Preserving with Mrs. Wages Pickled Okra and Vegetables Mix

September 14, 2017

This post is written in partnership with my friends at Mrs. Wages. Hope you enjoy!

This is it, friends. The last big push of the summer canning season. This is the time of year when I do things like make big vats of peach butter (cooking down as I type), scramble to get my hands on the last of the tomatoes, and I take canning help wherever I can get it.

Recently, one of my favorite canner helpers is the Pickled Okra and Vegetables spice mix from Mrs. Wages. It came to my rescue last week, when I was short on time and creativity, but had produce spilling out all over my kitchen.

The beauty of a mix like this is that is allows me to put myself on auto-pilot and just follow the instructions written on the back of the packet.

With this recipe, you prep all the veg. I used carrots, okra, cauliflower, and peppers, just like the instructions told me.

While you’re working breaking down your vegetables into pleasingly similarly sized bits, you pour a bunch of vinegar into a large pot and bring it to a boil.

Look at those peppers! Aren’t they pretty?

This packet makes seven quarts of pickles, so make sure you have a canning pot warming and your jars are prepped.

When your veg is chopped, your jars are warming, and the vinegar is boiling, add the spice mix to the pot.

You can either toss your vegetables together in a big bowl and pack them into jars, or you can heap them into the brine and warm them up a bit (this transforms the pickle into a hot pack preserve, and helps you squeeze a bit more produce into your jars).

Once the veg and brine is divided between the prepared jars, you wipe the rims, apply the lids and rings, and process. And boom, seven quarts of colorful, delicious pickles (I took a jar to a party last week and they were a big old hit).

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6 thoughts on "Preserving with Mrs. Wages Pickled Okra and Vegetables Mix"

  • Beautiful!
    I have always shied away from these mixes, as a niece had made pickles using them and they were terribly salty; however, having read all the reviews, and especially after you had tested it on the partygoers (heh heh), I think I will give it try.
    Do the vegetables stay nice and crispy when hot-water processed?

  • Can I use small whole okra in the pickled okra & veg mix in stead of chopped okra? Will frozen cauliflower be soft or mushy?

    1. You can definitely use small whole okra. I would not use any frozen veg though, as it will be very soggy.

    1. It has been six years since I made these, so my memory of them isn’t perfect, but I don’t believe that I used sugar.