Giveaway: Pint & Half Jars from Fillmore Container

Of all the Ball jars out there, the Pint & Half has always been my favorite. It holds 24 ounces, has straight sides, and always feels like just the right amount. I reach for one whenever I’m putting away leftovers, pouring a smoothie, stashing pantry staples, and making extra-long pickles.

When I first started canning, the Pint & Half was not currently in production and so I haunted thrift stores, antique shops, and eBay in order to amass a small collection. Then, in early 2012 Jarden Home Brands announced that they were bringing the Pint & Half back. I cheered! I wrote blog posts! I bought several boxes.

Today, I come bearing sad news. I’ve learned that the Pint & Half is going to become a collector’s item once more. Ball Canning has discontinued this useful vessel (cue the weeping). I am heartbroken that my favorite jar is soon going to become scarce.

I’ve teamed up with my friends at Fillmore Container to send this noble jar out with a bang. They still have a goodly supply in stock, but it won’t last forever. So this week, they’re sponsoring a celebratory giveaway featuring the Pint & Half.

One lucky winner will get $100 credit* at Fillmore Container, one case of the Pint & Half jars, and
two wide mouth iLids for easy access to your smoothies, quick pickles, and dry good (winner will choose lid color). What’s more, Fillmore Container is also giving away two more cases of the Pint & Half jars over on their blog. You have so many chances to win!

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter! And when you’re done with that, head over to Fillmore Container’s blog to enter their giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Store credit can be used for product or shipping, but once the $100 is used the winner is responsible for anything more than $100 including shipping.

Disclosure: Fillmore Container is a Food in Jars sponsor and so does pay a monthly fee to display a banner ad on this site. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed within this blog post remain entirely my own. 

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511 responses to “Giveaway: Pint & Half Jars from Fillmore Container”

  1. […] Ball’s wide mouth 24 ounce jars  also know as Venti Mason Jars, or Pint & Half Jar, have been a favorite with preservers and mason jar fans.  Their wide mouth and shoulder-free design  makes them easy to fill,  easy to empty,  and safe for the freezer!  In fact, it’s safe to say that these jars get turned over the most in our home. Sadly, Ball is discontinuing these, and boy will we miss them. We do still have them in stock, but we know they will go fast now that the word is out. So, we are giving away some below, and on Food in Jars! […]

    • That’s a shame. I have one set of them and they’re very handy. I keep dog treats in some and used two for our recent challenges for shrub and salt preserving.

      I’ll need to check my local sources and pick up another set or two.

  2. I had no idea these jars were so rare! I actually have a bunch of them in my jar cupboard and use them all the time. They must have come from a garage sale or something ages ago. Now that I know they’re discontinued I’ll be sure to take good care of them!

  3. Oh, I love these jars and I’m sad they are being discontinued! I love to make pickles in them and can tomatoes in them!

  4. Love Ball jars, and I agree, the 1 1/2 pt jars are very special and hold just the right amount for so many things. I especially like it for jams and tomato spreads.

  5. Love these jars, but am not on twitter so I can’t enter the giveaway.. I just bought a case last week! Guess I will be checking out their supply and grab another case!!

    • Sue, there are a number of ways to enter the giveaway, including the comment you just left. Tweeting is just one of the methods.

  6. Got a few of these from a friend, they are my favorite for jam or jelly. Never been able to find them in stores, so excited about this offer.

  7. I can see these for beverages and also for canning “long” vegetables like French filet beans (my favorite homegrown pole bean) or asparagus. Or for super-long pickle spears!

  8. I can’t believe they’re discontinuing the pine and a half jar – it’s my go-to for iced beverages all summer long, as well as dry goods storage. Will need to add another case of them to my supplies before they’re off store shelves…

  9. I love these jars! This breaks my heart – I use them for everything. Cue heading to the store to buy a few cases!

  10. I love this size–it’s perfect for so many things when I can items just for the two of us. I’m on my way to Winco to see if they have any in stock!

  11. I have never used them but I love their size! They would be perfect for smoothies or milkshakes for kiddos.

  12. Now that it has been announced the pint and a half size is being discontinued, there will be a run on them. I have two this size and they are always in use. Time to stock up.

  13. I do a tremendous amount of canning and have never seen these jars here. Would love to try them out!

  14. There are never enough of these pint and half jars for all the pickled asparagus I love to preserve. Whatever will we do?

