Links: Apple Butter, Pear Vodka, and Winners

November 17, 2014

light in the dining room

After nearly two weeks of congestion and exhaustion, the cold fog has finally started to lift. I made some excellent potato soup for dinner late last week, but beyond that, nothing of particular value has come out of my kitchen. I’m trying to clear out an email backlog and finish unpacking from my trip. I have a two pound bag of cranberries in my fridge at the moment, so expect something appropriately seasonal later this week. Now, links.

cuppow gear

A couple weeks back, I hosted a giveaway sponsored by Cuppow. I had five sets of Cuppow lids, BNTO adaptors, CoffeeSocks, and Mason Taps to share with you guys. The winners are:

Thanks to everyone who took the time share how they could envision using the Mason Tap in their kitchens. All those creative solutions just prove that it’s a winner of a product!

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6 thoughts on "Links: Apple Butter, Pear Vodka, and Winners"

  • Hmm, my thoughts on the jar handles — I guess I fail to see the point? I am picky about my mug handles and those do not look comfortable to me, and I like that I can tuck a jar neatly into my purse with no handle to get in the way. I use a cup cozy if it’s too hot to hold. But more power to the people who want one!

  • Thanks so much for the shout-out! I actually have two more heads of fennel in the crisper right now, so I think a third variety of fennel pickle may need to happen. (Or I may just roast them. We’ll see!)

  • Thanks so much for the shout-out! I’m Pinning most of the other links too – lots of making ahead. Thanks for such a great list.

  • I just made my first ever apple butter this week. I used the recipe in Blue Chair Cooks with jam.

    It was OK but it would have been better if I had used the correct apples. All I had available were Golden Delicious from my Dad’s tree.

    I think the next time I’ll try a Bourbon Ginger Applebutter recipe and use apples that are firmer and more tart.