Links: Beyond Canning, Compound Butters, and Winners

Happy Easter, friends! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. We’ve had a busy one, cleaning out Scott’s mom’s apartment and making space in our little apartment for some of her things. It’s also my last weekend at home before I hit the road for my west coast book tour, so I’ve been trying to squeeze in some errands before I leave. It’s been busy! Now, links!

Three Round Jam Jars Fillmore - Food in Jars

The winners in last week’s Jam Jar giveaway (sponsored by Fillmore Container) are #247/Nickolina, #301/Kathy, and #506/Katie Cleveland. I’ll be in touch with the winners soon!

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2 responses to “Links: Beyond Canning, Compound Butters, and Winners”

  1. HA! I found those cute little jars at my local Target and today I canned up some strawberry rose geranium jam.

    Limes are on sale so I’m going to try my hand at marmalade this year. Going to try to recreate my favorite flavor of soda from my local organic market: lime clove hibiscus.

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