too long. I can’t stand the flavor of our water, and so end up drinking mostly bottled water (which makes me feel incredibly guilty). I have not had much luck with the Brita filters removing this strong flavor. I would gladly invest in another filter pitcher if it takes care of my rusty water flavor!

  160. i love to drink water all icy cold out of one of either my sigg or klean kanteen (love the way the metal container gets all chilly and makes the water taste extra cold — at least for a little while).

    you can never go wrong with a slice of lemon.

    and if i find i’m not drinking alot of water, i’ll go for fizzy water with a splash (and i mean wee splash) of fruit juice.

  161. We love to drink water in our house but it’s an old house with old pipes. In a town called Springwater, we have the worst tasting water. Too much chlorine. So I have to try and filter or boil it.

  162. We have a brita filter that we use to fill a larger water dispenser that we keep in our fridge so that we can have a larger supply of water on hand– our brita filter is too tiny for how much water we drink! We use it for everything though– straight out of the tap, tea, our pet’s drinking water, you name it.

  163. I like my water with ice in a plain old glass. Lately, I’ve tried measuring out what I need for the day to see if I’m actually drinking enough.

  164. My favorite water beverage is coffee! The purest water makes the best tasting cup. I would love to win a filtered water pitcher. Mine is officially on it’s last legs, after being dropped and cracked (and patched) so many times!

  165. My favorite water-based beverage is coffee, and coffee is definitely better when it’s made from filtered water. My husband and daughter drink water from bottles (their own bottles, not commercial bottles), especially when they’re out and about. I cook from scratch a lot, which means water, too. I’d love to win this pitcher!

  166. I like to drink it cold from the refrigerator – or with ice cubes to cool it from either a quart or pint canning jar. When I’m in car though I have to use a reusable cup. I purchased a set of 6 – 16 oz eco tumblers that are from Tupperware.

  167. I drink a lot of water, plain and as tea. We live on a farm and our well water tastes very good, however it’s full of minerals so all glass, brines and clear liquids are cloudy. I also work in a very old building on an old agricultural research center so I bring water with me to drink every work day. We were told there was no lead in the pipes to worry about. Then one day a pipe broke in the parking lot – a lead lined pipe. I never drank the water as I brought my tasty water from home but it was an eye opener for all.

  168. How generous and exciting!! I prefer my water w/ lemon in a nalgene, but that involves remembering the nalgene and the lemon, so it’s usually on ice in the free cups at the office!

  169. Coffee, tea, water with lemon… I also use the refillable water bottles, but often our water source is iffy when we travel in our RV. I’ve been wanting to get a filtered water pitcher!

  170. I usually drink it plain, cool but not cold, and lots of it. I have a few stainless steel bottles that come with me everywhere (trying to avoid BPA). Every now and again, I get tired of plain water and add citrus, ginger, and/or cucumber.

  171. water consumption is one of our best preventions for many things. it is the most important thing we can do to keep our organs healthy and to move toxins out of our systems. this filter looks great. I would be happy with any color lol.

  172. Well, two ways; one–straight out of a stainless bottle, and lots of it. Secondly, as stated above, very hot and run through coffee grounds! Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  173. I love my water simply put in a Quart mason jar, and if I am feeling fancy I will slice some lemons in or just some lemon juice. By the way it catches on, people see you using the mason jar and pretty soon they go find one of their own and start using it too!

  174. I love the sleek design. I have always wanted a pitcher to filter my water rather than the Brita filter that attaches to the faucet. Hope I win. πŸ™‚

  175. I love my water SUPER cold, so keeping a pitcher in the fridge is essential for me. Then I pour it into a gigantic plastic tumbler and go about my business πŸ™‚

  176. I drink my water out of a 40 oz. stainless steel water bottle by Kleen Kanteen. I absolutely love it, because I can get my 8 glasses a day and only have to refill my container twice. πŸ˜‰

  177. I fill up my Kleen bottle with filtered water from my refrigerator; which I drink cold. Thank you for a great give away!

  178. My favorite way to drink water is with strong black tea and milk and sugar. Not the healthiest, I know, but I don’t eat refined sugar in many other ways. The water from our old city pipes could use the help from this filter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  179. My sigg reusable bottle is never too far out of reach! And I love a squeeze of any citrus in my water.

    Oooh – a bit of ginger makes water incredibly warming, perfect for these cool mornings!

