Links: Cherries, Musk Melons, and Winners

flat of currants

I went to the farmers market this morning, intending to pick up eggs, peaches, and some salad greens. I came home with everything on my list, plus four ears of corn, a giant musk melon and a flat of red and white currants from Three Springs Fruit Farm. This happens to me often in July. There is just so much produce. I am powerless to resist it.

It’s been a few weeks since I did a link round-up, so the list is a bit longer than normal. There’s good stuff here, though. Take the time to wade through!


It’s been a while since the Bee’s Wrap giveaway closed, but I’ve yet to post the winners (oops). However, without further ado, our winners are #109/Katie B., #271/Karley, and #302/Jessica D. Another giveaway will be live soon, so stay tuned!

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3 responses to “Links: Cherries, Musk Melons, and Winners”

  1. Oh! I hope to see a recipe with your currants on the blog. A friend has a currant tree that I’m subtly trying to have them let me pick all the currants for myself. I think their currants are black currants?

  2. Currants! You have currants!

    I was able to get currants just ONCE in Southern California at a very large Vons store. Haven’t seen them since.

    At the time I bought all they had and then went back and bought the rest. I made an awesome Raspberry Currant Rose Geranium jam. I put them in small jars so I could nurse them along but I’m out now. I so want to make some more but have no currants.

    I’ll be going to that Vons tomorrow morning in the hopes they got some currants in this year.

  3. Thanks for gathering these recipe links- they are fascinating and I’m feeling guilty lingering over them when I should be working! Especially enjoyed reading the elderflower cordial post.

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