Giveaway: Anchor Hocking Jars from Fillmore Container

Love learning about new jars? Read on for details about the line of Anchor Hocking canning jars, available from our friends at Fillmore Container, as well as a chance to win a case to use in your own kitchen!

When it comes to gathering vessels for preserving, I have always been something of a magpie. I like to use jars of different shapes and from different makers. The result is a pantry that gives off a sense of happy, appealing chaos (of course, it’s only an appearance. I always know what’s in there, down to the very last item). It also allows for a preserves closet where you almost always have exactly the right sized jar for dinner prep, potluck preparations, or a gift basket.

Thanks to our friends at Fillmore Container, I’ve recently added a new line of jars to my kitchen and I am quite pleased to have them. Made by Anchor Hocking, these sturdy, squared off jars are an affordable, pleasing option for any home canner. If you have any vintage Anchor Hocking jars in your collection, the shape and heft of these jars will be familiar (though sadly, these are not quite as graceful as the ones our grandmothers knew and used).

These Anchor Hocking jars come in three sizes – quarts, pints, and half pints. Fillmore sells them without closures, which allows you to choose from a world of possibilities. They have regular mouth openings and so can be sealed with Ball brand lids and rings, with open stock lids and rings from Fillmore, or with one-piece lids designed to be used on jars with continuous threads (if you’re curious how to can at home using one-piece lids, check out my tutorial).

Having canned a bit in these jars over the last few weeks, I can tell you that they perform beautifully. They are true to size, strong, and seal well. I also really appreciate the fact that the slightly square shape offers up four smooth sides for labeling. If I were canning for a baby or wedding shower, I’d stock up on the half pint size, order some custom labels from CanningCrafts, and offer up the prettiest party favors this side of Pinterest.

This week, the folks at Fillmore are sponsoring our giveaway. One lucky winner will get a case of the Anchor Hocking jars (jar size is winner’s choice), a dozen lids and rings, and a $25 gift card, good on the Fillmore Container website (perhaps you’ll want to use it to get a copy of Naturally Sweet Food in Jars!). This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents. Please use the widget below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Fillmore Container is a Food in Jars sponsor. Their participation my sponsorship program helps keep this website afloat. They sent the jars pictured in this post for review and photography purposes and are also contributing the prize, both at no cost to me. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed here remain entirely my own.

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489 responses to “Giveaway: Anchor Hocking Jars from Fillmore Container”

  1. I want them!! Still have jams to do with strawberries….would be great ! Plan to make pickled zucchini this week!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Slow canning week for me — but cherries are here and I have maraschino liqueur and big plans…

  3. Most likely won’t get to the farmer’s market or to canning this week as I’m attending boy scout camp with my son. If I can find some good strawberries, I may try some strawberry vanilla syrup on Sunday. Getting back to it next week.

  4. I’m a jar magpie, as well! I love the larger sizes, though, because I am feeding six people several times a day. I can open several medium jars of carrots, etc, or one large one. Though I also love jelly jars, because they make great gifts (we have peach, pear, lemon, and fig trees, so lots of jelly and jams get made!)

  5. They would can the Beer-B-Q sauce my family is begging me to make more of. So awesome to see slightly squared jars again!

  6. I will be making pickles; dill and spicy for Christmas gifts. I want to try jams again as gifts too.

  7. Wow, these are really beautiful. The smooth sides make them perfect for gifts of all the jam I’ll be making once berries are back in season!

  8. I made 4 jars of refrigerator dill pickles yesterday. I need to fill my many empty jars. I didn’t​ realize Anchor made jars, sorry to say.

  9. I put up your Strawberry Plum jam over the weekend, it is incredible… thank you for the recipe and the chance to win more jars!

  10. The peaches are just starting to arrive at my local orchard. And I just used up my last jar from last year. I need to restock!

  11. I’m too busy to can this week, but I’m hoping to sneak in a small batch of jam (waiting for backyard raspberries to be ready!) and/or pickles next week. I’m visiting family over the holiday weekend and will be toting along some pickles and preserves, so I’ll have some empty space to fill in my pantry.

