Links: Energy Bars, Fruit Squares, and Winners!

March 4, 2013(updated on April 27, 2023)
by hand and bag
by hand winners

Time for winners! I loved reading about all the things you guys make by hand. You are truly a group of talented, handy folks!

Our By Hand tote bag and magazine copy recipients are Sarsie (#105) and Katie (#637). I’ll be in touch soon!

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4 thoughts on "Links: Energy Bars, Fruit Squares, and Winners!"

  • Thank you so much for featuring my FrankenCheese! It was so fun to make! Now, I’m going to click on those other links for my afternoon reading.

  • Oh man, I just noticed the link to the port wine fig bars. Thanks so much! And I think they would indeed be lovely with jam in the place of port wine soaked figs. This made my day, really!