Two Weeks in Austin and a New Baby Boy

November 7, 2011(updated on December 16, 2023)
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I spent the bulk of the last two weeks in Austin, TX with my sister and her guy, waiting for their first baby to be born. I cooked more food that I can now remember, tucked a few batches of soup into the freezer for the future, cleaned their house, walked their lovely dog Hopi and ate a great deal of tacos.

Raina and Drew (165)

While I was in Austin, I spent time with Kate (she put me up for my final three nights in town, which was such a gift), finally met Stephanie (her apple and rosemary jam is one of the best things I’ve tasted recently), saw the luminous Becca play at the Saxon Pub and did my darnedest to get my work done and keep up with this blog while moving every few days. I met my paying deadlines, but things fell a little silent around these parts. I do hope you all understand.


On my last day in Austin, just as I had surrendered to the idea that I was going to miss the birth of my nephew, Raina went into labor. She spent nearly 12 hours in thrall to the rhythm of delivery and I was there for nearly all of it. It was an incredibly intense day but one I’m so very grateful to have been part of. The new little family of Raina, Andrew and Emmett is home and they are all working on adjusting to the newness of it all.


I realize that this has no real connection to jars or the food that goes in them, but somehow it just felt right to check in and share a bit of this experience. However, for those of you who read strictly for the recipes, worry not. I’ll be back tomorrow with a pear cinnamon jam that will knock your socks right off.

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