  180. For drinking, straight tap water works for me. If I’m cooking, I get a little pickier (isn’t that odd?). I can totally imagine the value of using water that has been filtered well for canning.

  181. iced tea!

    specifically an arnold palmer: iced tea (made with six single serving tea bags through my super-cleaned 10 cup coffee maker) with three ice cubes of lemon (made by taking bags of lemons and juicing them into ice cube trays) with a 1/2 cup of sugar.

    This is so delightfully good and is a request at dinner parties. I add brandy to spiffy it up for appropriate occassions.

    cheers to a happy week, marisa! samantha (from pdx, btw!)

  182. Right now I drink water out of the tap in a stainless steel bottle at home, an aluminum bottle at work, and sometimes hot as tea out of an adorable mug with little German sheep on it. πŸ™‚

  183. I had a pitcher years ago, and never liked that the water tasted stale: maybe this one is different? Since moving to the city, I have a 5 gallon jug that I use for canning, but sometimes wish I had a filter pitcher again for brining and soaking stuff… maybe I’ll win! As for water, I drink it room temp or ice cold with ice cubes, and usually don’t add anything. Unless I’m having tea.

  184. We have pretty great tap water, so if I’m drinking water, it’s usually straight from the tap with some herb – mint or basil usually – or lemon/lime in it.

  185. I’m a ageless Brita user and cannot go a day without my filtered water and a squirt or two of lemon juice for flavor.

  186. I like my water in a glass over ice when I’m at home, or in a sport bottle when I’m out walking. Sometimes I’ll add some lemon or lime juice for a little kick of flavor.

  187. I drink lots of water, preferably out of the fridge, as I like it cold, year round. (That’s saying something since I live in far NW Iowa and it gets cold here.) Our family uses metal bottles because they last longer and come in nice easy to differentiate colors.

  188. As a Southern gal, sweet tea can be a fixture; but for regular water consumption, I’ve found ease with a reusable water bottle with straw attached. Thanks for the op!

  189. I too have used a Brita for years. My obsession with clean water started when I lived in San Jose CA in the late 80’s and the tap water was terrible. I’m picky about how my water tastes, and always keep a Brita in the frige. I drink at least a liter a day, plus tea. I like it straight up! I am currently on a well, and the tap water tastes great, but I also live in a 100+ year old house, so I filter anyway. Cheers (raises glass of clean water to host).

  190. Our water here in Madison is so hard you can see little floaty bits at the bottom of your glass! Despite that, I love to drink it straight up with as many ice cubs as I can squeeze into the glass!

  191. At parties I like to set out two or three different pitchers of ice water, one with cucumbers, one with a few sliced strawberries, and the third with whatever else I think would look pretty. Just a few berries or slices of cucumber are enough to just scent the water and make it a fantastic treat.

  192. I keep several bottles of water in the fridge at home at all times, and have a reusable bottle with a flip-top lid (I kept spilling my mug!) at work that I fill with water and ice.

  193. I got a nice Camelbak BPA free bottle, and I carry it with me EVERYWHERE. I’ve been working hard on giving up soda, and that bottle helps immensely. I also have a regular Brita, but this new filter sounds awesome!

  194. I used to use a pitcher a long time ago, but stopped using it because of the BPA in the plastic. I’m happy to see that this pitcher is BPA-free. I would definitely choose it over other brands just for that reason. I also like how they come in a variety of colors!

    I agree with you about using the best water you can for canning. You never know what is lurking in city water anymore.

    As for me, I like my water in cold sweet tea or the occasional hot cup of tea.

  195. Either room temperature or as a cup of coffee. Not sure the coffee counts since it dehydrates, but it’s still made with water so I’m keeping it.

  196. Recyclable filters! Finally! This is great.

    I drink a lot of tea, so that’s probably the number one way I drink water. I always have a glass of water right before bed, and often I don’t drink the whole glass. I have to be careful where I leave the half-empty glass, or I’ll wake up to the sounds of my cat taking a slurp for herself. Needless to say, I get a new glass in the morning…

  197. I like the fresh well water best – that clear, almost effervescent water from my childhood home. I can tell, by afternoon if I’ve not been drinking enough water. I keep large water bottle on my desk (purchase once, use multiple times) all the time – hopefully refilling it at least once during the day

  198. I’m an odd person who loves the taste of water. I bring several reusable bottles to work every day. I also am very picky about the water I use for my tea.

