There’s a New Brand of Mason Jars in Town + Giveaway

Penley product line

Canning jars, at least as we know them now, have been around since 1868. John L. Mason developed the system of a threaded jar with a lid designed for sealing (he used lead lids with a rubber seal, not exactly the two-piece lid we know now, but very close). The technology hasn’t change much since then.

It used to be that there were a number of canning jar manufacturers. Ball. Kerr. Atlas. Drey. Mason. Globe. Mom’s. Knox. Golden Harvest. However, as so often happens, through a process of competition and consolidation, the number of jar producers grew fewer over the years.

Penley Mason jar

In 1993, the Ball Corporation (which by that time was the only domestic canning jar manufacturer) spun off their canning jar sector into the company that is now known at Jarden Home Brands. They make all the Ball, Kerr and Golden Harvest jars currently available in stores. One of the reasons that canning jars can be so pricey is that there’s been no competition in this sector of the market.*

However, thanks to the growing popularity of canning in recent years, we’re finally going to start seeing some new canning jars hit the market this season. Walmart has a line of mason jars called Mainstays, as well as a fancier variety branded with the Better Homes and Garden name. And soon, a variety of stores will be carrying Penley Mason jars (these are not the jars that Walmart is carrying). Those Penley jars are the ones I want to talk about today.

Penley lid

I recently had an opportunity to preview the line of jars made by the Penley Corporation. Up until now, they’ve been in the business of making and distributing clothespins, matches, toothpicks, plastic cutlery and drinking straws. Canning jars are a departure for them, but from the examples I’ve seen, they are doing an amazingly good job with their new product.

In most respects, they are physically nearly identical to the jars most of us currently use. They make pints and quarts in both regular and wide mouth and an embossed half pint in a regular mouth. Lids and rings are interchangeable between Ball, Kerr and Penley, which is fabulous for those of us who already have a stash of lids or who are planning on using Tattler lids this season.

When I met with the Penley rep, he pointed out the fact that they intentionally left the back of their pints and quarts smooth to better accommodate the labels that so many canners apply to their jars. I was happy to see that particularly since I’ve always hated the round of wheat and fruit on the back of the Ball jars (in researching this post, I learned that it’s been there since 1970).

made in china

As far as performance goes, I’ve canned in these jars several times now and they’ve been perfect, not a failed seal among them. What’s more, they just feel good in the hand. They are sturdy and solid, just the way I expect a good canning jar to be. As you can see from the picture above, there’s a water spot left on that jar from a run through the dishwasher, there because I’ve used this jar for leftover storage and the transportation of iced coffee to work. They’ve seamlessly become part of my collection of working jars.

Finally (and best of all), they are going to be less expensive than Ball or Kerr jars. While it will only be a dollar or two difference, if you do a lot of canning, that can add up quickly.

As far as I can see, there are only two drawbacks to these jars. The first is that they’ve left no space on the lid for writing. As someone who always writes on the lids of my preserves with a Sharpie, this is a minor annoyance. Second is that the jars are made in China. I pass no judgment on Penley for making this choice as in today’s market it is really the only way to make a lower cost product. If you are someone who avoids things made outside of the U.S. I wanted to make sure you were aware (and as you can see, they’ve clearly printed the origin on the bottom of all the Penley jars).

Penley jars will be available at limited locations around the country this season and more widely available next year. Keep your eyes peeled for them in your local grocery store. Additionally, thanks to Penley, I have one case (12 jars) of these jars to give away to a Food in Jars reader (the winner gets to choose the size they’d like).

To enter, leave a comment and share your favorite unconventional canning jar use. The contest runs through Monday, May 9 at 11:59 p.m. One comment per person, please.

Disclosure: The Penley Corp. gave me an assortment of jars and lids to try. However, all thoughts and opinions expresses herein are my own and untainted by the free loot.

*There are the Leifheit jars, but they are so much more expensive (around $20 for six jars) than Ball and Kerr jars, that I don’t see them as a viable alternative for people who do more than the most basic recreational canning.

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629 responses to “There’s a New Brand of Mason Jars in Town + Giveaway”

  1. Currently I use jars for storage of supplies in my sewing room. I have some vintage blue Ball jars with glass lids (I’m guessing they used a detachable rubber gasket back when?), and they look gorgeous lined up holding clips, ribbon, notions, etc.

  2. So Cool – I hope the prices are a little bit lower and I love vintage. Not only do I use the jars for canning but also for storing! I do alot of canning!

  3. Ooh, pick me! My favorite unconventional canning jar use is taking an empty to potlucks or parties where I’ll be walking around with food and a drink. I can skip the disposable plastic cup and the lid means I can close up my drink and stash it in my purse rather than juggling a plate of food and a cup full of beer or wine.

    • This is the BEST idea! Love it! I have taken drinks in jars before, just never thought of taking an empty.
      But sorry, she is gonna pick me. πŸ™‚

  4. Mama canned vegetables and fruit and we sure did enjoy the bounty year round. I am so happy that my sister kept the recipes and now we can continue the tradition!

  5. I usually store my leftovers in jars, it’s just easier than tupperware. Then I can just bring it to work the next day no problem!

  6. My fave non conventional use I guess would be to store my sewing things. I have buttons in a jar, and needles in one, and small spools of misc threads in another. I like the vintagey feel to having canning jars around me πŸ˜€

  7. Can’t wait to make time to can with my dad this summer- your posts are really inspiring me to take on the garden this year. I am happy (and lucky) that its something he and I love to do. Pickles!

  8. I have two main uses for canning jars, besides their intended purpose. The first is that my sugar container (near the coffee pot) is a small, pretty jar with a plastic “storage lid”. The second is that I have milk goats, and I store all my milk in half-gallon and quart-size jars. Don’t know what I’d do without them!

  9. Even though I’m leaving a comment please do NOT include me for the drawing. I just wanted to say that I for one will NEVER buy these jars. Being made in China is the BIG turn off. I will spend the extra or buy mason jars at a yard sale.

      • I’m with you all. Saving $1 on a case of jars is about 8 cents per jar. Who would take a chance on Lead in the product, or some other Chinese corner-cutting material, to save 8 cents. Not to mention taking away American jobs. This Penley endorsement makes me lose respect for “Food in Jars” site.

        • While we all have different opinions on free-market choices, I appreciate Marisa’s honesty both about the function of these jars and their origin. I found this review to be balanced and informed.

      • I totally agree. Keep American money and jobs in America AND know that WE have manufacturing laws to protect us and our children.

    • You know, FIJ is a website that we’re really lucky to have. She’s offered us so much information about what’s available in the marketplace, how to can safely and well, who’s who and what they’re doing, etc. This is a giveaway for people who want to participate. I can appreciate your politics but don’t slam the giveaway. Make your point somewhere else in some other way or it just sounds self-righteous and grumpy. If your goal is to raise consciousness, try a gentler hand.

    • Very disappointed in the made in China bit too. Ball makes a great product here in the USA and if those are too pricey plenty of old mason jars to be found at thrift stores and yard sales especially this time of year.

      • Thank you Marisa for all the info you post. Maybe Mason will take note and use a USA supplier and if they do …. let’s support them. I love the smooth side, labels would look so much better on these.
        I appreciate all the time you put into your blog.

  10. We homeschool – so we have a multitude of pencils, pens, markers, and miscellaneous tools always floating around. I love the aesthetic of using the jars as pencil holders for all of these things. It echoes our own unconventional approach to life!

  11. I would LOVE to try out these new jars! So happy there’s a new kid on the block. My “unconventional” use? I store the worm “tea” from my worm composting bin in quart jars to use little by little when I water my houseplants.

  12. i have a jar for each of my nieces and nephew. as i collect little things for them i put them in the jar.. when its full i send them on their way

  13. what a nice giveaway. I want so badly to start canning, but I have not had the courage to start yet. So maybe if I was to win, that would give me the push. πŸ™‚
    And I can’t wait to see what Wal-Mart comes out with…
    Happy Canning…

  14. My dad always used them in the garage to keep miscellaneous bolts, screws, etc. He attached the lid to the underside of a shelf and could easily screw and unscrew the jar. This is definitely something I use in my own home today.

  15. I would LOVE to win this giveaway. πŸ™‚

    We use jars to collect money for missions at our church. The kids have a jar and I am setting up a jar for a missionary family we are supporting.

    I also use them for crafting supplies and have even done a ‘canning jar swap’ where we fill a quart size jar with all sorts of little crafting embelishments and mailed them out to our swap partners. It was tons of fun. πŸ™‚

  16. Thanks for this! I go through so many jars every year, this looks like a good alternative. I can’t wait to see the vintage shapes, too. My most unusual use for a jar? I have one in the garage with white vinegar in it, a hole punched in the lid, and a big fat paintbrush stuck through the hole. I paint vinegar on weeds growing in cracks in the patio and driveway. WeedBGone. Hope you are well and the book is coming along.

  17. I have a couple quarts on my dresser that I use for holding my vast eyewear collection. I hook one arm into the jar so the lenses are hanging on the outside. Makes it easy to always find them, especially if I don’t have a pair on at the time!

  18. ooooo!!! Would love to try these out; hope they are available in my area soon! Unconventional? Button storage for crafting…they are perfect! Wide mouth so they are easy to access.

  19. Thanks for the review and the heads-up about China. I keep a pint jar partially full of coins in the drink holder of my car. I keep little enough money that no one’s broken into my car for it *knocks on wood* but enough to be able to feed parking meters as needed. :)I think it’s pretty.

  20. I’m relatively new to canning too, but I really want to try canning things besides jams, like maybe pie filling or spaghetti sauce. I’d love to win these!

  21. I am just getting really into canning, but I have quite a stash of jars I use for storage of every conceivable little thing I can find to put in them. I just love the way they look. Great giveaway, I hope I win!

  22. My fav use for mason jars (besides canning) is for flowers, or drinking iced tea. Not a southern girl, but I do like ice tea on a hot day.
    Thanks for the opportunity. Will come in handy when I start canning this summer.

  23. OOPS…sorry, just realized that I didn’t leave my unconventional use of jars…I use them to store craft supplies in mine…although when I was growing up, my grandparents and aunt used them for Sweet Tea…

  24. I’ve used canning jars to hold toothbrushes, cotton balls, & qtips in the washroom, hubby uses them to organize screws, nails, & smaller tools in the garage. I’ve also stored leftover seeds in smaller canning jars for next season.
    Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  25. I use my jars for everything. Canning, drinking, making individual pies, vases, dry goods canisters (which I vac seal with a FoodSaver), I make our own toothpaste, face wash using the littlest jars and split out bulk applesauce and other goods into take-along sizes. I keep pet food in them and popped holes in a top making shaker jars for baking soda and other dry cleaning goods and air fresheners.

    I should probably stop now…

  26. Jars never go unused at my house. We process everything we can get our hands on…from venison to wild turkey to sauerkraut. I can always use more jars!

  27. Oh yay! So glad to hear there’s a real competitor out there and that these are less expensive! The jar looks very sturdy. Have you tried it in pressure canning yet? No breakage?

    I don’t know how unconventional it is, but I use my canning jars for just about everything, including (but not limited to) bug collecting (I have six kids), homeschool projects (did I mention I have six kids?), holding homemade dishwasher detergent, holding homemade laundry detergent, as a vase for wildflowers, to transport algae from the lake to my compost pile, and about a million other uses. LOL

  28. I have a plan to use canning jars for tiny terrariums to give as gifts. Also, I store all my homemade bath/beauty products in jars.

  29. I think the most unconventional I get with canning jars is using them for rice, nuts, etc for my dry goods storage! I’m not very creative in that aspect I guess! Would love to try these though.:)

  30. I have a jar on my desk full of marbles from my childhood that I use as a paper weight. I love it. πŸ™‚

  31. what a great review, thank you for all the information! my favorite unconventional canning jar use is for displaying each summer vacation collection. we gather items that remind us of that vacation–sand and shells from the beach, or twigs and nuts from a trip to a state park, etc.–and then arrange them in the jar with a printout of a picture of us at that location. different size jars arranged together on a shelf make a very personal display and protect our little treasures at the same time.

