Canning 101: How to Can Using Weck Jars

weck jar laid out

Recently, after panting after them for years, I finally broke down and ordered a dozen Weck jars*. For those of you not in the know, they are a brand of canning jar that is produced in Germany and is quite popular across Europe. Instead of using a disposable lid with the sealing compound embedded in it (like our familiar Ball and Kerr jars), these jars depend on a rubber ring for their sealing power.

They are much like the bailing wire canning jars that were once quite popular across this country (I wrote about canning in those jars here, if you care to give a gander). One of their primary benefits is the fact that because the lid is made from glass, the only thing that’s in contact with your food is glass (just like the Tattler reusable lids, there’s no BPA-imbued surface to worry about when you use these suckers). They also feel a bit less wasteful than the Ball/Kerr jars, because the only piece you end up throwing away is the rubber ring, not an entire lid. The primary downside of Weck jars is that they are expensive. I have hopes that if enough people start buying them, they’ll become more accessible and affordable here.

weck rubber ring

The Weck jars are made up of four components. The first is the rubber ring, which is the analog to the sealing compound in American lids. And just like our lids, these rings need to be submerged in boiling water for a few minutes before use in order to soften up. Keep them in the hot water until the moment you’re ready to use them to maximize their sealing abilities. These rings should also be given a once over before use, to ensure that they don’t have any cracks or tears. Another way these rings are like conventional lids is that they can only be used once.

weck lid and ring

Next comes the flat, glass lid. Prior to use, make sure to give them a careful inspection, to ensure that the lid is free from chips, particularly on the edge that comes in contact with the rubber ring. Even the smallest chip can prevent a quality seal. Keep in mind that if you’re planning on processing something in these jars that will be in the boiling water bath canner for less than ten minutes, these lids need to be sterilized along with your jars.

weck lid and ring on jar

I have found that the best way to assemble these jars is to caress the rubber ring onto the lid and then place the lid on the jar. Before you settle it into place, make sure to wipe those rims. It’s just good canning practice.

weck with lid clamped into place

Now come the clips. All Weck jars come with two stainless steel clips. They do the work that our screw-on bands typically perform, holding the lid in place so that air can escape during processing and cooling, but no air or liquid can get in. I believe the best way to attach a clip is to hook it over the lid and then firmly (but carefully) push down. There should be a satisfying click when the clip is in place and there should be no wiggle or movement. I have found that it often requires just a hair more pressure than feels appropriate. Take it slowly and make sure to hold onto the jar (wrap a towel or pot holder around it so you don’t burn yourself) so that you don’t slosh the product on to your counter.

Once you have the clips in place, quickly check the status of the ring. It should still be flat and even between the top of the jar and the bottom of the lid. On one occasion, I have had the ring wrinkle up while I was finessing the clips onto the jars. Had I not caught it before the jar went into the canner, I could have compromised my potential seal.

testing weck seal

Now that your jars are filled and the rubber rings, lids and clips are in place, it’s time to process. This step is just like all other boiling water bath canning. The only caution I have to offer here is to take care with your jar lifter placement when working with Weck jars. I once nearly tipping several jars over while maneuvering in and out of the pot because my lifter caught on the clips. They hold tightly enough that you shouldn’t be able to dislodge one with the lifter, but it is something to be aware of.

weck jar tab note

Once the jars are finished processing, let them cool fully. Once they are totally cool to the touch, you can remove the clips and check your seals. There are two easy ways to ensure you’ve got a good seal. The first is to grab onto the jar holding onto just the lid and lift the jar just a bit (I will never be a hand model). If it holds, it’s good.

The other way to check the seals is to take a look at the tab. It should be pointing down, like it’s sticking its tongue out at you. Also note that Weck jars should be stored with the clips off when it’s on your pantry shelf. This is for the same reason that we store Ball and Kerr jars without their rings. If something happens to grow inside the jar, the off-gassing will break the seal and you’ll know right away that the product is compromised.

When it comes time to open a Weck jar, it’s incredibly easy. Just grab hold of the tab and gently pull it, until you hear air rushing in and the seal breaks. Do this slowly, so that you don’t run the risk of popping the lid off the jar with too much vigor. While the jar lives in the fridge, you can use the clips to hold the lid in place, or you can invest in some of the snap-on plastic lids that Weck makes as well.

For information on how to pressure can in Weck jars, read this post!


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682 responses to “Canning 101: How to Can Using Weck Jars”

  1. I’d love to win this giveaway! My 5-year old son was telling me just tonight he’d like to learn to make pickles this year, so that would be our first project with the lovely weck jars.

  2. me me me! I have a set that I used for canning for several years, but now I use them for fridge jars because I lost the clips and rings. Dropped them on my tile floor and they just bounced up. Love them.

  3. First thing I canned in Weck jars was pear butter from my own pears, cooked down until thick, with nothing else added. Yummy, and so pretty in these jars – I want more of them!

  4. I cannot tell a lie, I have a list going and on the top is that crazy creamsicle jelly (lovingly written there by my hubby who has never requested anything), but I might try some mustard in them or maybe some strawberry chipotle preserves. I’ve had my eyeball on these jars forever, so I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Fantastic post! I covet those jars- I’d make more marmalade with the lovely lemons my folks just brought to me from CA. Great explanations!

  6. Grapefruit marmalade! It’s the right season for them and nothing would perk up a toast and tea breakfast more than a sparkling jar of grapefruit marmalade.

  7. Well If I had known about this Give away on Sunday I would have said the Tangelo marmalde that I just made to test out my new Tattler Reusable lids. But Now I don’t know because I don’t have any canning planned for a while.

  8. The first thing that I ever canned in Weck jars in a canning class were peaches. They were gorgeous as the jars really show off the food in them. Thanks for sharing the links. I haven’t been able to find the jars locally in many years and needed a source for new rubber rings.

  9. We would love to own some of these wonderful jars! The first thing I want to can is some beautiful strawberry jam when the strawberries are in season this Spring. yum!

  10. Thanks so much for this post! I am new to canning, have been jonesing for Weck jars, and was not clear about how to can with them. I have a long list of canning possibilities for 2011, and am trying to narrow it down to a manageable number (and sort it out by produce availability). The beginning of March is going to embrace citrus with a Cara Cara & chili marmalade. The end of the month will hopefully bring local asparagus, and I will endeavor to pickle a batch or two. (I also have my eye on carrot cake jam & bacon bourbon jam recipes… might get those done before berry season begins.) Thanks again for the info!

  11. I would love to be entered in the weck jar giveaway! The first thing I would can is a new lemon/lavendar marmalade if I get the jars while my tree is still heavy with fruit!

  12. Oh, awesome, awesome, awesome! I’ve been wanting to try these for ages, but the price is holding me back at the moment. I would make jam in these – but for ME, as I don’t want to giveaway the beautiful jars =)

  13. They are so pretty! The first thing I’d make would probably be jam (because that’ll be the next in season thing), but I would LOVE to use these for my salsas.

  14. Weck makes me swoon. I tend to base my canning around bloody mary accessories- I can see those gorgeous little jars filled with pickled pearl onions.

  15. Oh I have been Jonesing for these!! They are so cool looking. I have your creamcycle jelly bookmarked and think it would be a great one for these jars!! Cause I know I wouldn’t be able to wait for summer canning! Lol

  16. rhubarb should be here in a couple of months… add that to the cherries in the freezer… yummy! my favorite jam!

  17. I love the way Weck jars look. Thinking about just the rubber seal as disposable helps ease the pain on the cost a little. I mean really, jars are spendy either way. I would love to whip up some strawberry rhubarb jam in some this spring. I’m quite, /quite/, anxious for spring. πŸ™‚

  18. Well, if I were to win these jars, I would probably be on my way back home to Seattle; it will then be April, so I suspect I would wait until strawberry season in June and make me some yumm-o strawberry preserves! Maybe with a bit of fresh lemon juice from the lemons I will be carting home with me from my time here in Apache Junction.

  19. cheating i suppose but what ever comes in the CSA box closest to actually getting the jars would be the truthful answer.. unless they take a season to arrive and in that case it would be currents..

  20. I would love to preserve jam in these jars, they are so unique and would really show off the color & texture of any jam.

  21. I love jars without BPA lined lids…these look wonderful! I would can some concoctions for my upcoming birth to make labor easier…a raspberry leaf, peppermint and jasmine infusion and a ginger, lime and basil tincture. New jars would inspire me to get it done ahead of time instead of during early labor ; )

  22. I would love to can pickled asparagus in them- I saw tigress do it and they were beautiful, though if I were to win, it would most likely be a lovely marmalade.

  23. Adorable jars! I would have to make some strawberry rhubarb jam out of the last of the rhubarb in my freezer. My husband is so sad we’re on the last jar!

  24. I saw these jars on a post here about a week ago and have been pining for them since. I’d love to put up some sweet chili sauce in these jars, then some pickled asparagus, and then some marmalade, and then some strawberry jam, and then…

  25. These jars our gorgeous! I’d make a really pretty jam or marmalade. I just made Blood Orange Vanilla marmalade last weekend and the color is amazing. It would look so pretty in the Weck jars.

  26. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Love the jars!!!! And now, thanks to you, they don’t seem so intimidating. I think Orange Vanilla Bean Marmalade would look beautiful in these jars! So I would either can that or save them for some Wild Huckleberry Jam (which is held in the highest honor in our home!!). Or hey, do both!! Thanks again for sharing!

  27. I haven’t heard of Weck jars before but if I had some I would be making some huckleberry jam!. I’m sure they would look like canned jewels.

  28. I’ve been saving some frozen blackberries that I picked at a nearby farm last summer for jam. I’ve also been thinking of making marmalade or curd with citrus and ginger. I think either would look lovely in those jars.

  29. Fun giveaway! I’d probably make Meyer lemon marmalade with vanilla beans a globe-trotting friend just sent me from Madagascar.

  30. I have been looking for new canning projects and I thinking about your pear vanilla jam. That would look pretty the in Weck jars!