  199. It’s plain, cold tap water for me. My favorite way to drink it is orally, though sometimes I spill some down my chest. My transdermal hydration attepmts have not proven to be effective, however.

  200. I drink the most water from my Kleen Kanteen, which I carry around with me at work or in my car. At restaurants, I always ask for lemon – yumm! Thanks for the fabulous – and practical! – giveaway!

  201. I love water ice cold — even in the middle of the night! We have well water and an undersink filtering system and we use the water from that system for coffee and cooking, but I still buy bottled water for my canning projects. Just can never have too many filters with California water!!!

  202. I like plain old water (at room temp) out of an old-fashioned drinking glass mostly. But I do like it with a packet of Emergen-C in the mornings!

  203. I like my water icy cold, from the tap. Our town has pretty good water. Sometimes I’ll put a little lemon juice in to “jazz” it up a bit.
    We sell those pitchers at my workplace, but are a tad expensive for me on my very limited budget.

  204. I drink water all day long, just room temperature…but when I’m feeling fancy, my absolute favorite thing to do with water is grab a large pitcher, fill it up with water, and infuse it with slices of cucumber, apples, radishes, rosemary, parsley-basically any tasty fruit or herb that I happen to have on hand. And it always tastes sooo declicious!

  205. I have a Brita filter that I use all time, and my favorite way to drink water is right out of the fridge from my Brita filter! Fresh, cold, filtered water- mmmmm! So refreshing.

  206. Two reasons I can’t live without filtered water: As a self-proclaimed coffee snob, my French press ritual requires excellent, pure water. Also, kitty is picky and will only drink filtered water from a glass on the table. She thinks she’s people.

  207. I like my water straight up! One of my new year resolutions was to drink more water (I could be doing better…lots of my water ends up hot and steeped with tea, oops) and cold, filtered water could definitely help with that!

  208. Just came across your blog after registering for a canning kit for our wedding this spring. I’ve done lots of freezing the last couple summers, but am looking forward to expand my preservation skills! PS – cold water out of a cup anytime πŸ™‚

  209. My favorite way to drink water is filtered, no ice, but straight out of the fridge and served in a mason jar. Since I cracked my water filter pitcher, I’ve been drinking room temp tap water. Not nearly as tasty!

  210. I grew up on a farm. The best water I ever tasted was bubbling up from the stand pipe in the middle on the field. We were working and hot and it was wonderful.

  211. Fun! What an excellent contest. I’d say I take my water straight up, on the rocks. But also to brew Irish breakfast with a bit of milk and a tiny squirt of honey.

  212. usually plain but i love using extra cucumber slices and mint from my garden to keep a ‘spa pitcher’ cooling in the fridge

  213. I once had water while travelling out of a spring in the ground that was pure enough to drink unfiltered….that was my best water experience ever, and is definitely my favorite way to drink (though I doubt I’ll be able to do it regularly, considering it was halfway across the world)!

  214. I drink lots of water, always carry a refillable stainless steel bottle. Most of us do not drink enough water.

  215. I have a large (30 oz) glass jar from ikea that I drink my water from. It gets refilled 2-3 times a day. I am a thirsty sort. Plastic bottles leave a taste behind. I am a picky sort too.

  216. This is a great give away, b/c I often joke the I only drink water and beer – I gave up caffeine five years ago, and eventually soda followed, and I limit my fruit juice intake because it’s so sugary and my mom always used to yell at me, “don’t drink it like it’s water!!!” over the past five years I’ve acquired a taste for water plain, slightly cooler than room temp and I drink two 27 ounce water bottles a day at my job, if I’m good. I also took to making herbal ice tea over the summer, and have been known to go on seltzer binges…I do LOVE bubbles. πŸ™‚

  217. Cold with ice cubesβ€”the classics never go out of style. I never really thought about using filtered water for canning. We also do when we brew beer, but I never thought about it for canning. Thanks for the heads up!

  218. I think my favorite way to drink water is just plain straight up. Coffee is awesome, but there’s only so much I can drink in a day before it makes me crazy. Iced coffee is equally awesome (though the two are almost never equally desirable in the same moment), but how could I claim to love iced coffee without giving a shout-out to my good friend, Mr. Ice? Nope. I’m sticking with plain ol’ water. Drink up!

