New Ball Canning Products for 2019

June 13, 2019

All products pictured below were provided by Ball Canning.

Every spring, I look forward to seeing what new products the folks at Ball Canning are going to bring to market for the start of the canning season.

This year, there’s a whole lot of new stuff and it’s all so good. Topping my list for most exciting new product line is this series of Vintage Aqua Jars, made in the style of the “Perfect Mason” jars that were manufactured between 1910-1923.

They come in half pint, pint, and quart sizes, are sold in boxes of four and are really beautiful. I just wish they would have included a half gallon size in the product line. They’re currently in stock at Amazon, Target, and Fillmore Container.

As you can see in this side-by-side picture of one of the new vintage-style jars (on the left) next to an actual vintage jar (on the right), they’ve done a beautiful job of evoking the old jars, while also streamlining the shape slightly.

While the old jars do have a certain charm, the new jars are made from smooth glass that is free from imperfections. That makes them appropriate for canning and preserving, adding a new array of interesting jars to a home canner’s options!

The next product that I’m totally thrilled by are these Leak-Proof Storage Lids. They are available in both regular and wide mouth sizes, come in boxes of six, and are safe for the dishwasher and freezer.

They are the perfect thing to use to shake up a jar of vinaigrette and do an excellent job of ensuring that a smoothie transported in a Pint & Half won’t leak all over your backpack.

I also appreciate that they don’t have removable gaskets, as there’s nothing to lose and crud doesn’t get stuck under a rubber or silicone seal. Find them at Target and on Amazon.

They’ve also paired those leak-proof lids with smooth-sided 4 ounce storage jars, creating Leak-Proof Storage Jars. They are just the thing for freezing pesto, fruit curds, and baby food (in six months or so, I plan on putting these things through their paces!).

I can’t currently find these online anywhere, but I’ve seen them at area Targets, so keep your eyes peeled.

Now it’s time to talk tools. The first tool-based release is this new, streamlined Utensil Set for Preserving. It features a sturdy wide mouth funnel, an easy-to-use jar lifter, and that handy tool that allows you to remove bubbles and measure headspace. It no longer contains a lid wand (because Ball no longer asks you to simmer your lids before using).

This is another one that I can’t find online yet, but you should start to see it popping up at retailers as we get deeper into the canning season.

If you want a kit that’s a bit more inclusive, the new Preserving Starter Kit is the way to go. In addition to the funnel, jar lifter and bubbling tool that the smaller set contains, it’s also got four half pint jars, a packet of pectin, and a really useful flat canning rack.

I think that the flat, flexible canning rack is worth the price of the whole kit. It’s sized to fit a standard 12 quart stock pot nicely and doesn’t fold up like my beloved blossom trivet. It’s already become the rack I reach for most often.

And that’s it for the new products now available from Ball Canning! I am working on some partnered recipe posts with Ball this summer, so stay tuned for those!

Disclosure: Everything you see pictured here was sent to me by Ball Canning for photography and review purposes. I was not compensated for this post beyond the jars and tools seen here.

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15 thoughts on "New Ball Canning Products for 2019"

  • Oh! I have one of the vintage Perfect Mason jars — came from our friend Marnie’s house and I’ve filled it with solar twinkle lights for my back yard. We lost Marnie this spring — and let me just say, she was a woman who never met an object she didn’t think coudn’t be recycled or reused in some way! So I was thrilled to find this treasure in her garage (when we were helping her son clear the house to be sold). Glad to see more people will be able to enjoy them from now on …

  • The flat canning rack looks amazing! I had been eyeing getting the Blossom, but I read so much about the floating issues, that I just kept holding off. I think the Ball rack might be just what I am looking for.

  • Hey there,

    Do you know if Ball made these reproductions jars in clear? Or if they plan to do so in the future. I love the shapes and sizes, but would really love clear jars in these same styles.


    1. They haven’t made them in clear glass yet, but perhaps they will at some point! I don’t have any insight about their plans, though.

  • Hi. Are these new aqua jars lighter than the aqua ones they came out with a few years ago? I noticed them in the store and thought they looked lighter. Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes. The color is closer to the vintage jars you often find in antique stores, than the vivid jars that came out a few years back.

  • I am looking to buy the Ball water bath canner that is electric. I am unable to find a store in my city that has this product. Where can I purchase this product?

  • I have a canning question. I saw your tomitillo salsa recipe. Do I HAVE to put in the lime? My kids won’t eat it with it added.

  • I got the silicone mat and just used it for the first time. It was my first time canning (water bath), so maybe this is normal… I ended up with a gummy film on the pot at the water line. The black mat had a milky look when I pulled it out, but is black again since going through the dishwasher. Is the film on the pot normal?

    1. The film is coming from the minerals in your water. Next time, add about a cup of white vinegar to your canning pot water.