Tomato Mango Jam + Breakfast for Dinner Giveaway

Breakfast for Dinner

I have had a copy of Breakfast for Dinner by Lindsay Landis and Taylor Hackbarth on my stack of cookbooks for eight weeks now (I know exactly how long its been because I posted a photo of the book to Instagram the day it arrived). I’ve long been a fan of eating delicious breakfast foods for my evening meal, so I couldn’t wait to take this one for a spin. I flipped through soon after it arrived and tucked a handful of sticky notes onto its pages, marking things I hoped to make.

tomato peach jam

For the last two months, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve plucked it off the pile with the intention of making something before being sidetracked by some other task (being in the midst of a giant writing project will do that). However, earlier today the stars aligned for me to try one of the jam recipes in the book. I had ripe tomatoes leftover from recipe testing and enough time to try a batch of the tomato peach jam. I didn’t have any peaches, but I did have a couple of ripe mangos that I thought would sub in nicely.

smashing jam

I peeled 2 pounds of tomatoes using the score and blanch method and dropped them into the high-sided skillet that is one of my favorite small batch pans. I added 1 cup of chopped ripe mango (it was 1 1/2 champagne mangos), one well-chopped small, spicy red chili pepper and broke everything up with a pastry blender (a potato masher does the same job nicely).

2+ cups of tomato mango jam

I added 3/4 cup sugar (it’s a bit more than the original recipe called for, but after a taste, I determined that it needed a bit more sweetness), 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (not included in the recipe, but I wanted it to have a bit more pucker), 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoon Aleppo pepper (those last two are also my additions). And then I cooked, stirring regularly, for about 25 minutes, until it was quite thick and spreadable. The end product is sweet, tangy and slightly spicy. I am really pleased with it!

tomato mango jam

Once the jam was done, I funneled it into jars and processed them for 10 minutes in a boiling water bath. I managed to fill three half pints, though they had slightly more generous than desired headspace. If I had to do it again, I would have swapped out one of the half pint jars for a quarter pint. Hindsight.

As I’ve written this blog post, I’ve realized that I took a number of liberties with the recipe. However, the inspiration and recipe framework really do belong to Lindsay and Taylor. I never would have thought to combine tomatoes and mangos had it not been for their pairing of tomatoes and peaches. What’s more, I betcha that if it was late summer and I had sun-ripened tomatoes and peaches to work with, I wouldn’t have needed to tweak things so much to boost the flavor. I’m looking to trying this one (exactly as written!) again in August.

Thanks to the nice folks at Quirk Books, I have a copy of this book to give away. I’m doing this one as a flash giveaway over the weekend, so we’ll have a winner for this one on Sunday evening. Here are the details:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite breakfast for dinner meal.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 31, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog that evening.
  3. Giveaway open to all.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Quirk Books provided two copies of Breakfast for Dinner at no cost for me. My opinions remain my own. 

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335 responses to “Tomato Mango Jam + Breakfast for Dinner Giveaway”

  1. The best breakfast for dinner has got to be Waffle Wraps. Basically, picture a breafast burrito. Now it’s a breakfast taco. Now it’s in a waffle instead of a tortilla. You’re welcome.

  2. Mmmm. Breakfast is absolutely my favorite dinner. I will definitely be checking this book out. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d probably go with some cheesy shrimp & grits (technically more of a brunch than a breakfast) or just a poached egg on toast topped with some parm and pesto.

  3. I have a recipe for tomato-peach marmalade though it doesn’t have the spicy peppers you added. I’ll need to try that! Favorite breakfast for dinner – one of those German baked pancakes that puff up in the oven, topped with sauteed veggies (zucchini, carrots, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, garlic, onion, fresh basil) and feta cheese. Yummy!

  4. Blueberry pancakes with bacon or sausage. Although blueberries are wicked expensive where I live now, so I have to figure out a substitute.

  5. Oooh! I love ‘brinner’ and totally need this book. Favorite version is currently the crispy challah french toast recipe from America’s Test Kitchen with eggs over hard and crunchy crunchy bacon on the side. And strong black coffee, even if it’s eight pm.

