This Weekend at the United States Botanical Garden

September 27, 2012(updated on December 6, 2021)


Tomorrow morning, I’m packing up my canning gear and hitting the road again. This time, I’m heading south to Washington, D.C., for a pair of canning demonstrations at the United States Botanical Garden. On Saturday, I’ll be demonstrating a small batch of tomato jam* and Sunday, I’ll be making pear vanilla jam. Both demos are from 12 noon – 1 pm and are entirely free (there’s no charge to visit the Gardens either). If you live in the D.C. area, I’d love to see some of you there.

In other class news, October is turning into the month of Pear Vanilla Jam classes. I’m teaching this recipe four times. It’s one of my favorite preserves, so I’m entirely delighted by this turn of events. On October 2, I’m at Pennypack Farm in Horsham. Saturday, October 6, I’m teaching an Indy Hall version of the class (email me to sign up for that one). October 13, I’m at Greensgrow and on October 18, I’m at the Whole Foods Market in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

I know it sounds repetitive to teach the same recipe so many times, but the way I see it is the recipe is just the vehicle that gives us the opportunity to get into the nitty gritty of canning. While I have a mental list of all the things I plan on covering in the class, each session is guided by the questions and problems you all bring to the table. No class is ever identical, which makes it fun for me and interesting for my repeat students.

For all my classes, make sure to check the classes tab up above. I update the page regularly, so keep your eyes peeled!

*The website says that Bernadine Prince is leading the demo on Saturday, but I’m subbing in for her.

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7 thoughts on "This Weekend at the United States Botanical Garden"

    1. I will have copies with me, though I’m still waiting to hear whether I’m allowed to sell them on the garden grounds.

  • My family and I have wanted to try canning for the longest time but we were so afraid, until we located your amazing, wonderful, and oh so helpful blog. Finally, we had the courage to try what was probably the most intimidating thing ever to us and we now love canning so much! Thank you for your blog and your incredibly delicious recipes. We made your pear vanilla jam and wow! It is absolutely the most delicious jam we have ever tried hands down. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your blog. It is not an exaggeration to say you changed our family’s day to day life immensely! Even my little girl is nuts about canning and peruses your blog looking for recipes she would like to try. Gosh, I think I am gushing 🙂 Well, we were wondering, have you ever made watermelon rind preserves? Have tons of watermelon right now and hear that this is popular in the South. My grandmother made it when my dad was a little boy in the backwoods of Virginia, but unfortunately he never got the recipe.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and seeing your demo at the Botanical Gardens! You were so nice and patient to answer all my 6-year old son’s questions. He couldn’t stop talking about the “jamming lady” all the way home. As you can tell he really enjoys canning as well. We’re literally JUST getting started maybe a month ago and have special dietary considerations. Both my husband and I have to watch our sugar intake very closely which is what led us to start making and caning for ourselves. Thanks so much for the tip about Pomona’s Pectin. I picked up some at Whole Foods on the way home and made a small batch Strawberry Lemon marmalade which set up nicely and had a great taste. We all loved it. The Pomona’s was definitely a big improvement over Ball’s pectin for caning with Splenda instead of sugar.

    1. Beth, your son was a total delight. I was so happy to answer his questions! I’m so glad that the tip about Pomona’s Pectin was helpful. It really is a lifesaver if you want to avoid sugar.