  219. I don’t use filtered water – right out of the tap is fine with me and it doesn’t require filters going to the landfill (and I’m having a hard time imagining how long it would take to fill up a giant canning pot, one pitcher at a time, waiting for it? To each their own, but I don’t think it’s a necessity for canning. I do admit I am fortunate in Oregon to absolutely love our tap water :0)

    I did want to share with those who use filters and are concerned about the waste stream, that Brita does now offer a recycling program for their filters: – if we think about how many millions of these are tossed each year and cannot be recycled with regular plastic, this is somewhere to begin.

    thx πŸ™‚

  220. i put a drop or two of essential oil in it: lemon, peppermint, spearmint, even lavender. and i need it room temperature. i have used only filtered water for 3 decades. even my fridge water in the door has a filter. i grew up not drinking water because our water was so awful. it’s amazing what even a filter pitcher can do.

  221. I love making a huge pot of coffee every morning with chilled and filtered water… then I patiently wait for that first cup to be ready!

  222. I LOVE WATER! I keep a BPA-free bottle of water on my desk and refill it a couple of times a day. I’d love a BPA-free water filter like this one, as I’m trying to eliminate BPA from everything.

  223. I love water! Actually, other than morning coffee, water is about the only thing I drink on a daily basis. I love it in a big plastic cup with lots of ice.

  224. We have a water filter inside our side by side fridge with water dispenser on the door. I keep a full glass of this filtered water in the refrigerator to keep it cold so can sip from it and refill it throughout the day. By the way, water always tastes better when drinking out of a real (glass) glass.

  225. I drink tap water in my water bottle throughout the day. In the summer, I frequently go for ice water. But I also love to drink hot black tea every morning with milk and sugar, and I drink lots of iced tea in the summer.

  226. MMM I drink water every morning with freshly squeezed lemon juice, then maybe coffee, or tea- herbal and black- AND I have an older Brita pitcher I’d love to replace!

  227. I drink my filtered water plain, ice cold with crushed ice πŸ™‚ I fill up my bottle (great intak bottles) a couple times a day!

  228. I like my water cold and crisp. The water here in Vancouver is pretty tasty straight out of the tap, but I’ve lived in places where the water definitely could have benefited from a good filtering!

  229. plain water, tea, seltzer, i have a 5 month ild nursling so i’m drinking a lot these days! We use a brita but lately i’ve been contemplating getting an the sink model, but this new brita seems really great. love that’s bpa free and the recyclable filters!

  230. I keep a bottle of water in the refrigerator so that I can have some whenever I want. That’s my favorite way–cold, plain, and with no ice. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  231. I mostly drink straight water all day to help me recover from my workouts, but I really like filtered water for improving the taste of my favorite indulgence- coffee!

  232. I like just plain water from my re-usable bottle. I try to make it a game to see how many bottles full I drink a day to keep reminding myself to stay hydrated.

  233. I do love my Britas as well. My favorite water bottles used to be the liter and a half Aquafine bottles – nasty water, but grewat bottles with extra wide mouths that made refilling easier. But they’ve standardized the lid size, and I’m down to my last two remaining bottles. I’ll have to find a new favorite water bottle very soon.

    As for tea, I am on a Keemun kick, and I’m searching for a good place to buy it loose.

  234. Definitely a filtered water fan! If I know its filtered, I don’t have any trouble drinking a tall glass of cool-ish water all by itself. Otherwise, extra cold with lemon, please!

  235. Very nice pitchers! I like warm water with lemon in the a.m. or room temp with a slice of lemon or lime. I drink a lot of green or chair tea too.

  236. Cold water (no ice) from the fridge with a wedge of lemon sqeezed in it. Preferably comsumed while standing out in the warm sunshine looking at my gardens πŸ™‚

  237. I like my water just chilled in the fridge. Nothing in it unless I’m some place that does that yummy crunchy ice bits. Then it’s all about the ice!

  238. I drink lots of Iced Tea made with Brita water. Would love to upgrade! Thanks for the opportunity. Love your blog!

  239. I have been filtering my water since the first water filters hit the market, I don’t fill up the landfill with all the plastic water bottles that are available and carry my own reusable container with me. Also I am lucky enough to be near a natural spring that has been tapped out in the country. Using the natural spring water has made an incredible difference in my pickling, crispy and keep there natural color.