  31. I plan to go cherry picking when the season finally gets here. I think I would can some cherry jam in them.

  32. Those jars are great! I think I would make lemon curd with lemon verbena, using the lemons from our little lemon tree and eggs from our sweet hens!

  33. Oooh, I want to make another batch of blueberry preserves, this time with slightly less lemon. πŸ™‚

  34. My sweet husband gave me some blueberry lavender jam in my stocking this past Christmas. I have a friend who grows lavender and soon our farmer’s market will have beautiful blueberries. I’m definitely going to be making that jam as soon as I can. It’d surely look fabulous in some Weck jars!!!

  35. I wanted to leave a comment but I don’t want to be entered in the giveaway. I have 3 dozen of these and 2 dozen of the 1/4 liter Mold jars, and 14 of one of the 1/5 liter Tulip jars (I had to go to their website to look up what the Tulip jars were called and whoa! It’s way different. Online shopping!!). I want more someday, but want the love to be spread to someone else first!

    I just wanted to ask a question about the rubber rings. I reuse mine a lot. The Mold jars I have are pretty new, but when I got the Tulips, they had jam in them dated 1992. I’ve never had one not seal. Is that the concern with reusing the gaskets, that they have a higher fail rate? Or is there something else to be concerned about that I can’t see? Thanks!

  36. Lovely giveaway, Marisa. If I win, I will put something nice and sugar-free in them. (I’m really serious about this canning without added sugar thing, at least for now.) Hmmm . . . or maybe I’ll keep ’em for making your tomato jam.

    One thing I learned about opening Wecks is that it’s good to be a little careful when pulling on that tab. The first time I tried it, the lid popped off with such enthusiasm that it got away from me and shattered on the floor — and I don’t know whether it’s possible to get replacement lids.

    It’s kinda too bad they call it a mold jar, isn’t it? Ha.

  37. eek! i want! i would probably make some pink grapefruit marmalade first…it’s the first thing i ever tried to can, and it was a massive failure. i’ve since had much more successful canning adventures, and i finally feel ready to tackle the marmalade again. πŸ™‚

  38. The joy of Wecks! I love seeing the colorful preserves through the top of the lid. I think I would do small batches of different jewel tones. Maybe one jar each of cherry preserves, habanero jelly with shredded carrots, lemon curd, tomatillo salsa and black currant and rose jelly. Line them all up have a rainbow of weck awesomeness.

  39. Hmm, just checked out the Kaufmann Mercantile site. The prices are SO HIGH! Like 6 of the 1/4 liter mold jars cost 31.90, while they’re 16.50 on, and the 1/5 liter ones you got are 6 for 29.90 vs 6 for 15.25. The Kaufmann site includes shipping while the prices don’t, but when I ordered mine from several ago, they were charging somewhere between 30-40% of the total cost for shipping, which would still work out to be much cheaper than Kaufmann. Or am I missing something?

      • The only way to make affordable is to do a big order with friends. I ordered with 3 girlfriends last year and it brought the shipping down alot. Otherwise Kaufman would be cheaper with the $7 discount code and free shipping.

        • Hmm…that isn’t what I’m seeing. For orders under $150, depending on your zip code, either charges you 27 or 29% for shipping. So for one box (6) of the 1/5 liter Mold jars, with the 29% shipping, it would be $19.67. Even with the $7 coupon, the Kaufmann jars would still be $3.23 more, and that’s just for the first box.

          How big was your order with your friends? I placed an order of about $200 and ended up paying around 40% shipping.

  40. I believe the start of blue berry season a triple or even quadruple berry jelly would be great for these. Or even a beer jelly. A friend just tapped a keg of home brewed saison styled beer.

  41. Ooh, I’d make my inaugural batch of orange marmalade with some of the oranges ripening on the tree as I type πŸ™‚

  42. I’m so looking forward to the beginnings of spring in OH and I’m thinking some strawberry jam would be lovely in these jars!

  43. I’ve been thinking of the creamsicle jelly since I read that post and I was all “yeah! I’d make that first!” But then grapefruit marmalade was mentioned and now I have a craving for grapefruit. Life has too many difficult decisions! But! I *have* been hoarding some vanilla beans for a special occasion…

  44. I’ve been meaning to put up some mustards, and they would look delightful in these beautiful jars. I keep contemplating a purchase, but haven’t been able to justify the price. Maybe the glass lids will give me enough of a reason…

  45. I love the complete transparency and clean lines of these jars, from top to bottom. I would put up citrus marmalade: organic Meyers or caracara or blood orange marmalades. I’d line the sides of the jars with candied citrus slices before pouring in the marmalade. And I’d add a candied slice or maybe a star anise to the top of the marmalade, so that one can see thru that clear glass lid onto something pretty!

    Thanks so much for posting these weck sources!

  46. I’d love to make just about anything in these jars – although I do have big plans for more spicy jams this summer. The chipotle strawberry sounds pretty tasty!

  47. I think I’d make some pineapple jam for my son, he loves pineapple and he loves jam on toast so it sounds like the perfect thing. It will look pretty in those jars too.

  48. Oooh, I’d love to win some lovely jars. I’ve been wanting to start canning for a while, but being the uni student I am I’ve been waiting until my birthday to request supplies : P

    I do live in Australia though, so that might be a bit of a hitch…

  49. I’ve always wanted to try Weck jars. I think the first thing I’d can would be Sour Cherry and Rose Petal Preserves. Very informative post!

  50. I think I’ll be making the delicious jam that someone gave us recently — mirabelle plums and vanilla pod jam! yumm

  51. Mmmmm. Yum! I love these jars and have several that I have used repeatedly over the last several years. I, too, use them for cold applications (yummy hot fudge sauce, for one) and have yet to try them for canning but would LOVE to. My first attempt would be to can my beautiful raspberries for jam. YUM!

  52. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been dying to know more about weck jars. My first preserve in them will definitely involve strawberries and rhubarb. Mmm springtime…

  53. Oh my gosh, I would FLIP if I won this give away. I have drooled over Weck jars for year but the price has kept me from biting the bullet. If I won, I would keep it simple (and beautiful) with some fresh, red strawberry jam. Here in south GA, we are just a few short weeks from strawberry season, and my children ask me every week how much longer until we can pick strawberries. Florida strawberries are available in the stores noe, but my boys know that there is nothing as yummy as fresh fruit still warm from the sun. πŸ™‚

  54. A Weck giveaway–oh be still my beating heart. I’ve been on a canning hiatus lately (I’m more of a summer canner) but I think this would motivate me to finally make a batch of spicy peach jam with the peaches in the freezer from last summer.

  55. Cinnamon-orange marmalade. I’ve been wanting to make that for so long. These jars just might give me the push I need.

  56. I know what I would make in these lovley jars! My Vanilla strawberry jam!I have alway want to try carrot cake jam!!

  57. Someone brought lovely citruses (satsunas maybe – thin skinned, easy to peel, very few pips, candy sweet flavor) in to work, and I’m now looking through marmalade recipes.

  58. Just to let you know, you actually can reuse the rubber rings. What you need to do is wash them carefully in soapy water and let dry, then store in the dark in a screw top glass or something similar. Before reusing, check for any tears, like before and put in hot water to sterilise and keep soft. You also should, before reusing, pull them in a few directions to ensure they have not become brittle. That is is.

  59. Beautiful jars, the first thing I would can in them would be peach jelly. I have peach juice, made from our first harvest of peaches on our tree in the yard, in the freezer waiting to be made into jelly. The pretty peachy pink color would be so pretty in the Weck jars. Thank you for this tutorial!

  60. The first thing I would like to can with these is zucchini relish. Can’t wait for the first of the zukes to come off the vine.

  61. Oh these jars are lovely! Thanks for introducing me to them. I’d love to can some meyer lemon curd and marmalade from the lemons I just hand carried from California to New England. Ohhh boy!

  62. These jars are so pretty! I would probably make up some strawberry or blueberry jam from my frozen stash left from last summer to make room for more in a few months.

  63. First, I would just admire them ~ on my counter. Then, I would process the Cara Cara in my fridge. I think the recipe with heat… sounds good in a house without power for 3 days!

  64. I think it would be some kind of jam or maybe some cool looking fruit or maybe some interesting kind of veggie or…..please just enter me.

  65. Strawberries will be ready here soon and because that is my kids’ favoritei usually make a double batch a week for a month. So I would probably make strawberry jam for the 1st run with those lovely, lovely jars.

  66. This will be my first year to give canning a go, but I have a large garden, so I have plenty of things to try…asparagus, tomatoes, beans, strawberries, raspberries…I’m excited to get started, but a tad nervous, since I don’t know anyone who cans. Everything looks pretty in a weck jar.

  67. The first thing I’d can would be something involving strawberries, whose season is blessedly rapidly approaching. As a double-plus bonus, my comprehensive exams will be over by then, so I can actually live it up!

  68. I’ve only seen these overseas – I didn’t know we could get them here! I would can….my first crop of blueberries this year (fingers and toes crossed).

  69. These are beautiful, but I am not sure I understand the benefit compared to the lovely old bail jars that I have been using for years!

  70. Jelly. :). My kids really like my RedHots jelly on their waffles, and I like to make it because it’s such a far-our red.

  71. These jars are so, so, …just so! During the spring, probably BBQ sauce, but I can’t wait to replenish my apple butter and blueberry butter.

  72. I found this website while looking for a local distributor of wecks (haven’t found one yet, but still looking). SO how cool is that that there is this draw for that exact thing I am looking for. I think the first thing I would can is pears. Plain and simple. Family favorite.

  73. I’ve been drooling over Weck jars for a while! While I’d love to say that I’m going to can something creative in them first, I have to be honest and say it will be strawberry jam. We eat a ton of it around here, and it’s nearly strawberry season!

  74. i live in germany and am obsessed with WECK!! there little jems are why i started canning. but i do more than can lovely pepper jelly on them… i store pesto in them and rice and homemade breadcrumbs and chocolate chips for all to see! it’s all about the WECK jar!!

