Giveaway: Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer

Five years ago, I wrote about the Roma by Weston Brands. It was the first electric tomato strainer I’d ever encountered and it totally changed how I preserved tomatoes. I went from someone who did mostly whole, peeled tomatoes to someone who did 30 or 40 quarts of puree each season.

As much as I loved it, that original model did have some issues. The body was so light that when you pushed the tomatoes through, it would tilt precariously (a problem I remedied by perching my elbow on the body to keep it level). It also splattered badly when you pushed the tomatoes through, because there was nothing covering the screen.

I am delighted to say that Weston Brands has thoroughly redesigned their electric tomato press and this new model (the Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer) is terrific. The body is heavier and less prone to tipping. There’s a screen cover to prevent splatter. It has a 250 watt motor which flies through food. It can go in reverse if something gets stuck. And it assembles so easily.

For my unit’s maiden voyage, I used it to quickly puree applesauce (it’s still a little early to be doing tomato sauce around here). I quartered every apple in the house, heaped them in a big pot (peels and cores included), and cooked them until soft. Once I started, it took all of five minutes to mill all those apples.

If you’re looking for something to make your tomato preservation easier, I definitely recommend it! This week, I’m giving away one Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer to a lucky Food in Jars reader. I hope it transforms your tomato process as much as it did mine. The giveaway is open to US residents only. Please use the widget below to enter.

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Disclosure: Weston Brands provided the review unit you see pictured here at no cost to me and are also providing a second giveaway unit. All opinions are my own.

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200 responses to “Giveaway: Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer”

  1. Made the spicy tomato jam yesterday, it is delicious! I hope to make spaghetti sauce, and this strainer should be speed up that process.

  2. I haven’t canned tomatoes yet, this year is the year! I was planning on doing some whole and some crushed. The peels and seeds are intimidating, this gadget would be amazing!

  3. Between tomatoes and apples, oMG! Applesauce and Spaghettisauce in my future! This would make my world so much easier!

  4. Around here its a tie between salsa and just plain diced tomatoes. For ease, of course, its the plain tomatoes but we sure love salsa in our house. 🙂

  5. My favorite way to preserve tomatoes is to purée them for spaghetti sauce. There’s nothing quite like home-preserved tomatoes, fresh out of the garden, especially during the winter months! I also LOVE homemade tomato ketchup!

  6. My current favorite way is whole or some version of chopped for preserving tomatoes. If I had this my favorite way would be tomato sauce/puree. It would be a real game changer in my kitchen for sure. Thank you for the opportunity to win such an awesome and useful kitchen gadget!

  7. Due to dietary restrictions, I cannot eat tomatoes but I would use this for making fruit purees for jams. I would also possibly use this for making super smooth pumpkin puree.

  8. Wow! I had no idea such an item even existed! Sounds like it makes the work so much easier… Would be nice to have one. I’d better see how much room I have in the pantry to store one! (Would be awesome to win one… 😉

  9. I have only ever canned whole tomatoes, but this looks amazing! I can only imagine how much fast my applesauce freezing would go with this instead of using my hand crank food mill. 🙂 Maybe even to make other fruit purees for fruit butter and fruit leather?

  10. My favorite way to can tomatoes is diced, since I use most of mine that way. I have used a food strainer in the past and really loved it, but mine developed so many leaks and was such a mess to use, I stopped using it. I would love to try this new unit!

  11. I’ve been using a manual tomato strainer for years to make the 40+ quarts of sauce my family goes through. Even doing only a portion of tomatoes at a time, it’s an all-day process. An electric strainer would make things so much easier.

  12. Whole tomatoes, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, salsa, tomato jam. This appliance would be amazing! And for applesauce – fantastic!!

  13. I have a friend with a similar tool and she makes the most delicious homemade ketchup! I don’t ever can tomatoes or puree (I do make salsa), but I sure would with this! Thank you!

  14. Canned tomatoes of any type are the best in the winter, but homemade sauce is my favorite! Not long till they’ll be ready to go!

  15. This looks fantastic. My favorite way to preserve tomatoes is making quarts and quarts of shelf stable, delicious tomato vegetable juice!!

  16. wow, i’ve never heard of one of these — i still use a food mill like my grandmother did. maybe it’s time i joined the 21st century? haha

  17. I make tomato jam the most, which wouldn’t require this machine. My kid, however, adores applesauce which would be a great use of this thing for me.

  18. My favorite way to preserve tomatoes is simply crushed tomatoes. They’re so much more versatile, I can use them to make sauce, soups, chili, etc. Salsa is a close runner up though!

  19. I like to roast tomatoes with garlic, onion, basil etc then purée and freeze. Never seen this machine before- looks like it would be amazing!

