Links: Apple Butter, Vegetable Broth, and Winners

roasted butternut cubes

This past weekend was a relatively quiet one. I taught a jam making class on Saturday morning at the Morris Arboretum’s Bloomfield Farm. After the class was over and I was outside, loading up my car, I took a moment to stand and listen to the wind blowing through the trees. I love so much about my high rise life, but whenever I hear it, I’m reminded how much I miss the sound of that leaves and branches being moved by the breeze.

The Homemade Kitchen

Time for the winners in The Homemade Kitchen giveaway. The winner of the big prize pack is #361/Jen. The winners of the two books are #98/Dan and #130/Kim.

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2 responses to “Links: Apple Butter, Vegetable Broth, and Winners”

  1. I’ve been a country girl all of my life except during college and a brief three months of “city” life. I live in the country outside my little burg. We’ve grown to have FOUR stoplights now!

    On of these days I am going to be the lucky winner of one of your giveaways!

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