    • That is such an awesome idea! What a space saver too… either stored on a display shelf together or tucked here and there through out your home, a tidy little time capsule. Thanks for the pretty visual image!

  32. AWESOME to hear new canning jars are coming out! I use them for everything, from drinking , to food storage, to sewing notions storage, cotton balls and sooo much more!

  33. o my fav. unconventional canning jar use…to store any foodstuff in that originally comes in plastic…until I find ways to bypass the darn plastic…

  34. I love canning jars… I can quite a bit and love putting stuff in jars πŸ™‚ Hoping to win. Thanks for the great give away!

  35. I love canning! (and would love to win). I need a new batch of jars to get ready for strawberry rhubarb jam season πŸ™‚

  36. I have used canning jars to make a layered cornbread salad to take on picnics and others to serve iced tea. I really feel that glass is better for us than plastics. Sorry Rubbermaid!

  37. I would love to give these jars a try. My current unconventional use of jars is to hold the treasure (shiny rocks) my kids find on the playgrounds they visit. The jar has been ongoing for about two years now.

  38. Canning jars make marvelous flower vases! In fact, I used loads of (borrowed) quart-sized jars filled with flowers from my garden as center pieces for our wedding last summer! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. I have dairy goats, and I use both half-gallon and quart-size canning jars to store the milk. Don’t know what I’d do without them! (And thank God for storage caps!)

  40. I do alot of canning. I use jars for everything that I want to keep fresh. Way to bad they are made in China πŸ™

    Thank you!!

  41. I am excited to see the new jars. I am disappointed as well by them being made in China. πŸ™ I have been canning food for about 4 years now. It saved us during the 19 months of unemployment we faced over the last 2 years. This last year Christmas was all done in jars….baking mixes, nuts, little notes of love. I use them for storing my homemade laundry and dishwashing detergent too. I love jars….great for EVERYTHING!!!

  42. The most inventive thing that I’ve seen canning jars used for so far, is a short wall shelf with built in ‘vases’. They took a shelf board, cut a few holes in it just a smidge bigger than the jar mouth, pushed the canning jars up through the bottom so just the lip part of the jar stuck out the top. Then, tightened just the ring on the top so the jars wouldn’t go back through the holes. Fill with a bit of water and some flowers, it makes a nice, unique piece of wall decor.

  43. I broke so many of our glasses over the years that mason jars now out number our drinking glasses. So we just use them instead! They are, of course, much harder to break and they just look so cute!

  44. I would love to win these….I am having to start all over and have nothing but a canner right now….so I would really love to have these so I can, can….(pun intended) I will dance if I win! Thanks.

  45. I have a giant jar on my windowsill in my laundry room, it must be a quart and a half, or 2 quarts even? It’s filled with homemade laundry detergent (thanks to Carter at the Kitchenette) and I have a silver coffee scoop that I keep in there to measure it out with. It makes me so happy to see it in the window, especially with the sun shining in!

  46. I was just drinking mango margaritas out of Mason jars last night to help celebrate Cinco de Mayo! I also like them as candle holders for votive candles (you can hang them in trees with a little wire) or to make them into a soap dispenser.

  47. I have a good ol’ mason jar with a chip in it which is reserved for catching spiders. I even decorated it with an ACME Spider Trapper logo.

  48. We drink our green smoothies in quart jars and culture kefir in pint and quart jars (not too unconventional), and I once took a sample of my dog’s urine to the vet in a half-pint jar. It was crazy running around after her trying not to disturb her too much while she squatted, but it worked!

  49. My favorite unconventional use of a canning jar is to use them for work snacks. The 4oz. jars are perfectly sized for a handful of raisins and a Babybel cheese, a scoop of hummus or a dipping sauce for fresh veggies. The lid is more secure than the “disposable” plastic containers.

    We also use wide-mouth pint jars as drinking glasses at home – virtually indestructible!

  50. i am new to canning! my husband just bought me a pressure canner and last week was my first time using it–i canned ground beef! i have lots of mason jars that ive collected over the years at thrift stores that are vases and holders of lots of crafty do-dads. i love the way they look and im so excited to start canning my heart out this spring and summer with all the yummy fruits and veggies im growing! and im canning chicken in a couple weeks! woohoo!


  51. I’ve use my jars for vases at my wedding, making yogurt, storing dry goods in the cupboard, and for egg shells (which get broken and fed back to the hens).

  52. I use my jars not only for preserves but for storing all my dehydrated goods and powders. I make my own onion, pepper, tomato, and herb powders. Thanks for the post.

  53. I turned a couple mason jars into what my coworker so lovingly dubbed ‘west virginia sippy cups’. I drilled a hole in a lid so that a straw would fit through and now I have a travel cup. I had two friends who liked them so much i made them one too.

  54. I would love to try some new jars! I’ve been using them for all sorts of things, including toting the morning smoothie to work.

  55. The 4oz jars are perfect for plain yogurt I make or buy in large tubs because they don’t leak all over my bag when I carry them to work.

  56. It seems these days there are no unconventional uses for canning jars, I use mine for everything from storage, beverage containers, the occasional vase, and look forward to baking in them in the near future as well.

  57. I store all my beans, grains, sugar, tea, nuts & seeds…in Mason jars. My favorite use though is an old blue jar filled with all my treasures from beach walks (shells, sea glass, wood…).

  58. I store my sewing thread in some of my vintage jars. Love these canning jars. YAY for competition!!

  59. my kids get a big kick out of it when I drink anything out of a jar. its fun to grab a jar and pour water in it just to get them to tell me how funny it is.
    I don’t have a huge stash of jars, most of them have preserves in them, so much so that I had to freeze the approx 12 lbs of blueberries I picked with my kids the last few weeks because I don’t have enough jars to make jam in.

  60. Thanks for the information! I won’t be going to WalMart to buy jars made in China… but I appreciate the info. πŸ™‚

  61. Hello!! This is my first year canning!! I’m learning!! I would love to win this!! I would send pics!!

    Thank you!

  62. I often use them for vases – especially the quart size. Peonies don’t fall over, works great for pussy willows, which are just coming out here. Would love some to try

  63. I love canning summer peaches, and making different jams and jellies. Canning season is coming and I am very excited.

  64. The most unsual thing I do is bake browinies in pint jars and seal them up for up to a year! So yummy! I love the ideas I’ve seen on here.. I am going to try some πŸ™‚ Thanks

  65. My kids love to can with me, but we also use canning jars for all sorts of other things around here… as drinking glasses, for holding art supplies, for collecting/displaying pretty sea glass from the beach, you name it. I don’t know how unconventional it is, but right now my fave non-canning use is to hold our everyday silverware. I found a narrow antique wooden toolbox w/ a handle and stood four pint jars side-by-side in it. Each jar holds a particular type of utensil, and it makes it easy for my wee ones to help set the table. They just bring the whole toolbox to the table and go to town. (Gotta love thrifty, useful things that also happen to look great in a country kitchen!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. I use canning jars for everything! Canning (obviously), dry goods, dog treats, homemade yogurt, a container for sewing supplies, vases…

  67. I can never have enough jars! The more I have the more I can.
    I would love to try a new brand of jars. I’m always game for something new. I plan on trying to pickle some asparagus this year.We grow two acres of it and have only frozen it. Can’t wait to try and pickle some. Thanks

  68. Always looking for ways to save on jars – please enter me. We can fruits, vegetables, meats, soups, salsa, jelly, jam, relish,…tryin’ somthin’ new all the time! Thanks, ~Leslie

  69. cool! Those look really nice πŸ™‚ Right now my jars are all full of grapefruitcello & homemade grenadine. Oh, and some green garlic salad dressing. I love jars! I also noticed a typo in this post. You wrote “they are doing an amazingly good just with their new product.” I think you meant an amazingly good JOB.

  70. Hello!

    I use glass jars to keep my spices in, I mix up big batches of my own spice mix and toss Γ©m in the pantry. I also use them for dry good storage, storing meat grease in the freezer until full to close and toss AND just two weeks ago I made my first attempt at yogurt using jars from La Madeline (delicious Tom/Basil soup).

    I totes megoats need new jars as mine tend to disappear!

  71. This looks great! I just found an awesome recipe for Strawberry Meyer Lemon marmalade and can’t wait to try it.

  72. I use tons of canning jars with my crafting business. I store supplies such as buttons, beads, crystals etc in them. I also store finished bridal bouquets in them to show off the knotted handles as well as the florals!

  73. I LOVE canning and would love to try out this new line of jars! Thank you for letting me know about that!

  74. Nifty! I’m going to be doing a mess o’canning this year…teaching my friend and housemate the bit I know of preserving food, once we succeed with how to garden and defeat the rascally groundhog that’s nomming our goodies!

  75. I love to use them to cut out the bread for an egg-in-the-hole (otherwise known as a bird’s nest). They’re the perfect size for my favorite bread!

  76. OH I WOULD LOVE TO TRY THEM OUT. My favorite way to use extra jars is for a candle light setting. I have a beautiful photo that I would like to share with you, but I dont know how to. I group several jars together in an old wooden container and place tealights and/or differnt types of candles in them. The light reflecting off of the glass is beautiful.

  77. I have been wanting to start up canning and these canning jars would be an awesome start to my adventurous endeavor πŸ™‚

  78. I use canning jars for everything, just like so many of these lovely ladies! I sent my kid to school with lunch in them, freeze things, store things, can things, hold paint brushed, grow seeds… on and on! Please enter me for your wonderful giveaway πŸ™‚

  79. I work in a laboratory and use vintage jars for storing my tools (scalpels, scissors, spatulas, tweezers, etc) for easy access on my lab bench. I use jars with chips in the rims so they’re no good for canning. They’re so sturdy I’ve been using the same jars for almost a decade. Bonus: they can be easily auto-claved if they’ve come into contact with any biohazards.

    I would love to put these new jars to the test for more conventional uses.

  80. I’m still new to canning. However I know how to do tomatoes very well from doing it with my grandma many seasons over the yrs. For now I’m using jars to blend and make my own sauces, marinades, vinegars, oils and to store my fresh dried herbs.

  81. I just started canning in the last few years, and have slowly been updating my stash. It’s been pretty hard to find jars in Vegas as canning is not a popular thing to do here. However my next trip back east I am planning on packing up some of my late grandmothers jars to bring home with me. I would love to get these to start my daughters first set of jars off. She actually got a blue and red ribbon in the local fair this year for canned apricots from our only local orchard.

  82. I would love to give these a try. However, I will probably only try these, IF I win, being that they are made in China.

  83. I don’t really have any super unconventional uses for my jars. I use them for storage, as vases, drinking glasses, and sometimes as candle holders.

  84. i use my jars for everything! my kids use them as coin jars too. i make vanilla and store them in them, i put leftovers in them, i keep hair barrettes in them and much more.

  85. I don’t know if it’s my favourite use, but yesterday I used a jar and lid to trap a spider in my bathtub and keep him contained until I could bring him outside.

  86. bulk foods – i can get them tared at the customer service desk first so that i’m not paying for the heavy glass – the employee just writes the tare weight on the lid. saves plastic and i know i’m bringing home just the right amount!

  87. When my canning jars have reached the end of their seal-able life, they become feeders for my beehives or mini cloches for delicate seedlings in the garden. Pick me!

  88. My unconventional use is probably pretty normal. I have two vintage Atlas jars that are permenantly streaky from years of hard use. Since I can’t get them really clean any more I just use them as pencil jars on my counter.

  89. This is going to be my first canning season, I just use old jam bottles for storing leftovers in the fridge.

    Would LOVE to win these

  90. I love canning jars! I use them for canning, storing food, I put all the buttons that I find Ina small jelly jar. My kids vacation treasures go into a half gallon canning jar. My girls each have a small jar for their earrings.

  91. I regularly use canning jars to carry lunches to work. Now after seeing the baked eggs, I am guessing occasional breakfasts too!