  6. Love eggs florentine for dinner, best with home-grown spinach from the garden but frozen works too.

  7. Biscuits and jam alongside a savory omelette is always an acceptable dinner. Ditto breakfast burritos with home-canned salsa (though we need to do that again – I’m entirely out). And baked beans and toast. And scrambled eggs with mashed potatoes in. Come to think of it, what breakfast *don’t* we eat for dinner?

  8. My favorite is a breakfast pizza. Homemade dough rolled to a thin crust with sautéd onions, bacon, thin sliced potatoes, topped with fresh eggs. Cook on the lowest rack at 500°F until the eggs are just set. Yum, the perfect dinner.

  9. I have breakfast for dinner almost every single night. It’s usually eggs and toast with some salad, but sometimes it’s oatmeal (savory or sweet).

  10. My absolute favorite “breakfast for dinner” is composed of two sunny-side up eggs (from my own chickens!) on whole-grain toast with Maldon sea salt, garlic chives and cracked black pepper on top… preferably with a cup of strong black tea. Perfect!

  11. My favorite breakfast for dinner meals is eggs incognito. Scrambled eggs with chili and cheese on top. So delicious!

  12. Love to make a baked pancake (sometimes plain, sometimes with apples, or cinnamon, etc…) and have hashbrowns, bacon, and fresh fruit on the side. An all-in-one meal that I enjoy (hubby and kids don’t go for it…so it’s my own special treat!) is scrambled eggs with a bit of shredded cheese, topped with frozen peas (cooked) and catsup 🙂

  13. The breakfast-for-dinner that we have most often is an (American style) omelet with cheese, cream cheese, and broccoli (and sometimes pepperoni), and home fries (the kind I grew up with is thin-sliced potatoes, fried).

    but I think my favorite is french toast. Especially when I have a sore throat; it’s nice and soft and comfort food. 🙂

  14. Ah. Depends on the day. Usually my favorite is some version of eggs on toast (or sweet soft bread and pate, yes, I know, you have to try to believe it!). But I will equally have porridge for any meal of the day. Preferably with a few blueberries and a banana.

  15. It’s a tie: German pancakes (baked in the oven) with blueberries, and poached egg over wilted spinach on toast. I had both for dinner this past week.

  16. I am so used to having pancakes for dinner, so the first time I heard of anyone having it for breakfast I though “hmm, dinner for breakfast?”

  17. French Toast with just plain maple syrup for dinner. It’s morning comfort food on the evening and is great after a long, stressful day at work.

  18. Ricotta pancakes and genuine New York State maple syrup. Served hot with real butter melting. Life is good.

  19. Love breakfast for dinner & do so about once a week. Favorite has to be a Southwest Breakfast Skillet, chopped bacon (fried up with red or yellow peppers and onions) add some Mesquite Grille Marinade serve over hash browns with fried eggs and toast on the side. Yumm! (Thanks for the book suggestion, just might find a new favorite.)

  20. Thank you so very much for the tomato mango jam. Mangos are one of my favorites. And as for Breakfast for Dinner, we have that quite often. Our favorite in that is eggs with cheese, bacon, toast and being Southern we love grits. Now thisw tomato mango jam will sure go well with that.

  21. Your tomato mango jam sounds terrific, congratulations! My breakfast for dinner winner is hashbrowns with anything ;)! Grate any kind of potato in food processor. Tumble into colander and rinse with cool water to remove starch and halt oxidation. Now squeeze water out by hand and plop into med-high cast iron skillet coated with a few glugs of canola oil. Salt. Now press down with spatula into a cake and let brown gently, do not move it around until crust forms. When crust is secure, gently slide 2 spatulas underneath and flip! Takes some practice, and some gathering up of stray bits until you’ve mastered it, but the result is exquisite. Up there with Mom’s and Grandma’s!