  240. We’ve got an old Brita that’s covered in hard water stains (our water comes from wells, pumped up through granite, so there are lots of minerals :). A new pitcher would be fantastic.

  241. From a glass with a stem. It can be tap water but I like it from a glass with a stem and no ice. No ice and a glass with a stem. That’s it.

  242. I’m using a Brita pitcher now, and this one sounds so much easier to use. I drink water straight up, room temperature!

  243. I should really drink more water, when I do drink water its 2/3 OJ+ 1/3 water. Maybe this pitcher would clean my tapwater enough to I could actually drink it. (I’m making the preserved lemons right now btw!!)

  244. When I wake up in the morning I heat up some filtered water and pour it over 2oz of organic apple juice then I add the juice of one lemon. It feels clean and fresh!

  245. I love to drink hot water. At first it was a substitute for tea (after I’d already had enough caffeine for the day but was still craving something warm and comforting), but it’s actually quite delicious and I sometimes prefer hot water to tea. My teeth are sometimes sensitive to cold water, so it’s always at least room temperature. I’m lucky to live in Portland where our tap water is pretty great, but a water filter would help with the problem of older pipes in our building!

  246. Wow! Lotta water drinkers out here. πŸ™‚

    Always room temp, often with lemon. We have a water filter built in under our sink so that it comes out of a tap up top. A huge convenience. But I have a little office behind our house and I could really use a pitcher like this up there. Thanks!

  247. I have a terrible habit of drinking my water straight out of my (incredibly old) tap. But there’s something incredibly refreshing about a quick, cold drink of water!

  248. I have a well-used Brita pitcher from the 1990s that I drink from all day and I have a glass by my bed at night. Hydration is awesome!

  249. I like my dihydrogen oxide (H20) straight up, either in a glass or reusable metal or otherwise nonBPA container. Oh, and filtered is my preference unless it is NYC water, mainly because I dislike the chlorine taste and smell in most tap waters.

  250. My favorite way is from the tap, here in Portland OR our water tastes great! otherwise from the water dispenser at work – so cold!

  251. I’ve been using brita for a couple of decades and boy oh boy what a difference. You can’t drink the tap water where I live, It’s nasty. I used to go through about 10 gallons of filtered water and I don’t miss lugging heavy water jugs. I’d LOVE a new pitcher, as my is OLD. I use my filtered water to drink as is, in my tea, when I make coffee, rice, ice cubes, etc, etc.

  252. I keep a glass of filtered water on the kitchen counter all day, to sip on as I go by. But it’s so much better with a little flavor. I’ve been putting 2 T of home-canned blueberry or blackberry juice (unsweetened) in the water, and it gives me a bit of the good stuff from dark-colored fruits.

  253. Mmm…water. I normally drink mine plain with a mug or a reusable bottle. Periodically I’ll go for some warm water.

  254. I love to drink my water at room temperature so I can drink it fast. Usually drink it out of a reusable bottle but sometimes in a glass.

  255. I have a beautiful cut crystal pitcher I keep on my desk at work that holds about 40 oz of water that I drink through out the workday.

  256. My husband and I were just discussing purchasing a Brita. Before we moved last summer, I was never without a glass of ice water at my side. Unfortunately, moving to a different water district means different water and I don’t like it. I don’t consider bottled water an option so I’ve been making tea (hot and cold) to try to mask the taste of our water. Whether I win or not, there’s definitely a purifying pitcher in my future!

  257. I like my water crisp and cold from my stainless steel bottle. It just tastes better somehow. When I’m sick and congested, warm water with a couple of teaspoons of wildflower honey mixed in does wonders.

  258. I try to drink as much plain water as I can remember every day, usually straight from the tap. The most water I consume every day is definitely in the form of tea!

  259. All of the above. Only Yorkshire tea, though, it’s the best kind. I ADORE adding lemon juice to my water as well, it tastes just a little brighter and the Vitamin C is very helpful. πŸ™‚

  260. In the summer, it’s hard to beat a slice of cool cucumber. Maybe a bit of lemon and ginger if I’m feeling fancy.

  261. I had never thought about the importance of the water in a canning recipe. Definitely food for thought.
    I love a very cold drink of water. no ice, just cold tap. Delicious.
    I would like to win and get a purple pitcher, please. πŸ˜‰

  262. My favorite way to drink water is with a few slices of cucumber. I used to use lemon, but i found it so tiring! Cucumber gives the water this fresh crisp taste without distracting from the water the way lemon can. If you haven’t tried it yet it is a must, everyone scoffed at my cucumber water but after trying it, all my friends now drink it too. Simply the best way to drink water.