  92. Like Joan, I don’t want to be entered into the contest. Many canning jars and lids are made in my home state of Indiana, so I will proudly keep supporting the US manufacturer of products.

  93. I love using my jars for leftovers and to take my lunch to work. They’re also great for baby food storage of my homemade baby food.

  94. These jars look great. My most unconventional use is a wide mouth pint on my bathroom counter for my makeup brushes.

  95. Mason jars can be found in each nook and cranny of my apt… From candle holders, to spice jars, to displaying photos and in fridge to cool drinking water… I even have an herb garden planted in mason jars. I just told my best friend i’m actually running out!! Would love an opportunity to find new ways to use them around the house!!

  96. I’m not sure if you’ll ship, should the winner be in Canada, but here goes: The most unconventional thing I’ll use a mason jar for is to hold flowers or oil blends I’ve made and want to store (like a homemade lavender oil for baby’s bath.)

  97. While I use jars for most everything, my favorite non-canning use would probably be as a vase for flowersβ€”simply because I love fresh flowers and I always think the aesthetic of them in a quart jar is awesome.

  98. Bummer that they’re made in China. I really love the fact that they rings and lids are able to be interchanged with Ball, Kerr, etc. And also LOVE the free area to put on a label (I agree, Marisa, not a fan of the wheat emboss) but I just feel like there are so few things that are still made in the U.S. I would rather pay the extra few $.

  99. My husband loves your ice-coffee-in-a-jar, but since I don’t drink coffee, I use a mason jar for herbal infusions. When I was pregnant, I would put a quarter cup of maternity tea blend in the bottom of a quart jar, pour in the boiling water and steep until cool, strain into another jar, and refrigerate to be sipped throughout the day. During allergy season, I do the same with a handful or two of nettles.

  100. What don’t I use them for!! From bathroom item storage to using them as to go containers for our lunches! If it fits in a jar, I’ll store it in a jar! Lol!

  101. I would LOVE these, I have been breaking my jars all Winter! I use them for all kind of storage. I did see the cutest holder made with a Mason jar that I’m thinking about making. If you think outside the box, Mason jars are awesome.

  102. I don’t use them for anything unconventional at the moment, but I plan on using them for centerpieces at my wedding. Which will hopefully be next summer, I just have to wait for the boyfriend to propose first πŸ™‚

  103. Canning jars are so handy for many things other than canning. That’s why I love them! I use them for homemade body lotions, storing knitting needles or even as a drinking cup.

  104. When we moved out into the country last year, I decided to get rid of as much plastic as possible in my life. I now use my canning jars to hold all kinds of leftovers. They also hold all of my bulk baking goods that I buy in “small” amounts. Wheat gluten, egg replacer, dried cranberries, dried peas and beans. My pantry looks so beautiful filled with food that I can “see”.

  105. I have only in the past few years ventured beyond the blackberry jam canning that I’ve always done. I started canning tuna a few years back much to the dismay of my family who HATE with a passion the infernal rattle of the canner. Most unconventional would likely be the red tuna that is generally tossed overboard with the other trimmings by the fisherpeople who dress out my fish for me. Instead I ask for the red meat for my cats and am usually blessed with the oily leftovers from any other tuna they’ve cleaned along with mine. I use tiny jars and end up with a lot of cat food that would put to shame those expensive fancy little cans in the market. And yes, it is SO worth it to pay the deck hand to clean that fish instead of picking scales off my kitchen surfaces for a month.

  106. I just started canning last year, and don’t have a huge stash of jars, so most of my uses are conventional. Besides the actual canned things, we have a few jars of foods from the dehydrator, and then a couple of ‘mixes’ done up and ready to go. My husband will cook if it’s easy, but I got tired of buying mixes from the store that had insane amounts of sodium and who knows what all else in them. So I started putting together homemade mixes that he can just dump into a pot with some water or a can of tomatoes or what not.

  107. Glad there will be a little more competition in the market. Don’t really use them for anything unconventional. Storing dry goods in the pantry (we do a lot of bulk buying) an occasional vase and storing other bits and bobs around the house. However, I pretty much save all the good jars for canning and preserving!

  108. I am a working artist and canning jars are useful for everything from holding new brushes, used brushes, cleaning stations and solvent containers.

    I also mix paints in them and the quart jars are the perfect size to use on a pressure roller I have – it just screws right on.

  109. Great to have another jar company but I’m wondering if they make their lids with BPA in them like Ball. I didn’t see any other commenters ask that question. I’ve switched over to mainly using Tattler lids.
    Like many others, I use jars in my sewing room to store assorted notions.

  110. I’d love to win some free jars! I think my old wire closure jars look best when they hold my way too extensive collection of knitting needles. And the lids are great for lining up all the little ingredients when you are cooking.

  111. i use a quart jar for the snipped ends of embroidery floss. a small jar has 9 large vintage bone buttons in it so they don’t get jostled or dinged. i should actually *use* them for something, but i don’t want them damaged! so, for now, they’re displayed in thier jar.

  112. I love canning…. Each summer i try to can at least 100 quarts of spaghetti sauce each year…. With 3 growing boys i surely do use it all…

  113. Well, I don’t know ifit is unconventional since it has now become popular, but I like to serve and give cupcakes in a jar. people who get them just ooooh and ahhhh like it is such a fabulous thing. Even my kids prefer this way for eating cupcakes and are the stars of the classsroom table when they bring them in for lunch.

    I give so much food away in jars, I will be thrilled for a price break on jars. We do need a little competition around here.

  114. Just getting into canning proper, but have used jars for all kinds of things. My favorite was making moss terrariums.

  115. I use jars for everything, I kind of have a little problem. Is it wrong to choose the drink I want from a cooler based on how I’ll use the jar? πŸ™‚

    Most of my jars are used to store food! My favorites are all the antique jars that my Grandma horded.

  116. I don’t know that this is very unconventional these days, but my grandmother’s vintage blue jars made beautiful window decor and centerpieces at my wedding/reception last summer.

  117. I like to store pasta in canning jars! It stays fresh and the little mice that find their way into the house every once and a while can’t munch their way through the glass! πŸ™‚ I also love to use canning jars to give friends and family various culinary yummies over the holidays!

  118. I don’t think there’s a new way to use Mason jars but I’ll bet if I had time to read all of these comments I might be surprised! I haven’t made a chandelier, but I’d like to try!

  119. Competition is always good for the market place, too bad they are not American made. Wonder if in the future that will change? We can hope. My unconventional use of canning jars is crushed eggshells I use for craft projects. I store different size pieces in different jars.

  120. I have a window full fo the old blue mason jars with zinc lids… they hold all our nuts, seeds, dried fruit, granola that top our cereals.

  121. I use them for storing food items, nothing too crazy — but my mom has some pictures on display in canning jars though too.

  122. My husband and I have a small coffee roasting business, and we package most of our coffee beans in canning jars. I’m excited to hear about these new jars!

  123. I got away from canning and now am back so Yay! Love your site! Thanks for offering the box of jars, I could sure use them! Keep up the great work.

  124. Like so many others here, I use canning jars for just about all of my small storage needs. Bulk herbs and spices, dehydrated foods, leftovers, craft and sewing supplies, office supplies, vases and occasionally for drinking glasses when we have a crowd.

  125. Gosh, there is nothing that I don’t use them for. I recently use the quart for my button collection by colors….they look so pretty on the shelf. One also holds my husband’s marbles when he was a young boy.

  126. Very cool! Im excited to see some of the jam jar designs but just purchased 2 dozen more jars and they are getting pricy! can’t wait to get some of these!!

  127. What a nice giveaway! I use my jars (other than canning) for storing dry goods in our food storage. I like to vacuum seal them with my Foodsaver so everything stays nice and fresh. Oh, and I love storing my kids writing supplies in them too!

  128. at my house we use the littlest mason jars we could find ( i think 1/2 cup ) to store and organize spices.

  129. I use them for storing leftovers and gifting food to friends. (After I had my baby, my doula brought me soup in a jar and I felt like I should smack myself in the head–why wasn’t I doing that?!) I also use one to store my white vinegar, because we buy vinegar in bulk and keep the big container in the laundry room (excellent alternative to commercial softeners). Hubby uses them to store all sorts of little things in his shop.

  130. I would love to win these jars! Like several others here, I store a lot of my sewing supplies in empty canning jars.

  131. The most unconventional use for Mason jars I know is a college professor I had (waaaay back in the 70s) said the only “Coke” suitable to drink came in 6 oz bottles (remember them??) and if you didn’t have a crystal glass to serve it in, a Mason jar was just as good.

  132. Recently my 4 yr old decided to help himself to a glass of milk and poured it into a quart canning jar. He could reach the jars in my lower cupboards, his cups are kept in the upper cupboards.
    He likes the jars better so I got some smaller jelly jars for him to use as drinking glasses and they work so much better due to the straight sides.

  133. I use jars for just about everything including canning, cooking, storage, as beverage containers, and one for a terrarium.

  134. I use canning jars for transporting homemade frosting. That way when I take cupcakes to potlucks, each person can frost their own.

  135. I’m on the drinking from it wagon. My favorite is a handled canning jar I bought local honey in. Emergency candle (with lower temp burn soy wax) is another. With the handle you can just pick it up and go.

  136. With a 3 boy household + a small jam & chutney business, I go thru’ jars like there’s no tomorrow! Kerr won’t sell me cases wholesale unless I buy a pallet, so I’m hoping this may help me out! The most unusual use we have had with our jars may have been the housing one provided a fire-bellied frog my son shared a room with…the jar is still with us. Alas, the frog is not…

  137. I store in my jars, make salad dressing and can…..I’m so predictable. Sorry, no new and different ideas.

  138. After reading through some of the comments, I’m not sure my uses for jars besides canning are that unconventional! Besides canning, I use jars for storing leftovers, storing dry items using food saver, candles, soaps, buttons … pretty much whatever I need a container to hold things!

  139. I use canning jars for morning coffee (with a knitted jar cozy, of course), as well as organizers for my vanity with various sizes holding bobby pins, hair clips, hair brushes, accessories, etc.

  140. I seem to use my jars for just about everything. I even buy my lotion in gallon jugs at the massage school and portion it out in to 1/2 pints for use. So handy!

  141. I don’t have any unusual uses for the jars. I like to buy the old blue/green colored ones at yard sales and use them decoratively around the house. ~Thank you.

  142. Use cheesecloth or window screen instead of lid, and close with ring for preying mantis or lightening bug houses.

    Not THAT’s not conventional!

  143. What do you think about Weck jars? I haven’t started canning yet (would love to in a few years) and I love the look of these… Since I have no personal experience with canning jars, is there something to the traditional Mason/Ball type jars that throws people off of the Weck jars?

  144. We go through vast quantities of canning jars every year, but the cool antique jars become solar lights for window display or picnic tables.

  145. I just bought a couple cases of jars but could always use more. My boring unconventinal use – I use them as glasses. πŸ™‚

  146. What don’t we use canning jars for here?! Storing leftovers, drinking glasses (adults use quarts, kids use pints or half pints), storing nuts, herbs, dried fruit, craft supplies, making herbal tinctures. Half gallons get used for raw milk from the farm, storing baking supplies, homemade granola. Older, blue jars with zinc or glass lids are used for decor, storing seasonal candies or other seasonal items. Also use them as vases for flowers. Love, love, love them!

  147. I’m still getting my feet wet with canning, but have lots of plans and recipes awaiting summer goodness. Would love to try these out and will keep an eye out for them in stores.
    Thank you!

  148. We use canning jars for traditional things like leftovers and drinking glasses, as well as for crazy things. My favorite? Adding in glow sticks and using it as a portable lantern.

  149. I’m just itching for canning season. Even my husband stores all his nails, screws and other garage paraphenalia in canning jars.

  150. I use a Mason jar screwed into my blender base to make smoothies or hummus, chopped nuts or nut butters, salsa, ground spices or coffee beans, etc. — no need to switch the contents to another container, just drink the smoothie straight from the jar or screw on a lid to store the others. **Not suitable for hot liquids!!**

    I also use a Mason jar for making yoghurt; this is especially handy when making it to take to a potluck brunch! And of course for storing dry goods and for canning.

