Links: Marmalade, Labneh, and Sheet Pan Hash Browns

January 25, 2016(updated on April 27, 2023)
preserves at the farm show

I feel like I’ve been in a fog for the last month. I came down with a cold just before Christmas and have spent the all the weeks since then trying to get back to my normal levels of energy and productivity (if the blog has seemed a bit unloved lately, this is why).

I spent more days that I can count laying on the couch doing nothing beyond drinking tea, coughing, and tumbling down a Netflix-shaped hole. Thankfully, I woke up on Friday morning (exactly four weeks since I first got sick!) feeling like I’d finally turned a corner and spent the snowy weekend tackling long-abandoned projects with forgotten energy and focus. Hooray for health! Here are some links!

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5 thoughts on "Links: Marmalade, Labneh, and Sheet Pan Hash Browns"

  • So glad you’re feeling better! I’ve been listening to the podcasts and before each recent episode I thought “Surely she’s feeling better by now!” and then felt sorry for you when I heard that you weren’t. Glad you’ve turned the corner. And now I’m inspired to make some jam from fruit I froze in the spring and summer… plums and rhubarb and blueberries… yum.

    1. Thanks for the good thoughts, Sherrie! This cold has been ridiculous, but I am so glad to finally be feeling better!

  • Sounds like you may have actually had flu. I’ve had similar month-long episodes involving hideous chest congestion, and they were NOT normal colds, which should leave after about a week or ten days. I now try to remember to get a flu shot every year.

    Best wishes.