Live Online Tomato Canning Class Tonight!

two crates of tomatoes

Tomato season is upon us! Join me tonight for a one-hour long tomato canning class. In this session, I’ll demonstrate how to prep tomatoes for canning and show you how build a water packed jar. We’ll talk about safety, best tomato practices, and I’ll answer all your questions!

The class starts at 8 pm eastern time and the fee is pay what you want. Join up over on Concert Window.

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12 responses to “Live Online Tomato Canning Class Tonight!”

    • Unfortunately, the service I use to host these classes doesn’t allow me to save them for later. I’m working on that aspect, though.

  1. I’d also be interested in being able to watch at a later time if at all possible! I missed this yesterday, shoot! Will you be hosting another canning class any time soon?

  2. Unfortunately I have just discovered your website. I should have read the March 2015 issue of Country Woman before August :). I would have liked to have seen this as well.

  3. Hi, how unfortunate for me to check your website today instead of last week! I was followed home from the market yesterday with 50 lbs of roma tomatoes. We usually make pasta sauce with them, but during our recent move I seem to have mis-placed our favorite recipe. Even though you aren’t able to post the online class for later viewing, were there specific recipes that were demonstrated? Perhaps even a basil pasta sauce? That would come in handy right about now! Thanks for all that you do! You are a constant source of inspiration!

  4. I tried the flip top of another jar company and it broke within days. These look great for a lot of reasons. I would use them for bulk Parmesan I get at my coop, or cinnamon sugar, nutritional yeast. The possibilities are endless!

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