Local Mouthful’s 25th Episode

January 21, 2016(updated on October 18, 2023)
January 17 chalkboard menu

Hello friends! As you may have gathered from previous mentions on this site and on social media, I co-host a podcast called Local Mouthful with fellow food writer (and long-time friend) Joy Manning. This week, we posted our 25th episode and it felt like an occasion that merited mention on this site.

In this episode, we checked in about our food resolutions and talked about eating for health and well-being. It was an interesting conversation, particularly in this world where there’s a hyper-focus on cleaning eating and superfoods.

I’ve also been meaning to mention that we’ve launched a cookbook club as part of the podcast. This month, we’re cooking out of Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes. We’ll be talking about it on next week’s show, so if it’s on your shelf and you’ve been cooking from it, make sure to listen in!

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One thought on "Local Mouthful’s 25th Episode"

  • I followed the link via your year-end post, and have started working my way through the back episodes. I really like the thoughtful, non-fussy approach the show takes to food and cooking – looking forward to listening regularly this year! (And being inspired to eat more cabbage, most likely :).