Giveaway: OXO Jam Making Essentials

Are you on the search for equipment to elevate your jam making game? Look no further than these tools from OXO and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a set!

I often think of July as the pinnacle of the jam making season. It is the moment when berries, peaches, currants, cherries, plums, and even early apples are all competing for space at markets and in our kitchens. I find that the secret to being able to make the most of the abundance is to be prepared with sturdy, durable equipment. To that end, I’ve teamed up with my friends at OXO to show you some gear that can help make your jam making efforts a little easier.

Most critical is a good pot to cook your jam. Some people like using copper preserving pans while others prefer enameled cast iron. While those are both good, my preference is always a low, wide, stainless steel pan that can hold about 8 quarts. Stainless steel is a non-reactive metal, so it will never impart a metallic flavor into your preserves (copper is reactive and can leave your jam tasting tinny if you don’t use enough sugar).

Stainless steel is also the most forgiving surface. If you burn your jam in an enameled cast iron pot, you might be able to soak and scrub the burned spot off, but the finish will never be the same. When you burn in stainless steel, elbow grease and steel wool will eventually make you whole again.

Right now, the jam pan in constant rotation in my kitchen is the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Pro 8 Quart Covered Casserole (OXO | Amazon). It is similar is size, shape, volume, and performance to my favorite All-Clad jam pan, but at a third of the price. I often briefly simmer small stone fruit and let them cool before pitting to make the process easier, and the glass lid makes it easy to see when to turn off the heat. It’s also got volume markers up the side of the interior, which helps you have an idea of what your yield is going to be. All in all, it’s an excellent pan.

Another tool I turn to all summer (and fall!) long is the OXO Good Grips Food Mill (OXO | Amazon). It can strain out the seeds from berry and grape pulp, separates tomato skins from the meat, and does a masterful job of making applesauce that is smooth but not entirely without texture. I went through several food mills before this one found its way into my kitchen, and if it broke, I would replace it with an identical model.

Finally, the hand tools. I would be lost without a sharp paring knife (OXO | Amazon), a good peeler (OXO | Amazon), a heat-proof spatula (OXO | Amazon), and a citrus squeezer (OXO | Amazon). I particularly like having these tools in bright colors because that helps them stand out from the peels and stem ends (I can’t be the only person who’s ever accidentally thrown away a peeler because it blended into the scraps too well).

Thanks to the good folks at OXO, I have a second set of jam making gear to give away to one lucky Food in Jars reader. Please use the widget below to enter.

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Disclosure: OXO has provided the equipment you see pictured here, along with the second giveaway set, at no cost to me. No additional funds were exchanged and all opinions are entirely my own.

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299 responses to “Giveaway: OXO Jam Making Essentials”

  1. my favorite tool is the canning funnel for filling the jars – i hate making a sticky mess and this helps a bunch!

  2. I absolutely love the steam canner I bought last year. It makes canning so much simpler and cooler in the height of summer. Also couldn’t do without my trusty stainless steel funnel! Thanks for the exciting giveaway. It looks like a great set of equipment!

  3. I NEEEED this set. I have been so happy to use my grandmother’s jam-making equipment, but it’s finally, after decades of heavy use, falling to pieces. The food mill would be especially welcomed. :). Thank you!

  4. I love my foodmill – it’s old, made out of plastic but very sturdy. I bought it when I lived overseas and it came home with me. It takes care of skins and pits with little problem. I also have a favorite paring knife which my husband keeps sharpened.

  5. I love my foodmill – it’s old and made out of plastic – but it does the job well. I bought it when living overseas and brought it back with me. My pot situation is one that always perplexes me – this OXO pan looks great.

  6. The pan and food ill would be awesome additions to my jammin’ collection. So farmy favorite, ost essential tool is my i mersion blender; the food mill might give the blender a run for its money,

  7. I don’t have any jam making products yet – I really want to start making jams & preserves like I made with my grandmother! Especially looking forward to sour cherry preserves.

  8. I love to make jam, but my tools are woefully inadequate… I really need a good canning funnel! But one thing that made my canning life much better last summer was a cherry pitter!

  9. I haven’t used it to make jam yet, but I just got a cherry pitter that will come in handy this summer, I’d love a food mill!

  10. I still like cheese cloth to strain the juice off of berries. My food mill belonged to my mom and we call it a colander. I would love to try new up to date products.

