Links: Milk Jam, Savory Granola, and Coconut Butter

January 21, 2013(updated on April 27, 2023)
cheesy tortillas

A few links I’ve had stashed away. I found a draft post with some links from late November and early December that are too good not to share.


Here’s what I’ve written elsewhere recently…

  • I tried my hand at homemade pretzels. I did both hard and soft and found that the soft pretzel is where it’s at. Absolutely worth making at least once in life. 
  • I’ve started a year-long project over on Table Matters that has me finding 12 delicious takes on the whole chicken. In January, I wrote about my favorite slow-cooked method.
  • Over on the FN Dish, I’ve written about Paula Deen’s Irish Lamb Stew (seriously delicious), Giada’s farfalle with chicken and Swiss chard (good, but know that making it with red chard makes for a muddy looking dish), and Rachael Ray’s Pork Goulash (Scott at it three times over, so it must have been good).
  • I also rewrote my grapefruit jam for the Etsy blog. It’s the perfect preserve for this time of year and it so bright tasting.

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7 thoughts on "Links: Milk Jam, Savory Granola, and Coconut Butter"

  • I am so making soft pretzels now! I’ve wanted a recipe for homemade but so far haven’t looked one up and now here it is! Now I just some cheese sauce….mmm…

  • my favorite whole chicken – combine a stick of softened butter and 1/4-1/2 cup brown sugar, then slather it all over the chicken. Roast.

  • Thanks for introducing me to the milk jam recipe. I made it immediately and now we are Never without a jar of it in the fridge and extras on the shelf! I’ve made this sooooo many times over the past months and have enjoyed it in coffee, tea, over stewed ginger apples, and as a sauce on a dessert. I still want to try it as a sauce over spiced pumpkin bread and I’m sure I’ll find several other uses for this yummy concoction, but my favorite use was how my sister and her husband ate the jar I gave them, straight out of the fridge by the spoonful! Thanks again!

  • I feel about caramelish things the way some people do about chocolate. 🙂 (Although there is no way I can wrap my head around that fish-sauce caramel. Eeeeyurgh.) I made my milk jam/confiture de lait/dulce de leche in a crock-pot on low setting, because I hate being tied to the stove and fretting about scorching and that nasty milk skin. The last batches I used plain store milk and it was good but the next one I’m going to use the luscious grassfed raw milk I get from a local farm. I swear the cream takes up over a quarter of the half-gallon bottle! The recipe I used had a lot less sugar than the one you linked to, though; 500g sugar to 1/2 gallon milk, pinch of baking soda and bigger pinch of gray salt – love that sweet-salt thing going on, although the caramel/sea-salt trend these days tends to have too much salt and throws the balance off), and a vanilla bean although I’ve been using double-strength vanilla extract added at the very end because the vanilla bean seeds can lend an annoying grittiness sometimes.

    I have a recipe for a dessert sauce that is half milk jam and half crème fraiche, more or less, proportions to taste – it went on a pear tart which was simply a shortbread crust (flour, sugar, butter and salt, and nothing else) with layers and layers and layers of paper-thin slices of pear topped with sliced almonds, baked very slowly so the pears essentially melted and the almonds browned… It was a royal pain in the can to make, even with a mandoline for the slicing. But ohhh, so good.

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