  22. Can’t wait to try the tomato mango jam; sounds awesome.
    My favorite breakfast for dinner has to be pancakes and sausages. We often had this for dinner when I was growing up. My parents worked in the knitting mills and this was something that was nutritious and affordable for a large family.

  23. I need to try this jam once our plants start producing. My favorite breakfast for dinner foods are things like pancakes, waffles or French toast with bacon. I’m not a big sweet eater in the morning, but at dinner time, it’s like having dessert first!

  24. Corned beef hash and eggs is my favorite. Sometimes I’ll make a corned beef just for hash instead of using the leftover corned beef.

  25. I have more than one “favorite”– does that mean neither are favorite? Waffles for one, which we had growing up on Sunday night for supper ( since dinner was at mid-day after Sunday meeting). Then pancakes are good for dinner, as are scrambled eggs and toast. And last night we had oatmeal, which was delicious.

  26. We LOVE breakfast for dinner! Eggs, or omelets in a bag, bacon, sausage, hashbrown potatos, french toast.

  27. The jam looks great! My favorite breakfast for dinner is an egg sandwich (we always have too many eggs) with a side of warm fried apples from the bushels I put up every October. Maybe some homemade Greek yogurt with a swirl of jam for dessert!

  28. Since we started keeping chickens we’ve had a lot of eggs for dinner. Our simple answer is omelets with all the leftovers we can find.

  29. Looks delicious! My favorite BFD is pancakes, bacon and eggs with real maple syrup. Brings back fond childhood memories. Plus, BLT’s the next day are always great!

  30. One of my favorites to eat for any meal is an egg and cheese sandwich with your tomato jam… I bet this jam would sub in beautifully!

  31. Sadly, I’m the only one in the family who feels that breakfast for dinner is acceptable!! I’m a scrambled eggs and cheese kind of girl myself…..with a side of toast!

  32. We love breakfast for dinner! Especially banana pancakes, bacon, and fresh fruit! Oh, and with pure maple syrup for the pancakes:)

  33. My favorite breakfast-for-dinner is buttermilk pancakes–from scratch, none of this boxed-mix stuff–with real maple syrup, fresh fruit, and some nice thick bacon. We almost never get to have this because of my husband’s restricted-sodium diet, so it’s always a big treat when we can do it.

  34. Oooh, I LIKE the jam! When it comes to breakfast for dinner – I want a BIG breakfast! Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns….the works!

  35. the breakfast for dinner that we have most often around here is a frittata with roasted potatoes, probably because all the vegetable prep doesn’t seem desirable in the morning. but i’m also likely to fry or poach an egg and add it to whatever meal i’m making to round out the protein factor. Mmmmm eggs.

  36. We eat breakfast for dinner quite often. It is our version of fast food. Eggs from my friend’s chickens with spinach, mushrooms, red peppers, onions, feta and cheddar cheese.
    Or with salsa and avocado on a tortilla shell.
    I could go on, but you get the idea.

  37. I made tomato jam this fall and loved it. Now I’ll have a new version. Thanks! My favorite breakfast for dinner is to fry an egg and serve it open face on a toasted piece of whole wheat that has been smeared with avocado. Then I usually put some cheddar on top which gets melted in the toaster oven! Yum!

  38. Oh, good golly! Breakfast is my favorite meal and is enjoyed all hours of the day and night!! Perhaps my go-to breakfast food is what we call “egg mess.” It starts with frying some potatoes, most often frozen (shredded) hash browns, until crispy with some onions and green peppers added in there, maybe some bacon or sausage or whatever is handy (or not), picante sauce and cheese. Just keep frying it all together until it is done. Not very pretty, but it sure tastes great!

  39. That’s an easy one. Biscuits and gravy. I could eat biscuits and gravy anytime. I also love cheesy grits. But if I could only choose one, I’d pick biscuits and gravy every time. Num num.

  40. We’re really good for having egg dishes for dinner… this past week, we had a great broccoli, ham, & cheese quiche that had a hashbrown crust.

