Livestream at 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT

June 23, 2012(updated on October 18, 2023)
dilly beans

Friends! In just a couple of hours, I’m going to Livestreaming with Sean Timberlake (he of Punk Domestics fame). We’ve gotten a ton of really great canning questions to answer, so please tune in (we’ll talk for 30-45 minutes).

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2 thoughts on "Livestream at 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT"

  • Really enjoyed your conversation today. I was a little late getting into it and didn’t hear about it until the last minute or I would have had some questions to ask! I’ve bookmarked Punk Domestics to have a little look-see over my Sunday morning coffee! Thanks for letting us know about it Marisa. =)

  • So excited – I picked up your book at the local Barnes & Noble this weekend & getting ready to make your strawberry vanilla jam. I’ve been a lurker here for a couple years, and I’m very proud of you! The book is gorgeous!