Links: Rose Petal Preserves, Garlic Scape Vinegar, and Winners

July 2, 2013(updated on April 27, 2023)
snacks in jars

Thanks to everyone for your patience during this transition to the new site. I had intended to get this post up on Sunday night but we started the server shift and I missed my window. I spent yesterday at the Fancy Food Show in New York and got home late, nearly dizzy with exhaustion, with no brain power left. So here we are, midway through Tuesday and I just getting up my links and winners. Such is life, sometimes!

new Cuppow colors
cuppow winners

Time for the winners of last week’s Cuppow giveaway! It was really fun to read about all your favorite summer drinks and coolers!

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11 thoughts on "Links: Rose Petal Preserves, Garlic Scape Vinegar, and Winners"

  • Why does the garlic scape vinegar recipe want me to sign in to Word Press? I’m guessing I can figure out how to make scape vinegar but would still love to see the recipe.

      1. Many thanks Marissa. You always link to interesting recipes so I’m excited to check it out. I have garlic scapes sitting on the counter waiting for inspiration to hit and this may just be it.

  • Guess I’m going to just have to buy some Cuppows. The only way to keep my cat out of my water cup is to put a lid on these just seem so much nicer than drinking water out of my re-usable Starbucks cup… 😉

  • It is looking awesome over here!! Congrats on the new digs. Whew, I bet you are glad it is over.

    Thank for including me in your links. I’m off to check out strawberry cordial!

  • Thanks for sharing my mason jar notebooks, Marisa! Hope to meet up sometime when you’re in NYC.

  • I wrote to you re: the rose petal preserves, and you said you would be sending me an e mail, but I never got one. What happened?