Links: Citrus, Chiles, and Winter Soups

February 11, 2013(updated on April 27, 2023)

Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter the canning stamp giveaway last week. I loved reading about all the people in your lives who appreciate the work you do preserving food! The winner is Trina (she blogs at Frugal Dr. Mom), who regularly sends her home-canned food to her father (what a nice thing to do!).

If you didn’t win and this stamp speaks to you, make sure to click over to the A Sensible Habit shop and check out the many options that Brandy has for sale!

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8 thoughts on "Links: Citrus, Chiles, and Winter Soups"

  • First of all, so happy to hear that you have another book in the making. In regard to using marmalade in mixed drinks, my son Michael does this. He just invented a drink using Rye, Sriracha bitter, and my home made Meyer lemon marmalade. It has been called by him and his friends “The best new drink ever!” Just had to share.

  • Many thanks for including me in this roundup, Marisa. Looks like there is some good stuff here and I’m looking forward to clicking and reading…and to snooping around your site, which I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now. Cheers, Domenica

  • Thanks so much! I am sooo excited to win! I have not won anything online before so this is a real treat and for something so useful!

  • I love learning from you! I bookmarked at least five of the links above…

    I’m going to try the marmalade boozy recipe with my blood orange, strawberry and rosemary marmalade…