  20. Where have I been that I didn’t even know this machine existed? I mostly just freeze oven
    roasted tomatoes with onion, garlic, and basil. This would definitely change my game!

  21. The first year I tried canning tomato sauce was a disaster. Now I feel like a pro. I roast tomatoes cut side down in the oven and throw extra veggies on top (zucchini, onions, peppers, garlic – whatever I have on hand). When they’re blistery I peel off the skins. I have the food grinder accessory for a Kitchenaid mixer and use that. It’s been a total game changer. The sauce goes in the freezer and still has that fresh from the garden taste. It’s so incredibly delicious. The only downside is I always run out before the new season.

  22. I have totally given up on the hassle of canning and now I just puree and freeze my tomatoes. I would love to use this instead of the hand-crank strainer!

  23. This week I’m making lots of pizza sauce and salsa! I like having those items pre-made in the pantry, makes dinner time easier. I am very interested in anyway to make tomato processing easier!

  24. My grandmother first taught me to can dill pickles. I was hooked. I’ve canned so much jam, sauce, preserves, pickles over the years. After a recent move, I thought I’d given up on canning. Now my daughter is eager to learn. Peach jam is done; salsa is next for her. This would be a fantastic tool to make the process easy!

  25. I’m very pregnant, and not sure how I’ll get to all my tomato projects this summer. This would help speed things up!

  26. Love to have this for both apple and tomatoe seasone. I make tomatoe sauce for pasta. Yummy fresh is best

  27. What a great giveaway. I currently use an antique food mill. I crank the handle around and around, in both directions as skin and seeds get caught in the mechanism. It’s messy and a bit cumbersome to use, and takes a long time, but eventually it does the trick. This would definitely be an upgrade! Thanks for the giveaway and the info.

  28. I mostly use whole tomatoes but I have a few recipes that call for sauce. I’d love to have homemade tomato sauce.

  29. Must. Have. This. Tool! I make tons of applesauce and it is a bit of a pain, so this would be terrific. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. I never even imagined that there was a gadget that would make applesauce season easier! Wow! My trees are so heavy with apples this year and I’m almost dreading the harvest. Hoping I can enlist many kids to come help “drive” the food mill I usually use. I think I will also be making lots of apple butter and freezing pies. About two weeks away! Eek!

  31. I could do SO MANY awesome things with this high-end gadget! Tomatoes, apple sauce, salsa, berry puree, baby food! Would love to have one of these!

  32. I make tomato sauce by cooking up tomatoes(that we grow) until they are reduced and delicious then use a stick blender to turn the whole thing into sauce. So good with skins and seeds included. I add lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, herbs or spices as the mood strikes me. So different from the past when I scalded and peeled tomatoes to can.

  33. We have been using a manual Norpro Sauce Master to make applesauce for years. Grandchildren love turning the crank. An electric model would be a real improvement.

  34. I just finished about a bushel using my hand-cranked Roma. What a delight it would be to have this!!! Jams and jellies would be super easy! My husband is my canning helper!!! Pick me, please!!!!

  35. I’ve never used a strainer, I like my applesauce lumpy and bottle whole tomatoes, but this year we messed up and have 18 cherry tomato plants! I’ve been reading up on how to preserve them and everyone says I need a strainer, then I can easily put them up. I’m ready to put one through its paces, the cherry tomatoes have started ripening!

  36. Last time I made applesauce, I had way too much to contemplate peeling them so my applesauce just ended up having squares of peel (from dicing the apples) in them. It tasted good to me but was not very good for giving as gifts!

  37. Still my favorite way to process an abundance of tomatoes is to grind up the raw, cored tomatoes, skins and all, in the Vitamix then water bath them. No cooking at all. Sure, they separate and do not look very pretty but are wonderful to use for anything for which a tomato base is appropriate. I do both quarts and pints like this, have for many years and do not miss the hassle of cooking the tomatoes into sauces prior to canning.

  38. I love to can salsa — nothing better than opening a jar in the middle of the winter and knowing you grew the tomatoes!

  39. Seems like forever waiting for tomatoes this year, but as have faith! I’ll end up with lots and be dreaming of this machine.

  40. I’ve dried tomatoes and occasionally froze them but this tool is awesome and would be perfect for canning.

  41. Tomato sauce for sure using your Food in Jars book recipe! This mill would make my life so much easier than hand cranking through the 50 lbs of Roma tomatoes I just bought!

  42. I make/can stewed tomatoes and salsa and this year I would like to try tomato sauce!!

    Thanks for an opportunity to win BIG!!