    I’m also in Canada, but couldn’t resist joining in!

  151. I use them for everything, like as catch all jars, but I will carry one in my purse for filling with bulk dry goods from the store πŸ™‚

  152. Most often they are used for canning and storage, but the most unconventional thing I’ve done with my empty jars is turn them into beautiful terrariums!

  153. I send friends home with leftovers in canning jars. Maybe I’m secretly hoping they’ll pick up the habit just to get rid of all the jars they’ve collected from me. πŸ™‚

  154. i’m completely new to canning and am happy to see a less expensive option as the initial investment is a little eye opening despite the fact that over the long term, I will be saving a considerable amount by preserving the products of my garden.

  155. Right now I have a couple of seedlings growing in jars in the window. I’ve also used them as candle-holders and catch-alls.

  156. I made pop-overs in jars a few times recently with great success! (And I’m pretty sure I originally found the link through one of your facebook posts!)

  157. The last thing I did with a Mason Jar is made my husband and myself some bloody mary’s, but we also steep tea in the micro daily in the a mason jar

  158. Wow, nice jars, but, it really is too bad they aren’t made in the good old USofA! I am Canadian & feel we all really do need to think about supporting our own.

  159. I will look for these, although I am hesitant (for product safety reasons) to use jars made in China. Question: what do you think of the Golden Harvest jars? They seem thinner, although I have not had trouble with the few I have used.

    My unconventional use for canning jars is to carry cheap wine to “BYOB” restaurants in this dry county of mine – no corking fee! Of course, they are quite commonly used for moonshine in this dry county of mine, too. ;^D

    • Sandra, I’ve only had limited experience with Golden Harvest jars, but those that I’ve used have been just fine. However, I’ve heard that other people have had increased breakage with their Golden Harvests.

  160. As the weather has gotten nicer out here, I’ve taken to using canning jars as the ultimate sack lunch accessory. I’ll make an individual salad in a pint mason jar by layering the components and then throw the dressing in a 4oz jar. The glass stays colder longer than the plastic does and there’s no mess.

  161. That’s exciting! I have two half pint jars as terrariums on my window sill, and use a blue vintage wire top as a vase. Other than that, they pretty much stay in the kitchen =)

  162. I love making infused cocktails in my quart jars. My favorite: Korean Soju (a lighter version of Vodka) steeped with a sliced pear and cinnamon stick. Mixed with a little apple cider it’s the most ridiculously delicious and easy Fall cocktail.

  163. i second the martini comment! I love canning jams and fruits at home. it makes me feel so little house on the prairie.

  164. As a (relatively) new homeowner, I’ve got several differnt colors of leftover paint in jars, as well as different size nails and screws.


  165. I keep my spare button collection in a large mason jar. It’s great to be able to see through the sides as you fish around for the right button!

  166. I really do not have anything to complain about but I welcome a new supplier on the market. If it is a little less money so much the better. I can a lot of salsas, pickles, relish, and many other good idea projects. I would really like to get a sample of the new jars and put them to good use. I welcome the chance to give them a go.

  167. I am finally moving into a house where I can grow a garden again, after living in an apt. for the last 2 yrs. I grew up on a farm and married a farmer. I had a garden and fruit for 24 yrs., then my husband passed and I had to move. Now remarried, I am finally going to have a garden again. Cannot wait to freeze an can my own produce again. I would love to win these as I had to get rid of most of my jars.

  168. I use jars for food only, but I have about 100 in circulation at any given time. I use them for all kinds of food for work. Yesterday I brought five to work with me. So I guess the most unusual use is transporting tortilla chips. Screw you, Ziploc!

  169. I’ve been enjoying your site and admiring your ideas for some time and I’d love to be entered in your giveaway. Thanks very much for the chance!

  170. I am always looking for more jars. have found some nice 1 1/2 pint size at a local estate sale. I would love to try the news jars you have talked about.

  171. Wow, thanks for this great giveaway! I actually just starting canning yesterday after a few months of research. I made a delicious batch of raspberry/blackberry jam and now I am hooked! I would love to try out these new jars by Penley!

  172. I’ve been canning for a few years now, and noticed that some commercial jarred sauces, like spaghetti sauce come in “mason jars”. Can you these jars for home canning? I haven’t tried to use them, but have been wondering about using them. I don’t see why not, as long as the threads match, and they are in good condition.

    • The only jars other than canning jars recommended by the USDA are the jars that commercial spaghetti sauce is sold in. They would be a good alternative and a great way to recycle.

  173. I always store my sourdough starter in a tiny mason jar and build it up in a quart jar, it’s just about always the perfect size to hold the risen starter and its quite nice that its clear. A quart jar is also my vase.

  174. I used quart canning jars to collect tickets for selected teachers to “Kiss a Pig” at the school carnival. The jars were decorated and the teacher with the most tickets had to “Kiss a Pig.” The fundraiser was a huge success and the empty, but decorated jars sold (oddly back to the teachers) for additional money.

  175. Oh, I would love to have a shot at those jars. This is my first year canning, I’ve normally done other things like bake bread, and make all the food for the house, example: Today I snipped and dried the green onion tops of all the red onions I’ve planted. Crumbled, they make a great Onion Flake alternative which I do store in a Ball quart jar.

  176. Count me in! I use mine for memory jars from vacations. My kids filled the bottom with sand and then rocks, shells, feathers, ect they find while away. Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. Besides canning things, I also use jars instead of glasses for drinking; I also have a selection of vintage jars holding a collection of vintage marbles, which looks charming on a windowsill. Thanks for the fun contest!

  178. I’ve also always been a fan of using jars for beverages. The ability to slap a lid on and take it with you is a major plus.

  179. Lately, since spring has been very slow in coming to Seattle, I’ve taken to bringing homemade smoothies to work in jars. I make them the night before and put them in the freezer. Then, I tote them to work on my bicycle. And drink with a straw at lunch. Feels like summer πŸ™‚

  180. I love canning. I plan on expanding my canning to include salsa verde. I love to get these jars! Thank you for sharing.

  181. we use quart sized canning jars around here to freeze our goat milk when the surplus grows to be too much to handle at the time. just make sure you don’t fill them to the top, as the frozen milk expands and will break your jar without space to grow. thanks for your generous giveaway.

  182. So great to hear about some additional company makeing jars. I’ve been following about two months now and am soo excited about some of the items I’ve seen and tried. It has given me a new outlook. The last was a weeks work of breakfast eggs in jars! I usually make a crustless quiche and slice it up, but I love the jars!

  183. I dont’ do anything unusual with my jars. I use them to store things like leftovers, nuts, brown sugar, and buttons. I’ve used them as drinking glasses, and as soup bowls/cups when needed. I’d love to have these jars, I’m hopeing the weather co-operates this year and we can actually get some produce out of gardens here in the Pacific Northwest.

  184. Yay!!! I just got “Put ’em Up” in the mail today. I cannot WAIT for canning to begin!! It makes my heart go pitter patter.

  185. I could always (always!) use more canning jars. πŸ˜€
    I’ve used them for fermenting tomato seeds (half pints), storing dehydrated corn or peas (half-gallon), shaking up chocolate milk (pint), a ton of different spices/baking goodies (pint, quart, half gallon), or even an extra bowl for a picky 5yo (he wanted his applesauce in a ‘small jar’ but we were out of canned half-pints, so I just pilfered an empty one for the job).

  186. I use my jars for EVERYTHING… Canning, organization and I even plan on using some of my vintage ones to make a chandelier. WOuld LOVE to try out some new jars.


    • thank you for posting this….just makes me more steadfast in my resolve NOT to go outside the US for my products.

  188. Most unusual use is a Kerr jar I bought on vacation – New Mexico in a jar! Filled with rocks and minerals of the desert, a piece of adobe brick, cactus wood, dried pinto beans and blue corn seeds and a pottery shard. Put together by the owner of a mining museum in the middle of nowhere, the lid was painted turquoise and has a plastic red pepper glued to the top. The hand printed paper label is taped to the jar. One of my favorite souvenirs!

  189. I am saddened to see these jars made in China. I won’t be buying them in the future.
    A very popular choice, I use my vintage jars for dry good storage. I DO, however, have a small vintage Acme jar filled with marble I found in the driveway of an old country house I lived in. Hundreds of marbles! Who knows why they were there, but a fun treasure hunt.

  190. I’m disappointed with this review. There was no mention of whether the lids contain BPA, an ever increasing concern among canners, who in large numbers are turning to canning to avoid chemicals. In addition, not faulting the company for taking their production to China, because at least it gives us cheap canning jars, shows a short sighted view. Canning jars are one of the few things still made in the USA. The current economy, and the fact we are in this mess because we became a consumption nation instead of a production nation, should go hand in hand with the ideals of preservation of food. Saving a dollar or two is not worth what that savings costs us. Furthermore, I canned well over 300 jars of food last year. I have all those jars to can with, again, this year. A great investment, really. There are many ways to obtain canning jars less expensively, including yard sales, friends/aunts/moms/grandmothers giving them away, Craigslist. Very disappointed indeed. Needless to say, I don’t want to be entered into the drawing for China made canning jars.

    • I started canning last year. I’ve had to buy about 6 cases of jars but have “scored” at garage sales ($5 for 50 jars at one sale, about 40 free ones traded for 2 quarts of my applesauce at another sale). Another friend collected used jars to use as centerpieces at her wedding–she doesn’t can, so she gave me all of them! Point being, there are lots of jars out there for free. And, as Amy says, we get to use them year after year!

  191. I don’t have unconventional Mason jar uses. I use them to keep our coffee beans fresh, to can venison (canned venison is yummy) and salsa, and as kitchen glasses. And I always need more jars!

  192. I don’t think I’ve very unconventional in my use. I use them for canning my goal is always to fill up all my jars. Then I buy more (typically second hand) and then I try my best to fill them up. Last year with a new baby I still counted over 300 jars of food shortly before Christmas and this winter the motto in our house was that it wasn’t a day unless at least one jar was being washed. I loved it when it was more like 3-5. Of course now things are getting fairly sparse and I am mourning the last jar of this and the second to the last jar of that. My goal for this year is more jars and fill them all up!

    I do store dry goods in them when I have emptied a jar and have a need for more storage for beans and such…

    So not creative, I know!

    I’ve love a case of wide mouth quarts πŸ™‚

  193. I’m not sure if my mason jar uses are really all that unconventional, but when they’re not filled with tomatoes and your garlic pickles, I use ’em for sweet tea, storing oats and popcorn kernels.
    Baking cakes in mason jars is huge right now, you should do a recipe πŸ™‚

  194. I was thrilled to read about these until you mentioned they’re made in China. I had assumed they were being made in North America. This is a huge disappointment for me because I want to buy local, especially anything that is conservation related! So I’ll continue buying up old jars at yard sales. Too bad, I was hoping to won!

  195. I would love to win these to replace the ones I gave away during the holidays as gifts. My kids and I love to make jams and pickles together.

  196. I’m looking forward to my first year of canning and learning some of the old arts to pass on to my children. I am a single disabled mother that is working very hard to provide for my family. These jars would be great for my first year of canning and dehydrating. I also make my own candles and use these jars. Soooo excited here!

  197. i want them! whenever i buy green onions, i use the tops and put the white part into a jar with some water. in 2-3 days, you have more green onions to put on your omelets/burritos/whatever!

  198. Wow so many comments thew most unconventional way i have used them is to measure laundry detergent…I know it sounds strange but it worked before they let you use the top of the bottle. Abs still works great for dry detergent and sugar and flour the little one is best

  199. I store the spare buttons that come with my clothes in a pint jar on my dresser. Pretty to look at, and a handy way to keep all my buttons in one place.