  12. I love the look of these! I’ve also never canned using one piece lids…going to go check out the blog for that now…

  13. Honestly, not much canning this year. I went a little (okay, a lot) overboard last year so we’re still rolling in everything. And budget-wise, this is a lean year, so we’re going to just eat up what is already in our pantry. I do plan to go pick some black raspberries and blueberries this year and some of those will get made into some type of preserves.

    I did make dark green soup yesterday for the freezer with extra CSA greens!

  14. I’m in between canning right now. Wal*Mart sells the half pint ones – love them for giveaway jams as they look so nice.

  15. Only thing I’ve canned so far this season is black locust flower jelly, which my hubs loves. Made 2 batches, because you’re not supposed to double jam and jelly recipes. I think the second batch came out better.

  16. Our garden is coming in gang busters. Pickles. Lots of pickles. Too many cucumbers! Our fig trees are loaded. fig jam, fig mostarda, fig butter, golden grape jelly, zavory habanero jelly, strawberry jam three ways, blueberry jelly, and I put up Texas Hill Country Peach jam too.

  17. These look great! Right now I’ve only canned mulberry jam and strawberry sauce. Due to a family reunion the chocolate strawberry jam berries went into the freezer and hopefully they will be canned up this week!

  18. I like the slightly square sides. Makes lining them up much nicer and as you said, adhering labels is easier.

    I like the option to use the Ball plastic lids so that I can either keep dry goods in them (I use them to keep the dog goodies) or use them for preserves.

  19. This week I’m not canning anything since I’m traveling for work (to Oslo!). But last week I made strawberry jam…

  20. I am canning cherry-almond-whisky jam, pomegranate jelly, pickled mandarins, pickled blueberries, pickled mini sweet peppers, and possibly some creamsicle jelly this week. Depending on the weather, I might dehydrate a series of herbs from the garden as well.

  21. Nothing yet. In a couple weeks, I’ll be buying giant boxes of nectarines to make gallons of pancake topping. My husband doesn’t like maple, so this is how I ensure I still get pancakes and waffles throughout the year. πŸ˜‰

  22. I use jars so often in our everyday life by storing leftovers in them and vacuum packing. I use them more for dry canning than water-bath or pressure canning. These would sure be nice with the smooth sides so you don’t have to tape label on.

  23. My favorite now is honeyed apricots. No canning for me this week unless I get some berries, in which case I’m making jam. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Just an observation – not everyone is on Twitter. Not at all interested by what people do every second of every day. And I don’t follow that many things on Pinterest. It seems that I keep seeing the same things over and over again or things not at all related to the board.

  25. Going over to a friend’s tomorrow night to help pick cherries off his massive tree! Cherry everything! Thanks for the giveaway, love the look of those jars.

  26. We just canned a bunch of fig jam, so could definitely use some more jars this summer. These jars look great!

  27. I really like the look of the square jars. I have one or two very old waffle weave patterned jars that I really like. I did some early canning of pickles from out of state and have nothing planned until more comes in here in northern Minnesota.

  28. I would love to win the jars as I have a hard time asking for them back when I give them away and I’m out of jars

  29. I’m doing strawberry and rhubarb this week…. strawbarb jam, strawberry jam, and rhubarb conserve

  30. I am most likely doing strawberries this week. Maybe sour cherries if I make it out to the orchard.

  31. I made two batches of strawberry rhubarb jam with no added pectin. So good and I love the soft set.

  32. I have some vintage square Kerr jars, I love them. Excited to see Anchor Hocking resurrecting this design.

  33. Only canning my basics (peaches, corn salsa) and free produce I might stumble across this year. I went a bit overboard last year!

  34. My freezer is full of boysenberries. I’m going to doing some jam and probably syrup so I can free up some freezer space. I’m really considering putting some jalapenos into one of the jam batches. I haven’t done that before, but it sounds like it would taste good.

  35. Local berries are falling off the bushes in great heaps for a change this year so I’m already elbow deep in strawberry jam!!! Raspberries are too good to eat so I never get any canned or jammed. This year I’m trying a Cranberry/Strawberry jam I found somewhere on the net.

