Wedding Favors – Herbs in Jars

October 2, 2009(updated on December 16, 2023)
Wedding favors

Thank you all so much for all the lovely wishes you’ve sent my way in the last week. Our wedding last Saturday was one of the most wonderful and fun events I’ve ever attended in my life and I feel so fortunate being able to say that (truly, it was everything I had hoped for). It was a simple ceremony (click that link if you want to read our vows), followed by a potluck. People brought amazing dishes to share and I served the cakes I had made.

There wasn’t a whole lot of food in jars at the wedding (I did bring an assortment of jams/chutneys for people to take home if they so desired). However, I had to work jars into the day and so used varying sizes of canning/jelly jars to house live herb plants. These were the centerpieces and favors and I loved how they ended up looking, clustered on the butcher paper-covered tables. I spent a large chunk of the summer searching out the jars we used, and I was so delighted that they worked out so nicely.

Scott and I are now driving around Vermont and New York State, really enjoying our honeymoon. We’ve visited Bennington Pottery, The Vermont Country Store and the tallest man-made structure in Vermont. Tomorrow we head to King Arther Flour and a museum/farm. I am totally delighted by life right now.

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27 thoughts on "Wedding Favors – Herbs in Jars"

  • This is the most wonderful wedding favor I have ever seen. What a fabulous, eco-friendly, quirky, individualistic thing to do. I just might have to steal it for my wedding, whenever that day may come.

    Both of your vows were lovely to read, and I am so glad that your day together was all that you wanted. Have a wonderful honeymoon, and CONGRATULATIONS to the newlyweds!

  • What a thoughtful and elegant idea. I’d expect nothing less from you. Congratulations again on your marriage and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your Fall road trip.

  • Congratulations to you as a newlywed! I have really enjoyed your posts, and I do hope you will post pictures of some of your Vermont site-seeing stops.

    What a wonderful favor to give at your wedding! Your special day seems so lovely.

    I have really enjoyed your blog. Keep up the good work.

  • What a lovely idea…I went to the most wonderful wedding that handed out small pots of lavendar as favors but the addition of the jars is absolutely genius!

  • Oh, these are so lovely, and the vows are so lovely, and I’m wishing you both a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations and I hope you’re having fun on your trip (and every day…)

  • Congrats on your wedding! We were just married on 9/7/09 and it sounds like we had a similar experience. We gave away jars of local jam that we (ok, mostly I) had made. Here’s a pic:

  • You definitely hit some of my favorites already by checking out Bennington Pottery and the Country Store. Congrats to both of you!

  • My significant other and still claim we are not getting married. However, we are not adamantly claiming we aren’t getting married more and more often. This can only be a sure sign that soon we will probably be getting married. We are not traditional ceremony people and I LOVED your vows. It is wonderful to know that other people are breaking out of the molds of the traditional wedding and very helpful if we do decide to actually get over being terrified and really get married.

  • Wonderful ceremony. Your husband and my husband is avlot alike in a lot of ways. Right now to the D&D stuff. 🙂 Enjoy your travels.

  • Congratulations! Your vows are terrific and your wedding seems exactly what Dan and I would like do in few years. Good Luck and I love the herbs for favors:)

  • Sounds absolutely wonderful 🙂 I still very much remember the day immediately following our wedding (also simple, full of friends and family and completely perfect for us 🙂 as pretty much the best of my life so far. Enjoy all the wonderful time and things you’re doing these days!

  • *snif* those vows are so very sweet, thanks for posting a link. Gives this single girl hope that my favorite guy may be right under my nose! *reconsiders single male friends*

  • hey marisa, been meaning to jump on and say congrats again on your wedding. your honeymoon sounds fun, i bet you got to see some gorgeous leave turning! you might have even passed by my way, did you get through the berkshires in MA at all?

  • Congrats! Love the herbs. Brings back happy memories of homemade iris centerpieces I made for a friend’s wedding a decade ago, a process that made me feel very clever for having had votive candles in lieu of flowers at my own wedding! 🙂

    Best wishes and a lifetime of happiness to you both.

  • Lovely wedding favors. I had a small, simple homemade wedding and I think that they are the best kind. Best of luck to you both!

  • Hi again from the Westcoast! I just canned some Dill pickle green tomatoes. Even tho I did run a knife around the inside edges of the jar to remove air bubbles…there are still a few air bubbles in the jars. I did sterilize them, and they all set after canning. Will they still be ok? I seem to have a dang darn hard time with those air bubbles! Thanks so much, Ina

  • Wow! All I can say is wow… I really LOVE this idea. It’s simple, beautiful and practical and it’s something your guest can take with them and really use… Plus I know I have all kinds of jars and glass oddities that would be beautiful if mixed and matched this way. Thank you so much for the great idea! And if you add personalized labels then the favors are custom too.