  15. I just bought a case of these at the end of last season because I loved the look of them! They looked perfect for pickles. Good to know they’re being discontinued 🙁

  16. Very sad news – I like them for smoothies and iced tea in the summer. I’ve even knit cozies for travel with them.

  17. Thank you for the great giveaway chance. This is one of my favorite sized too!! Honestly though, I haven’t used them a lot for actual canning- a few times for applesauce, peach slices, pie filling. I use them for my water- it fits perfectly in my cars cup holder so I can take it everywhere. Then I use them for dry storage in my pantry- nuts, chocolate morsels, coconut, specialty flours, etc. I initially bought them because I have a large asparagus patch in my garden, but the last few years I have been fighting the rodents who burrow in my patch so my yield has only been enough for a few meals, no extra for canning.

  18. These are my favorite jars for making kefir. We often use them as drinking glasses in the summer. I’m sad to hear they’re being discontinued. Off to buy more…

  19. I only have two, acquired who knows where, but they’re my go-to for so many things! I’ll be buying a case and squirreling them away to be used only when really needed.

  20. WHY WHY WHY…….they are best for freezing things in because of the straight sides. What a bummer of a way to start a Monday morning!

  21. I use these for canning and storage. I also have a couple of vintage ones but unfortunately my favorite fell victim to an accident. ?

  22. I can remember you mentioning this size of jar years ago, and am always on the lookout at thrift stores for them. I had no idea Ball started producing the pint and a half again!

  23. I love the pint and a half jars. I preserve for just me and my spouse, so a quart of something is often too much, and a pint is too small. I like them for peaches, pears and plums, and for chili beans and navy beans.

  24. These are my favorite jars! I found some at an estate sale several years ago and had no idea they were so scarce. I use them for everything! I’ll be keeping an eye out at the stores now – and, of course, hoping to win.

  25. Love those pint and a halfs, I’ve canned a lot of tomatoes in them. It’s the perfect amount to add to a pot of soup.

  26. I prefer the half pints jars. I definitely will be sad to see them go. I use them for my various kefir and yeast water experiments.

  27. I’ve never used these jars, but I’d love to try them. I think they would be perfect for pizza sauce – 1 quart is too much, 1 pint is too little!

  28. It’s like discovering a band you love and finding out that they’ve just broken up… I’m hoping to use some of these for pickled asparagus and maybe thai long beans.

  29. I’m surprised! Such a great size! I found a few of these in a box I bought at a garage sale and had never seen them before. Love the size for salsa and pickled things. Perfect for our two person household when a quart is too much and a pint empties too fast.

  30. I love these jars and I’m sad to see them go 🙁 I, too, have hunted a few down through thrifting and estate sales. But I would love to have more! Thanks so much for the giveaway – noble send-off indeed! 🙂

  31. These are my favorite jars! Why does it seem that what I like and use the most gets discontinued? Ugh! This makes me sad.

  32. NoooOoooOoo!!! That is what I use for my spicy dilly beans and spicy pickled asparagus! You don’t have to trim as much! Ugh!!

  33. I haven’t used pint&half jars before, but I’ve always loved the proportions of their mini cousin, the 12 oz quilted jelly jar. I can see how the larger size would be very useful! Thanks for hosting the giveaway 🙂

  34. I’m completely crushed. The pint and a half jars are so useful for so many things. I love them, and even though they came back they could still be hard to track down.

    AAAH. They make great iced tea glasses for long summer days.

  35. ?How could they!!?? Cranberry sauce (I have a large family), broths and stock, asparagus, soup, lemonade…….

  36. Such a fan! Crushing news…wondering if there will be something close as a replacement (out with the old, in with the new??) :/

  37. Now that I know they’re being discontinued I have an opportunity to pick up some more before they are gone. For once I know about the ending of a favorite product before the fact instead of after. I’ll be picking some up tomorrow.

  38. What a shame. These were such a perfect size and I love the straight sides. No digging around under the edge to scrape out the last bits. Oh well.

  39. Oh dear, I have some lovely jelly from last year’s peaches in a pint and a half right now. Too bad. So popular, why are they being discontinued?


  40. I’ve never used this size for canning, but they look perfect for bringing smoothies and tea to work. Sad that they’re being discontinued.

  41. I have NEVER seen these before–must not be sold around here. Great size, though! Mine would most likely be filled with chicken stock as it seems like usually fill a half gallon jar and have less than a full quart left.