  75. I’d go for a nice tomato sauce… My fiancee can’t eat onion, which is in virtually everything, so we’re making more and more stuff from scratch. This would hold the perfect amount for a meal for two!

  76. I used Weck jars years ago when they sold them at Williams-Sonoma. I still have a few left. I’ve wanted to buy more, but alas, every year I realize they’re too expensive. Last August we made two kinds of ketchup (smoked paprika and Chinese 5 spice), and decided, once again to put off buying them. But this year….is the year. I love the jars you used. They will be perfect. Thanks for posting this Marisa!

  77. I can’t wait for strawberry season to arrive and that would be the first, of many items, that I would put in the Weck jars. Thanks for the great post. I’ve leaned so much here.

  78. I make and can chunky cinnamon applesauce very often, and I imagine that’s the first thing I’d make with those beautiful Weck canning jars! I have drooled over them for years. I’ve kept an order form in my recipe files for several years, but due to the cost I’ve never used it. To win some and see them filled and sitting in my pantry would be a little bit heaven. Home canned goodies on my homemade bread…..nothing better.

  79. I am obsessed with jars! I love jars for everything and now I’m wondering how it is that I’ve never heard of these jars. I love them!!!

  80. Well, what’s in my MIND to make right now is some white cherry/white peach jam. But I may not be able to hold out until cherry season and will probably fill them with something else before then. πŸ™‚

  81. Rhubarb jam! I”m waiting impatiently for the first stalks of rhubarb to appear in the farmers’ market!

  82. Upstate New York in March is a waiting game for most produce. So many people are talking berries on here already! I would hold on to my Wecks until spring when I could pickle asparagus or make strawberry jam.

  83. Weck jars are so beutiful, but the shippiing has always stopped me from ordering. It is great to know that shipping is free at Kaufmann Mercantile with a good purchase amount. I have really dreamed of using the juice jars for canning. I grow so many berries and different fruits, that I want to use the juice jars for making homemade blackberry and raspberry syrup. For the jam jars, I would like to make some of my tri-citrus marmalade. The color would be beautiful in the clear glass weck jars! Off to the Kaufmann site to look at what is available!

  84. I would like to try Sri Kaya (Malaysian coconut jam. I don’t know if it will work but it will be fun to try!

  85. I’m anxiously awaiting the first strawberries and rhubarb of the season for some strawberry-rhubarb jam, which I think would look lovely in these Weck jars…

  86. I would love to pickle my crop of asparagus that I grow in my parking strip in those tall stright weck jars

  87. Ooo, Weck jars are so pretty! I canned some ginger-peach jam in some my friend has, but a set of my own would be so wonderful.

  88. I am so excited about this post! I am currently in the throws of a Weck Jar obsession!
    The first thing I would probably use them for is leftovers. I am trying to switch from all plastic storage containers…to all glass. These are by far my faves!

  89. My first every cooked jam, most likely strawberry. I can’t wait for some fresh from the fields Lancaster strawberries!

  90. Despite the fact that we still have two feet of snow on the ground and more to come this weekend, I’m dreaming of Spring and Strawberries. I want to try my hand at preserving strawberries this year, with the berries big and beautiful and crystal red.

  91. I ordered Weck Jars with girlfriends last year to save on shipping. They are beautiful. I made pickles in the tulip jar first. This year I’d like to do more jam in the smaller sizes.

  92. I am so jealous! I even looked for these when I was in Brussels to see if I could ship them to myself (cheaply) but only found really tiny ones. I wasn’t even canning then! I’d love the tall ones for asparagus.

  93. The jars are lovely! The first thing I would can in my Weck jars would be delicious strawberry preserves. The strawberries will be ready in my area soon and I will go to a strawberry farm to pick them. I can’t wait!

  94. I can’t wait for spring to appear here in Toronto and for our local farmers’ market to blossom with lots of local goodness. My plan for these jars is to can whatever spring fruit or vegetable tempts me first. Perhaps some pickled asparagus, or something with wild leeks (ramps) OR even better, a tasty ruby red rhubarb butter with a hint of honey. I am tempted by something less local like a blood orange or meyer lemon marmalade, but these jars are so awesome, I feel they deserve only the best local produce tucked inside for future enjoyement. πŸ™‚

    • Mmmm ~ ruby red rhubarb butter with honey…this sounds so good! We’ve never worked with rhubarb but really want to. Do you ever visit Olig, the honey man at the Honey World in the St. Lawrence Market? He’s got such an amazing selection of mono honeys.

      • It’s really easy to work with rhubarb in jams, butters etc. Maris, who writes this site, even has a rhubarb butter recipe she posted last year (search for it on the site). Since there is a honey vendor, Bees Universe, at our local farmers’ market, I usually make my bulk honey purchases from them. Although I pick up jars here and there from other sources. One of our current faves is the honey from Rosewood Estates, which makes wine and mead in the Beamsville, Ontario area.

        • Thanks for the info. We’ll check out Rosewood Estates. We collect mono honeys from all over the world ~ they are all so different and unique depending on what the bees are feeding on. Bees are simply amazing and so important!

  95. I really want to make a balsamic fig jam, or a bourbon grapefruit marmalade! I’ve been drooling over these weck jars for the past few months, just need to get up the gumption to buy them!

  96. I’d make a batch of apple/peach chutney! Or, sometimes I find the most tiny perfect okra and pickle it – this would be adorable in there. Most people turn their nose up at the okra, until they taste it!
    Gosh, they sure are pretty, and my larder is starting to show that canning should be on my mind.

  97. I would put the strawberry jam in them from the strawberries we are going to pick next week.

  98. Wow, what a fantastic post! I bought to of these sweet jars at the market building in San Francisco last year and had no idea I could actually can with them. I want to make a marmalade pepper jelly for these little puppies!

  99. I have had my eye on a pomegranate jelly recipe that would be awesome in these jars! I have been looking at them for awhile and have bunch of uses in mind but haven’t taken the plunge yet because of the price.

  100. I’ve got a pineapple and some leftover blood oranges on my kitchen table screaming at me to be made into preserves and put into these wonderful jars!

  101. Thank you for the great post–that answered so many questions for me. I’d like to try making pickles.

  102. Ooh, I’ve been drooling over those jars for a while now! I’d can up some gorgeous jam first–they’re so pretty, they need a beautiful product. Blueberry? Plum? Grape? Some of each?

  103. Oh! I have been lusting after these jars since I was given one as a gift!
    The first thing i would make would be Jam!

  104. Wow. Weck giveaway? You will have 1000 comments! I got 5 weck jelly jars last fall as a gift, and still haven’t canned in them… they work (and look) so nice as storage for small amounts of daily things like salt and honey. I would make it a priority to do up some jam or jelly should I be so lucky to win!

  105. Those are beautiful….as mangoes are plentiful right now…some yummy mango jam would be made first….althought that creamsicle orange jelly sounds good as well.

  106. I might like to try these out canning. I have one or two hanging around that I got at a resale shop. They have been very handy for storage (with the plastic lid) in addition to the last bit/end of the batch of jam/jelly storage in the fridge.

  107. even though we haven’t gone through all of our jam from last year, I’m pretty excited to do some more jam making. hopefully I’ll branch out to some tomatoes this year, too!

  108. I would love to have these jars! I would probably can something rhubarb as soon as i see it at our farmers market!

  109. I have a beautiful plum tree in my yard that my grandfather planted some 20-odd years ago. I would love to make plum jelly this year. Ooh… or maybe some pickles!!

  110. OH! I think I’d can the first thing to come out of my Spring garden. Stawberry preserves perhaps? I can just see that crimson red sparkling in those lovely ditties now. I LOVE the Weck juice jars and have been hemming and hawing over them for a few years now.

  111. I love Weck jars, but haven’t been able to justify the cost yet! If I were to win, I think I would have to make some lovely apple butter to can in those jars.

  112. What a great post. I’ve been pining for some of these jars for years. I would like to make some fig jam in them.

  113. I’m pregnant and craving grapefruit like crazy, so I’d have to can some vanilla grapefruit marmalade!

  114. There are so many things I’d love to make and these jars would be awesome to have! This summer I’d like to try and make a strawberry rhubarb jam. I love the flavors of summer!

  115. I would make some strawberry jam. i recently ran out and need to make another batch, and these jars are lovely!

  116. Oooooh! Pick me!! I have several of these jars from an English friend. LOVE them.

    I would make blackberry jam in them this summer.

  117. These jars are amazing. I just love attractive canning jars. The first thing I would make in these jars would probably be some type of strawberry jam, since I am already stocked up on marmalade. (although if I got them too far from strawberry season I might need to make more marmalade or citrus project)

  118. Blueberry-lime jam! It’s my favorite jam to make and eat, and the lime strands would look so pretty in a Weck jar!

  119. I have some blueberries picked from a local orchard last year in my freezer just waiting to be canned πŸ™‚ Also cranberries from Christmas… so my first project would probably be a blueberry-cranberry jam (and maybe strawberry if I wait long enough to get good fresh ones… but probably won’t be that patient!)

  120. How I would LOVE to try these!! The first thing I would make is that delightful-looking creamsicle jelly. It sounds heavenly! Thanks for a great, informative post. πŸ™‚

  121. I have had my eye on Weck jars for ages now. I’d love to win, and christen the jars with my favorite blueberry jam. πŸ™‚

  122. I’ve also been eyeing them up for ages and would have a picture-taking heyday if I were to win! The first thing I would can would be some blueberry rhubarb jam, using some frozen goodies from last year. There’s no way I could wait for our garden stuff to be ready before using them! πŸ™‚

  123. Is it possible to lust after jars? I love these so very much, it’s ridiculous. I’ve been thinking of making a big batch of orange marmalade while the oranges are still fresh and delicious.

