Live Online Canning Class on May 19 at 7 pm!

May 18, 2015(updated on October 18, 2023)
Making honey sweetened strawberry jam at Farmers@Firehouse.

A reminder that my my first-ever live online class is t0morrow! Join me at 7 pm eastern time as I make a small batch of strawberry balsamic jam. We’ll talk about canning safety, boiling water baths, and how to safely make a recipe your own. I will also be answering questions, so come prepared with your queries.

The class costs $20 and is being hosting by a service called Concert Window. If you want to participate, create an account on the site now and follow the event. I’ll start broadcasting promptly at 7 pm! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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6 thoughts on "Live Online Canning Class on May 19 at 7 pm!"

    1. It is scheduled to run until 8:30 pm, though it may not go that late. It just depends on how many questions people have!

  • Hi Marisa,

    I want to sign up for the online class but have a question. Only have an Ipad, no pc, is it possible to see the class with the Ipad? I sent them this question but never received a reply. Thanks, love all your food!

    1. Sande, it should work on an iPad. There’s an app called Busk that is part of Concert Window and you should be able to see the whole class through that app!