  200. On windy spring days I use canning jars as hurricane lamps. They are also wonderful for impromptu bouquets.

  201. Hmmmm … I use them to store bouncy balls – not marbles or buttons but bouncy balls. The ones you spend a quarter for at the grocery store in those little machines. πŸ™‚ My husband collects them (and loses them!) so I “put them away” in the jars in the pantry. I’m up to 4 quarts so far! πŸ™‚

  202. Besides using jars for the usual preserves, I have lids attached to the underside of my cabinet where I can screw on jars filled with little tchatchkes like corn holders, stawberry hullers, crab forks etc.

  203. Well, it’s not particularly revolutionary, but I use extra jars to make and store homemade yogurt. Thanks so much for this review, and for your generous giveaways in general.

  204. I’ve been using a widemouth half-gallon to store my cupcake paper liners … Hundreds of them! They don’t get crushed and I can see exactly what I have.

  205. It’s not inspired but I use canning jars to store the bulk spices and herbs I buy and/or grow. They’re clear, they big enough to hold most bulk packaging sizes and I write the name on the lid in the event I have dementia one day and won’t remember what they are. Got this idea from Michael Smith on Chef At Home.

    • Great idea! I have mine in baggies and they’re a bit of a mess. I’d bet moving them to jars would clean ’em up (I could stack them) and then they’d stop falling out of the cupboard. Plus they’d probably seal up better and stay fresher. Thanks for this!

  206. I use my jars for candy πŸ™‚ small unwrapped candy like jellybeans, M&M’s etc. to keep them sorted and fresh. Also works with chocolate chips πŸ˜‰

  207. I store all kinds of bits an bobs that my three year old deposits around the house. Crayons, hair clips, play doh, you name it!

  208. Always willing to try something new. It amazed me that all of the other jars are made by the same company.

  209. While I’m alwasy interested in more jars, I try to avoid products made in China, so this gieveaway is not for me. I hope competition drives down the price of US made jars without sending them overseas!

  210. I love jars! Besides using them for all the usual foodie uses, I also love to use them for drinking glasses and vases. I also store all my powdered chicken medicine and electrolytes in them to help keep them from clumping up from moisture. (I also want to try those solar powered lights you featured recently…very cool). Please sign me up for the drawing!

  211. I know this isn’t that unconventional….but I love to make iced coffee and shake it up in a mason jar for summer mornings.

  212. I have used canning jars for everything from holding odds and ends mails/ screws to sprouting greens for salads to drinking glasses. Of course I used every size for canning from the 1/2 pint through the quarts and even a few gallon jars my mother had, these are a pain to do a water bath on, lol.

  213. How exciting to get some new brands of canning jars! Competition can only be a good thing. One thing I use a canning jar for is to store salt by my stove. I cut the top off a round salt box, cut it to the right size to fit on a regular mouth pint jar, and add a ring. Then I have the pour spout from the salt box, but the salt stays dry and protected (I used to get grease soaking into the salt box, now I don’t).

  214. I had taken some sugar syrup in a quart jar down to the garden to feed my new bees and found them dead in a pile. I scooped some into the jar and went angrily back to the (warm) house to study them. Once I dumped them out on the table, they started to come back to life! So naturally I scooped them back into the jar in a hurry, and put some cheesecloth over the top. The rest of the bees I brought in in other containers, and most of them lived in the end, but those first 30 or so spent the whole night in a mason jar, eating honey dripped in from the top.

  215. When I was little, we would run around barefoot in our backyard in the summer collecting fireflies in ball jars. Now, I like to fit them with a wire mesh lid and use them to sprout seeds for sandwiches.

  216. Oh it’d be fun to win some jars! I somehow wind up giving away a lot of jam and my poor jars never seem to come home. ^^ My most unconventional use? In the late spring after we’ve eaten though a lot of our canned goods I use the mason jars as cloches in the garden for the wee baby plants. I’ve got to make sure they make through any frosts, otherwise what will I be canning in the late summer?!

  217. I think in my house it’s more a question of what canning jars don’t get used for! I often hang dangly earring (the hook kind) off the outside of a canning jar on my dresser. Keeps them neat and contained.

  218. I hope people who see these in the store stop and realize where the jars are made. Kerrs and Masons are made in the U.S. With gas at $4/gallon and rising, why would we support a manufacturer that is shipping heavy glass objects across the ocean–even if you save a buck on the jars, think of what all those imported goods do to the price of gas overall. Not to mention the safety concerns others have mentioned above–who knows what kind of cost-cutting corners were taken?

    If you’re trying to save money on jars–hit the thrift store, walk around your neighborhood to investigate yard sales this summer, stop by estate sales. Don’t buy jars made in China!

  219. All right! I’m really hoping they will be selling their lids on their own like Ball does. I really have a good supply of jars, but always have to buy lids of course. I agree that the lid is full for writing on.

    My current unconventional canning jar thing is using the little bitty half pints as votive holders. I’m sure tons of people do this, but I never have before.

  220. I use my jars for everything – conventional and not. Storing my raw milk from the farm, storing my homemade baby food, penholders, vases, waterers, drinking glasses, the list goes on πŸ™‚

  221. I use canning jars for a variety of things.
    I love to drink from them. Though they are heavier to carry around than reusable plastic bottles, there is a certain charm I can’t resist.

  222. Keep our baby chicks food and water in a jar next to their brooder.. just makes for a quick and easy grab and refill their feeers.

  223. These look wonderful. I cringed at the Made in China tag, but your point about that allowing for the lower cost is well-taken. My most creative use of a canning jar is storage of homemade rose beads. Opening the lid of that jar is like gathering up a whiff of last summer’s sunshine and flowers all blended together into a permanent sense memory.

    • i would rather spend $2 more for a case and know that I am helping an American worker keep his/her job than save a buck.

      • That’s good, Suzy, but this isn’t a comment section for your politics. It’s a giveaway with comments about use of canning jars.

  224. This will be my first year really canning so I haven’t done anything unusual with jars yet—besides keep loose change. Hope to win!

  225. My mason jars are multipurpose in the kitchen and around the house. They hold dry goods, leftovers, safety pins, crayons, you name it.

  226. I’ve looped wire around them and created my own outdoor chandelier. Just pop a candle in and light up the patio. My dad used them in his shop – nailed the lids into the bottoms of shelves and screwd the jars in to keep his nails and screws and small hardware seperate , organized and visible. Also, very best iced tea glasses in the world! ;0)

  227. I put tiny christmas lights in one and added a lid with a hole for the cord. Looks nice light up. I used the multi-colored ones.

  228. Cool ! My wife and I do alot of home projects . We use jars for everything from keeping leftover paint for touch ups ,and for keeping nails and screws in them. Not to mention my wife is the “canning queen of the san joaquin” lol ! But really , she cans everything from fruits to vegies and has just started making ketchup . Score for me ! She would love some new jars !

  229. I use my large quart jars as flower vases when I have long stem flowers because the vases I have are only bud vases.

  230. I have grown fond of making a fruit jam vinaigrette in the nearly empty jam jars. My Gooseberry Jam vinaigrette is our family favorite, but the Raspberry Jam vinaigrette is really just as delicious. I think that making the salad dressing in the almost empty jam jar solves several small kitchen dilemmas,what to do with the smallish amount of jam and then, secondly the salad vinaigrette has a great place to be mixed and stored in, and serving it up over salads is a breeze.

  231. I like the look of these new jars and I can’t wait to try them. I use the jars for storing stuff in my sewing room, left overs, dehydrated foods, etc.

  232. I use a small jars to take yogurt, fruit, etc. to work. I have several around the house as ‘catch-alls’ to hold small things until I can get them where they belong. And, I want to make Potpourri Lamps, filling jars with Xmas lights and potpourri.

  233. I have made 24 half pints of your strawberry rhubarb butter. I need more jars! I have much more berries to play with!

  234. I like using them (especially the big ones) for leftover food storage in the fridge. They wash up well, you can tell what’s in them without opening them, and they are a good alternative to plastic.

  235. I’m new to canning and your website has been extremely helpful over the last couple of months. Thank you! I don’t think it’s that unconventional, but my favorite non-canning use for my jars is making and serving cocktails in them. Generally I use the smaller ones but after a long hard day, who knows?

  236. I have used mason jars for almost everything. From peeing, canning, storing (grains nuts candy), measuring, sprouting alfalfa and drinking. (Not all the same jars). Sometimes you can find them at yard sales, but it will be nice to see a less expensive brand on shelves.

  237. thank you so much for sharing this information,always
    good to learn about something new out there.

  238. I would LOVE these jars!!!! I grew up in a canning family and I am just starting out canning this year myself and am desperately trying to collect some jars! My most unusual usage for canning jars? I was drinking a nice Cabernet Sauvignon out of a jelly jar yesterday! I love them and use canning jars for everything!!

  239. I guess I’m not too creative: I use jars for canning and food storage. I would love to try baking in them, though.

  240. Well, love your blog, Marisa, but the Made In China thing…? With the way the world is today, how others feel about US, I really have a hard time with it. I have become very consumer aware when purchasing everything possible made by US. Our future is at too much of a risk to continue to support those who wish US harm… and death. Don’t think I would even want something free from these people. I will continue to support our own even while paying a few dollars more.

  241. Unusual? I don’t think there are any ideas for canning jars that is classified as unusual any more. πŸ™‚ After coming across an extremely large stash (close to 500 jars for $ 40 off craigslist) I’m not so greedy about using them for just canning anymore. With that said, my hubby has 4 of them sitting on his desk, one for each type of change (one for quarters, one for dimes, etc); they are all over in the work shop for holding his nails, screws, etc; after drying herbs, we use the canning jars with an oxygen absorber inside; we also do that for dried beans, peas and lentils; we sell our honey in them; use them for our goats milk and other dairy products; they hold my fresh made pasta once it’s dried; they are used in the freezer for delicate things I don’t want smooshed (berries).

    But I think the thing I like to use them for best ~ individual serving size cheesecakes in a jar!!! YUM! I love using the little 4oz sized jars for those. Nothing like being able to take cheesecake with you where ever you go. The kids love them too! They can grab one and go.

    While it may seem like we have lots of jars, those who grow a lot of their own fruits and veggies, along with can their own meat, soups and meals in jars knows, one can never have enough jars! Every time I go to the store, I try to remember to pick up at least 1 package of jars.

  242. These jars looks nice. I really like the minimal designs on the jars. Plus, since they’re interchangeable you could totally get more plain lids for them.

    At home, I have a few jars that I keep my homemade bath/beauty products in such as scrubs, lotions, and cleansing grains. They’re great for storage of anything. Plus, I kinda like how they look on the counter.

  243. I like to make homemade yoghurt in the oven with the jars, or pack them with food and stuff them in the chest freezer—no more plastic bags.

  244. I love making single-serve pies in my little Kerr jars then freezing them. I use one for a bank for my pennies, and I’ve put candles in them, using them as a hurricane lamp. I store leftovers in them both in the refrigerator and freezer. Of course I can things, too, but canning jars are far more than “just a jar”. I wish all the manufacturers would leave off the embossing so that I could acid etch my labels on them – yes, I do that, too. Here’s a tip – the lids of Kraft mayo and Miracle Whip fit wide mouth jars. Great for storage after a jar has been opened! (Don’t use them for canning however!) I want to know how to make them into solar lights please!

    • I nearly forgot – I store all my dry beans, oatmeal, tapioca, popcorn, and everything else that must be kept humidity-free in my jars! That’s a necessity in Florida! I can see at a glance if my supplies are getting low. I love how the jars look all lined up in my pantry. Using both my digital scrapbooking and digital cutter skills, I make labels for both gift-giving and my own use of home-canned goodies.

  245. I’ve been canning for a number of years now on my own. But I come from a long line of canners and have all the old ones to prove it. I’d love to try these out; especially seeing I seem to always run out every year. It’s a good problem to have!

  246. I use canning jars for lots of things. I love to use the blue jars as vases and for harvest parties they look great with candles to provide lighting outside.

  247. Currently use a quart jar with a modified lid to
    collect samples of honeybees to test with powdered
    sugar for mites.

