Links: Marmalade, Soups, and a Winner

January 19, 2015(updated on April 27, 2023)
A quart of warm Meyer lemon water in one of the new purple jars from Ball Canning. Such a good way to stay warm and hydrated.

This last week was a nice, quiet one. I’ve been plugging away at the next book (natural sweeteners!), preserving 10 pounds of meyer lemons from the Lemon Ladies, and drinking a ton of water (cold weather makes me thirsty). No complaints here! Now, for links about marmalade, soups, and the occasional pickle.

Fresh & Fermented cover | Food in Jars

A couple weeks ago, offered up a copy of Fresh and Fermented for giveaway and then never posted the winner. Oops. The winner is #253/Matt.

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5 thoughts on "Links: Marmalade, Soups, and a Winner"

  • Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you about a seriously delicious lunch we had today using one of your recipes. I cooked up a few big batches of zucchini butter this summer and froze most of it. Today I thawed about 3 cups of it out and decided to use it in pasta. I boiled linguini, then added some bacon pieces from the freezer to the hot pot, the zucchini butter, some dehydrated pear tomatoes from my garden this summer (soaked them in boiling water for a few minutes previously) and the added the hot noodles back. A few splashes of the pasta water to thin things out, topped with shaved parmesan from a local cheese maker and lunch was served.

    We all loved it…my 3 year old had thirds, my zucchini gagging daughter ate her plate right up and my husband said it ranks up there with my pesto pasta, which is a favorite.. So next summer I am hoping for more big zucchinis to make up even more butter for the freezer! Thanks for a great recipe!

  • Those lemon slices look so refreshing. It’s been a nice quiet week for me too. And now I have to go look up that zucchini butter!

    Thanks for the shout!