  11. I have a very old food mill (Foley brand) that i use for applesauce and peach butter. If the Oxo food mill can remove raspberry seeds that’s the tool i need next. Also use Cuisinart food processor to chop fruit for my jam.

  12. My go-to jam making supplies are my microplane zested, a good chef’s knife and paring knife for chopping and prepping fruit, and my Oxo strawberry huller. For juicing citrus, my friend has a handmade stoneware juicer (that I covet), that works pretty well.

  13. I am new at this. For some reason my tomato plants are 9 feet tall this year and giving abundantly. So I am going to try canning. Bought an old used MIRRO 4 quart and fixed it up. Have a couple of cases of 1/2 pint ball jars. Really excited to learn the right way to do this. Imagine how my kids will feel when they find a 1/2 pint of canned tomatoes in the stocking this Christmas.
    Now, of course, I am a jam and jelly fanatic. Love cherrys. Want to learn how to make a cherry jam and can it!

  14. I can’t lie– I’m an absolute novice here. While it’s something I’ve had an interest in for quite a while, I have never made jam or any other kind of canned goods.
    All of the items here look wonderful! I’ve opened the link for the OXO Good Grips Citrus Squeezer in another tab; this is an item that I’d love to have. And someone else mentioned a cherry pitter– last night I used a chopstick to help with this task! :p

  15. I love jam making! My most essential canning tool is the jar lifter, and I’m hoping to add that food mill and a pressure canner to my tool collection. I love all your recipes and tutorials. Your tomato jam was LIFE CHANGING!

  16. My go to is the new smaller canning kettle I purchased last year. It is much handier for small jars and is more efficient than the larger one I’d been using. Now what I really need is a suitable kettle for cooking my preserves!

  17. My favorite tool is a cherry pitter, which I just bought and can’t believe it took me so long. Thanks for the chance.

  18. My @ 1 favorite canning tool; my jar lifter and really could use a food mill.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  19. My favorite tool might be the 4th burner pot. I’ve used it for processing small batches, steaming small amounts of vegetables, even making tea.

  20. I love my canning funnel, without it I’m pretty sure half my jam would end up on the counter or dribbled down the side of my jars!

  21. I love my all clad asparagus cooker…It is about the same size as a 4th burner pot, but has an insert
    that I can use for (very small yield) canning.

  22. I don’t have any special tools for j making. I am new to the jam process. But these tools look awesome and I will be looking into each of them.

  23. My favorite canning tool is my wide mouth funnel! I’m happy with anything that lessens the mess. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I love my fine mesh strainer….I know it is a little more work than the food mill, but I prefer it sometimes for the smaller batch jam making days.

  25. I started with a Ball starter kit that gave all the usual things, jar lifter, funnel, lid magnet, etc. Very helpful! As I did more canning the tools expanded. I love my stainless steel funnel, I got a food scale that has changed everything, All Clad stock pot, but the item that I’m totally in love with is my Victorino canning pot. It makes canning soooo much easier, has a great rack, takes the guesswork out of temperature and timing, and is induction safe. I love it!

  26. I use my grandmothers equipment; while loved and cherished, some pieces are so old they are not effective anymore at 80+years old!

  27. I loooove my jar lifters! For a while I was making do with tongs wrapped with rubber bands to improve the grip. Needless to say, it was a precarious solution at best. I would love to have these items to update the rest of my canning gear.

  28. I have a pot similar to this one and it’s great for jam making. I have a couple flats of fruit from the market yesterday that I’m going to jam this week!

  29. My enameled cast iron dutch oven (from Costco!) is my go-to tool for jams, salsa, and pickle brine. It’s wide, deep, yet shallow enough to promote nice evaporation. Love it!
    However, it’s super hard for me to judge yield. I’m liking the idea of volume markers.

  30. Would love to have the OXO Food Mill – my food mill does not have the grips. Life would be so easy with the OXO Food Mill.

  31. I love OXO. Still have some sour cherries that need to be processed. And will be trying to make heating pads out of all the pits!

  32. My pots are old and I don’t have a food mill. Winning the tools for making jam would make canning for me so much better.

  33. I don’t have a favorite jam or jelly making tool (with exception of really pretty jars) But I do have one of the older style food mills and this one looks superb! I need to try it and possibly get rid of those others I have been using for over 27 years!

