Links: Citrus, Bread, and a Butter Softening Tip

January 28, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)


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11 thoughts on "Links: Citrus, Bread, and a Butter Softening Tip"

  • I tried the jar lids as egg rings this weekend. It turned out…OK. Even though I greased up the lids, I still had to shake the egg out of them, and then the eggs kind of fell apart, defeating the purpose of using the lids in the first place. It didn’t affect the taste, and my family didn’t really mind, so it wasn’t a disaster.

  • I would also just use tuna cans for the eggs. I think the eggs stick to the canning rings because they are ridged. A straight edge would be the answer.
    As for softening butter, I just leave it in its wrapper, put it on a microwavable plate and heat it in the microwave at 50% at 30 second intervals until softened to the extent that I want. Much easier, and I am not heating up my stove wasting energy.

  • I’m gritting my teeth. I live in Florida in a retirement community and neighbors all around me have citrus trees. I could have all the grapefruit I could consume this time of year, and a few lemons; not so many oranges. I do make orange marmalade and I use it in sauces as well as a spread for toast. My orange sorbet is to die for – really! Sadly, most of us, being on statin drugs for high cholesterol, aren’t allowed to eat grapefruit at all, and now it looks like ALL citrus fruit is suspicious for us. (It makes our Lipitor and other statins up to 900 times stronger) We feel cheated! I also buy Penzeys orange extract to use because it is so delicious in recipes! I love orange icing on oatmeal cookies, an oriental orange chicken sauce that I put my marmalade in, and some marmalade on raisin bran muffins, too! I even enjoy candied orange peel. What would I do without limes for my heavenly chicken fajitas? Gasp! A squeeze of lime on my honeydew melon? Margaritas with the Tex-Mex cuisine we love so much? I don’t know what I’ll do if they take all citrus away from we elderly. Have mercy!

  • Jar rings and eggs? Not a good idea. The inside of the rings are not smooth enough for egg rings. The eggs stick like crazy, not matter what you do to them. Love your blog.

  • i tried using canning rings for eggs and the egg just leaked out under the edge of the ring, and was impossible to clean off. i ended up just throwing the ring away.

    1. I had egg-ring-leakage too. I was working on a slanty stovetop (good riddance, apartment stove!) so it might work okay on a flat surface, but the other commenters make me think it’s not worth trying.

  • I just stumbled across your blog; am always looking for new stuff to try…that does not take three days to accomplish. This book sounds like one we(my daughter and I) would like to look through. Will request it from the library if nothing else. Thank you.

  • What a timely post! I just looked in my fridge and noticed we have 3 large jars of marmalade kicking about. I was determined to do some research on using marmalade in savory cooking this morning, but decided to visit your site first and… discovered a link to savory marmalade ideas! Thanks for the hookup…

  • I’ve tried the jar lid egg ring with the same results as those above. I have a set of biscuit cutters that I use for eggs when necessary. (I do butter them a little, but even when the egg sticks the smooth sides make it super easy to cut out with a knife)

    Note on leakage: just use a spatula to press down on the ring until the egg that meets the pan sets a little.

  • Hi there!
    Don’t know if this is the appropriate place to make a comment in order to enter the electric teapot giveaway, but here goes:
    I was raised by Brits in America and we always used a tea kettle on the stove as my parents’/grandparents’ tea absolutely had to be steeped in boiling water. Nothing lukewarm about it. We never used a microwave since my mother believed that the Russians were promoting their use in order to destroy our society. Weird, but true. I’m a recently converted tea drinker and although I still love the smell of a stiff cup of joe, my stomach precludes me from the continuation of enjoying coffee. I too now require boiling water and cringe whenever I’m offered water from the sink.