  36. The storms along the coast blew our corn over so I had to be quick this year and put it all up at once. Most went in the freezer as corn on the cob but the rest is becoming a big batch of Corn Salsa! My boys love it so I’m doubling up this year!

  37. I just canned a huge batch of chicken stock so I don’t have to do it when it’s too hot. Strawberry jam is on the list for next week!

  38. New for me this year when it comes to canning was doing up some zucchini and jalapeno relish, along with some sweet banana pepper mustard.
    Just the other day I did make (no canning involved) some Microwave Bread N Butter Pickles and early this morning I canned up some strawberry jam.
    Thank U 4 this giveaway opportunity

  39. This week, apricots are on the schedule. I also need some pickled peppers! Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. I want to make applesauce and also use the smaller ones as drinking glasses or to put homemade hummus in. Thanks for the giveway.

  41. Can you give huge thank yous to Fillmore for making this a Canadian prize, too! I want to can peaches this summer, and do lots of experimenting with lower-sugar methods.

  42. Have been making some pickled beets. Next up, greenbeans!
    I really like the smooth jars for attaching pretty labels for gift-giving.

  43. Alas, I am waiting on the produce from my garden…unless you count beverages… (no canning involved in that, just using the jars and closing the lids πŸ˜‰ I am looking to make some good relish in the next week or so!

  44. This year I decided to try canning & fermenting my grape leaves to make stuffed grapes leaves this coming fall/winter. I have been canning the grapes into juice for several years now…

  45. Marinara sauce, tomato sauce, and I am going to be using a pressure cooker this year so the sky’s the limit!

  46. I just love the look of these new mason Jars!! My homemade apple sauce, jams and preserves, Tomatoes, pickles, homemade extracts would look good in these jars!! I sure could use them! Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!!
    Have a nice day.
    Hugs, Teresa

  47. I haven’t started anything just yet. Cherries will be the first thing I can this year. Would love those pints! The square shape is so nice! Thank you for the chance to win, and I have been eyeing up your naturally sweet book!

  48. My Fig, vanilla and honey bourbon jam looks incredible. Plus with the height of the half pint jars I can stack them 3 high saving space for more!

  49. Half-pint jars would be super. Thanks. so far, this spring, I have made: Lilac jelly, Rose Petal Jelly, and Wild Violet Flower Jelly. Today, I will be making Daylily Jelly. My goal is to make a new jelly each year. Blessings everyone.

  50. This week, I’m fermenting and canning blueberries from my friend’s apiary. So far, that’s my new favorite this year =)

  51. I’m waiting on tomatoes for tomato jam, so no canning this week. I have been making shrub on a regular basis though as my husband has become obsessed.

  52. I would welcome the chance to try these jars for my canning and food storage projects. CSA season is just getting going and I get a lot of produce that I can’t necessarily use all at once.

  53. I found a bag of frozen apricots from last year in my freezer and bought some cherries to make jam. Turned out pretty yummy! Now I am contemplating my next fruit purchase!

  54. Not yet canning, but I got a ton of peaches in our CSA and I’d love to try making something with them!

  55. Nothing this week, sadly. The only thing I successfully can every year is applesauce, but I want to do peaches again this year and add a jam to my repertoire.

  56. Sigh. I’ve been in a canning freeze. I haven’t been inspired, I’ve been too busy, life has been too hectic. And also, I’m completely enraptured with yarn lately and all I want to do is sit and knit. Hoping to get my balance back to do ALL the things I love!

  57. These squared off jars are my favorite. I’m hoping to seek out some apricots or do pick-your-own strawberries and do some jam-making on Saturday.

  58. No canning just yet. I’m new to the world of canning so I love getting ideas and tips I can use. I’m waiting for my green beans and tomatoes to ripen and try to can up some of them. Maybe make up some pickles from cucumbers.

  59. I just picked up a flat of blackberries for $5! I’m going to make blackberry lemonade concentrate. Just add water and vodka!

  60. I’m kind of sad I have no canning at all planned. If I can get strawberries for a low price, I’ll probably make some jam.