  248. I used wide mouth quart jars at my wedding as centerpieces—filled with stones and votive candles, lovely! We also use them for storage, drinking, and lunch transport. It’s great to see a new brand, I would love to try them out!

  249. cool giveaway! I have started decorating jars with polymer clay, on the outside. I haven’t tested to see if I can still waterbath them and use them for canning, but if you are storing small items in them or using them for vases, this makes them prettier.

  250. I, for one, will NOT be purchasing or using any of these jars. Far too many jobs have been sent overseas and far too many products are imported.

    Thanks for the info but I’ll keep my money in America as much as possible.

  251. my favorite unconventional use for jars is as decoration — i line my filled and awaiting-filling jars on bookshelves in my house; visitors always comment on how beautiful they look.

  252. I’m really looking forward to trying these jars. I do a fair amount of canning, and also use jars to store my gardening seeds, and potting soil. It’s always GOOD to see another supplier of jars. I’ve used Penley cutlery, matches, toothpicks in the past and never had a problem with them. A quality product!

  253. Gifts. I make everything from food items to Pin cushions (On the top of the lid) and store sewing items inside. And give them away. But everyone who knows me knows how much I love my jars, so they always give them back when there done.

  254. I’m not sure what would be considered “unconventional” – I can with them, I store dry goods in them (food and otherwise), I’m learning to bake in the wide-mouths, I pickle in them, I lacto-ferment in them, and I make butter with a couple of the quart jars.

  255. there is nothing I DON’T put in jars, but I think my favorite thing about using them is that I can pack a lunch (or coffee) in them, and unlike plastic tupperware can stick them directly in the microwave.

  256. I love storing all my makeup and toiletries and small bathroom items in canning jars. I have limited storage space and the jars work perfectly to keep everything organized. Great giveaway!

  257. I use my canning jars for everything. I take jars to the store have one weighed for the tare and then fill up with bulk food purchases: grains, pasta, beans, and coffee. In November my son got married…the florist flaked and the family ended up having to do the flowers at the last minute…we used my faithful canning jars for vases…120 of them! We even used them on the alter at the church!

    • Ball and Kerr jars (made by Jarden) are made in the USA. There is a sticker on every case that says it so it sticks out.

  258. Nice to see more competition on the market, but I’m with the others who are avoiding products made in China. Thanks for letting us know about the origin!

  259. I use my jars for all kinds of things! They are so handy. I store homemade spice mixes in them. I make my own salad dressings and store them in my jars. My son puts bugs in them. I keep dehydrated fruits and veggies in them. Homemade mayo, extra buttons, seed starting, candles…the uses for my jars are endless!

  260. I use jars for a cup of tea when out in the garden, means my cups wonts get damaged and the lid keeps the bugs and dirt out πŸ™‚ Also great when painting or renovating πŸ˜€

  261. I love to bake little cakes in wide mouth jars. Put a lid on it, tie on a festive ribbon and you’ve got a fun birthday or holiday gift.

  262. I make breakfast in them to take to work with me at the beginning of the week by cooking oatmeal and putting it into 5 jars. Then I just grab one each morning and can microwave it at work. So easy!

  263. One of my older jars is holding a curly light bulb that went out until I can turn it in on hazardous waste day.

  264. I don’t know how unconventional this is, but I keep jars in my car, along with the canvas bags, for co-op trips. Then if I need to bring home some bulk honey, oil, vinegar, peanut butter, etc. etc., I’ve got a jar right there.

  265. Whenever you make a sweetbread like banana or pumkin bread, seems like you always have a little batter left over that wont fit in the pan. I always take a wide mouth half pint jar or two, grease it, stick a small piece of parchment in the bottom and bake the remaining batter in the jars. A cupcake or two for the chef is never a bad thing!

  266. I love the idea to make the solar lights for the yard. I think I am going to try that! I use my jars for glasses and vases and various storage vessels.

  267. I use Mason jars to save my marinates, they keep for a long time and it allows me to make larger batches. I give them as gifts all the time.

  268. I would love to try these! I use jars for everything: storing leftovers, taking soup or iced tea to work, keeping grains and rice at home, and vases!

  269. When not filled with canned foods, my jars are often kept filled with dry goods and vacuum sealed with my FoodSaver.

  270. I crush my eggshells in a food processor to use in my garden and store them in a quart canning jar. I remove the top of a round salt box (with the pour spout), which fits perfectly on a quart jar, and screw it down with a canning ring.

  271. WoW what great info….would love to win new jars…

    i would use the new jars to can green beans this year. I give them to my closest friends for gifts!! canning, love being in the kitchen, love opportunities to WIN!


    Melissa from Naches, WA

  272. I put everything in canning jars, including snacks/yogurt/drinks in my kid’s lunches. My favorites are the half-gallon ones that I put goat milk in. My absolute favorite is my old, blue regular mouth half gallon because it looks cool and the smaller top helps it pour better.

  273. I love Food in Jars and all of Marisa’s blogs and since we live in the USA and not China, thank God, she has the right to use and endorse any brand of canning jars she likes. However, the made in China for this brand of jars would give me second thoughts about buying them even though less expensive. Being the tightwad that I am, I try to buy used jars at yard sales and thrift shops. I know that these older jars have been manufactured in America.

  274. I have some antique canning jars that hold our collection of mined gemstones from vacations in NC. All around Franklin and Highlands are places to mine with your kids. Who doesn’t love digging in the dirt with the possibility of finding a treasure? Of course, the dirt was red clay that colored our clothes and hands. Much fun for the kids and many happy memories!

  275. When out of milk in a pinch, I mix up my stash of powdered milk with water in a mason jar – it looks so cute and old-timey in the fridge!

  276. What don’t I use canning jars for. When I moved into my first apartment, my grandmother gave me a box of wide-mouth pint jars and a box full of dishes collected from the family. Those jars were drinking glasses, lunch “boxes”, donation jars, avocado starters, candy cups, cookie jars, you name it, and oh yes, jam and pickle holders. Over the years, I have acquired many jars of different makes and sizes, and the empties sit on the windowsill in my kitchen waiting to be used. I have canned veggies from the garden, good buys on meat that wouldn’t fit in the freezer, jam, pickles, and the other day I tried a blueberry-cherry blend jam.

    I love the jars because they are both useful and beautiful.

  277. Ick. Made in China? That’s disappointing. No need to enter me to win them. I just wanted to express my displeasure about their place of manufacture. πŸ™

  278. Thanks for the honest review. My (quite conventional) unconventional uses include storing leftovers and a pen/pencil jar.

  279. I’m a beginner at canning, so I’m glad to hear from you when you’re checking out a new product. I also give jar mixes in my quart jars at Christmas and special occasions. I cut old Christmas cards to fit the top; they make the jar a bit more festive.

    Thanks for the post!

  280. This time of year, I use my jars for brewing iced sun tea. Set them in the sun with tea bags inside. When they’re brewed to perfection, remove (or not) the tea bag, add ice cubes and lemon…then drink and enjoy (or screw on a top and transport to a relaxing location, remove the top, then drink and enjoy!)
    I would love to try out new jars.

  281. I’m also new to canning but would love to try my hand at it! I normally use these jars for storage of small beauty items like q-tips or cotton balls! Also a great pencil holder!

  282. I grew up in Muncie, Indiana, home of Ball State University and, you guessed it…Ball jars. I was born in Ball Memorial Hospital, shopped at Ball Department Store, learned how to can using the Ball Blue Book of Canning and I would love to try the new Penley jars!

    I didn’t realize that Ball Inc., through a spinoff, was manufacturing what seems to be all US-made mason jars now – and I can’t dis Penley for choosing China as the manufacturer for their jars until I know what practice Ball is following. Is their relative high price primarily benefitting worker salaries or executive salaries and profits. We know that Walmart workers are relatively underpaid. Although the point may be valid, I hate to see nationalism get in the way of critical thinking – US business practices aren’t necessarily geared toward the benefit of employees and consumers.

    Back to jars…if it’s not too late! I store everything in them, but my favorite use is placing vintage jars on a windowsill where the sun shines through the bubbly, blue glass – transporting me home.

  283. One of our local bars serves their shots in 4 oz jelly jars, which I think is completely awesome. I also have a terrarium in a half-pint jar that I love. πŸ™‚

  284. I use mason jars for all kinds of things… holding pencils, bath salts, etc. I think my most unusual use of them was last Monday – bailing a clogged toilet that I had stupidly tried to flush leftover spaghetti down.

  285. Wow! this is exciting news. I didn’t realize that were other canning jar companies out there other than ball. However, I like the look of the Weck jars. I hope to get my act together this year.
    My favorite use for the canning jars? Holding wine or beer. On knit night at a local knitting shop, we grab a “beverage” from pub next door and since you can’t bring their glasses out of the bar, you bring in your jar….knitting gets a little loose after that. LOL

  286. I use canning jars for all sorts of things in the kitchen, e.g. Spices, storing bacon fat (don’t judge), bulk foods like arboreal rice, but my oddest use is in my studio. I use canning jars to store art supplies like stick colored pencils and paint as well as create inspiration jars for when I need an injection of non-linear thinking.

  287. I use empty jars for storing dry goods (like lentils) or leftovers–they take up less space in the fridge, they are easier to reheat, and I no longer have to worry about tomato sauce etching the sides of a container (as I did when I used Tupperware).
    This was an especially wonderful way to transport meals when I was in college, and the coffee shop on campus was always willing to ladle soup into the jar instead of a Styrofoam cup.

  288. Folks,

    Marisa is not a major corporation, nor a celebrity chef, nor even a paid blogger. She is an individual, like you & me, who must daily make decisions for herself and her family about what to eat, where to shop, how much to spend.

    I think we can agree that we all want to support our country, and we all want to buy US-made goods when possible. But matters of budget, quality, access and convenience impact everthing we buy, from cars & computers, to canning jars & dish soap. Marisa offered her honest opinion of these jars, and their origin: for the most part, the response has been positive. And for those people who respectfully declined, citing concerns over quality, a desire to support US manufacturers, and/or the environmental impact of shipping jars from Chine: I salute you. You joined the conversation without dishing out a guilt trip, showcasing your moral superiority, or SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS.

    For those of you who were not so respectful: do you know what is another great American quality? Common courtesy. Marisa reads this blog, you know: every comment. This is her home-away-from-home, her virtual living room, where she shares with us her love of canning, cooking, and most of all, jars. And because she is so good at it, because her love of food in jars is so infectious, this little site has grown and grown, to the point where she is regularly offered tools & supplies by manufacturers to giveaway on the blog. That’s right: give away. For free. To you. And in return for this kindness, as repayment of the diligent, thoughtful and consistent work that has made this blog grow, you come into her virtual living room, SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS about what a horrible person she is, how could she possibly endorse a product made in China, that you don’t like her blog anymore, that you are disappointed, etc., etc.

    Truly, no good deed goes unpunished. Let me be perfectly clear: I am all for dissenting opinions. A blog is not a blog without conversation, and lively conversation cannot happen if we all believe the same thing. But, I ask you, how can you possibly claim the moral high ground when you come into someone’s space, be it physical or virtual, and yell at them? There are ways to express your opinion that are neither snide, nor hurtful, nor personal. Not only does a polite comment show your respect for Marisa and the work she had done here, it has a much better chance of swaying the opinion of others: and you may find that the moral high ground is a very lonely place to be.

  289. It will be interesting to see if the quality holds up because I am all for saving a dollar or two. I dehydrate lots of items and used the dried peels for making my herbal tea, these i store in quart bottles as well as the mix of grains that i grind for my bread…. Can you ever have too many canning jars?????? I don’t think so.


  290. Look forward to trying something new! I like to use canning jars to store my dry goods (beans, lentils, split peas, etc) and arrange them in various sizes and colors on kitchen shelves.

  291. I have a vintage green/smoke colored Ball half-pint jar on my bathroom counter fitted with a custom made reproduction zinc lid that has four holes–for a toothbrush holder–sort of unconventional.

