Links: Fermenters, Pickles, and a Winner

July 21, 2014(updated on April 27, 2023)
My food swap offering tonight? Salted butterscotch squares and Italian plum star anise jam.

I spent the weekend in Orlando at the Food and Wine Conference (it’s put on by the team behind Sunday Supper). I gave a short talk, but mostly spent my time catching up with Maggie and Merry Jennifer, and soaking up all the good knowledge and experience that the rest of the presenters and bloggers had to share. It was good and I’m so glad I went. Now, links!

felix doolittle labels

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the Felix Doolittle giveaway! The winner is #159/Erin. She said, “Oh what beautiful labels! I would choose the fox branch label.” Happily, you’ll be able to just that, Erin! Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on "Links: Fermenters, Pickles, and a Winner"

  • Yay! Thank you for the shout-out! And I saw it by complete coincidence, too, since it’s too early to see a stat bump. Giardiniera toast! *bonk* 🙂 Also, that homebrewing setup you linked is super exciting! One of these days I am going to start experimenting in that direction…

  • It was so wonderful spending time with you at the conference. I loved getting to know you more!

  • We tried Autumn’s candied jalapenos with tequila, and now I am sold. She stated that this was not a canning recipe. Could you make an acidic version that we could can it? I would like to stock up on such a treat. Thanks, Katie

  • Reply to Katie H. Canning Homeade has a recipe very similar to what you are wanting. It is called Cowboy Candy, basically sweet pickled jalapenos