Submit your June Mastery Challenge Projects!

June 25, 2017(updated on December 6, 2021)

June is nearly over, which means it’s time to get serious about completing this month’s jam making challenge! If you’ve already finished up your project for this month’s Mastery Challenge, please use the form below to record your information and be counted in the final tally. If the embedded form isn’t working for you, click here.

If you’ve not yet tackled a batch of jam yet this month, check out my jam archive for some recipe inspiration

To be counted in the final tally, please submit your projects no later than Friday, June 30.

Oh, and if you do post to social media, make sure to use the #fijchallenge tag to help spread the word of our preserving activities!

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2 thoughts on "Submit your June Mastery Challenge Projects!"

  • I did 4 jars of dill refrigerator pickles yesterday. I need to get a variety of things going as I have very few filled jars in stock and a plethora of empties. I didn’t even know Anchor made jars.

  • I did five pint jars of strawberry vanilla jam using the Food in Jars recipe. My family loves the added touch of vanilla. It brought the jam to an all new taste level.