Worker B Rescue Putty Saves My Hands

January 16, 2015(updated on December 16, 2023)
Worker B rescue putty

I am deep in the recipe testing phase for my next book. This has meant lots of chopping, shredding, and peeling, as well as many loads of dishes (so many dishes). The end result is that between the acids in the fruit, the hot, soapy water, and the bitterly cold weather we’ve been having and my hands are broken.

The skin on my fingers crack and split to a certain degree every winter, but this season has been the worse to date. I have a basket of salves, balms, and ointments, each one purchased in the hopes that it would be the magic bullet, but each ultimately leading to disappointment.

rescue putty

A couple of weeks ago, on a desperate whim, I ordered a little jar of Rescue Putty from Worker B. When it arrived, I opened the jar and rubbed a small portion into my hands. It was thick, not at all greasy, and just a little bit sticky (but not in a bad way). Once on my hands, it felt like it formed a protective layer on my skin. Coupled with a pair of goofy cotton gloves, my skin is finally starting to heal. Nothing else has worked like this.

At $19.90 for a 1.75 ounces, Rescue Putty isn’t cheap, but is amazingly effective. Made from just beeswax, raw honey, and olive oil, I feel completely okay applying it throughout the day. When I run out (happily, a little goes a long way, so that day is far in the future), I may try to make my own version, but for the time being, I’m delighted to have Worker B’s version (their lip balm is also excellent, if you’re in the market for a good one).

Now, for the disclosure. Worker B doesn’t know who the heck I am. I bought this product with my own dollars. I just thought I’d share it with you guys, in the event that some of you also suffer from chapped and cracked hands this time of year.

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23 thoughts on "Worker B Rescue Putty Saves My Hands"

  • I am sure Worker B rescue Putty is a good product, I might try it one day if I can get it on sale; My hand savior is Bag Balm, gently melted with 25% beeswax, so I can relate.

  • My hands hurt this time of year they are so dry – I’m not canning, but running an after school cooking program, teaching kids to cook – I scrub my hands a lot. I use a similar product my neighbor makes and sells – wunderbars. I use it throughout the day and at night, slather it on. I sleep with cotton socks on my hands though.

  • Burts Bees has some hand products…about half the cost. I’ve always been pleased.

    By the way…I know you have mentioned it in the blog sometime ago…what is the subject of the new book you are working on?

    Gettin old, can’t remember as well anymore.

    1. I like Burt’s Bees, but it is owned by Clorox, so I think it’s nice to find alternatives, even if they do cost more.

  • My hands are so cracked and sore and I trust you so much that I immediately went to the Worker B website and ordered some! If this works I owe you big time! Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. Rescue Putty arrived yesterday and was put immediately to use. I made Meyer Lemon Marmalade two days ago, so those finger cracks were even more painful. So far I’m very happy with Rescue Putty. The stinging in my hands diminished as soon as I applied it and this morning the cracks are smaller and softer. Also, I am allergic to nearly everything and have had no bad reaction to the putty. It’s only one day, but this is very encouraging! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • I have the same problems with my feet, not my hands, and I’ve been making my own concoctions with beeswax, almond oil, olive oil, and shea butter. I like what it’s doing for me. I also like Bag Balm, but I haven’t heard of melting it with beeswax. I just slather it on and put socks on afterward, wearing them to bed because it doesn’t smell the greatest. It’s rather medicinal, but it is a good product. I had hand surgery 3 months ago and have to massage my incisions to keep scar tissue down, and the lotion bar really helps because it doesn’t absorb instantly like over-the-counter lotions do.

  • I commiserate with you my sister in suffering. Only someone who has this problem can understand the pain of those tiny skin breaks. It’s something you can’t get away from when it’s on your hands. The hands are used so much. Rubber gloves don’t help. They leak into them or you sweat and you just can’t keep your hands dry. I’ve tried so many things and have an appointment with another dermatologist next month. I’m going to give this a try and see if it saves me a trip since the doctor is about 100 miles away. I hope this works, like you I’ve tried so many things.

  • When you go to make this yourself, a little cornstarch goes a long way to keeping greasiness at bay. I think I’ll mix up a little batch this week.

  • Love Worker B! I use the hand cream, it’s a little less sticky. I work in healthcare, one one application recovers my hands.

  • After seeing this blog post, I had some Rescue Putty sent to my mom because she has real trouble with her hands cracking and bleeding all winter. Mine also get bad but usually not as much as hers. She has been putting it on every night since it arrived and said her hands are infinitely better, no cracks at all! Today, I was washing dishes and rubbed the side of my thumb with the side of a spoon (totally blunt) and a whole section of skin just rubbed off with it, after saying this to my mom she went on and ordered me some and said I obviously need to have it too! So glad you shared this, Marisa, never would have known about it otherwise! (Also she said that it’s sold out everywhere except the Worker Bee site, which it wasn’t when I ordered right after you posted this originally, maybe you’ve boosted their sales!)

  • Whoa, Marisa, sounds like you found a winner with this product. Love natural healing. Not sure this is the correct blog for the give away but here goes: tonight is book club & we are discussing ORPHAN TRAIN. The honey is already out for the tea & honey drinking members. I have clover honey for tonight. I so appreciate the many individuals who care for hives and the bees who make this delicious food. When the hives were endangered several years ago hives were put on the roofs and in the backyards of West Philly. We now have our own zip code honey. City bees to the rescue!

  • Icant wait to try this product. I have had issues with my cracking hands most of my life.
    thank you
    My sister raised bees and boy the honey was the best/

  • I saw original post & purchased Worker Rescue B Putty & Lotion! Great things bees wax makes!!
    I only drink my hot tea with Honey many different flavors!