  124. I love the idea of less waste! We go through strawberry jam in my house in no time and I love the strawberry on the lid! Since strawberry season is just around the corner (sigh of hope!) I’d put some simple strawberry jam in them

  125. I’ve had my eye on these jars for years! I would probably save them for my seedless raspberry jam… one of the few things I can and do not share πŸ™‚

  126. We just received our first boxes of these beauties too. It was an x-mas gift from my sister…she’s the best! We’ve already started using them. To date we’ve put bitter heat marmalade, strawberry jam, and whole berries in them. We just love these jars and the seal is fabulous!

  127. Beautiful Weck jars – have been deciding which size/style to get – would l o v e to win this contest! Spicy? Homemade sriracha? or sweet – cherries in sauce, blueberry jam, orange marmelade? Hard to decide!

  128. I have used these jars and I really like them, but I have found that I have more problems with improperly sealing jars than I do with canning the traditional ones. But I will definitively use the ones I have again this year and maybe even invest in a few more. Thanks so much for the post!

  129. I LOVE these jars, and while I have not canned in them before, I have been longing to purchase some and do so.. My first spring canning project this year will be Honeyed Rhubarb Jam … or maybe Rhubarb Marmalade with the end of the organic oranges.. hmmm. Well, Rhubarb from my garden will the main!

  130. I would can something rare in such special jars, like wild wineberry jelly, and chestnut butter.
    It appears that hundreds of people hope to win these jars, including myself. I may be 133 on this list, but I am the most experienced canner here, and at this time have more than 2,000 quarts of produce in my larder.

  131. Weck! I’ve long wanted to try these jars. We’ll since its (supposed to be) early, early spring, I’m going with either Dandelion Jelly or Rhubarb Compote, both new recipes for new jars.

  132. I am so glad I found your blog. I am new to canning and preserves. I have a stack of wonderful things I want to try so sadly I have too many to pick just one, but the jars are fabulous.

  133. Awesome–thanks for the giveaway and the $7 credit! First thing for me would be a gorgeous jam…I’d either wait for the first local strawberries or use some frozen blueberries and rhubarb to make some “bluebarb”. I’d just LOVE to see a Weck jar out on my breakfast table!

  134. I would love to get my hands on some Weck jars! I’ve been coveting them for quite some time. I think the first thing I would can would be some pickled pearl onions for my dad – he loves them!

  135. I would love to win these! I’ve been eying them for a while now and always go back to the ball jars because I’m used to them. We actually have a bunch of cabbage right now, and I’ve been planning on making homemade sauerkraut. This is the perfect incentive!

  136. Wow! These are the coolest jars and I’ve swooned over them since I started this canning craze I’ve had since discovering your site on Serious Eats last summer! I could use these for many things…creme fraiche, tomato jam, cranberry chutney, yogurt, pickles of the bread and butter persuasion and the list goes on!

  137. Those are some lovely jars!! I’ve thought about getting some but was wondering if they are worth the expense~you just may have answered that question, lol. And as to what to put into them it would have to be grape jelly (our son loves to pick our grapes and help “make” and devour his favorite jelly : )

  138. If my cherry tree comes through this year, the cherries would go in these jars. I’m thinking pickled or brandied.

  139. So very outside my price range, but wouldn’t some pickled red onions look lovely in there? That’s what I’d do, I think.

  140. I have always thought these jars are beautiful! And I think I would use them to can my first jams, which I plan to dive into after visiting some local u-pick farms this summer. πŸ™‚

  141. I actually bought some of the liter jars for making fruit syrups for cordials – I would LOVE some of those half pint jars.

    You know, I never boiled the rings, and I reused them. It doesn’t say in the directions to throw them out, does it?

  142. I too just finally got a few weck jars after admiring them for months. Last weekend made a batch of meyer lemon marmalade in them. I’d love to have a few more for strawberry rhubarb jam this spring!

  143. Am teaching canning classes at a nearby community center here in Atlanta. Would love to can one each of the 3 products we’ll be making in the class for all the class to see in these beautiful jars: Bread & Butter Pickles, Organic Apple Butter, and Fresh Tomatoes. Wouldn’t that be inspirational to all the new students!

  144. The verb “to can” in German is “einwecken,” which translates as “to Weck in.” The German company Weck began mass-producing the jars around 1900 and thus the terms Weck-Verfahren (Weck process) and einwecken entered the vocabulary of Germans and are still in use today.
    If I were to win Weck-GlΓ€ser, I would can rhubarb-strawberry jam, in honor of the strawberry on the jar.

  145. Oooh, I love weck jars. My Boyfriend just gave me a few for Christmas and they’re awesome!

    As for what I’d can in these, it’s just about strawberry season here, and we’re at the tail end of citrus season, so I’m thinking strawberry-meyer lemon marmalade

  146. Strawberry jam . . . I live in strawberry country and the are so good right now. Must.can.strawberry.jam!!

  147. I, too, have oogled Weck jars for years. I remember seeing Martha Stewart using them years ago. They are beautifully shaped! I would love to make a batch of apple butter in them!

  148. I would love to give these a try. I will probably be canning some Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly, as soon as the rhubarb pops out from under the snow covered garden.

  149. I would love to win some of those beautiful jars! I would probably make something with what ever comes next from our yard. I have a few oranges left so maybe some marmalade, but the rhubarb, strawberries and peaches are coming! Thanks for the tutorial and the chance to win.

  150. Oh, and one more thing. I totally reuse the rubber gaskets on my weck jars. I read that Weck has to say they’re one-time use in the US to meet legal standards here. However, they’re actually designed to be reused again and again. I just wash them well and re-soften them in hot water before reuse, and I’ve never had a problem.

  151. I love the idea of less waste and no metal on the lid. We have moisture issues in the house and corrosion can be a problem for us! I would fill them with my favorite mango-raspberry jam, or the creamsicle jelly recipe from yesterday which I’m dying to try.

  152. I think I would can something very pretty, maybe a salsa or something. Or something with berries. The jars are beautiful, I would love to win them!

  153. I’d like to make some pickled ‘something’ — not sure what but maybe a zuccini or something. or peppers…mmmm.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  154. ….something with the first strawberries. Or maybe mulberries from the trees around me in Brooklyn.

  155. oooh I would probably make dilly carrots, or strawberry jam. definitly pining for them… good to know someone will give free shipping on them.

  156. I would love to do pepper jelly or herb jelly, it would look beautiful in such lovely jars, but it may end up being some type of vegetables during a community garden demonstration since we are trying to encourage home canning in our area.

  157. I would make tangerine grapefruit marmalade (family favorite). Would love to give those jars a try.

  158. I wouldlove to try canning the creamsicle jelly recipe you just posted in the Weck jars — they are so beautiful!

  159. Would most likely use a familiar recipe for the first trial of a new type of jar – like perhaps pickled watermelon rind! Love the stuff, and it really is quite easy to do. Yum!!

  160. Marmalade! I may or may not have been silently weeping to myself as I canned my bergamot marmalade in a regular old ball jar instead of one of these beauties last month.

  161. A coworker gave me a jar of her own homemade apricot jam last fall and it was delicious. I had never had it before…and now it’s probably my favorite jam of all. I’d like to try canning my own this summer. Now I’ll just have to wait for apricot season to come around again.

  162. I would make strawberry jam (one of the first fruits to be in season this summer in Minnesota)! Or maybe I would save these special jars for pepper jellies.

  163. I have been waiting all winter to make some strawberry rhubarb jam, I can’t wait for the warm weather!

  164. If you were asking me this question in say July, I would come up with something beautiful to can, but since it is March and I know me well enough to know that there is no earthly way I could wait until July to try out the much coveted Weck, I am going to guess it would be something highly glamorous like applesauce.

  165. Hmmm. What would I can in the Weck jars. It would just have to be Lemon or Orange Curd. That would not only look awesome but also be the right amount for a recipe.

  166. As mentioned in a few other comments, the rubber rings can be reused. I’m interested to know where the information, that they should be replaced for each use, comes from. I have the Weck canning book and nowhere in their own book do they say that seals should only be used once (and I’ve searched for those very words). They just state that you should inspect the seals before using them to check that they are in good useable order. I’ve been using Wecks for a while now and find them really reliable, they stack beautifully and are a breeze to open when needed.

  167. I’ve had a crush on these jars for a while now, and they would look lovely filled with strawberry jam in about 3 months!

  168. I have been coveting these for so long. I think that a red onion jam would look stunning in these smaller jars.

  169. These are lovely little jars! I had never seen them before. They strike me as the perfect jars for homemade yogurt, and they look perfect (old fashioned but chic) for gift-giving. I’ve been craving pears lately, so I’d perhaps can some pears with a tiny bit of jalapeno in them. Thanks for this post.

    • Accidentally posted this below…

      They ARE the perfect jars for yogurt! I have little ones that I make 1/2 cup servings in and they’re so cute and sturdy and wonderful. I will say that it’s much easier to use the plastic lids that you can buy for them (also bpa-free), but you can definitely use the glass lids too (it’s just slightly tricky to put the lids on while trying to keep them β€œsterile” since they won’t be boiled after sealing). I make 3 dozen jars about once a month and only have about 12 of the plastic lids, so do the rest in glass.
      In fact, there was a post here about me using these to make fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt!

  170. I had no idea these existed. Brilliant! We have been working on reducing our waste and this would be a great way to further our endeavor. I would definitely use them to can apple butter.

  171. I would love to give these a try. With spring rolling around I would love to use them for strawberry jam.

  172. I love Weck jars; my sister recently introduced them to me through a gift of chili sauce I received at Christmas. They look quite beautiful. I think I would want to put something pretty in them that would be gifty; maybe some mango salsa or a spring jam like strawberry rhubarb in (hopefully; I live in Calgary)a few more weeks.

  173. I first saw these at the local charcuterie with liver pate inside. I’d like to put some orange marmalade in them.

  174. I just got my landlord to agree to let me put in a raised bed in the yard, so I will be putting up all sorts of pickles this year! I would definitely use them for my grandma’s bread and butter pickles, or pickled jalapenos.

