Links: Repurposed Ferments, Pancakes, and Winners

March 9, 2015(updated on October 3, 2018)


Despite the loss of the hour this morning, today was sort of glorious. The sun was shining, the temperature hovered well above freezing, I wrote a third post for a silly little side blog I’ve started, and I spent a couple hours in a coffee shop working on the new book (it’s finally starting to come together. Thank goodness). Now, links!

fresh herb keeper

The winners of the herb savers are #137/Laura H. and #264/Elin . Stay tuned, another fun giveaway coming tomorrow!

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5 responses to “Links: Repurposed Ferments, Pancakes, and Winners”

  1. Congratulations, ladies!

    I made some kim chi that was too hot into powder as phickle suggests with the too salty ferments. Does it retain the probiotic goodness?

    • In the post, she said that if you dehydrate below 110 degrees F, it does still retain all the fermenty goodness.

  2. Thanks for sharing my jam cookies, Marisa! Just made some Hot Pepper Jelly I found on your blog (via The Tiffin Box) and it was FANTASTIC!

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