Upcoming Classes for February through May

January 23, 2012(updated on December 16, 2023)

January has been a blessedly quiet month for me. I haven’t taught a canning class since the beginning of December. It’s been a nice break, but it’s time to get things moving again.

If learning to can was one of your resolutions for 2012, you should come and take a class with me!

I have monthly Philadelphia-based canning class scheduled February through May (I plan on adding summer classes soon). These classes are on Saturday mornings from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and cost $50. Students take home a jar of what we made in the class, as well as a printout of the recipe. These classes are all held at Indy Hall, 20 N. 3rd Street, in Old City.

February 4 – Meyer lemon jelly
March 3 – Blood orange marmalade
April 7 – Pickled asparagus
May 12 – Strawberry rhubarb jam

Currently, all these classes have availability but will all fill up. Email me at foodinjars@gmail.com to sign up!

I’m also teaching another class at the Kitchen Potager in Bucks County on April 14. We’ll be doing a pickled asparagus and vanilla rhubarb jam. Click here to register for that class.

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13 thoughts on "Upcoming Classes for February through May"

  • I agree with Jean H., only I am in Texas. However, is there any information you may give to those of us desiring to locate “canning classes” in our own area? I know my mother finessed her canning abilities through the county agriculture department back in the day. These days it is like digging for gold to locate anyone that teaches or knows info to share with you as to where to inquire about canning classes. Thank you in advance for any input.

    1. Nita, I have a friend who teaches canning classes in Austin, TX. Unfortunately, there’s no national clearinghouse for canning classes. The best thing to do is to reach out to your local cooking school or the county extension service.

  • For those of us who aren’t local to you, will you provide the recipes? I’m in California- plenty of produce available for lemon jelly.

  • I would love to go to one of your canning classes even though I’m quite an oldie with it. Twenty years canning and I still love it! Maybe I could dig a little deeper to find something around Morgantown WV.

  • I wish I lived back in Upstate New York; I could attend; but I live in Texas now for the past 3 and a half years. I’m my moms only caregiver.

  • I hope your travels bring you to the Chicago area this summer. You could stay at my house in Naperville.
    Would Sur la Table be a good place to give your class? There is one here in Naperville! Or there’s a Whole Foods with a demo kitchen even closer!