  175. First, I love Kaufmann Mercantile. I’m so glad you are promoting them! Second, I think these Weck jars are begging for caramel pear butter with piloncillo. Thanks so much!

  176. I have wanted to try these for some time; my friend Andrea in Germany told me about them but I never got around to ordering them. Thanks for the informative post! I have a question–do you sterilize the orange rubber ring too?

    As for me, I’d love to make a whole series of jams–these jars are so lovely and would only be moreso filled with the many intense colors of concentrated fruit!

  177. I am going to try some new (to me) pickling experiments in the coming months and these would be perfect. I’m thinking either cocktail onions or pickled okra (my absolute favorite).

  178. I would probably make onion pickles. I’m addicted to them and eat almost all of them myself. That way I can keep these lovely jars in-house.

  179. Great-grandma’s green tomato mincemeat, for a present to my son – or jam with the very first strawberries. I do so lust after these jars, and hope the price comes down!

  180. Dilly beans
    or Jam?..strawberry!
    nothing that looks gross or hairy
    tomatoe chutney
    sweet and spicey
    in these jars
    It all looks nicey!

  181. I’d love to give these cute (and BPA-free) jars a try! I think the first think I’d can would be some type of strawberry jam/jelly in the spring!

  182. Since strawberry jam is usually my first canning of the season, that’s probably what I would be using these jars for. They are beautiful.

  183. I have been longing for some Weck jars, so now I think I will order some from the site you mentioned! I’d love to put a strawberry jam in these lovelies! T-minus 1 month for Texas…

  184. Meyer lemon marmalade! I just bought the Meyer lemons yesterday, and how beautiful would they look in Weck jars? I’ve been wanting some of those jars for a while now!

  185. Thank you for doing a post on how to use these jars! I also hope that they will become more popular and lower in price, as they make canning extra visually seductive with their glass lid! I’d put some green tomato jam with vanilla bean in there!

  186. They ARE the perfect jars for yogurt! I have little ones that I make 1/2 cup servings in and they’re so cute and sturdy and wonderful. I will say that it’s much easier to use the plastic lids that you can buy for them (also bpa-free), but you can definitely use the glass lids too (it’s just slightly tricky to put the lids on while trying to keep them “sterile” since they won’t be boiled after sealing). I make 3 dozen jars about once a month and only have about 12 of the plastic lids, so do the rest in glass.

    In fact, there was a post here about me using these to make fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt!

  187. I have a set of Weck jars and I admit I don’t use them as much as the bog standard Ball et als. They seem fussy to me and I tend to wait for something truly special to break them out. They are gorgeous though and perhaps I just need a few more jars to justify the extra fuss.

  188. As we just recently received 1.5 FEET of snow in MARCH here in Ithaca, I am pining away for the warmth days of spring and summer! I’d used those BEAUTIFUL Weck jars to make strawberry lemon jam (a big hit last year)!

  189. I was so excited to see this post! I ran across these jars at a garage sale but didn’t buy them because I didn’t know anything about them and was afraid I couldn’t get replacement parts (some did not have lids and seals). If I won those jars I think I would have to use them for dandelion jelly sweetened with honey because I don’t think I could wait until our berries come into season in order to try them out! Thank you for this post and I am so excited to try the Weck technique. I just love the way they look and think its great that the lids are reusable and you don’t have to worry about rust.

  190. The first thing I will can with the Weck jars. To be honest I don’t know. It depends what will be in season. Nothing is right now. I do know it will be a beautiful jam or jelly to show off the jars.

  191. I would use these jars to make Cranberry Grapefruit Jam – a recipe I’ve been saving for wintertime but haven’t gotten around to making.

  192. I think the first thing I would make would be a 3 citrus marmalade (with a vanilla bean, of course!) made the old fashioned way without pectin. My grandparents (whom I dearly loved) were the only people I know personally that ate marmalade, so it would feel like a triple vintage experience! It was my grandma that inspired me to learn how to can, though I’m just delving into it now. I also have a weakness for cool jars- a “jar fettish”, hubby calls it. πŸ™‚ You should see my pantry! πŸ™‚ Thanks for blogging- the pics make the process so much less intimidating…

  193. wow, so cool! I would like to can strawberry jam first, can’t wait for spring.

    Or maybe some vanilla syrup to make it through the last nasty bit of weather.

  194. I too have considered these time and time again only to be deterred by the price. As for what I’d make, I would have said jam, but I don’t have an jam worthy fruit handy. I do have some very pretty beets, so I’d probably pickle those. They’re awesome on salads. Great giveaway!

  195. Oh my goodness. This is a canner’s dream-giveaway! Have loved Weck jars from afar for years. πŸ™‚

  196. Boy with all these strawberry stories going around, I think I’d can some balsamic-strawberry jam. Yum…

  197. I would LOVE to can some jewel-like rhubarb preserves in these beauties. I have been lusting after Weck jars for a while but they seem so expensive.

  198. I’ve been coveting some Weck jars for so long now! Shipping was the main reason I hadn’t ordered any yet. If I had them right now, I’d use them to can my mixed citrus marmalade. It would be so pretty!

  199. I love love love love LOVE Weck jars! My favorite size are the teensy little tulip jars, which I use to make individual-sized servings of homemade yogurt. And the plastic lids are a must! I use my Weck jars for storage (goodbye Ziploc bags and Tupperware), as well as for canning.

    I have lots of carrots that are about ready to be pulled, so I think some pickled dilly carrots are next on my canning to-do list.

    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  200. Wowzer! They’re just beyond adorable. I’d do citrus– anything citrus. We’re going through blood oranges and grapefruit like there’s no tomorrow.

  201. thanks for the tutorial – I’ve been fearful of investing in weck without knowing fully what I’m getting into. ::sigh of relief::
    the *first* thing I’d put-up in them would be a honey tangerine chai-spice marmalade (vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper) … it’s also nearly strawberry season here in texas, and lately the guava at the grocery have looked particularly yummy!

  202. The first thing I can would be depend on when I received the jars! I just made the rhubarb grapefruit marmalade,that would have been perfect. the next in line will be strawberry jam I think, then pickles, pickled vegetables, fig jam and lots more!

  203. I’ve never canned with Weck jars and also never canned carmelized onions as a way to preserve the mounds of them my brother-in-law grows. I’ll be doing that this season.

  204. I am dying to get some fresh, early, coastal GA strawberries to preserve after this long, gloomy winter. If I had these jars, I’d happily put them up!

  205. Amazing how much interest these jars made. At first I couldn’t think of anything unusual but reading through the site helped morph me into a creative thinking mindset. This week wild garlic ramps have covered my front yard. So I’m thinking Wild Garlic Hot Pepper Jam.

  206. These jars are so beautiful! I’ve always wanted to order them but haven’t been able to afford the price. I hope to get some this year, so thank you for the wonderful step-by-step directions! I will definitely be revisiting this post.
    If I won the Weck jar giveaway, I think I’d make Meyer lemon marmalade. I’ve never made marmalade before but have been thinking about it for the past few weeks. This giveaway might just be a sign. πŸ™‚

  207. Hot sauce! A friend of mine keeps posting these amazing hot sauce recipes that I’d love to make from my own peppers and put in these beautiful jars.

  208. Alright alright. I give in. The Weck jars are just too good to resist. I’d love to fill ’em with pear-ginger jam. Not only tasty, but I think it’d be particularly beautiful in the Weck jars. I’m saving up and placing my order for the jars soon.

  209. I’ve been drooling over these jars for about 2 years! So many options – but probably strawberry since they are coming in season.

  210. I love the look of Weck jars, but don’t have any yet. I think my yearly put up of strawberry jam would look oh so pretty in these!

  211. In addition to the no-BPA thing, these jars remind me so much of the jars we used when I learned to make strawberry jam with my grandmother. Because of that memory and the fact that strawberries are coming in here in southern CA, I think I’d have to start with that old classic — not to mention that it’s fantastic with fresh yogurt!

  212. Well, since it’s citrus season, I’m thinking something marmalade-y. I, too, have been ogling these jars for a while but have yet to purchase, so this would be a great introduction!

  213. Okay, so I didn’t actually CAN anything in it (yet!)…but I did buy a Weck jar at a yard sale (!) last summer and I’m now using it to store my Mo’s Famous Pancake Mix in the fridge (had to try that out for Shrove Tuesday dinner last night).

  214. wild blueberry jam. We have the most amazing blueberries in the mountians here. We are already planning hiking trips to scout prime berry picking time.

  215. I love these jars and not having to worry about the lids is an added bonus. I would love to make Blackberry Vanilla Preserves and give them as gifts.

  216. Last year I canned cranberry and quince preserves in Weck jars for the first time, but did it wrong! Thanks for the instruction, I’d like to win these jars so I can properly can some pickled ramps when they come out this spring!

  217. I know exactly what I’d *put-up* in my Wreck jars because I dream about it! Beligian Chocolate Truffle Fig Jam…YUMMMY! My Jam deserves Wreck jars…

  218. Oh… I have so many things I would like to can with those beautiful jars. There is a part of me that just wants to save them for our summer berries for some bright strawberry jam.

  219. I think I’d like to make a simple strawberry jam recipe. I’m new to canning and the first time I made strawberry jam, it was more like syrup. Time to try again. Thanks for the chance!

  220. I would love to make blueberry jam in those beautiful jars! I love that there is less waste involved!

  221. I’d like to use them for a lime jelly/jam. I can just imagine how pretty they will look all lined up on the windowsill for a photo shoot.

  222. I would love Weck jars. I am not sure what I would can first. Would it be marmalade, jam, jelly, or mustard

  223. I’ve loved weck jars from afar for I couple of years. Right from the start I wanted to can some juice in their beautiful carafe-style jars.

  224. I’ve been day-dreaming about the pear and vanilla recipe you posted awhile back. I’d put that in the jars first!

  225. These jars are so lovely. I think they’d be great for some marmalade made with the yuzu and lemons that I’m growing.