  263. Have to go with my most frequent way of drinking water- in my banged up metal bottle with a squeeze of fresh red grapefruit or fresh lemon juice- at least 6 of these per day!

  264. My favorite way to drink water is probably in a large glass, with plenty of ice and a bit of lime or lemon. Usually, though, it’s out of my giant lidded cup from the hospital or from a metal reusable water bottle.

  265. I’ve been home for 2 weeks with 3 out of 4 sick kiddos. So for my sweeties I make an infuson of Buckwheat honey, fresh sage sprigs, fresh meyer lemon slices and some juice in water and warm it. I love giving a bit of cookie to make it tea time too..hehe they get that liquid in them with out thinking about it they love water too. I found you from reading the urban homestead blog your a favortite there. I zoomed over and will continue to visit!


  266. I like to drink tap water from a glass {either plastic or the real thing}. But I also have a Sigg with the special cap that is leak-proof, and pressure sensitive.
    But I am discovering lately that I really enjoy drinking through the straw on my reusable iced coffee cups.

  267. We used to have a triple osmosis filter under our sink but my plumber yanked it out. According to him, unless you are compounding medications, you have no need for it. I’d like to filter a little out, but our well water is yummy.

    I love water – drink it out of the tap room temperature, and I really try to remember to bring my bottle with me.

  268. I’m pretty happy with plain water. I’m lucky enough to live in an area where the water is pretty darned good. Lately I’ve been taking diluted tea to work – just enough flavor to change things up a little bit, at least to start the day. Then when the weak tea is gone, I fill the bottle back up with plain water.

    I’m also excited to find out that Britta recycles their filters! I can take the filters from the pot at work to Whole Foods or mail them straight back to Britta, and they become stuff like backyard benches and toothbrush handles!

  269. I like my water at room temperature, straight from a BPA-free Intak bottle by Thermos- I can drink out of it all day and the water never takes on any funky plastic taste. My 4 y.o. daughter is a water hound, and she likes hers ice cold. We keep a pitcher of Pur faucet-filtered water in the fridge for her and my husband.

  270. I love to use filtered water in my morning smoothie – water, spinach, flax, frozen blueberries, strawberries, banana, pineapple, and a little stevia for sweetner…YUM! This is my “red bull” of choice! I also only drink water all day – never soda or caffeine drinks!

  271. My favorite way to drink water is the same way as my Grandmother–who lived to a feisty 93 and Aunt Irma–an elegant 97 at her death last year. They each started their morning with a mug of hot, steaming water. Sure, you can add lemon or a shot of Bragg’s vinegar, but I like to go classic and I often give a little toast to this healthy, stalwart women,

  272. I just like it in a big white mug. I don’t like carrying flasks around, and I don’t buy bottled water so I have mugs at home and at work.

    Once in a while, if I’m feeling fancy and I have some extra lemons, I’ll pop a lemon slice in it.

  273. I drink my water in my homemade kombucha! I’ve noticed a change in the flavor since I moved into a new place with different water, too.

  274. I just found this delightful blog recently and have already made the ginger syrup (delicious, btw!) I look forward to making many more things!

    My favorite way to drink water? There isn’t one. I despise drinking water, even though I know I should!

  275. Iced tea and lots of it. I also enjoy water with a bit of cranberry juice added. I also use water for coffee and my husband likes it straight up on the rocks :). We would truly love to have a water filter unit. Thanks for the giveaway

  276. I love my water in a large red wine glass, ice-cold with fresh lemon and lime wedges squeezed in it. It’s such a delicious way to enjoy a class of water. It feels decadent during dinner!

    Also, I love a raspberry Emergen-C in my trusty stainless steel water bottle when I’m at work. It’s a great afternoon pick me up.

    I love your site!!!

  277. I drink a lot of water since I quit drinking sodas. I prefer ice cold filtered water with ice. At times I like Crystal Light Peach Tea or hot green tea also. My old Brita gets quite a workout.

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