    It’s not clear in the picture what is embossed on the half-pint jar??? Are the quarts & pints embossed with measurements up one or both sides???

  292. I use my jars for bouquets of farmers market flowers, to hold condiments at my bar (as well as plastic giraffe stirrers), and to house tea lights in my bathroom when I’m entertaining.

  293. First, I would like to mention how much I enjoy your posts.

    In our household, the large quarter canning jars, wide mouths, in the summer are used for iced tea. The young adults in the household find the jars to be just the right size after mowing the lawn and they need a really large drink.

  294. I have one set aside that i fill with leftover wax to make firestarters for camping trips it heats nice and I dont have to worry about it shattering when hot.

  295. I use my canning jars for lots of things. The one thing people laugh about is when I show up to a party with my mixed drink in my canning jar

  296. I used to soak rice in water overnight, boil the rice in fresh water in the morning, then put the not quite ready very moist rice in a canning jar and walk to a friends house for a miso soup and rice breakfast before our first morning class. The rice finished cooking in the canning jar and was ready by the time we sat down to eat.

    I now store bulk foods in canning jars, use them for traditional canning and best of all I use them to can the maple syrup I cook down from the sap of my maple trees. Thank you trees!

    I have a lot of older canning jars, including blue jars, waffle weave jars and my favorite Strong Shoulder wording on jars.

  297. Those of us who can and make preserves especially for gifts can always use a gift of jars! With 4 boys growing up and now nearby grandchildren , a small canning jar was sometimes used for a ‘lightening bug’ home for the night by punching a used lid with some tiny holes and putting lid back on to keep bug in to watch until they fell asleep!

  298. I don’t know how unconventional it is, but I save bacon grease in them. They’re strong enough to withstand the heat when I pour it off the skillet and I don’t have to wait around for the grease to cool.

  299. I like the idea of smooth sides for labels that I can see at a glance..wish they could be made here in the USA to help our economy! Who knows! if they are that nice we may need a factory here at home to have them quicker and cheaper…I always seem to need more jars and I prefer the wide mouth if I can get them…

  300. Can’t say I use my canning jars “unconventionally” but one thing I do do is keep a bottomless jar of hot peppers pickling in the fridge. Start with a quart jar, pickle a mess of peppers, then just keep adding more fresh ones. Great in the summer when more grow than you can use all at once but not enough for putting up a proper batch. Also, I ususally buy an extra jalapeno so in they go too. And then you mix other things too, a carrot now and then, some onion. A real witch’s cauldron.

  301. I keep all my loose leaf tea in canning jars, which is a lovely display on my counter. I make sure, though, that it is facing away from the light so that it doesn’t get old too fast!

  302. as most have done I have used my jars when they don’t have some delicious in season food in them , for just about everything from crayons , thread buttons, even dog food treats. I have even put cotton balls in them and any other thing Right now I have a very old Blue Ball jar with plastic lids for my granddaughter to take to her home school group for a girl who gets cancer treatments. But one of my favorites is to make homemade hot choc. mix for presents.I have even used them for my iced tea .

  303. I love jars. Other than food, I have two canning jars to store buttons. In the future, I’d like to use jars more widely.

  304. First I would like to ask where Walmart’s jars are made. I did not see that addressed or maybe I just missed it.
    As for the contest, over the years I have stored small things like my Barbie doll’s shoes from when I was young (my mom’s jars), my babies diaper pins (in my twenties), buttons (during my sewing phase) bulk grains etc. (in my thirties and now)a catch all jar for screws, nails, and all other small farm type gear that finds its way into my dryer and the last use is storing fresh herbs in the frig with a freebie shower cap on top (the caps you get at a hotel to keep your hair dry while bathing)to keep herbs fresh.

  305. Oh, funny you should bring Leifheit jars up as this is the first time I have ever seen them (Purchased at Sierra Trading Post?)I have not used thm yet. Any opinions on them?

  306. I don’t use the jars for unconventional things as of yet as I am new to canning and everyone of them for food! LOL!!

  307. My unconventional canning jar use is quart jars as feeders for new bee hives in the Lavender fields! But, I use a lot more of the pretty little pints for Lavender Lemonade Marmalade! The odd sized flat pints work great for Spiced-n-Sliced Pickled Beets.

  308. I don’t know how unconventional is it, but we use canning jars for storing all sorts of other foods, both in the fridge and the freezer.

    These news jars look great — I’ll be keeping an eye out for them.

  309. When I grew up my grandpa had a 1 acre garden and late in the day would drop off baskets full of produce and then my parents would can into the night after work. When we got up in the morning, there were all those beautiful jars lined up on the counter. I have always canned as an adult, and my two daughters were always part of the process. They used to complain in September when they’d go to school with “red fingers” because we had canned so many tomatoes. Our oldest daughter got married this spring, and what did we use for all the centerpieces on every table? My blue Ball jars of course!! I hope I get to try this new brand!!

  310. i used to mix up lots of lemonade and put it in jars, until my boyfriend told me i looked like a crazy homeless person carrying a jar of urine πŸ™ boo, boyfriend.

  311. I promised my boyfriend that I wouldn’t buy anymore jars but he didn’t say I couldn’t win any!

  312. I share your discontent with no open space on the jar lid; for home use, I enjoy writing the date and contents on the jar lid and forgo the paper labels.
    This year, my garden and orchard is about an acre in size so I’ll be canning more than usual.

  313. Thanks for the giveaway! The most unusual thing I use my canning jars for: weights for pressing cheese! I make my own paneer (fresh Indian cheese) and I like to fill my quart jars w/ water and set on a plate to press the whey out of freshly made cheese. Filled with water, they’re the perfect weight.

  314. I am excited to hear about some competition in the market. I think my most unconventional use of jars is the one that holds q-tips in my bathroom medicine cabinet.

  315. Just like everybody else, I use the chipped jars for holding knitting needles, q-tips and dog cookies. My grandma used to use her chipped jars in the garden, in the early spring, for rosebush starts – mini green houses.

  316. I like to bring fresh flowers to friends in my old mason jars, but I always put sea glass or pretty shells and pebbles in the bottom. I think it looks so much prettier on the table that way.

  317. Great article. We can alot every year, and even though these jars may be a couple bucks cheaper, we only buy made in the USA products, we are adamant about supporting fellow USA workers and farmers. If we don’t support our countrymen who will? With the economy like it is today, we all need to support the USA manufactures & keep our jobs here. Just my morals, values, and conscious talking.

  318. I’m so glad that there are new players in the market in the canning industry. It’s too bad they aren’t made in the USA. It’s definitely worth a try though.

  319. I’v been bitten bad. From marmalade to a 5 week Masters Canning course. All this because of a great B & B & some free marmalade. I could use the jars!

  320. I use canning jars for EVERYTHING. We drink out of them, rather than having “proper” drinking glasses. I store dried goods in them. I use them to make salad dressings. Probably the strangest thing that was ever “canned” in one was when my daughter (who was 3 at the time), grabbed a half-pint jar and my funnel and piled her magnetic alphabet letters in, topping it off with a lid at the end.

  321. Ooh, new cheaper jars — hurray! These look nice, although I do wish they were made in the US and not China! Anyway, I’d still love to give them a try. My fave unconventional canning jar use? Oh man, I don’t even know. I use canning jars for EVERYTHING — making salad dressing, carrying milk to work for my coffee, drinking bourbon, storing sewing pins / buttons / thread, storing vacation souvenirs like rocks and seashells, holding q-tips in my medicine cabinet. There are a lot of canning jars floating around this place!

  322. Besides preserving food, i also make vinegar, brew tea, grow yeast and sprouts. Non food uses include storage for Sharpies, push pins, medicinal infusions, miscellaneous parts and terrariums. I happen to think they are all my favorite ways to use my jars.

  323. Not so unconventional but I use jars for flower vases and growing plants/flowers in. It’s cool to see the roots through the glass. The cool thing is the jars last forever so when the plant outgrows the jar I can repot them!!

  324. I’ve microwaved a sweet potato and carried it to work all in the same jar. Not as unique as some responses, all you readers of this blog are so smart!

  325. I don’t have an unconventional use for my jars. I’ve never even canned before (although I just bought all of the supplies to do that this year πŸ™‚ ). I have old jars that I use for display and have put flowers in them.

  326. Ooo! I definitely want to try these!

    I use canning jars for EVERYTHING! They are my favorite glass, I use them for left overs, I organize my food pantry with them, store things like cotton balls and q-tips, used 1/2 pints for my spice wheel (turn table from ikea and cheap canning jars makes an affordable spice wheel/rack), and so much more, including actual canning. The most unusual thing I used them for, however, is garden cloches. I use old jars that have seen better days as a cloche when seedlings are just getting started in my garden. It keeps them nice and toasty and protects them from wind.

  327. I use canning jars to help sort my daughters art supplies, beads and such, they look like a beautiful display rather than a storage strategy!

  328. While a bit gnarly I admit that I have been known to put a small jar over inexplicable holes in my old rown home floor to help with drafts and, eeks, mice!

  329. The only non-food related use for my mason jars is when they do double-duty as flower vases. I’m pretty boring. But I now have lots of great ideas after reading all the comments!

  330. I store dry goods in quart jars, honey, brown sugar, flour, flax seed. We use pint as drinking glasses. They are so tough, I use them for all kinds of things!

  331. My fiancΓ©e loves straws in his iced coffee, so I have a stack of them standing up in a jar on top of the refrigerator for him. It’s the little things that make his day!



  332. There’s nothing better than a canning jar for a tea glass, although it’s not very unconventional in the country, lol. This is my first year to can and supplies are expensive for star-up, I would appreciate a good usable product. Finances prevent me from having high ideals, but I appreciate the concept. I am sad they are made in China.

  333. I use quart jars for making instant pudding (shaking the milk and mix together), storing all of my dry goods in the pantry (you can easily see what’s inside, and they don’t need labels!), putting cuttings of plants in the jars with water to encourage rooting and storing extra soup in the fridge. I have a safety pin/ button jar, cotton ball jar and a jar that I use for paint stripper. I use a pint jar for cat treats and quarts for homemade chili seasoning and homemade taco seasoning. I have a jar with a few layers of cheese cloth under the ring the I use for dusting powdered sugar on baked goods, and another for cinnamon sugar on toast.
    I freaking love these jars πŸ™‚

  334. I would love to have the jars. I love making Zuc Relish and tomatoes. The crazies thing that I have done is make candles in jars! They are so pretty!! Thanks for the chance to make more Zuc Relish!!

  335. We use ’em for everything storage. They’re here in the house as bulk storage, in the barn as storage for screws, nails & other small items, I’m currently making apple cider vinegar in one!!!

  336. I love glass jars and bottles. I’ve never trusted plastic – don’t like how it looks or feels. But glass —- that’s another story. I use “fruit” jars for canning, for water kefir, for milk kefir, for kombucha, for storing dehydrated things, even for decoration(old wooden tread spools look great in a jar!) One can never have enough! Thanks for running this giveaway.

  337. not exactly and unconventional use- but very handy. I live in the south where it is hot and humid all summer. I use jars to store everything that might be attractive to the various bugs/gnats/weevils that take over when it gets hot. Regular canisters don’t seal to keep them out, but jars sure do the trick! I keep sugar/flour/cereal/gummy bears/you name it in jars!

  338. I am happy that home canning is making a comeback. I freeze liquids (broth/ soup) if I don’t have enough to can.

    It is good to see more manufacturers. Hopefully it will lower the price. And although buying American is nice I have to save every penny I can.

  339. My favorite unconventional use came when my oldest son was married. Having grown up it TX, he wanted a traditional TX barbeque for the rehearsal dinner. I used pint canning jars as drink glasses and 1/2 gallon ones for flower arrangements from the farmer’s market.

  340. I keep my collection of antique knitting needles in an old, blue, sloped shoulder half gallon jar. My husband also uses my empty quart jars as beer mugs πŸ™‚

  341. I recently hosted a buffet-style brunch at my house (featuring homemade lemon curd and orange marmalade!) and used large canning jars to hold silverware. Very handy and also in keeping with the theme of homemade preserves.