  41. French toast! Or a fried egg sandwich with ketchup (on toast), or my egg McMuffin knock-off, or corned beef hash with eggs over easy. And, in a pinch, plain old cereal!

  42. Just did it last night…some hash browned potatoes, an early slice off the honey baked ham and a poached egg. Yum!

  43. Waffles are always a hit around here (last year’s blueberry syrup is almost gone), or biscuits with sausage gravy – we’re huge fans of breakfast any time of day!

  44. Well, being Irish but not living there anymore, I have to admit that there is more than one evening that I long for a full Irish breakfast (sausages, rashers, black and white pudding, fried egg, fried potatoes, grilled tomatoes but please do not try and put baked beans on my plate!) for dinner. I’m heading home for a long weekend soon and this will be dinner or lunch at least once while I’m there.

    Although, I’m kind of partial to a big bowl of cornflakes with lots of fresh milk in the evening, too.

    Love the idea of tomato and peach jam, have to give that a go this summer. I don’t think I made any jam at all last year so this year I have lots to make up for!

  45. I’m not sure if quiche counts as a breakfast food, but I think of it as brunchy breakfast. I love putting lots of herbs and roasted garlic in and serving it with breakfasty hash. Yum!

  46. I could eat breakfast three times a day–morning, noon and night! A favorite would be a light omelet with some cheddar cheese, salsa and guacamole. Delicioso!

  47. I like a frittata for dinner sometimes — easy way to use up leftover veggies. Thanks for all your inspiration and for the giveaway.

  48. My partner and I actually have created two holiday dedicated to breakfast for supper- Flöobäa Day (feb 15) and Jüubäa Day (march 1). The basis of the holiday is that you come home from work/school put your pjs on, have breakfast-supper (banana pancakes and tofu scramble are usually top choices) and then watch movies all night. If the days fall on a weekend, you have permission to do nothing all day. Might seem sort of lame to most but as an obstetrics and gynecology resident and law student, there’s not a whole lot off “free” days in our life!! 😉

  49. I love tomato jam, and I thank you for turning me onto it. So delicious. (Where did you get ripe tomatoes this time of year, though?) We love French toast for breakfast.

  50. I’ve taken to making vegan omelettes (made of chickpea flour) for dinner sometimes when I need a quick meal, though sometimes I just resort to a bowl of cereal!

  51. Oh that looks delicious! I love breakfast for dinner, and my favorite is fancy scrambled eggs (with lots of veggies, etc) and toast.

  52. My favorite breakfast for dinner meal is separately cooked potatoes, fried eggs, and sautéed veggies all stacked up with the eggs on top. Sometimes there is cheese and most times there is hot sauce of some variety to compliment the meal along with a fresh tortilla.

  53. My favorite breakfast for dinner dish is a breakfast sandwich, using any bread we have, either bagels, english muffins or wheat bread. I’ve been using tomato jam on them, but this new one sounds really good!

  54. My favourite breakfast to dinner meal is black pudding sausage egg baked beans fried mushrooms mmmmmm served with toast x Your jam sounds amazing . I noticed you processed it in a water bath – does that mean it will store for longer than a week ?

  55. We enjoy a good quiche for dinner, or just a straightforward meal of eggs, pancakes, and bacon. It’s so quick and delicious.

  56. Pancakes for dinner was always the breakfast for dinner when I was growing up, but I can’t really convince myself that pancakes have enough protein for dinner on their own. So I make sweet potato waffles with nuts and recently I’ve been making an awful lot of huevos rancheros for dinner.

  57. What a great looking book! My husband and I love breakfast for dinner.Just last night we had scrambled eggs( with pepperoni) for dinner.Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. When I was a kid my mom sometimes made us crepes for dinner. We’d start with cheese, then end with jam or maple syrup.

  59. My husband is Swedish and so we have the traditional pea soup and pancakes dinner from time to time. Pea soup isnt very dinnery, but pancakes are breakfast food to me.

