The 10! Show and Radio Times

July 5, 2012(updated on December 16, 2023)

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I hope all you in the US have had a safe, relaxing and fun Independence Day! I spent my holiday Wednesday taking a long walk with Joy, floating in the pool with friends, eating pizza and watching the various July 4th celebrations on TV. Not an entirely traditional way to celebrate, but perfectly lovely.

I just wanted to drop in and let you all know about a couple of my upcoming media appearances, should you be inclined to tune in. On July 5 (that’s tomorrow), I’ll be doing a pickling demo on The 10! Show. It’s one of Philly’s local morning shows and can be found on NBC10 at 11 am.

Then, on Friday, July 6, I’ll be a guest on Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane during the 11 am hour. Radio Times airs on WHYY, Philly’s local NPR station. The show streams live online, so you can tune in even if you’re not in the broadcast area. They take calls, so if you want to call in to ask canning questions or say hi, please do. I’d really love to hear from a blog reader or two!

Finally, did you hear the big news? Cuppow released a lid that fits regular mouth jars on Tuesday! I’ve already got mine (thanks Cuppow!) and am entirely enamored of it. I’ll have a review and giveaway up on the blog tomorrow.

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9 thoughts on "The 10! Show and Radio Times"

  • I have programmed the DVR! Will you be able to get a copy of the Radio Times broadcast to share? I’ll be at work (a good thing), but won’t be able to listen (a not so good thing). Marty is such an awesome interviewer! You are so on your way to being the country’s Canning Goddess!!! I see Fresh Air and a national morning show in your future!

  • I watched the clip from The 10 Show online and you sure inspire me, but you say that botulism can’t grow in an acid environment. Now, that’s only partly true right? I mean, if you were to have any spores inside the jar, they would grow, only very slow (and too slow to be of any risk). That’s why you always want to clean the vegetables first and keep a good hygien overall.

    Also, you say you can only store them for about a year. Why is that? Taste, consistency?

    1. No, botulism cannot develop in high acid environments. You will NEVER find the active botulism toxin in foods with a pH of 4.5 or below. It is possible that the inert botulism spore could be found in high acid products, but they will not be able to develop into anything hazardous. As far as the storage recommendation, that’s the USDA guideline. Food declines in quality and nutritional value the longer it is stored.

    1. There are lots of recipes in the archives from high summers past. I’ve been engrossed in cookbook promotion for the last month+ which has made it hard to be developing new things.