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January 2, 2011(updated on October 3, 2018)

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Yikes. I didn’t actually intend to take a full week off from blogging. But around the time we got all the Christmas dinner dishes cleaned and put away last Saturday I was feeling a little off and when I woke up the following morning I had a full blown cold, a gift from my sister. I spent the second half of my vacation in Portland dragging around my parents’ house, blowing my nose a lot and sleeping.

I managed to get back to Philadelphia on Wednesday, but was so wiped out by the time I stumbled through our front door that I was nearly weeping with exhaustion. I’ve spent the last few days laying low, watching bad television with Scott and eating take-out. We had a few friends over last night for a very low-key new year’s eve celebration, but aside from that, I barely seen anyone or left the apartment in the last three days.

However, I have a couple of freelance deadlines rapidly approaching, as well as a potluck brunch to attend tomorrow, so I’ll be back in the kitchen soon, cooking up a whirlwind.

I hope everyone has had a good holiday season! Happy new year!

P.S. This site got a nod from Fine Cooking, in their year-end Best of the Blog round-up. If you have the time, you can head over and give a vote!

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7 thoughts on "Welcome 2011!"

  • Wishing you & Scott a Happy New Year!, Marisa and glad to hear you’re feeling better! Your morning email has been missed ;0)!

    Good Luck with the Best Blog Round-Up. Voted for you the other day.

  • Got my vote in for you! Can’t wait for the winter citrus festival and marmalades to begin…

    I too spent the holidays with The Head Cold That Wouldn’t Die (it lasted two whole weeks). Hope you feel better soon!

  • Sounds simular of what I had over Christmas. I spent Christmas in bed. I can’t imagine flying with this nastiness going around. I had a fever of 101.7 with it if it is the same thing. I was wondering how you were doing, since I didn’t see you around here. Just voted for your blog today and it was close when I voted. Happy New Year. I’m getting ready to send in my check for my summer CSA. Opened up a jar of my peaches this morning. Oh, how canning brings summer all year around! 🙂

  • Been there myself, Marisa-since before Christmas and just starting to feel better now overcoming a sinus infection & bronchitis. Yesterday was my first good day in more than a week. Lots of rest and fluids! Take care!