  42. I have a few of these but somehow they were always perfect for gifts — so I have a lot fewer than I used to.

  43. I haven’t used these before, but they look great for pickling spears of things, like asparagus or carrot.

  44. MISERY! AGONY! These are the best best best best size. In addition to canning, I use them for dry storage for nuts and dried fruit. I use them as glasses in the kitchen and in the backyard. They fit in the cupholders of my car perfectly! I use them for coldbrew allllllll the time. They’re perfect for freezing soup and taking it to work. They work with smoothies and blender ball add ins! I even store my kitchen twine in one and use them for farm flowers. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why do they do this?!

  45. I have not used these before,but I’d like to make pickles and can come green beans. Also I think they would be great travel cups for my smoothies

  46. so sad! i’ve used them for pickled asparagus and storage. will have to snag some before they vanish (although i wouldn’t mind winning a few as well).

  47. I use the pint and half jars for canning my chicken and canning my meatloaves. Perfect size for me as I can get two meals from the pint and half jars. Makes me sad to know they won’t be around. I have 40 pounds of ground turkey coming in and I will need 40 pint and half jars. 🙁 and though I love the twisted jars, I would not use them for canning for myself, only as gifts.

  48. This is a bummer. Definitely have to stock up. Love thsse jars for lyme pickles and my looseleaf tea

  49. I had one of these jars from a garage sale, unfortunately it broke. But, it would be great to have these stylish jars on my shelf to display every day items: rice, flour, cereal. Thanks for offering.

  50. I had no idea of this size jar, but I am new to canning. I just love jars and these seem pretty unique.

  51. My daughter was served a drink from the kid’s menu in a pint and a half jar at a restaurant recently. She thought it was fun and it was the perfect size. Now, I want some too!

  52. These are the best! My kid eatshonemade applesauce every day and I’m so glad I had a stockpilevof these all filled up! Also-perfect with a cuppow for drinking way too much coffee!

  53. What a lovely jar. I particularly like that it looks like it would fit in the hand perfectly. I would love to see a row of them similar to one of your pictures but all filled with colorful dried beans. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. I’ve put off order long enough I guess! The ones I’ve bought at thrift stores are the ones I go to first because they aren’t too small or large.

  55. I love this this size. It’s versatile! Canning, storage, drinking glass! Now I’m going to have to go stock up.

  56. I am very sad to see these go. I plan to head out to the stores this weekend and see if I can get a few boxes. Not sure why they are doing this. They are perfect for my dehydrated fruits and veggies. I vacuum seal them and they store so nicely.

  57. Oh my…this is very disappointing news…I also use this jar for everything. I had no idea that it was being discontinued. Thank you for sharing so I can stock up! This is the perfect jar for making my kefir and storing so many items. I’m sad…

  58. I kept looking at them at the store and never pulled the trigger, but now they’re becoming scarce I want them! They would be perfect for smoothies.

  59. I am also heartbroken over losing the pint and a halfs – in addition to “standard” canning items, they have been perfect for liquor infusions.

  60. We haven’t had the best success canning with the 24 oz jars but we absolutely love them for storing food in the fridge! I am sad they will be discontinuing them. 🙁 Thank you for the chance to win some in your giveaway!

  61. So so sad. I remember when these jars came out and searching for them. My favorite drinking glass married to my stainless steel straw. Time to stock up.

  62. Awwwwww man – I LOVE these jars. I like them as a vase too! So many great uses. Will have to stash another case before they’re gone!

  63. These are the perfect size jars for all sorts of uses, leftovers, my grand kids favorite strawberry jam, or my daily lunch at work.

  64. I haven’t used these before, but now I want to get my hands on some! New to canning, but could see using these jars for a bunch of recipes.

  65. These are the best jars, I’m sorry they’re being discontinued. They’re great for everything from Spaghetti sauce to canned rabbit. I hope to get more.

  66. I am a pint and a half fan. I learned to make salad dressings out of these jars when I was a kid. So, I ended up collecting them also. I grab them anytime I find them at thrift shops. Now that I’m canning, I love them for pickling green beans.
    Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  67. I LOVE these jars and am so sad to see them go! I’ve used them for pickled carrots and asparagus, applesauce, dry storage, drinks, water, coffee, the list goes on!

  68. Have never used them but if I did have some on hand I would use them for storing dry products in or use for beverages.

  69. I use them for making salad in a jar to take to work – its the right size to keep the lettuce above the dressing!

  70. Thanks for the heads up on this Marisa. I always thought these were the neatest jars. I only have one box of them but will make sure I don’t gift any. Love them for long ‘Suyo’ dill pickles and lots of other things. Sometimes a quart is too much for us to open and use up and sometimes a pint just doesn’t get it. These were perfect.