  61. Squee. And summer produce is going full blast at my favorite market. Hmm, maybe some tomatoes will be first.

  62. I just found and purchased a 4th burner pot at my local habitat for humanity restore store. A bargain for $10!! Can’t wait to try it out. Maybe with these new jars?

  63. Bumper crop of raspberries this year. Canning lots of jam while i wait for cucumbers and tomatoes to come in.

  64. Flats of sour cherries and blueberries coming on Saturday. Time to restock my supply of bourbon cherries (used in place of maraschinos in winter cocktails), sour cherry jam, and frozen blueberries for smoothies.

  65. we made pickles for the first time in twenty years! They were just as I remembered them and now I can’t wait to make some raspberry lemonade jam and some peach corn salsa, two of our hits from last year. Holy yum I”m so glad summer is here! Thanks for the giveaway, crossing my fingers that I win.

  66. Figs are starting to show up at the farmers markets in Berkeley so it’s time to make a batch of fig mostarda for our upcoming camping trips.

  67. I just put up some salsa this weekend, and I can’t wait for okra to show up so I can make several batches of pickled okra, some to keep, and some to share.

  68. The little jars are so cute!! Right now I’m canning all forms of strawberry jam from my garden strawberries!

  69. I’ve harvested a bunch of garlic scapes. I can’t wait to try the pickled scapes I put up. I also made scape relish, scape pesto, and scape hummus. The other day I had a hard time resisting the temptation of opening a newly canned jar of the lightly pickled cherry recipe you shared. Thanks for all of the tutorials and tips, I’m learning a lot. I love canning season!

  70. Raspberry-mint jam with the berries from my garden! Just made a pint of purslane-stem quick pickles and I’m really looking forward to the coming stone fruit for sauces and chutneys.

  71. I’m attempting my first large scale marinara sauce canning this week! I’m very excited about it!

  72. This is my first year gardening and canning and I am hooked! I am so glad to have found your site! Our garden is really starting to pick up for the summer – we are busily gathering tomatoes, different peppers and corn. Watermelon and cantaloupe won’t be too far behind. And fresh peaches from the farm stands have rounded out the canning projects nicely! It is so wonderful to look at our (quickly filling!) pantry and see our hard work paying off!

  73. I’ve made your vanilla rhubarb jam (incredible!), mixed berry and raspberry jam and this week I’ll be making sour cherry black raspberry jam.

  74. Rhubarb compote is always a hit with my house. The rhubarb sees me through until the cherries come out. Another week or two then it’s brandied cherries.

  75. I have a batch of sour cherries I need to turn into filling, and strawberries for jam.

    Hoping for some pickling next week.

  76. I just got a new recipe book for jams & jellies; savory jellies for BBQ glazes & marinades. I was just looking for cute canning jars to use for Christmas gift giving. Ta Da!!!!!!

  77. I am so in love with blackberries this season and have made a few batches of jam. Sure will be nice to have this winter.

  78. I don’t have time to can this week but I want to figure out what to do with the large batch of blueberries we have.

  79. It’s almost wineberry season here, looking forward to a foraging mountain bike ride and hopefully canning some in these Anchor Hocking jars!

  80. Oh yes please….I am a new canner and would love to win the jars to use as I can things from my vegetable garden…

  81. I love my plain jane Anchor Hocking jars, the half pint size is actually the perfect size when I can my tuna every year. They are my favorite jars really. πŸ™‚

  82. I’m not canning this week, as nothing in my garden is ready. However, I’ll be canning tomatoes soon.

  83. I haven’t done any canning this week, but, I’ve put some spinach in the freezer for later and earlier this year we put up some asparagus!

  84. Maybe it’s my imagination, but Anchor-Hocking jars seem “beefier” than most others. Fermented foods seem better contained.

  85. HONEY! We just pulled honey off our hives and will need to bottle them soon. I love your skep and hexagonal jars.

  86. I never paid attention when my Mom canned, so I really don’t know how to can. Id use them for crafts & food storage.

  87. I am putting up the last of our rabbiteye blueberries into jam this weekend. I picked at least 4 GALLONS of berries, and was able to make jam without adding pectin or much sugar. So good!!!

