Links: Waffles, Parfaits, and Pickle-brined Chicken + a Blue Jar Winner

March 18, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Grain-free waffles with grapefruit curd.

Ball Heritage Jars
blue jar winner Thanks to everyone who took the time to share your memories, recollections, and experiences with the old blue glass jars, as well as your excitement for these new editions.

The winner is commenter #577, Amy from Texas. She’ll be getting one of the first 100 cases of the limited-edition jars produced. Congratulations, Amy!

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15 thoughts on "Links: Waffles, Parfaits, and Pickle-brined Chicken + a Blue Jar Winner"

  • Thanks so much for mentioning my bagels, Marisa! You really should give them a try sometime. They’d be equally great with jam or pickled somthin’ somethin’, and if you’re intimidated by the whole barbecue thing, know that they’ll come out just fine if you bake them in an oven.

  • Thank you for mentioning my sriracha salt! I’ll need to get on to making those waffles – they look lovely!

      1. Those waffles look fantastic! I would so love to try some. We don’t get anything like that in Australia.

  • congratulations, Amy!
    I’ve never even seen a blood orange, much less tasted one.

  • Thanks, Marisa! My blood orange-cello is almost ready to taste. I can’t wait! I’ll make sure to amend the post to tell everyone how it turned out.

  • OMG!!!! I just discovered I won the jars. I’m so excited. Never won anything like this before. Wow!!! Do I wait for an email from you, Marisa? I hope I didn’t overlook it in my inbox. Thanks so much!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

  • Hi there Marisa,

    I just wanted to let your Canadian readers know that I have just listed the great Ball Heritage Series Blue Pint Jars in my online store! They are absolutely beautiful and I have a few projects planned for them in my house, starting tomorrow!!

    Canadians sometimes miss out on special items like these, and even though my prices have to be higher to account for the trouble and expense I had to go to, to bring them in, I think they are well worth it. Limited edition and beautiful.

    Thank you!!