In Deep Autumn

One of the things I’ve discovered since become a full-time freelancer is that it’s really important to reach and out find people with whom to collaborate. When you work in an office, teamwork is often assumed. When you work from the solitude of your living room, it takes intention to forge alliances.

What I have to share with you all is the product of one of these intentional alliances. A few weeks back, Tenaya Darlington (author of the blog Madame Fromage and the forthcoming book Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese: A Guide to Wedges, Recipes, and Pairings), Jason Varney (he blogs at Fussing with Forks, makes some of the most enticing food photography I’ve seen and is an Instagram wizard) and I teamed up. The results of our efforts are these four digital pages. They contain cheese suggestions, preserves and drinks to go along with those cheeses, and really gorgeous images.

Our hope is that you’ll take this mini-magazine, and try out the pairings and recipes. Gather your friends around a table, fill jelly jars with port, balance persimmon chutney atop a few crumbles of Stilton and appreciate the autumn.

You can click on the viewer above to expand the image or you can download a PDF by clicking here.

Many thanks go to Jason and Tenaya, as well as to Di Bruno Brothers for providing the cheese and to Sara Varney, who played a pivotal role in the layout and design.

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57 responses to “In Deep Autumn”

  1. Wow, if that’s not the most enticing thing I’ve seen in ages! I cannot wait until my Christmas party next month. Cheeses. Delectable cheeses, smothered with jams, butters, and preserves.

    Oh my.

  2. Gorgeous! I am so happy to find out what is in the beautiful jar featured a few days back. That chutney is a must for my Thanksgiving. Thank you!

  3. Everything looks and sounds so delicious and enticing. Here is another pairing for you to try. Apple lemon marmalade with Cabot horseradish cheese. It just came to me one day. Everyone who tries it falls in love with this combo. I was eating some of the marmalade on a cracker one day, and the cheese called to me from the fridge, “Pick me, pick me!”

  4. Wow, Marisa– this is just amazing!! What a useful resource for the holidays. The food all sounds incredible. AND THE PHOTOS! It seems like lots of food photography looks the same these days, with loads of white and shabby-chic props and things (which can certainly be amazing). But these photos are rich and dark and warm and stunning. KUDOS to the whole darn team! 🙂

  5. I really appreciate this because sometimes I get so caught up in the process of canning, admiring how nice they all look on the shelf and trying new things to can that I lose site of WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THIS STUFF! It nice to try some creative pairings in order to appreciate my yummy stuff in fresh, new ways.

  6. Marisa,
    Thank you for the lovely e-zine, what a gift. It was a great treat to see such a beautiful autumnal palate, and with great recipes to boot! I literally just ended a marathon day of cranberry canning. I stopped by your blog before I tackled the 6 lbs of cranberries in the fridge. I tried your pickled cranberry recipe, and WOW! It was surprising and AMAZING!!! So, thanks for that too.

    Happy Fall,


  7. Wow, what a great layout. It’s gorgeous! I’m going to try to the persimmon chutney. How exciting that there are things to can way after the harvest is done!

  8. I just found a fuyu persimmon tree at one of our family ranches – I am soooo excited to make this chutney and can it! Thank you Marisa!

  9. Absolutely stunning.

    While I began freelancing for the sanity-saving effect that is not being trapped in a conventional office all day, not being in an office *with other people* all day is definitely the hardest part of it.

  10. Wow – I just got some cheeses for Thanksgiving, and almost forgot that I have some port; can’t wait to try the chutney, and the shallot pickle! I have to tell you that the stone fruit jam from your book is the best jam I’ve ever made. Thanks for such great directions!

  11. These pictures are fantastic and the food looks delicious! Can you process and store jars of the persimmon chutney and shallot pickle and keep them for a few months the way you would with jam?

  12. […] Chutney is not one of the condiments I ate during my formative years, but it has grown on me in my adulthood. These days, it’s one of my refrigerator staples and on days when the leftover pickings are slim, I pull out some cheese, make a piece of toast, and grab some chutney. Works every time. Right now, I’m eating the very end of the black plum from last summer, as well as the dregs of the persimmon chutney from this project. […]

  13. Hey Marisa any word on whether you would be willing to sell these as prints? I would take it as a jpeg to download and send out to print myself if that’s a possibility?? Willing to pay, I think it is perfect for my dining room!!!

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