  88. I am a candlemaker and trying to get my business started so I could really use these jars to add to my line!

  89. I’ve got 18 pounds of cherries coming this weekend! Chutney and maybe jam are on the schedule for next week!

  90. The fruit in our area is a plenty right now so I am making apricot jams with agave and with jalapeΓ±os at the moment.

  91. We are packing up to move to Alaska this week so no canning here but I’m excited to get up there and start berries and salmon!

  92. doing a teeny batch of jam for the mastery challenge – using up bits and bobs of fruit in the fridge.

  93. I make wine jelly and found that Filmore has the cheapest jars available. This is one of the ways our church raises money for charity.

  94. Nothing this week. I want to can some jalapeno jelly with my mom. And I have always wanted to make Amaretto peach jam – maybe this year!

  95. Getting ready to move to a new house, so not canning anything this week πŸ™ Will be glad when the move is over!

  96. I don’t can, but would like to learn how! I use jars for overnight oats and leftovers. There are so many uses for jars!!

  97. I’ll be canning Magical Midsummer’s Eve: Elderflower and Strawberry Cordial/Syrup and these jars will be perfect πŸ™‚

  98. I’m waiting for little cukes so I can make a big batch of bread and butter pickles. Hope to win these jars.

  99. I love canning. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to feed my family out of our vegetable garden all year long!

  100. I sell some of my jams and sauces, so if these are priced below the other brand, I’ll gladly be giving them a try!

  101. Not canning this week – we’re in process of moving. I do hope to be canning peaches & peach jam a little later on.

  102. my wife and I are relatively new to canning and have only been able to try out a few recipes so far. we used filmore containers to buy mason jars for centerpieces and decor for our wedding back in October. We also use it to can beauty products like scrubs & lotions. Recently though we have been getting into canning and growing our own goods it would be really helpful to win a case! My favorite recipe has been blackberry jam!

  103. This is the first year I have a garden. The whole experience is very exciting!
    Those jars look very nice, I will love to learn how to can and use them to make some gifts.

  104. I just made some apricot mango chutney to trade to a friend who sent me a giant box of sock yarn. I love these jars and their clear sides. Perfect for my Mes Confitures style jams with clear jelly and suspended fruit.

  105. Nothing ready to can this week, but I will be doing beans, tomatoes, and relish soon! Can never have too many jars!!

  106. We can always use more jars – especially a different style! We have bush cherries, buffalo currants, sand plums, and wild grapes that are ready now – and the jam and jelly making is in full swing.

  107. I haven’t done any canning yet, but I made two big trays of cherry fruit leather this week. I’d like to make some pear jam this year if I can get my hands on some decent pears.

  108. I haven’t done any canning recently, but we made a meyer lemon, ginger, and mint marmalade earlier this year that was delicious.

  109. Not doing any canning this week, but I did do a batch of chicken soup last week. My new favorite this year would have to be canned Italian sausage meatballs (just meat taken out of the casing, no egg or breadcrumbs). So great for use in soup or spaghetti.

  110. We don’t have anything ready for canning in the garden yet. My family loves it when I can salsa so we are anxiously awaiting tomatoes and peppers

  111. I’ll be canning figs and grapes in a few weeks. They aren’t ripe yet, but soon. We love home canned and preserved anything. No preservatives. That’s what I love about home putting up foods. They taste so much like fresh. I also like it that I can look at what we’ve put by and know that we will have plenty to eat during the winter, or hard times. I can and dehydrate all I can.

  112. I have 3 bags of raspberries left in the freezer, and it’s almost raspberry season. I’m going to make some jam this weekend.

  113. I’m up to my elbows in apricots! Going to make your apricot rosemary jam. You are such an inspiration to me, thanks for all the wonderful recipes and ideas.

  114. Canning up strawberry jam which will be the last for the season. My current bush I planted hasn’t yielded enough to try canning current jelly. But, I will look forward to that next year!

  115. We have blackberries out the wazoo… whatever a wazoo is! We found a recipe for blackberry jalapeno jam last year that is deeelish so we will be making that again!