  60. My kids love a full blown breakfast for dinner; pancakes, eggs, bacon and Orange Juice. Personally I love biscuits & gravy!! 🙂

  61. Pancakes, always pancakes! Though I did make corned beef hash and eggs last week for dinner that was a close second.

  62. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and I like I even better at dinner time! My favorite breakfast for dinner would have to be French toast. When I was a kid we would have French toast and waffles for dinner once a week since we never had time for real breakfast in the morning. Just thinking about it brings me right back to the family gathered and my mom piloting the electric skillet right in the middle of the table.

  63. Best breakfast for dinner ever? my country style breakfast potatoes with a topping of caramelized onions and browned sausage…delish!

  64. I love breakfast, but just not at breakfast time! My favourite is probably an omelette, with cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and ham. Great for a dinner–nice and light, fast, easy. 🙂

  65. So my all time favorite breakfast for dinner is this eggy, cheeesy, sausagey stratta with onions, ‘shrooms and crusty artisian bread that my mom taught me to make…not a health food, but it should be its own food group!

  66. Anything with eggs. I have my leftover corned beef from St. Patrick’s day in the freezer. Will make hash with eggs on top soon!

  67. I love breakfast for dinner because it is ALWAYS a win for the kids (and therefore no complaining) and it is always easy 🙂 A favourite around is is pancakes but, personally, I like quiche.

  68. Whole grain waffles with macerated strawberries, vanilla whipped cream or creme fresche, crisp bacon or sausage, a cup of freshly made coffee (decaf) and ginger ale w/ a splash of lime.

  69. Fry up some ham, potatoes, onions, and throw in a couple of eggs and some diced tomatoes or salsa near the end.
    Splash it with some hot sauce and maybe some thin sliced raw onions.
    Good for any meal, anytime.

  70. Bacon cooked very crisp, scrambled eggs with cheddar and chives, sourdough toast and potatoes diced with carmelized onions. Yummy!

    And a mimosa!

  71. Frititta (sp?) with bacon, eggs, cheese and whatever leftovers are hanging around. Many, if not most, combinations also go well with a bit of Tomato Jam. 🙂

  72. We LOVE breakfast for dinner. or lunch. or breakfast! ~ Homemade hash and eggs. Pancakes and home cured bacon. Waffles and….

  73. My favorite breakfast for dinner is an omelet filled with spinach, mushrooms, goat cheese, topped with a spoonful of tomato jam.

  74. I am a breakfast-holic, so I can eat it anytime, especially for dinner. One of my faves is cream chipped beef smothering some excellent home fries and toast on the side to sop up any extra deliciousness. Ida’s Cafe in Lancaster (off rt 741 near Park City Mall) makes the best, but they aren’t open for dinner. Pancakes are a runner up – I made some red raspberry pancakes this morning, happy pregnant belly food! 🙂

  75. We had some wonderful waffles with cottage cheese and strawberries and turkey bacon dinners, especially at the beach. ‘member dat?

  76. I’m generally a purist when it comes to brinner. Usually it’s pancakes (it would also be waffles if I had a waffle iron), but I wouldn’t say no to scrambled eggs and fried salami.

  77. We do “English Breakfast for Dinner” a few times a year, particularly in cold weather or when one of us is feeling a little under the weather. Fried eggs, 2 pieces of double-smoked bacon from Wursthaus Schmitz in Reading Terminal Market, 1 or 2 breakfast sausages with sage from Martin’s Meats (also in RTM), and half a broiled tomato each, with plenty of oregano and a dash of parmesan and breadcrumbs on the top. Served with a Bloody Mary from Kingsley Amis’ “On Drinking”, and it’s enough to revive any tired soul!

  78. My favourite breakfast for dinner would have to be hash- whatever meat I have kicking around, hashbrowns, and whatever veggies are in my crisper/in season. Sprinkle the whole thing in buffalo wing sauce and ketchup and throw a fried egg on top- delicious!

  79. scrambled eggs and potatoes with anything else I have available–scallions, mushrooms, green peppers, cheese
    . . .

