Other People’s Preserves: Dave’s Creamy Hot Sauce

January 26, 2019

Other People’s Preserve is my opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the very delicious jams, pickles, and condiments being made by dedicated professionals. If you see one of these products out in the wild, consider picking up a jar, tub, or bottle!

Last summer, I made what I thought was enough fermented hot sauce to get me through the year. However, between sharing with friends and liberally sprinkling it over anything that would stand still, my homemade stash is now but a memory.

So, when the folks from Dave’s Gourmet got in touch and asked if I might like to try their line of creamy hot sauces, I replied with a ready yes.

These sauces are creamy, plant-based, and only moderately spicy. I like all three flavors, but I’m particularly fond of the Creamy Roasted Jalapeno. We had turkey tacos for dinner last week and both Scott and I found that even just a few drops of the sauce brought a really nice brightness and mild burn to the meal.

The other flavors they sent were Ginger Citrus (it would be great with seafood) and Garlic Red Pepper (I look forward to making skirt steak as a vehicle for this sauce).

If you’re looking for something tasty and not punishing to serve at your Super Bowl party next weekend, I’d recommend these sauces.

Disclosure: Dave’s Gourmet sent me these sauces at no cost to me. No funds were exchanged and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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