Links: Berry Jams, Pickles, and Winners

July 6, 2015(updated on April 24, 2023)

It's apricot season! A half bushel is seconds is all mine!

Oh friends. Canning season is on so hard right now. I have 25 pounds of apricots spread out on baking sheets on my living room floor, and I have four pounds of super ripe peaches on my kitchen counter. There are dilly beans fermenting on the dining room table, and I put a finished half gallon of kosher dills into the fridge. I both love and am totally overwhelmed by this time of year. Now, links!

chalk top boxes offset

I missed announcing winners in the Ball Blue Book giveaway from last week, so I’m going to double up and include those here as well as the winners in the Chalk Tops giveaway.

So, first the Ball Blue Book winners. They are #6/Rebecca, #75/Barbara Durkee, and #297/Eileen.

The Chalk Top winners are #37/Susie, #89/Deb, and #198/Sarah. Thanks to everyone who entered both these giveaways. I’ll have another fun one up tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on "Links: Berry Jams, Pickles, and Winners"

  • I just love how your posts have a local flare to them. Love the link on Wild Black Raspberries. We just foraged for those yesterday in Central Jersey. My kids and I both got surprised by a large animal that we scared off in the woods as we hunted deeper for berries. Most likely deer, however, their first thought was bear. Oh my!

  • My niece renee dutill public of way to my family’s heart blog said u can help me with an orange marmalade recipe marina.

  • I was thinking of making a batch of summer fruit butter. Where do you get your peaches and apricots in the Philly area?