New Year, New Breakfast with OXO

March 1, 2017

My father is a master breakfast maker. When he was very young, he did some time as short-order cook at IHOP and learned things like the difference between basted eggs and those cooked over easy. He became comfortable with poached eggs (and passed his worry-free poaching skills along to me). And he became a master pancake maker (evidence here).

Having spend a lifetime training at his elbow, I value breakfast time and take at least a few moments each day to make myself a morning meal (often, I post pictures of such creations to Instagram!).

Recently, my breakfast game got a serious upgrade thanks the to folks at OXO. They sent their Microwave Bacon Crisper, a snazzy Microwave Omelet Maker, an Adjustable Temperature Kettle, and a Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank. I’ve been making easy omelets, boiling water in no time, and making perfect cups of coffee.

The kettle was the biggest upgrade to my morning routine that they sent. It’s not my first variable temperature kettle, but it’s the most intuitive and easy to use that I’ve had. It’s also incredibly speedy. I feel like I switch it on, turn my back for a moment, and just a minute later, it’s ready. I also didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy having a glass kettle. I so enjoy watching the swirl of bubbles as the water reaches a boil.

I really love the omelet maker for its ease and speed. Grease the silicone pan (I use a dab of butter that I scoot around with my fingers), lay out your omelet ingredients, add the egg and microwave for a few minutes (timing depends on the amount of egg in the pan and the age/power of your microwave). Tuck a piece of cheese inside, fold over, and wait a few seconds. Done.

I’m also in love with the pour over coffee maker. I’m the only coffee drinker in my household, so I’ve always used a pour over system of some kind. But as an impatient person, I would just dump the water in and then end up drinking a mediocre cup. This brewer slows me down, removes the guess work, and prevents lousy coffee.

Finally, the bacon crisper. I must confess, this is the only piece of gear that didn’t rock my world. I’d never cooked bacon in the microwave before and the finished results left something to be desired. I can see using this tool to quickly crisp some bacon for a sandwich, but if it’s playing a starring role in the meal, I feel like the stovetop would serve better.

If you’re curious about the products I’ve mentioned,  Microwave Bacon Crisper, Microwave Omelet Maker, Adjustable Temperature Kettle, and Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank, head over to the OXO site to check them out!

Disclosure: OXO sent me the products you see pictured here for review and photography purposes. No additional compensation was provided. All opinions are entirely my own. 

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4 thoughts on "New Year, New Breakfast with OXO"

  • I used to microwave bacon way back in the day when microwaves were new, huge and made of lots of metal. A big heavy box almost the size of a regular oven. Back then microwave stuff was this taupe hard plastic. Anchor Hocking made quite a bit. I had a sloped bacon tray that had a grease catcher at the bottom. I think I finally sold it at a garage sale. Probably should have kept it but now I just do bacon on paper towels. I don’t make it very often. I like my bacon burnt to a crisp. Yes, literally burnt almost black.

    I had a microwave bundt cake baker made of the same taupe hard plastic. The inner tube removed to make it easier to remove or back better or more versatile or something. Never did warm up to microwaved baked goods.

    I mostly use my microwave for reheating now. I do still have some Anchor Hocking microwave dishes with lids that are great for leftovers.

    For some things doing them on the stove isn’t that much more work than in the microwave. An omelet comes immediately to mind. Plus you get much better results, as you found with the bacon.

    One thing the microwave does excel at is melting chocolate. I have some special Wilton ceramic bowls made specifically for melting chocolate in the microwave and they are awesome.

    My Mother has done microwave jam but I’ve never cared for the method. She puts hers in the freezer whereas I process it in a water bath.

  • I still do bacon in the mic sometimes. It’s a process, you have to watch it carefully, which is a trick in itself since you have to cover it with paper towel. Once you know how it will react in you oven, you cook halfway, (4-5 minutes for me) then rotate the slices from center out. I have one of those rigid plastic bacon trays that I use, but you still have to spray with non-stick coating before hand, and still have to clean the ridges well. The upside is you don’t have messy splatters on the stove (especially when you have a glass cooktop).
    I may have to investigate the OXO silicone one, thinking it might be easier to clean.

  • One of my first jobs was cooking at IHOP. One of my first tasks was to learn to crack eggs, one in each hand. 500 eggs at a time. Good times… 🙂