Links: Pickles, Rhubarb, and Winners

May 19, 2014(updated on April 27, 2023)
Iced tea in a jar! Oh Western Mass, I think I love you.

It was another busy week around these parts. I did a bunch of work, had my 35th birthday, got the stomach flu, and drove to Western Massachusetts to spend the weekend with friends. I would have liked to have skipped the stomach flu portion of the itinerary, but those sorts of things are typically out of our control. Happily, it was a blessedly short lived bug and I’m back to normal. Now, links!

My book got a bit of internet love this week. Here’s who mentioned it.

JOY app

The weekly giveaway returned last Tuesday with the Joy of Cooking app! Here are the lucky winners (I’ll be in touch shortly!).

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2 thoughts on "Links: Pickles, Rhubarb, and Winners"

  • So many good links, now I know what to do with the glut of asparagus in my fridge — pickle it! And the Victorian Rhubarb Sauce is definitely chutney-related, fun how one recipe can become 3.