  226. Oh my! Thanks for the tips, I’ve been looking at these jars for a while and my orange & Kumquat trees are calling me to make marmalade!

  227. The first thing I’d like to can in the weck jars would be violet jelly. It is usually how I kick off the start of canning season. Nothing like a jar of stunning purple jelly to bring a smile to your face!

  228. Strawberry rhubarb jam, for sure! I saw these Weck jars in the Heath store the other day and was mystified as to how you would can with them. thanks for clearing up my confusion!

  229. Wow! I have been looking for these for awhile. The first thing I will use them for is a Rhubarb Confit. Rhubarb is in season where I live and it would look beautiful in the little Weck jars.

  230. And no extra shipping charges to Alaska, that immediately endears me to them. “May take a little extra time to ship to Alaska”, that I can deal with. Thanks for sharing what appears to be an awesome company. Lots of good things on their site! πŸ™‚

  231. They’re so pretty I’d want to can tasty treats to give as gifts, but I don’t think I would be able to give them away.

  232. My daughter Merissa wants to can peaches with Weck Jars. I want to try to can garlic dill pickles. We can’t agree. I’ve wanted these jars because I believe they are better for the environment. We’ve only canned once & would love to get started on the best. I like using the ball jars for decorating & drinking out of.

  233. Thank you so much for this post. I am new to canning and new to your blog (thanks to my friend at Coeur de La). I saw these in one of your posts and thought they were so neat looking but now think they are so more than just looks. I have the site and newsletter sign-up site up on separate tabs as we speak.

    I already have a list of firsts for these jars if I were to win – the creamsicle jelly, the pear vanilla jam, homemade lemon curd… The list goes on and on. I may just have to get started before I find out who wins!

  234. Thanks so much for this post. I already love Weck jars but didn’t know where to get new rubber rings. Finally, I can make more stuff in my tulip jars. I just bought everything needed to make Carrot Marmalade.

  235. The first thing I’d like to can w/ the weck jars is Strawberry jam. We’re running low in our larder – going to have to use the frozen berries from this summer.

  236. I would can lemon marmalade in those. We have so many lemons right now and I think some beautiful jars would motivate me to do something with the fruit!

  237. I am teaching some friends how to do jellies/pickles…INCLUDING my adorable husband whom thought cucumbers were automatically pickles! LOL πŸ™‚
    I would love love to use these jars in the making πŸ™‚

  238. Thank you soooo much for this post! I just started canning a couple years ago, and have always loved Weck jars but could never find a confident source of how to actually can in these gorgeous jars. If I were to be the lucky winner of a set of these I would fill them with a batch of blood orange rhubarb jam!

  239. I would make……so many things, I’m not sure what would be first! Thanks for the tip for acquiring through Kauffman Merc…

  240. I canned tomatoes for the first time last summer! I wanted to get Weck jars at the time but wasn’t able to, so I would love to win this giveaway! The first thing I would can would be preserves from the berries that will be showing up at the market soon!

  241. Those Weck jars look so cute! But if they’re expensive I feel like I would be a bit more stingy about giving them away. Or maybe can one or two Ball jars in each big batch for giving away. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to canning some cherry jam. I missed cherry season last year (it’s pretty short in Northern California and it happens much earlier than I expected) and only got a few jars of cherry products so I’m really excited to try a cherry vanilla jam recipe that I found.

  242. Hey Marisa, I would love to try those! And the first thing I would can in them is strawberry jam from local, fresh strawberries (I have to wait until June though!).

  243. These would be so fun to try! They look fantastic! When we moved, I had to leave all of my canning jars, and this would be so great to win!

    We have found a great berry to use for jelly, so that is what I would like to make first. I also love to use canning jars to store my food in. Works really well.

  244. I’ve been canning for a long time, but for 3 years a big (unopened!) box of Weck jars I got at the thrift store has been sitting in my basement because I’ve been intimidated by them! This year I will definitely give it a try! I have a huge rhubarb and our neighbors share sour cherries from their tree, so I’m thinking I’d make sour Cherry + Rhubarb + Brandy jam. Thanks!

  245. I would make jelly out of some the the juice I canned last summer, They jelly would be used before the juice in my house.

  246. I love to can! that creamsicle jam or strawberry vanilla jam both seem really intriguing to me right now

  247. i would totally just copy your last post with the creamsicle jelly in the weck jars. that jelly sounds so delicious and i love a good reason to split a vanilla bean.

  248. Apple butter I think. As I tend to give that away as presents and the jars are so pretty. But then again I could keep the jars for myself and make some nice strawberry jam. I can’t wait to go strawberry picking again, if only spring would hurry up.

  249. Would love to make Micaela’s pear jam..she gave me a jar last year and I have been pining for it since..good luck to the one who win’s these great little jars..

  250. I just got my Blue Chair Jam cookbook in the mail, and I am desperate to try strawberry-blood orange marmalade with rosemary. It’s nearly strawberry season here, and our baby boy is finally big enough to pick a few of his own this year. We can’t wait! Last year, he was just a tiny little peanut when we dragged him out to the U-Pick farm and made our first batch of Karen Solomon’s fantastic strawberry jam. It made such great presents all year round.

  251. Jam made from whatever is the first, lovely fruit I can get hold of this spring. Spring is bound to come, even here to Minnesota…

  252. I would love to give these a try along with my new Tattler lids. And aren’t these adorable! I’d probably can some kind of jam or jelly once I get a hold of some fruit. These just seem to pretty for most of what I can and are too little for any major batches. I could also do my zucchini relish as that is another item we eat in smaller amounts and is pretty in the jar!


  253. What lovely jars! I had been ogling these jars for some time and then a canning buddy gave me a little assortment of sizes for my birthday – what a sweetheart! When I first received them, I was sort of chicken to can with them (go figure) so I just used them to store other homemade items – hummus, goat cheese – since they look so nice on the table. But as soon as our Meyer lemons were ripe I canned up some lemon curd…it looks absolutly beautiful in the Weck jars – what a difference a glass lid makes! I just broke down and ordered some of the tall asparagus jars in anticipation of the spring harvest! Thank you for the new source for ordering Weck – although the new Weck website is easy to order from, you are absolutely right about the shipping costs! Yikes!

  254. I love that these jars are green, no more metal lids that get thrown away and land in a landfill.

    The first thing I will can in them is strawberry-rhubarb jam!!

  255. Oh, the first thing I thought of was my Carrot Cake Jam. It would look just lovely in those glass jars!

    I remember my Dad using the old wire/glass jars when he canned. I have some left that I use to store things in like quinoa.

    I would love to win these!

  256. As someone who is more fascinated by canning than an actual canner, I’ just want to say I am always for less stuff to throw out! My goal is to can make dill green beans this summer with a recipe a friend gave us (I think this will happen even if I don’t win a jar, however πŸ˜‰ )

    Thanks for the information!

  257. OMG! I have been drooling over these jars since I first saw them a few years ago. They are so pretty! The first thing I would make would be a mango jam recipe that I have been eyeing.

  258. There are several things that I’ll be canning come this summer, but I’ve been wanting to try bacon jam. Ooh! Thanks for the opportunity!

  259. I think I would go with jam, but I like the yogurt idea as well. Rhubarb BBQ sauce would be perfect.

  260. I’ve been coveting Weck jars for a long time. This post is really helpful. The next thing on my list to can is that creamsicle jelly you posted. I love all things creamsicle!

  261. such pretty jars deserve pretty contents! i’d do whole fruits (sugar plums, maybe?) in a jewel-toned syrup.

  262. I love these jars and would love to make strawberry jelly in them. Just used the last of last year’s jelly, so am going through jelly withdrawal!

  263. Oh wouldn’t it be lovely to use the gorgeous Weck asparagus jars for the first cutting from my asparagus beds? I’ve been waiting for that asparagus for years!

  264. Oh! I would love to try these jars. If I had them today I would make a lemon curd or an orange vanilla jelly. Right now I am eying the berry bushes in my area and they are thinking about giving me fruit soon so then I would make a blackberry brandy jam.

  265. strawberry balsamic jam – and I love Weck jars – used them for Christmas gifts and now I don’t have any!!

  266. The first thing I would can in the tall Weck jars….Meyer Lemon Ginger Marmalade – I think it would be so pretty to see those fine pieces of rind in that tall jar. Heaven….

  267. I bought a ball canning kit and need some motivation to really amp my canning excitement. Well, actually I don’t need to get any more excited than I already am about canning deliciousness, but cherry-vanilla jam would look fabulous in those weck jars and it would give us an opportunity to give the product a test run before we order it. πŸ™‚

  268. I just got my first weck jar from a thrift store and would love to get my mitts on more of them! I think the first thing I’d make would be some spring jam.

  269. Recently moved to England from US and have been searching for canning jars with not much luck. These look easy to use and I am going to need some when the apples on my tree are ready for picking this autum!

  270. Oh, my goodness, the desire for Weck jars is totally out of control! I’ve never used them nor owned them, so yes please! Also wanted to say what a well written piece this is. Thanks, as always, for the tutorial!

  271. Strawberry jam would be the first thing ready to go into those lovely jars, if spring ever arrives here in Wisconsin!

  272. The first thing I would can is that amazing looking creamsicle jelly you posted last time. Orange and vanilla! All in a jelly!

  273. Weck jars are so lovely to look at and it’s nice to know they’re easy-ish to use too. I think a last-gasp-of-winter marmalade would be what I would choose to put in there, and more specifically a pink grapefruit marmalade. I want to try the zest and supreme method.

  274. I think I could live on just tomato-based products, so I would definitely can anything tomatoes: whole tomatoes, pizza/spaghetti sauce, tomato paste, tomato sauce, tomato juice, on and on! The bright red color of tomatoes will look fabulous in these beautiful jars. : )

  275. I would be canning peach with rum conserve. It is great on toast, with vanilla yogart or as an icecream topping. I think any jam, conserve or chutney would look great in those jars!

  276. Based on the current garden conditions – the first thing up for canning would be green plum chutney!

    …unless someone knows a good canning recipe for turnips!