  71. I wasn’t even aware of the pint and a half jars, but I imagine they would be great for those long pickles, as you say, or soups where one pint isn’t quite enough.

  72. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and am sad they’re being discontinued. I use them to freeze homemade broth.

  73. I love the pint & half jars. They are my fav to use for beverages and smoothies. I use one every morning to remind me to drink more water! I guess I need to run out and buy more before they are all gone.

  74. I haven’t experienced these jars yet, but it sounds like I was (and will continue to be) missing out! Hopefully they will make a resurgence again!

  75. I haven’t gotten any yet, so I’m sad they’re going away already. These look awesome for pickling longer things (carrots, asparagus, etc).

  76. I, too, spent years scouring garage sales and thirft stores for this size, only to be thrilled and delighted when they reissued it a few years ago. I love using it with my Ball infuser lid set, as it is just the right size. So sad they are retiring it again.

  77. No!! These are my mother-in-law and my favorite canning jars. Thanks for the heads up. We will be buying all the jars we can get our hands on. 🙂 Ps… what on earth is in the jar of purple liquid? A smoothie of some sort? It’s beautiful 🙂

  78. What???? These are my favorite go-to’s to us for my spicy dilly beans that I gift over the holidays! #devastated

  79. This will be the first year we have enough asparagus in the garden to can. I was looking forward to using these – and not the quilted annoyances – to can it. I’m also a fan of using the taller, thinner jars to can jelly just because I can get a little more than the small jars, and it takes up less space on the shelf than the bigger jars. Ah well.

  80. i love the pint and half for pickled asparagus, long dills and expecially for soups that hold just the right amt for two people. i will get to the store and buy all i can find now

  81. I haven’t used these yet, but was planning to buy this size for my next jar purchase due to your recommendation — now I will have to speed up my purchase!

  82. Now that I know these jars exist, too late, I would definitely use them to pickle asparagus. I love it!

  83. Tears! I live for these jars. They’re the best for small batches of pesto in the freezer. I would cry tears of joy to win. ☺️

  84. I have 6 of these jars and they contain pickled asparagus (or used to…last year’s is all gone). I would love more to put up more pickles.

  85. I’m thoroughly bummed to hear this. This is by far one their most flexible and useful jar sizes. 🙁

    My favorite use is for canning pasta sauce. I find it’s just the right size for a single family serving as opposed to 32oz jars, which always end-up with leftovers languishing in the back of the fridge.

  86. Soooo bummed! This is my go-to drinking glass for smoothies and when I want a large glass of water/iced tea. I need to stock up!

  87. This size was handy for pickled asparagus, and also for storage. And great for use as a flower vase. And for smoothies!

  88. I didn’t know they were going to be retiring this variety! I’m glad I read your post; the jars will be added to my hardware store list.

  89. Appreciate the giveaway. We have used these jars for so many things but one of my favorite is for canning banana bread.

  90. It’s too bad they are retiring them again! I like them for pickled peppers, as a quart is too big and we go through the pints too quick!

  91. I am a big pint and half jar fan! They are the perfect canning size for our family of 4. Guess that explains why I haven’t seen them in stores as much lately. I’ll be adding them to shopping lists.

  92. I haven’t ever seen these jars, which I am sure my husband is happy about, because now that I cannot UNSEE them, I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE! I have a few unopened boxes of jars BUT THESE BABIES… these are BEAUTIFUL! These would be fun to pack with adult drinks for an adult picnic kind of day… or pickles, WHICH I LOVE!

  93. But there are my favorite!! I have the best lid/straw for this and use it as my water bottle! Time to stock up.

  94. I love these jars! I use them in the morning for my cold brew, or use them to store things in my pantry, And I use them to freeze things. I am sad to see them go, it’s very nice to have a straight jar. But I’m a little bit excited to see what they replace it with :-).

  95. I’ve never seen them before but oh my! Long pickles is the perfect thing or asparagus. I love your picture with the flowers and vases so using it as a vase is perfect.

  96. That is honestly sad news! I have LOVED these jars ever since YOUR BLOG introduced me to them! Besides pantry options, they were always my favorite for pickled asparagus and other veggies. *wah*

  97. I love this size. I think it’s a real shame to discontinue it. I’ve used them for pickles, peaches, stock, asparagus…

  98. Wow, I’ve never used this size but they would be perfect for natural soy candles that I make. They remind me of the tall Weck jars but for a fraction of the price.