  116. I am not canning this week but last week I canned 28 pints of Apricot preserves, 18 pints of Apricot jelly, 18 quarts of Apricot Pie filling, 2 quarts of Cherry Pie filling as well as making a 10″ Apricot Pie and a 10″ Cherry pie. As well as the picking and prep of all the fruit. I can year round. Anything and everything!

  117. Made some strawberry jam on Sunday, not technically canning – but making an herb vinaigrette with fresh herbs from the garden.

  118. Always need jars for my super salsa that I make fresh out of my garden!!! I hope I’m the winner! thank you….

  119. I used all my empty jam jars during strawberries two weeks ago. Would love ❀️ some for raspberries. Thank you .

  120. This week is still too early for me to can – But I have been quick pickling the radishes and carrots I’ve received from my CSA box. Toss a hot pepper in with them and cilantro and nom nom nom.

  121. I am making blueberry syrup and Sauce Beautiful with some early peaches and worcestshire. I’m also making maraschino cherries in syrup with the last of the cherries

  122. Making bread and butter pickles and pickled beets here in Georgia. Freezing blueberries to can later.

  123. I haven’t tried these jars yet but I would sure like to. I’ve been doing jams and jellies but have recently tried dill pickles. I haven’t tried them yet as they still have one more week to before I can open them. I do want to make more pickles and try salsa. These look like they would be perfect for gift-giving, too.

  124. Nothing be canned this week- waiting for the elderberries to mature- then it’s elderberry pancake syrup and elderberry jams

  125. right now our tomatoes are coming in good so I plan on canning up diced tomatoes and spaghetti sauce. A neighbor gave us a full flat of banana peppers so going to try and pickle those(I’ve never done pickling before)

  126. I canned stewed tomatoes on Monday for the first time. I can’t wait to try them out in some recipes!

  127. All of my canning jars are quart size, which is too large for me now that I live alone. I would love to win these nice Anchor Hocking jars from Fillmore Container so I can start canning again! Thank you for the opportunity.

  128. I have used the Anchor squared off jars the past 2 years and I love them! Can’t make enough Homemade catsup!

  129. I accidently spelled my tweet name wrong and can’t change it. It is @Tweetsweepering. Thanks πŸ™‚

  130. I missed the fresh strawberries this year; so I bought this year’s frozen berries from my favorite farm.. Strawberry jam? Done! Strawberry sauce? In the works!

  131. We will be cooking up some plum jam here in the next 2 week. The tree is packed full and going to ripen any time now.

  132. not canning this week because of the 4th of July – I’m going to be canning corn also making corn relish next week

  133. We are in the middle of moving from AR to MO so there is no canning being done here. I promise I have withdrawals!

    • I just moved from PA to Juneau , Alaska … I totally understand your withdrawal syndrome !!

  134. Apricots done, soon will be peach jam, rhubarb and later fig. Love summer time and putting up jams and jellies for Christmas gift baskets and our own use.

  135. Since we have moved recently I now have a much larger garden. These jars would most definitely come in handy! Nice looking jars and I love the squared look!

  136. Love your jars. I was given a case of them by a friend and they are great. Would love to win some more. Thank you for the chance.

  137. Haven’t had a chance to try them, so winning would be the perfect opportunity! I don’t can as much as I used to, but this summer will be different! Thanks for the chance to participate!

  138. Not canning this week but heading up to an Amish Organic Farm north of here (N.E. Ohio) and see what they have. It’s a great trip and the veggies and fruits are always fresh and non GMO. Our garden is doing well but nothing to can or freeze yet.. soon. πŸ™‚

  139. Last summer canned over five hundred pounds of tomatoes. Hoping to do the same this season. There is nothing better than the taste of fresh sauce in the cold winter months.

  140. I do a lot of preserving of foods in various methods ..Would love new jars to try some new things with

  141. This week I am canning strawberry rhubarb jam, wineberry jam, tomatoes, pasta sauce, and pineapple!

  142. This week I will be canning black raspberries. We love to have them in the dead of winter over ice cream. It brings back the taste of summer.