  277. I’ve been putting off buying Weck Jars too – but I think a Cara Cara orange marmalade is calling my name!

  278. What a wonderful canning jar! Love the old-fashioned look it gives the contents. My family loves my salsa, so that would be what would go in those little babies first.

  279. Oh these are really neat but look like they would take some practice. I love the thought of less waste. It is too bad that the rubber seal can only be used once.

    Hmmm… the first thing I would can would be my first crop of the year – spinach! YUM! However, it seems woefully far away right now here in NW Ohio.

  280. The Weck jars are beautiful – I’m thinking I’ll use them for homemade Christmas presents next year – the Vanilla Peach Sauce was a huge hit this year and would fantastic in the jars.

  281. I would really love to make some strawberry jam with meyer lemon zest in those beautiful little jars!

  282. We have peaches and figs to look forward to this year, so probably jam from one of those two things. Or maybe I would hold onto them until Christmas to make my cranberry and citrus marmalade. They would be gorgeous gifts!

  283. I’ll be making jam from my backyard raspberries and/or marionberries! I have wanted to buy some Weck jars for a long time. Thanks!

  284. I’ve been on the fence about canning for years and finally made it a resolution this year. I’d probably start with some of the jam recipes my mom handed down to me. Haven’t had a jam with banana in it in years…

  285. I think I’d just go with something nice and easy for my first try using these jars. A fruity jam perhaps… fresh from the farmers market of course!

  286. I’m so excited for strawberry jam I can hardly stand it! I would LOVE to try Weck jars! The less plastic that’s near my food, the better! Kaufmann Mercantile has such great stuff – thanks for the giveaway!

  287. Blackberry Jam!

    I brought home one weck jar of blackberry jam when at a farmer’s market in Berlin. I didn’t realize the jars were so special, and mine didn’t come with clips, so I couldn’t keep the lid on it well in the fridge, and the lid slipped off and broke. Now I understand why!

  288. I only started canning last year. I would love to use those jars for your delicious creamsicle marmalade. Mmm.

  289. I would love to try Weck jars! Since nothing is growing in the midwest right now, I would probably make some sort of citrus marmalade or maybe that lovely orange vanilla jelly you made!

  290. The Weck jars are so gorgeous they make all of the ladies swoon. So why haven’t the American manufacturers gotten the clue that we love the clean lines and glass lids of the Weck’s? Maybe it’s too expensive to retool the factories or build new ones? Anyhow, I’d love to put some marionberry jam up with them. Thanks for all of your great canning advice, too!

  291. My Beach Plum jam would look so beautiful in these Weck Jars! That’s what I would make first.

  292. I would like to can summer ripened, sweet as sass, black rasperry jelly, and to be able to share that experience with my most favorite mama (mother in law). I cant think of a more perfect day.

  293. I would use these to can more blueberry butter, but I would put them in a secret place because I wouldn’t share these!

  294. The Weck jars are beautiful. I’ve been wanting to pickle red onions. They’s look great in these jars. Thanks for your wonderful post. Perfectly clear instructions.

  295. I think the jars are lovely but too spendy for one who cans as much as I do. However, I am so excited I just have to share: I am getting a canning kitchen in my basement. We got a gas stove, at no cost on Freecycle, countertops including a double sink and base cabinets from Restore for $125, lumber for $44 and it is all coming together. I can hardly wait!

  296. Around Christmas Safeway had a Weck jar with layered cookie mix that I kept hovering around. Didn’t want to buy it for full price ($10) but a few weeks later I got it for $5. Still not a deal, but the cookie mix made great cookies . . . the Wecks remind me of pooh bear’s round tummy . . . or something like that! And they look gorgeous filled with jam.

  297. I did not know about these jars! They are gorgeous! I would love to make blueberry preserves w/ the picking season starting 2 mos for us. Or possibly can some jalapenos!

  298. I would love to win! I am going to pick some meyer lemons from my neighbors tree (in their front yard!) and make meyer lemon marmalade

  299. um, hellooooo? it would have to be jam, as that is the first thing on my agenda to can and they are so beautiful, they would have to be used first. If there wasn’t a timeline involved it would be applesauce, as I have a love affair with applesauce.

  300. Nice jars …some times it is worth the expence you need to think of the long term…I love these jars all over….thanx for the share

  301. Weck jars are so beautiful, wish they were more affordable. I’ve been wanting to make some lemon curd lately.

  302. I recently bought a few of these great jars. I really enjoyed your post because I didn’t realize you could actually can with them. I’ve been storing homemade spiced nuts in them. So now that I know! I’d like to can some tomato sauce. I have a great receipt.

  303. Every year,the number of handmade gifts we give grows. If I had a set of these beautiful weck jars, I would can my first ever batch of pepper jelly to give to friends and family, co-workers and teachers. Thus sharing the beauty of these delightful jars!

  304. I am almost out of apple butter now so that comes to mind, but would be so long from now. I’ve been so interested in trying these jars. Maybe lemon marmalade. . . hmmm

  305. I’ve been itching to try out making some whiskey marmalade, or maybe just pickle up those beets that have been laying in my fridge. These jars are just too cute!

  306. Oh, I’d love to win some of those. I think I’d probably can up some rosehip jelly or maybe try making some wild rhubarb pickles!

  307. Thank you for this wonderful post, I’ve always wondered about those jars. I would probably use them to can peach jam, which is my favorite way to get a touch of summer in the middle of January.

  308. I’ll be making lemon curd soon too! This is the best time of year to be in Arizona, sunny 80-degree days and all that luscious citrus everywhere.

  309. Ooohh I love those jars! I’d use them to can strawberry jam as soon as the berries are in season here. I ran out this winter and can’t wait to make a new batch! These make great gifts!

  310. Going on my third year of canning; still a lot to learn. Would love to give these a whirl as that I try to avoid plastic containers at all cost…

  311. Couple of other points though reckon they’ll be lost amongst this amazing stream of comments! (Is canning popular or what?) As regards headroom, you should fill your Weck jars up to the lower edge of the jar rim, so really highly filled. Also Weck make their own jar lifters that are a bit different to others I’ve used and are easier to grip underneath the rim of the jars. I use their jar lifter all the time now as I think the design works really well across all the jar types.

  312. Oh, these jars are the perfect size for apple butter, OR one serving sized applesauce! Thanks for the giveaway~

  313. I was surprised to read about only being able to use the rubber just once, I would think it is reusable.

    I know this is off topic but are the Ball Jar’s lid really only usable once? I thought the seal was created by air pressure not glue. Also does a ball jar normally have BPA in it?

  314. I love the use them for canning salsa because the mouth is a little larger and you can use them as is instead of pouring the salsa into another bowl for dipping. They also make GREAT refrigerator containers. Just set the glass lid in place without a ring.

  315. I’d use them to make pickles! I’ve been perfecting a recipe to get them to taste as close to my grandmother’s pickles at possible, and it would be lovely to can them for gifting to family in these heirloom-looking jars.

  316. YAY! I can’t tell you how excited I am that Weck opened an online shop! (Although my bank account may be less excited.) I hadn’t seen that yet so thanks so much for the tip.

    I used about a dozen tulip-shaped Wecks for last summer’s canning: one tip I will offer is, the first few times you use them, measure your headspace with a ruler. It’s amazing how bad a judge I am of 1/4-inch when I don’t have the Ball jar rim to guide me, and several of my early attempts came out with far too big a headspace.

    And, of course, I would love to win free Wecks. I haven’t tried out this size, but I think they would be perfect for Springy pickled chard stems.

    (Added from Kaela’s second comment: And I just realized that Gloria commented on headspace as well [to fill Weck jars up to the lower edge of the rim, very high]; everyone should probably take her advice as she’s been using Wecks for far longer than I.)

  317. I’ve totally been coveting some of these jars! They are just so pretty! I would definitely want to can something really pretty and special in them. I have plans to try out jams and preserves for the first time this season. So I’d probably choose something like the Apricot and Vanilla Bean Preserves from Liana Krissoff’s “Canning for a New Generation” because it sounds delicious and the color would look pretty shown off in a Weck jar.

  318. Those jars sound wonderful. They look so good! The first thing I would can would be strawberry rhubarb jam from plants grown in my own backyard. There is nothing like fruit picked at the peak of ripeness . I read your blog because of the fruits and vegetables I’v planted in the yard. They are my treasures and I want to enjoy them through the year. Thanks for considering me for the jars. Ellenor

  319. My daughter wants to try her hand at carmel apple jam to enter for a county fair- these would make a beautiful presentation.

  320. These jars are so, so attractive. I can’t wait until this year’s blueberry crop is ripe so that I can make blueberry lime jam. I didn’t make any last year and have missed it so. There is no commercial jam that tastes like jam made from fruit you picked yourself and put by in your own kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway.

  321. It’s citrus season…if I were fortunate enough to win these, I would fill them with lovely marmalade and lemon curd.

  322. I would peach preserves in them. My peach tree is at the end of it’s blooming cycle. So, come June I’ll have peaches!

  323. Oh how I love these Weck jars…I don’t know what it is…

    Hmmm…what would I make..? Probably some strawberry jam as we have finally run out and we are ALL very sad!

  324. I would like to can tomatoes in these jars since I have not found a source of organic tomatoes in bpa-free containers.

  325. Oh, where to start? I think I would have to can marmalade, it’s so beautiful and I LOVE the weck jars and was just about to do an internet search. Thanks so much for this information! Please add me to the list of eager contestants!

  326. i would probably can some rhubarb jam or syrup first, since that will be the first can-able thing available here in minnesota! can’t wait !!

  327. I first saw these Weck jars at the Lufthansa Lounge at Frankfurt airport. They used them to hold fruit cups, without the top. I LOVED how these guys looked and when I got back to the US, searched for them and bought some. I would like some more please. πŸ™‚

  328. Thanks for the opportunity to win!! Definitely our recipe for Ketchup from What Julia ate. So delicious and beautiful. πŸ™‚

  329. Id do dilly beans or relish. I love to work with pickled things but dont get the chance much due to Ball/Kerr lids corroding. Yuck! These look like they would be great for anything. Thanks so much for your informative post. I love your site.