  80. I love love love pancakes for breakfast. So simple and I can add whatever I want, life fruit or ham or bacon. MMmmm.

  81. Anything is great for breakfast. I’m partial to S.O.S. on a baked tater or home fries – lot’s of onions and black pepper.

  82. Thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite breakfast for dinner is a veggie omelet with homemade toast and homemade jam, of course!

  83. My favorite breakfast for dinner is a deceptively simple one. It’s a goat cheese, spinach, and mushroom omelet. And, obviously, it’s all in the making. We chop the Spanish and slice the mushrooms into moderately chunky pieces. We add the cheese late in the cooking, by feel. We whip the eggs before cooking and then concentrate on the fold. Our model is a wonderful cafe opposite the Luxembourg Gardens, Cafe Rostand. If I ever achieve an omelet near that perfection, I will be happy!

  84. This is my favorite breakfast for dinner. Homemade waffles with real maple syrup. Then deep fried breaded chicken tenders with a pinch of heat served with thick country gravy with plenty of fresh ground black pepper. That way you get sweet with heat. Yum yum.

  85. Oh a “clean out the fridge’ omelet….with whole wheat toast!
    Thanks for the give-a-way, the jam recipe looks great!

  86. Oh how I love brinner! Eggs and pancakes require no special planning and just enough time to put a positive end to a crazy week night. Happy Easter and Passover

  87. My standby is some sort of omelet, but if I’m planning for it… asparagus and pancetta hash with a fried egg on top and fruit bowl. This is my favorite special occasion meal and we use it for breakfast, brunch, or dinner!

  88. My crew are lovers of Breakfast for dinner! We frequently eats eggs, biscuits, grits, and turkey bacon with trimmings for dinner. This book would be great!

  89. As a child my favorite breakfast for dinner was waffles. For whatever reason, my mom let us put all kinds of things on top that she wouldn’t normally allow. Whip cream, chocolate chips, etc.
    Now I can’t stomach that much sugar and prefer something like sunny side up eggs and sausage or bacon.

  90. Breakfast casserole with eggs, fried potatoes and sausage, topped with salsa! And if I happen to have some mushrooms around, I’ll definitely brown those in a little butter and throw them in too!

  91. Tonight we had breakfast burritos — tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese, and turkey sausage, plus veggies. thanks!

  92. Oh I like your rendition, sounds totally yummy.
    I like to have sausage and cheese taquitos with homemade mango salsa.
    My hubby makes some killer chorizo which, combined with the mango salsa gives the taquitos that satisfying ying- yang attitude!
    Thanks for sharing your take on the recipe.

  93. Breakfast for dinner is my favorite! I’d have to say my favorite plate would be either cornmeal pancakes or a spinach & mushroom scramble. Yum.

  94. I am a huge fan of the breakfast for dinner school of thought. Absolute favourite is the breakfast burrito. Scrambled egg, peppers, cheese and tomato, salsa drizzled over, rolled up in warm tortilla, yum!

  95. Love breakfast for dinner! Omelets and French Toast with slices of smoked salmon on the side for me. Love the tomato and mango jam. I have mango and look forward to trying this. Thanks.

  96. “Classic Omelet with Scallions and Potatoes” (I also add steamed broccoli) from “Prevention’s Healthy One-Dish Meals in Minutes”, a cook book I found at our local library years ago. Liked the book so much I bought a copy. This is such a nice recipe for nights when I don’t feel like cooking or don’t have much time.

  97. My favorite breakfast for dinner is German Pancakes (crepes) with canned peaches and whipped cream! It’s been in my mom’s dinner rotation for as long as I can remember, and I can’t wait to share that tradition with my kids, too! 🙂

  98. Hmmmmm. Breakfast for dinner; I love a buckwheat pancake topped with no sugar applesauce, scrambled egg, and a scoop of cottage cheese.

  99. Breakfast, yum. Bacon and eggs, waffles and bacon, toast with homemade jam and bacon. Pancakes wrapped borrito style with bacon in the middle drizzeled with syrup. I haven’t made it yet, but there is a recipe for bacon jam. I think my heaven will have a few jars for me.