  99. Most of my jars (I use some for canning) are pint and a half. The are perfect for freezing sauces, beans, roasted veggies, grains, flours, nuts, everything! I use them in my refrigerator for the same things; they’re tall, straight sided, no shoulders – what am I going to do without them?

  100. I haven’t seen them in a long time! My granny used them for her pickled green beans and also her strawberry preserves. I usually use the half pints for my preserves since we like to savor it for as long as we can (and so it also doesn’t mold waiting on us to use it all!)

    I would love to use them but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in the store!

  101. I hate when items get discontinued that have such positive feedback. These would be perfect for my green smoothies.

  102. Noooooooooo. So sad! I love these. They’re my go-to jar, for lattes, dry goods, picked things. I need to stock up!

  103. I have not used this size since I haven’t seen it in local stores and now I may never get too. These would be great for so many things.

  104. I love this size of jar for ferments, and pickles. They are great size for small batches of kraut and kimchi. I will have to stock up!

  105. These are great for soup — just the right amount to take to work. Also wonderful “drinking glasses” for summer lemonade, smoothies, milkshakes. A few ice cubes fits nicely in these with the drink. The shape is easy to hold and sip from and fits into a bag or purse easily.

    Also great for canning tall things like asparagus, green beans and things that I like to layer such as giardiniera (Italian mixed pickles with cauliflower, carrots, peppers and other veggies).

    Very sad they are being discontinued.

  106. Bummed to see this size go. It’s really handy for leftovers, and freezing pasta sauce, among other things.

  107. These look great. Wish I had known about them. Have never seen them in stores. It’s just the two of us now so would be great for so many things like fermented veggies, leftovers, smoothies — so many options!

  108. I love these jars and use them all over my kitchen. I’ll be sad to see them go, but I’m going to stock up before they are officially gone.

  109. Oh no! I love that size! They work so well for so many things! Hopefully I can go get a few more cases before their all done!

  110. I love the pint and a half! Dilly beans and pickled asparagus! Not to mention drinks and snacks for several that easily fit in a pack.

  111. I like the idea of using these for smoothies. I use mine for storage currently since they are tall and skinny I can see what’s in them.

  112. This is a bummer — even more so now that, thanks to all the suggestions here, I have more ideas for how to use them! Thanks for the giveaway.

  113. I haven’t used this size before but then I’ve only been canning since last year. My mom however, is aghast that they will be canceled. She’s teaching me all she knows from when she canned 25 years ago and LOVED that size. She and I sure hope we can win some of these then add them to the growing collection of jars because pickles are the FIRST THING on my list for this summer’s canning, Ohhh I miss my mom’s pickles.

  114. I love Fillmore (I live just outside Lancaster), and I love these jars. Why are they being discontinued?? There is nothing more perfect for iced coffee, seriously! Some people always have a Starbucks cup in hand, or a super high-end fancy water bottle, or a take-out cup. Me? I’ve always got one of my Pint&aHalfs, with its snug Neoprene cozy on it, and a long iced tea spoon. Now I’ve just got to be super careful I don’t break what I’ve got.

  115. I am so sad to see these go. They were my go-to jar. Easy to use for anything. Personal favorite to pour honey from.

  116. I didn’t know about this size (and now it’s going away!). It would be perfect for pickled asparagus spears. I planted some crowns last year and hope they will be ready to produce next year. Ah well.

  117. I cold-brew coffee concentrate in a quart jar (1 c coarsely ground coffee plus enough water to fill the jar, left to mingle for 12-24 hours) then filter it into a pint-and-a-half jar, put a Recap pouring lid on it, refrigerate and have iced coffee for a couple of days. I also use these jars for blackberry shrub and for canning juice — generally grape or blackberry. (I’m in Oregon — blackberries are invasive but tasty.) I’ll probably buy one more case while Bi-Mart still has them!

  118. Like you, I also happened upon my first (and as yet only) pint and a half jar while at a thrift store. It’s a really nice size for making one jar of pickles or sauce.

  119. I don’t have any of these jars and I’d love some. I think I see pickled asparagus in my future!

  120. I just recently moved into my first house. Between wanting to do a modern farmhouse style and hoping to get some kind of garden going, mason jars are quickly becoming a staple! I would definitely put something like this to work! Thank you!