  143. Hi! I’m looking forward to a strong jam season! I’m providing 220 jars for my son’s wedding in September as Wedding Favors, so those jelly jars look amazing to me! I can just see them full of Blackberry Jam. Or maybe Strawberry…or Currant…

  144. I canned some balsamic strawberry preserves last week. Did some quick refrigerator pickles this week. Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. This is the second time in two weeks I’ve heard someone recommend Fillmore Container; the first being a beekeeper who was raving about the huge selection of interesting jar shapes and sizes ideal for gift giving. Sounds like I need to make a road trip!

  146. I canned some strawberry syrup for pancakes and waffles which turned out great. I love your products!

  147. I am canning tomatoes. I cannot stand store bought anymore. My figs are starting to ripen, so I will be making Strawberry Fig Preserves pretty soon.

  148. I haven’t canned anything so far this year! We just moved our farm this spring, so our lives have been in complete chaos trying to get settled in to our new land. I’m hoping to grab a flat of strawberries and make jam this weekend, though.

  149. Our garden is not quite ready for canning this week but I hope to be putting up green beans in about 2 weeks.

  150. My husband claims I have a jar hoarding problem. But you can never have too many right?

    I’m not sure what I’m canning this week. The garden is just taking off. I’ll probably see what seconds I can get at the farmers market.

  151. Not canning anything yet. I am very late in getting my garden in order and things are just starting to grow.

  152. I have never tried Anchor Hocking jars, but would love to try them. Haven’t canned anything yet this year, but love to can different jellies/jams, tomatoes, pickles….you name it.

  153. Too much spring rain, so my garden got a late start. Nothing to can yet. But I’d love to try your jars if I’m a winner!

  154. I’m not canning anything yet! We’re gearing up for a week at church family camp so all my preparing ahead is to make life easier while camping. Canning will wait til we’re back home.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. This week has been pickles, apple jelly and apple pie filling! The jelly has been my favorite!

  156. I’m not technically canning anything this week, but am preserving: freezing mulberries and black raspberries. Maybe to make something with later, or maybe just to eat. πŸ˜‰

  157. Quick pickle jalapeΓ±o slices and sauerkraut. Neither of which is technically “canning” but it’s about all my tiny apartment kitchen can handle.

  158. I don’t have any current canning plans, but I have a big bowl of local Porter peaches that may need to be canned soon. I do have a new favorite salsa recipe, canned some of that last week.

  159. Just canned a batch of honeyberry jam. First time we had enough berries to do anything but snack on the bushes!

  160. I’m excited about this week! Several friends have asked me to teach them how to can, so we’re going to hit up the farmer’s market over the holiday weekend and have a Canning 101 party!

    I’m sure the wine will help our productivity….

    What could possibly go wrong?

  161. Love my jars got all kinds would be exciting to add these to the collection and it is also my first year with a big garden since my husband and I bought our home in october of last year looking forward to canning and having the goodness and freshness year-round!!! I have used the 1/2 pints they look nice and work well. I havent had any issues

  162. I canned a batch of Raspberry Blackberry jam the other day. Next week I’m planning on Grapefruit Marmalade,

  163. I’m really Xcited about the new Anchor jar line. Everything Anchor is usually top notch! I’ve been canning and putting up for the last 3 months, exciting!!

  164. I am not canning anything this week. I have family in town that I rarely get to see, so am spending most of my time with them.

  165. Nothing right now, getting ready to go camping. But when we get home I hope to get the girls interested in doing some pickles and pickled beets.

  166. I’m going to can some chicken broth I made earlier this week, and maybe some stew and chili. It’s still a little early here to can veggies.

  167. Sadly, I’ve canned nothing this year. Need to get a new gauge for my pressure canner so I can do a batch of black beans!

  168. I found an interesting recipe for cherry jam. Sounds so good and cherries are just now coming out so this is on my canning list!

  169. We haven’t started canning yet this year. My husband usually cans cherries (he picked the first ones today) and salsa.

  170. We just got back from camping, so there is no canning on the list yet. I am really liking the shape of the 8 oz jar.

  171. Rhubarb, rhubarb juice, and maraschino cherries(from fresh picked Rainier cherries). Rhubarb juice is my new favorite!

  172. I’m not canning anything this week. My summer garden is just starting to produce. I should be canning pickles soon!

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