  43. I use the chopped tomatoes recipe from the first book in all kinds of recipes. I’ve been making batch after batch this summer!

  44. I love to make apple sauce, but I usually just dice and cook to death in the crock pot then work over with a potato masher. This tool would really simplify that process!

  45. As attached as I am to my Mom’s old hand-crank food mill, this would make putting up quantities of tomatoes and apples much less daunting.

  46. Oh! Oh! I so want this. I’ve been surfing amazon on and off for years looking at these, trying to decide which is the best model. I have a hand mill that I really love (I can take it entirely apart for cleaning and it can go in the dish washer) but still, it is a bit of a pain. An electric one? Oh, I’d be canning everything in sight.

  47. Our tomatoes are just beginning to ripen, so I will be in the market for such a gadget. This is fancier than anything I was hoping to get.

  48. I like to roast the tomatoes, onions, peppers and garlic then I use a food processor to sauce it up, I’d love to try this tomato strainer and see how it works.

  49. My first favorite way is quartered followed pretty closely by a smoked sweet paprika tomato jam. Tomatoes are just barely starting to come in for me and I’m pretty excited!!

  50. Just the push I need to make another batch of tomato jam.
    Does the widget work? I couldn’t tell if my entry truly was submitted.
    Fingers crossed.

  51. Without this nifty tool I often just wash tomatoes and throw them in a ziploc bag in the freezer. I then use them in chili or marinara sauce, BUT I have to pick out the skins!

  52. I usually can pureed and crushed ?. I squeeze a lot through my fingers so I can say this would help with the larger batches lol. Thanks for the give away.

  53. I make a lot of tomatoes sauce and juice. I can get tomatoes for four dollars a bushel so this would be quite handy to have.

  54. Definitely could have used this today! I spent a good portion of the day using my hand mill to make roasted marinara sauce!

  55. This would make a great addition to my canning season. I always look forward to tomato season and the farms where we can self pick freah organics to take home and can. I do whole, quarters, diced, sauces and the juice. This would make a great consistency for my shashuka and sauce recipes rather than the process I use now.

  56. I’ve canned the Food In Jars fresh tomato sauce the past few years and it’s been the nicest treat all winter long!

  57. This looks so great! I usually just can my tomatoes whole, but would love to do more sauce or just crushed tomatoes if I had an easier way to do this.

  58. would be wonderful to have the electric mill to make tomato sauce. I’m sure the time saved would be tremendous.

  59. I joined a CSA this year and have been overwhelmed by the number of tomatoes each week! Would love to process them like this. I’ve only made salsa and canned that before. Would love to preserve more tomatoes for the winter months!

  60. I love making tomato nectarine relish at this time of the year. I got the recipe from my moms friend who passed away several years ago. It’s incredibly delicious and it reminds me of Lois who was a funny kind woman whom we all miss.

    • Would you mind sharing the recipe for the tomato nectarine relish please? Either here or email me at drags59 at yahoo dot com

  61. My tomatoes are just coming in and it looks like it will be a huge crop this year. This would make processing so much easier than hand milling.

  62. I’ve dehydrated tomatoes and packed in olive oil in the past. This year I’ve specifically planted tomatoes for sauce – they are still growing (fingers crossed). Thanks for reviewing this Weston food mill, I’m glad it’s been useful. Someone is going to be very lucky at the end of your giveaway.

  63. I’m fairly new to canning and so far my favorite way to can tomatoes is whole. From which I learned from your post on 5 ways to preserve large tomatoes. I’m hoping to try my hand a sauce and jams later this year.
    Thanks for all the informative posts and giveaway.

  64. I learned to can tomatoes from my Sicilian neighbor and her monster strainer — would love to have my own for my own batches of tomatoes and apple butter!

  65. I am brand new to preserving food and haven’t canned any of our tomatoes yet, but this would be so helpful in my learning process!!

  66. Freezer tomato sauce with whatever other veggie is on it’s last legs (peppers, green beans, broccoli, onion, kale, etc). Bring to a simmer, reduce, puree, then freeze in pint size jars.

  67. I’ve had your first post about the Weston tomato strainer bookmarked all this time. Exciting to see a new and improved model!

  68. My husband requested I make two dozen half-pint jars of your tomato jam this year. It’s amazing how many tomato based items we go through each year! Sometimes it’s hard finding the right number that will last us the whole year until tomatoes are available again. I personally enjoy using your recipe for diced tomatoes that you created for the Mrs. Wages website. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!! The electric tomato strainer would certainly cut down on a lot of processing time, which is always nice :).

  69. I love a simple cooked tomato sauce with onions, that way I can use it in almost any type of dish (Italian, Mexican, Indian, etc)

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