  330. I would LOVE these jars. The first thing I would can in them is blueberry compote- a nice healthy pick-me-up on a gloomy cold day.

  331. First thing I’d make is marmalade. After watching Gosford Park AND stumbling across your organge-ginger marmalade recipe complete with Gosford Park reference, it is meant to be.

  332. OOh, I lust for these jars! Preserves are at the top of my list of things to learn this year and I would love to use these beautiful glass jars. My first project is going to be a hard decision between pickles (already started my cucumber seedlings), earl grey jelly or mint chutney (or mango chutney or tamarind chutney or or Or OR OR…!!!)

    Great post, thanks for sharing. (I was lead here by a FB post by Local Kitchen and think I’ll stay awhile πŸ˜‰

  333. Wow – thanks for the great post and information on the beautiful jars! I always knew to take off the rings after canning food, but I never knew why. If I owned some of the jars, I think the first thing I’d preserve is pickled asparagus. I’ve never done it, but I’ve been wanting to try, and hopefully asparagus season is just around the corner.

  334. I would need it to be something that lasted for a while and was really decadent. Maybe Smitten Kitchen’s peanuttella. Beautiful, glossy, chocolaty and homemade. Consumable in moderate amounts over a length of time so that I could really enjoy the beauty of the jar each day as I took it out of my fridge.

  335. I would love to win!!

    I would preserve strawberries in various jams I anticipate having an excess of come May!

  336. We’ve reached the part of the year here where it’s raining and dreary non-stop. Not quite winter, but not what one thinks of when thinking of spring either. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks daydreaming about the strawberries I planted last year and what I’d like to do with them when they’re here. (Beyond just stuffing them in my mouth of course!) High on my list is a strawberry balsamic black pepper jam, which I will now put in Weck jars in my day dreaming . . .

  337. I can still get a lot of great citrus through my coop, so I’d say blood orange or cara cara orange marmalade. I’ve always loved the look of Weck jars, but never used them myself, so fingers crossed…

  338. Hmm…I like that glowing orange color…I’ve got some bitter oranges from a friend’s tree that I am afraid to try…these jars would be my motivation to attempt a bitter orange jelly!

  339. I live near the coast in Northern California, way north. The fisher people sell their catch in Eureka or Shelter Cove. I’d love to stack up some jars of tuna to use in my summer salads this year. Over my fresh lettuce from the garden, of course. Thanks for your review of these wonderful items.

  340. I would jar some plum jam. My neighbor always has a ridiculous amount of plums dropping on her front yard. She’ll let anyone cart them away. It would look so pretty in these jars.

  341. I would love these!! I think I would save them for Wild Plum Jelly! We discovered 4 Wild Plum Trees on our farm and I was able to make some Jelly out of the last of the crop last year and I’m looking forward to more harvest this year. It was such a BEAUTIFUL color!!! It would look marvelous in these jars!

  342. it’s just about April, so strawberries season in NC is around the corner. I would surely make strawberry jam (strawberry lemon jam, actually). the jars are lovely — I just don’t think I’d wanna give any away as gifts.

  343. What beautiful Jars! Never seen such a thing. Since its (still) winter in MN I would make some wine jelly, have some Wine already, can’t wait for an excuse! How beautiful would that be!?!

  344. My daughter and I make jam every year. I think the ruby red color of the strawberry jam would look spectacular in these jars! Thanks for the chance to win!

  345. Omigosh, choose just one?!: It could be hot pepper jelly, chile mango chutney, rosemary/honey balsamic reduction sauce, or maybe mixed citrus ginger marmalade… I’d love to have to make a decision.

  346. What a great offer, thanks for doing this! With a six month old finally seeing his food world open up a bit, I’d love to begin canning again. I only use BPA-free products for anything he make partake in, so this would be great for my kitchen! I’d probably make some berry preserves or even try those preserved lemons, the look AMAZING and I’d love to experience the flavor. I’m fairly new to canning, but feel like I could be successful using these Weck jars!

  347. I have a favorite Plum Chipotle spread that I would love to make again and can in these jars!! it is the one “fancy” thing I can, and it seems fitting for such fun jars!

  348. I love how beautiful those jars are! Probably that orange jelly you had the other day. That looks so good. Plus, a little bright orange flavor could really get through the rest of winter doldrums.

    I think I may have to put these on my b-day list.

  349. I’m a canning novice, but I’ve been eyeing these jars ever since I started doing research and started canning, but I would either preserve some gooseberry jam or my grandmother’s raspberry jam.

  350. Long-term, I’d definitely can my low-sugar jams in it. Recently I’ve been wanting to make a pineapple-blueberry jelly. I haven’t learned how to make jellies yet – clearly now it’s time!

  351. Ginger jam! But really anything with a lovely color (the jars are so pretty, it would be a shame to forgo the aesthetic aspect).

  352. hooray for weck – i love this giveaway! i would put some of our precious texas celeste figs in a simple elderflower liquer syrup. it would be lovely.

  353. The first thing that I’d can in the Weck jars would be the first thing I’ve ever canned! Maybe I’d try tomatoes!

    I’ve been wanting to learn to can, but have been a little gun shy. However, I really like the Weck jars…maybe this year I’ll give it a try!

  354. In honor of my Grampa…I’d make his favorite…Marmalade (fondly know in our clan as “Pinky Toe Jam”). Got a friend in Spain who Loved he Gramp and is sure to send a crate of Seville for the tribute!
    Kind of you to put this up…best of ortune to all!

  355. Here in northern Minnesota the weather is turning into spring and we’ll soon warm up enough to start the sap flowing for another maple syrup making season. I’d use the Weck jars to can maple syrup after boiling the sap down into syrup.

  356. Oooh I’ve been longing to can in weck jars. I think the first thing I would can in them would be a lovely deep, dark onion & balsamic marmalade. How kind of Kaufmann Mercantile to offer this opportunity.

  357. I’ve eyed these for a while too — I was gifted some but they got lost when we moved πŸ™ I’d be making strawberry jam — they’ll be in season soon!

  358. I’ve never seen these, they look really cute! Wow, lots of comments, one more name in the hat! I can’t wait to start canning again!

  359. Oooh! I have never used the weck jars it is on my list of things to try this summer with my canning. I am a drop off spot for a CSA and unbelievably people don’t always pick up their shares. This can leave my small family of 3(soon to be four!) left with an abundance of produce. This is how I got pushed into canning as I hate to waste any food. Until the CSA starts I would most likely try my luck with some citrus marmalade of sort. I think it would be a pretty give away jar too.

  360. I’d save them until summer and use them to store black raspberry jelly. Our house has wild black raspberries growing all over the back hill and I got 12.5 pints of jelly out of them last year!

  361. I can’t wait to make strawberr jam! I just opened the last jar from 2010 and I will be so sad when it is all gone!

  362. Look at the interest in this give-away! I started entering your contests when only 50 people entered! Congrats on building such a following!
    I’ll put Vidalia Onion Jam in my new Weck jars! Thanks

  363. I’d make a plum jam, and that creamsicle jelly looks delicious!!! Ooohh, maybe an onion jam too. Time to get canning!

  364. I have wanted to try these jars, and if chosen as the winner I will use them to make some more citrus marmalade! I used your recipe last weekend and am already wanting to make more… I think these jars will make beautiful gifts (and, if returned by the recipient, I will refill with something from next season).

  365. I found a couple big, round Weck jars at a thrift store a few years ago and have been coveting them ever since. I need to keep working on my marmalade technique, since my first attempt didn’t go so well, so I would use those jars for more marmalade!

  366. I think I would have to make something pretty, the vanilla bean meyer lemon marmalade I’ve been planning to make would be perfect!

  367. I love these jars. Thank for the tut. I think that i also would do something pretty. Because of the time of year i would do a marmalade with a red color.

  368. I would whip up a batch of home made nutella & peanut butter swirl (since we can’t buy it here anymore πŸ™ )

  369. Thank you for another informative post! I have lusted after those gorgeous Weck jars for a while but was totally perplexed as to how one would can with them. They’re classy.

    And as for the next jam I’d make, it’d have to be strawberry, since they’re just about to come into season. Oh yum.

  370. I’ve finally made the decision to learn how to can and I’m excited to try as many recipes as possible! But perhaps most excited for pickles :-).

  371. Wow! These are beautiful. I’d really like to can my own tuna, and maybe try some salmon or other fish as well.

  372. I have always longed for these jars. They are so beautiful. I would like to make some beautiful kimchi gift jars for friends. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway and your blog! Yea!

  373. Oh my g-d, I love those jars! And how nice that at least one country has figured a way out of this BPA mess. πŸ˜›

    The first thing I’d can in them? Easy. Pink grapefruit marmalade. Mmmmmmmm.

  374. OH! I just fell in love with these beautiful jars! I would love to make some wonderfully vibrant strawberry jam with them! Love your blog btw πŸ˜‰

  375. I would love to have these jars smiling in my cabinet! Most likely I would use for james and jellies. πŸ™‚

  376. These seem like great fridge storage jars. I’d love to use them to can some of the plethora of root vegetables I have now. One more dinner of roasted root vegetables and I just won’t make it to spring.

  377. I would can homemade catsup. I am still experimenting to find a home-made recipe that’s got a similar flavor profile to Heinz, but lacks the HFCS etc.

    In the meantime, I’ve made some really interesting variations!

  378. Beautiful jars! They would certainly have to hold something with a beautiful, vibrant color, like raspberry jam.

  379. My o my how I would can anything or everything with these little beauties! But I am dieng to make an Ancho Butter recipe I ran across…. maybe if I dont win I will break down and order some!?

  380. Rhubarb jam would go in my jars! It’s my favourite, and last year’s is long gone. I’ve never seen Weck jars for sale in Canada, which is a shame.