Links: Spent Vanilla Beans, No-Cook Curd, and Rhubarb

May 12, 2014(updated on October 18, 2023)
Making jam in the great outdoors at Greensgrow!

It was a busy week here at FiJ HQ. In addition to all the regular stuff, I had four book events (adding up to a total of 12 half pints of honey sweetened strawberry jam – those small batches sure do add up), did some furniture rearranging (new dining room chairs were picked up and the old ones were sent off to a new home), and spent a little time mentally preparing for my upcoming birthday (35 feels slightly jarring). Now, links!

And now, just a few links that reference my own work from this week

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7 thoughts on "Links: Spent Vanilla Beans, No-Cook Curd, and Rhubarb"

  • I made your honey sweetened strawberry jam this weekend too!!! I also made your vanilla strawberry jam and whole berries in vanilla syrup. Our berry farms just opened this weekend and we picked a few too many.

  • I made those chewy granola bars last week and they are AMAZING. I encourage you to make them as soon as humanly possible. I plan to pick up some almond butter this afternoon so I can try a cherry-almond-chocolate version.

  • Happy early birthday! I turned 35 about five months ago, and it was jarring for me, too. Not sure what it is about being in the middle of your 30s that doesn’t set well. I *think* I’ve gotten over, but for a few months prior, it was kind of ugly! Where does the time go?

  • Thanks for the link! (The granola bars ARE quite good!). I cannot wait to dig into your book. We have a whole mess of rhubarb growing in the kids’ school garden, and pretty pink preserves might be just the thing to entice the students to try it. Happy 35!

  • Thank you for the link, and for all the amazing recipes! I wasn’t joking, your cookbooks make me drool just looking at them. Thanks for helping me get over my canning hesitation! Happy birthday!

  • On a different subject, just saw Preserving By the Pint as a recommended read in my Mother Earth News newsletter. Go, you!!!!