Links: Jam, Ketchup, and a Sur La Table Winner

August 26, 2013(updated on April 27, 2023)
a jar coffee table installation

Friends, I’m writing this dispatch from a hotel room in Brooklyn. Scott and I dashed up here yesterday so that I could teach a trio of classes over Saturday, Sunday and Monday at The Brooklyn Kitchen. On Tuesday, we head back to Pennsylvania for a little end of August road trip. I have a few posts that will be going up over the week while I’m away, but I’m not going to be as ever-present in the comments and over email as I often am. Please do cut me some slack and know that I’ll do my best to catch up and answer questions when I get back after Labor Day.

Progressive International canning kit and Le Parfait jars

Thanks so much to everyone to entered the Sur La Table giveaway last week. The winner is #750/Leigh. Thanks again to Sur La Table for the goodies!

Make sure to check back in tomorrow, as I’ll have another fun giveaway up for you all.

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