  121. What a fab giveaway! And I cannot wait to try out some of your canning recipes this season now that I have your book! 🙂

  122. I have never used these jars, but I make soy candles and these would be great for a larger candle. It is sad that they are being discontinued. 🙁

    I also love canning… so…. I can’t wait for the crops to start coming in so I can start canning for the year. 🙂

  123. It would be awesome to win these jars! I do a lot of jams and jellies in the summer and this size would be great!

  124. This is very sad, such a useful size jar. Do you know if there are plans to replace it? I will have to check out local

  125. I love ball jars- i have a few that i use for drinking and dinner glasses- im from the country so thats my style

  126. I love the pint & half jars. They are so useful for canning peas for a serving for a family of three. How sad to see them go away.

  127. They are perfect for peach halves … they fit 5 which is the perfect dessert for my husband and I.(he doesn’t know it but that ‘odd’ 5th peach is my snack while getting the 2 bowls ready). I’ll be hitting a few local spots today to restock – and I’ll be sure not to gift these ones!

  128. I haven’t used them before, or really canned yet. But the first thing that I want to try is to make my own sauerkraut as a probiotic. I guess I just have to figure out the lid situation though too. Thanks for the chance!

    • I don’t know why they’ve been discontinued, but my hunch is that perhaps they don’t perform as well as other jars. Something can be beloved without being a rousing commercial success.

  129. What a shame! These would be great for very pretty pickles…and as nice tall jars to stack in my day-trip travel cooler, full of healthy food and drinks.

  130. I use these jars for pickled okra. They are tall enough that the okra tips do not get bent. Love these jars!!!

  131. I have not seen these jars before, but they look like exactly what I’ve been needing to store leftovers and for making smoothies in.

  132. These are gorgeous! I’d love to use them for some local strawberry jam or some peach salsa when peaches are in season next month!

  133. What a bummer to lose this nice mid-size jar! The straight sides are great for dilly beans and other long pickles when a quart is too big, and the shape makes them great for dry storage – they hold a lot without taking up horizontal space!

  134. I have one pack of these that I used to can cherries and Italian plums – the long straight side really makes the fruit pop. It’s sad these are being discontinued again!

  135. Noooooo!!!!!! Say it’s not so. I love these jars. I hope they reconsider and continue producing them.

  136. I don’t have any of this size jar because I can never find it in any store. I just learned about fillmore and have them in my cart, I will have to buy them soon! Can’t wait to get some asparagus in them this spring!!!

  137. Sad. My daughter wants us to start buying in bulk and using reusable containers to cut down on packaging. These would be the perfect size to for us to start.

  138. I have to admit I did not know there was a 1.5 size pint! I think they would be great for pickles, or salsa, or maybe even jelly (we eat a lot of jelly!)!

  139. I’ve never really used this size. ;-( I have used pasta sauce jars which I think may be 24 ozs. I do use the 12 oz for salsa and dilly beans. It sorta the same idea (1/2 way between regular sizes).

  140. I love the taller, 1 1/2 pint jars, and will be sad to see them go. This size is perfect for pickles and asparagus, and great for smoothies on-the-go. Hope they bring it back in the near future.

  141. Perfect size for jam, perfect size for dressing, perfect size for everything, too bad I didn’t know what I was missing!

  142. I have never actually used this size before but they would be perfect for longer pickle spears. The bigger jars are just too big for us.

  143. I love these jars, and use them all the time. I even have some VERY old ones (pebbled letters and grips) that my husband’s grandfather used for many, many years to freeze oysters.

  144. Great for smoothies, milkshakes, cold drinks. Fits ice cubes nicely. Useful for canning long veggies or fruit.

  145. These are great paired with a pour lid for sugar and powdered creamer. Or paired with a shaker lid when I have an overabundance of dried dill weed and basil.

  146. Oh, I love this size. It’s great for when you aren’t canning for a large group, makes portioning so much easier. Also, I use the few I have to make larger jars of our favorite jams.

  147. I bought 2 cases when they first became available, and have since broken or given away a few too many. I’ll have to stock up again! Thanks for the heads up.

  148. Tomorrow I will be canning a small batch of sour cherry jam. I wish I had an asparagus pot!!! I am on the look out for one.

  149. […] Ball’s wide mouth 24 ounce jars  also know as Venti Mason Jars, or Pint & Half Jar, have been a favorite with preservers and mason jar fans.  Their wide mouth and shoulder-free design  makes them easy to fill,  easy to empty,  and safe for the freezer!  In fact, it’s safe to say that these jars get turned over the most in our home. Sadly, Ball is discontinuing these, and boy will we miss them. We do still have them in stock, but we know they will go fast now that the word is out. So, we are giving away some below, and on Food in Jars! […]

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