  342. Cake in a jar! Although, I suppose that’s not so unconventional. Canning jars are so versatile, they can be used in every room of the house. I can always use extras!

  343. Nice jars & I’m sooo excited to see the book. Today’s fun includes starting ferments for mustard condiment and lemon preserves. Rhubarb, apple and ginger preserves if I get to them. I’m sure I could fill another set of 12 jars. Love that your offering them:)

    • I have to add, we really do celebrate our jars. There is one jar on the kitchen counter with flowers in it now. (A huge poppy & a orchid) πŸ™‚

  344. I started canning in 2007 and have not stopped since. My first Mason jars were donated to me. I especially enjoy all the different designs. My neighbor lady gave me some plum jam in the bicentennial jar! The most unconventional method of use would be storage for milk from our goats! That way I always have a glass ready for when I go to work and then the larger jars for in the fridge!

  345. The new jars look great, unfortunate that they are not made in America though. I would be happy to try them and compare them with brands I have used in the past. It is good to know that you had no failed seals when using these jars. I use canning jars for everything from coin jars in the laundry room to storing my dried herbs.

  346. Excited about new jars! I’m new to canning, so right now I don’t use my jars for anything but canning – I love them all lined up in their boxes, waiting to be filled with delicious treats (like those breakfast cups you posted last week – holy cow, yum).

  347. I use 1 qt canning jars for my Sourdough starter. When time to replenish I just add old sourdough starter and 1 cup water/1 cup flour and all good to go in a new/clean jar.

  348. I soak rolled oats in a jar with a splash of apple cider vinegar and then cook them up in the morning. Helps to neutralize phytates and also makes them quick to cook.

  349. I use canning jars for everything……..would love more. I’m glad there is some competition. I would love to see the old 20 oz jars made again.

  350. Hokay, so, I’m pretty conventional with my jars, but a few have been pressed into service for leftovers, and there is one in regular rotation holding my cold brew coffee concentrate. Yum. I have found with the plastic lids, the seal is not water tight, which is why I don’t transport with them, otherwise I totally would, as I try to avoid heating plastic, and all my ‘tupperware’ is plastic, so that means bringing a second dish. πŸ™

  351. My most unconventional use of canning jars is a homemade moss terrarium. I like to collect the moss in the fall, and all winter you can watch your bit of green nature when its so white and dreary outside. Broken pottery bits on the bottom are good to look at and add drainage.

  352. I am also very conventional, but I recently used a jar to store my lemon curd, and, because of your blog, used it on Greek yogurt. MMMMM.

  353. favorite unconventional use of canning jars? there are so many! just a few: to hold pencils/markers/scissors (art supplies); small jars fit in my yogurt maker; to hold fresh flowers and herbs; big jars for brewing sun tea. I could go on, but I won’t. thanks for the giveaway. no such thing as too many jars!

  354. I store my baking soda in an old half-pint mason jar so it stays fresh and doesn’t pick up funky flavors or odors. I also use a lot of jars for leftovers (especially half-used cans of beans or tomatoes).

  355. I am new to canning so it may not be unconventional but baking in jars is such a neat idea-it’s a dessert and a gift in one!

  356. Am just recently getting into canning, but I use mason jars for literally everything! I’m in college and just took a course “The environment and human health”…I got out of class one day and sped out to a local farm to grab raw milk and [tried to] process yogurt after I had learned on the dangers of storing food in plastic! But anyways, I really use them for anything and everything; absolutely love opening the fridge to see 3 shelves of assorted jars full of different colors and textures (sauces, various pickles, jams, that morning’s coffee, roasted red peppers, beans, soups–carrot and ginger, ah!–chutney, milk, oatmeal……), the sign of a productive day! I’m also really looking forward to my second summer gardening, this year I’m making it my goal to try and preserve as much as I possibly can for the following fall/winter. Love your blog (just used your dilly bean recipe!) and thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  357. I getcha on the fruit on the ball mason jars…would love to label my jars especially ones I gift. And speaking of gifting, would love to have a cheaper jar as I never seem to get them back, even when I promise refills! What’s with that?

  358. I would love to win a new set of caning jars. I get most of my canning jars from yard sales and auctions. Brand new would be a novelty to me, lol.

  359. TEA…I love loose tea and I see no point in keeping them in a plastic zip bag or cannister. Loose tea is so pretty with all the leaves,flowers and fruit peels. I put my tea in mason jars on display with my extra tea pots.

  360. I use jars for my lunch containers. I love to put salads in them and when it’s time to dress the salad I pour some in and shake it up. PERFECT.

  361. New jars are good news, especially with the insane garden I am growing this year. I put in 54 tomato plants yesterday. I guess my most unconventional use of a canning jar is the lamp I made from one in my reading area.

  362. I’ve only just begun canning, so I have no unusual uses for my jars yet. These would sure help me as I start my second canning season!

  363. Most of my use is conventional, but I do have a quart jar that I use for hand soap — bought a conversion kit with a pump and lid, filled with hand soap and …….presto!

  364. I am new to canning, but not to mason jars. πŸ™‚

    I use them for all my storage in my cabinets. I use mostly 1/2 gallon Ball jars for wheat, oats, nuts, etc and the smaller sizes for coconut, choc chips, dough conditioners and then the pint or half pints for spices.

  365. I am new to canning but the best purpose alternative use for jars around this place would be LEGO storage/sorting!

  366. Such great ideas from everyone – I can’t wait to try a few myself!
    In addition to jams, pickles, etc., I use jars to display sand from each of the beaches that I have visited.

  367. Most unusual? I baked a ‘cupcake’ in a half-pint jar, leaving plenty of room to pour in frosting. Then I capped the thing, wrapped it in bubble wrap, and sent it to a friend via post. Voila, birthday cake that travels in the mail without being crushed or disturbed.

    I’ll do it again.

  368. Currently my only unconventional use is for flowers or starts off a plant that I put in water to root – HOWEVER when I was younger I use jars as lightning bug houses…Used to drive my mom crazy… I’d take a perfectly good jar lid and punch holes in it and catch lightning bugs andleave them in the jar…the next day she was alway letting the bugs out and throwing away the messed up lid.

  369. I don’t have many unconventional uses for canning jars, other than storing pantry goods. But I’ve loved reading all the ideas listed here!

  370. I store my dried beans, lentils, and rice in canning jars in my pantry. The never get a hole and dump food all over my pantry.

  371. I have many uses for my canning jars other than preserving food. I store all my different kinds of beans in them. I put them back in the box and store them in the barn. When I need them they are all in the same spot.

  372. i use jars for just about everything- leftovers, bulk food purchasing and storage, drinks (we have no regular glasses, just jars!), etc. but right now many of my jars are being used to root plants for my garden. thanks for this giveaway!

  373. I keep q-tips in a jar in my bathroom. I also have jars full of rocks, shells, and sand from various travels. πŸ™‚

  374. In just under the wire! I use canning jars for everything from dry goods storage to drinking glasses, but the most unconventional use was lanterns at my wife’s birthday party. A votive candle in each quart jar, hung from the branches of a tree.

  375. I like to put cut flowers from my garden in the small jars and tie a ribbon around them. I use them as table decorations or as a quick hostess gift when going to a summer bbq or party.

  376. On the rare occasions where I make salad dressing – into a jar it goes for easy shaking and serving.

  377. I use them for tons of things, but the most unusual I guess is that I put beach rocks or salt or whatever in them to hold up candles for my Thanksgiving table.

  378. I use them all around the house for storage (they are my style). I love using them for parties for my guests to drink out of & tying a different ribbon so they don’t accidently pick up the wrong jar.

  379. Sounds excellent! I would love a chance to win.

    Because of mouse problems pretty much everything in my pantry is in jars — everything from gallon-sized to hold flour and rice down to 2 oz for spices.

  380. Excellent heads up. Thanks for the info – I’ll be looking for these. In the meantime, I hope to win!

  381. I suppose these are not such unconventional uses, but I do use mine for storage of bulk pantry items, growing sprouts and to display my collection of sea glass. I have some of the old blue glass jars that I use for vases; they look so pretty holding flowers! Oh and I also drink out of a quart Mason jar.

  382. I’d love to win these! I just started making pie in a jar and freezing them for warm Spring BBQ season! They are so cute and easy for outdoor entertaining.

  383. Thanks! We’d love to add these to our canning stash… seems like we’re doing more and more every year.

  384. Well, I guess you could say I’m new to canning…as in I haven’t started yet, but my unusual use of a canning jar would be the time I used one to trap a roach in a closet in Texas. (yucky!)

  385. They make wonderful musical instruments! Fill them with different levels of water and tap them with a spoon or blow across the top – you can get a whole range of sounds! Or just fill ’em with beans and shake ’em for a rockin’ good time. Of course it helps if your band is known as The Rolling Kindergartners.

  386. Um… I use them for everything — what counts as unusual? I DO get angry at those who use my jars for drinking, so my LEAST fave use? πŸ˜›

  387. I have been into making jams and jellies for the past 2 years. I feel in love with it when me & my husband & kids moved to a small acreage in just outside of a small town & along with his mother have a huge garden & we are into growing aronia berries in our back fields. Looking forward to those berries & the things I can make. Anyway, I love the idea of those jars that have a smooth side on them for labels, perfect for our labels & we tend to sell my jams & jellies at our local farmers market. Oh the things I could do with those jars beside jams & jellies. That is what I love about the internet & blogs you can learn so many things from different people & even meet people or even read about them who enjoy doing the same things as you do.

  388. I would love to have another dozen jars just in time for the canning season. I also use jars for holding spoons and forks, flowers, leftovers etc.

  389. I’m not sure there are unconventional uses for canning jars. They are just so handy. Right now I’m loving half pint jars for my too grown up for a sippy cup 2 year old. They are sturdy enough that they don’t break if/when she drops them, but I don’t have to go buy more ugly plastic cups.

  390. Thanks for offering the chance to win these! Even though I’ve done very little canning, it turns out we keep nearly everything in jars; I got made fun of by a coworker last year for bringing homemade strawberry lemonade to work in a jar (but it was delicious, and I still do it all the time).

  391. Gracious, what *don’t* I use canning jars for? Canning, making kombucha, sprouting seeds, hanging yogurt cheeses to dry, food storage, pen storage, bead and craft item storage, dried herb storage, keeping bulk dried pasta, beans & grains, for making herbal salves (I heat herb oils in small mason jars, then add beeswax to get the correct consistency, then leave the salves in the jars for storage)… and of course for trapping spiders, bees and moths in the house, so I can take them back outside where they belong without having to kill them… πŸ™‚

  392. I use a canning jar wrapped in a sock instead of a travel mug for tea–earning me lots of teasing from my boyfriend, naturally. The sock is only necessary if the jar is too hot to hold, and looks pretty weird, I have to admit. Also, I love your new banner (I usually read in Google Reader so I don’t know how new it is)!

  393. I love to brew my teas in Mason jars and tote them around all day. My friends, who know I’m a teetotaler, tease me about bringing my homebrew. I recently purchased the half-gallon jars so I could brew larger quantities at the same time. It’s not too unconventional, but it’s just quirky me.

  394. I have started taking my jars to the bulk section as a nice alternative to plastic bags. I just write the weight on the bottom so the cashier knows. The best part is when I get home I just put it away instead of having to transfer everything, plus I always get the right amount.

  395. This is a great give away! I use canning jars for all sorts of things. Probably the most unconventional way I use them is to hold homemade laundry detergent.

  396. I have just started canning with my mother. I have been amazed at what all can be canned. I would love to win these jars.

  397. I used the old blue ball canning jars for the flower arrangements at my wedding. Afterwards we sold them to a woman who owns the chinese restaurant in town. so i can now enjoy chinese food and think of my wedding day.

  398. […] listed in the commentsForaging Project – Make Elderflower CordialNettles Leaf Herbal InfusionThere’s a New Canning Jar in Town – with giveaway!$10 off a $50 Burpee Order – expires […]

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