  100. For me, the classic breakfast for dinner is pancakes 🙂 (These days, with cinnamon apple butter mixed into the batter)

  101. I love French toast anytime! And I make a yummy potato and onion frittata, but that always seems like a dinner meal anyway.

  102. We don’t have breakfast for dinner very often, but when we do, it’s pancakes! I love to top them with homemade yogurt, and a drizzle of real, pure maple syrup. Mmmm!! 😀

  103. biscuits…..biscuits….biscuits…..doesn’t really matter what goes with, I just love biscuits warm from the oven!!!

  104. Matzah Brie- it can be made sweet with cinnamon, sugar and maple syrup or savory with peppers, onions, broccoli and cheese, satisfying dinner every time

  105. My husband is the breakfast-for-dinner king. His preference is blueberry pancakes with bacon and eggs. This is, and remains today, our kids’ favorite dinner. I should add he is a pretty good cook too! You have to love a man that works all day and comes home to make dinner for the family! I do.

  106. Pancakes though waffles are nice if someone else is willing to mind our waffle maker. Maple syrup is required for some members of the family. Maybe whole milk yogurt or ricotta plus some of the amazing blueberry-basil jam I made this summer drizzled over it. Fruit salad maybe. Some sort of greens scramble: kale and garlic? spinach with fresh lemon over it?

    I’m hungry again!

  107. Probably scrambled eggs on toast, with some cherry tomatoes, herbs, and cheese if I’ve got some around. Oh and home fries, I love home fries!

  108. Mine is a take on a buffet I had in Tel Aviv – scrambled eggs, mild feta, and cherry tomatoes. I can’t explain it, but the combo of all three with a light drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper, it’s just magical!

  109. I’m a traditionalist– standard breakfasts for my dinner, please! When I was little and my dad would go away on business we would always only eat breakfast for dinner; that was my favorite part. It’s how I learned that pancakes make great dinner food. :3

  110. Our favorite breakfast for dinner is French toast with leftover bread. It is fast and easy and perfect when there’s nothing else to eat in the house.

  111. Hands down fried eggs with melted cheese and pesto with toasted pumpernickel bread. So simple and delicious. I could eat it every night….or morning!! Thanks for the chance.

  112. Anything involving eggs, homefries, and bacon or sausage. Bonus points if there’s a homemade biscuit involved. Though blueberry or granola pancakes rock too.

  113. Favorite is hard (I love breakfast for dinner), but I think I’ve got to omelets – quicker and easier than a casserole for using up random leftover veggies and meats, and so satisfying. Though if I was craving sweets today I’d probably go with french toast made with russian black bread. 🙂

  114. My favorite thing to fix for breakfast for dinner is either waffles with fruit toppings or sometimes I make steel-cut oats in the rice cooker with maple syrup and cranberries mixed in. That’s especially good on a snowy day!

  115. Midnight breakfast was one of my favorite college events, because bacon! For dinner! And french toast sticks! For dinner!

    It was wonderful. Very fond memories.

  116. My favorite breakfast for dinner meal is an overnight French Toast casserole. Can be prepared the night before, and popped in the oven when my husband leaves from work. Hot “dinner” when he gets home, and the kids will eat it without complaint.

  117. I have a recipe for waffles that a family friend shared with me before she passed away. She lived until she was 100!!!!! My family and I love this recipe and breakfast for dinner….

  118. Oh my, this looks like a great cookbook! We eat a LOT of breakfast tacos for dinner–today’s were egg, sauteed collards, bacon, & roasted red pepper spread. This tomato jam would be a magical addition, I’m sure!

  119. Anything with syrup! Better if you can add bacon. I also have an excellent bacon, caramelized onion, mushroom, and gruyere quiche recipe that’s hearty and dinnerlike.

  120. Our favorite breakfast for dinner meal is Quiche. We do it at lease once a month or more. We just love the flaky crust, cheese, spinach, and ham, num.

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