  34. I wish there was a spot for a favorite jam write-in! My favorite jam to make is Pear. So good and sooo hard to find!

  35. My go to item for jamming (other than the knife) is my trusty angled bamboo spoon… It’s perfect for both stirring and getting into the corners of the pan.

  36. So true about throwing out the peeler or paring knife with the scraps!! Ack!!!
    Happy to get a good word for a good mill too.

  37. I have a flat-topped electric stovetop and I had to search out a big enough flat-bottomed pot to actually do the processing in. Most dedicated canning pots have ridged bottoms, which don’t maintain enough contact with the flat-topped stove to be workable.

  38. I love the wooden citrus reamer my spouse uses for cocktails. It looks beautiful, it’s comfortable in the hand, and it works like crazy.

  39. I have a big Kilmer canning pot I’ve used for years but it doesn’t have a lid.. This lidded pot would be wonderful.

  40. I have a high-heat silicone spatula that is all one piece and extra wide at the end- really help get all the sticky goodness out of the pot!

  41. I have an old chinoise (is that what you still call it when isn’t mesh, but more like a conical collander?) that I’ve had forever, finally getting my own after growing up with a similar one. It’s essential for applesauce/apple butter.

  42. I couldn’t do without my super-fine mesh sieve! It’s kind of a pain to clean but it makes everything so much smoother.

  43. My husband threw away one of my best paring knives…

    I love my canning funnels, lifter, magnetic wand. All of these tools make canning so easy for me!

  44. I love my silicone spatulas, I have 4 of them in different shapes. I also love my Cook’s Essentials stew pot, it’s the only pot I use to cook my preserves.

  45. I have been in the market for a food mill. I’ll have to put this one on my list! Thanks for the recommendations.

  46. I have one indispensable and one almost-indispensable tool. The first is my old jar lifter. It is almost impossible to get jars out of a cauldron of boiling water, but when I temporarily lost mine, the newer one was much too curved to get wide-mouths out of the pot. The second is my canning funnel. It’s possible to go without one, but so.much.easier with one.

  47. My go-to tools are a stainless steel funnel, separate from that Jarden canning kit, and a rimmed baking tray. A dishtowel gets folded in half and lines the tray, and that’s my staging area for filling and then cooling the wet jars when they come out of the water bath.

  48. I have an old food mill, still useful, but that one looks beautiful. My equipment is pretty basic. My go to pan is a heavy stainless steel Royal Prestige. And I can attest to the ability to get it back to it’s original luster if scorched.

  49. OXO is one of my go-to brands when I’m shopping for new equipment. I also prefer stainless steel when canning.

  50. I’ve gradually been building my canning and dehydrating system over the years. For Christmas last year, my daughter got me a nice canning pot so i can start replacing the cheap (falling apart) pots I’ve been using!

  51. My gas cooktop! I couldn’t control heat well on my electric stove, so I finally broken down and paid to have gas brought to my kitchen and bought a new cooktop. I couldn’t be happier.

  52. My peeler definitely needs replacing. It is one of those old fashion metal ones, slightly rusty on the handle. But it fits my hand so well. I just can’t seem to purchase a new one.

  53. The food mill would be a great addition. I keep forgetting I could use one when I’m removing the seeds from blackberries. Pressing it through a sieve is time-consuming and I know the food mill would do it much quicker and more efficiently

  54. My stainless steel pot is also a fave, I just the sides were a bit higher so I could do slightly larger batches.

  55. I’ve been entranced with fruit caramels lately so the blender has been in active use. Otherwise, I hardly ever use the thing.

  56. I would be thrilled to receive these products! I have wonderful memories of canning with my mom and grandmother… peach preserves, chili sauce, and pickles. It would be an adventure to finally attempt it on my own.

  57. My ancient Henckel 4-star knives from the 70’s are always heavily involved with the fruit preparation. I keep them deadly sharp which I have a few scars from, but they always perform.

  58. My canning pot has a dented lid….. My favorite piece of equipment is the jar lifter….even tho I’m not a gifted lifter.

  59. I would love to to have new and beautiful tools to can and make jam with! All mine are old and broken. That’s my favorite thing to do is make all kinds of jam. Every body loves my homemade jams. I really like my strawberry rhubarb jam.
    Thank you so much for a chance to win this beautiful new canning tools.
    Hugs, Teresa

  60. I would love these tools to make jam, Especially at this time of year. Everyone always wants more of my strawberry rhubarb jam.

  61. I would love to replace the stainless steel pan my wife inherited from her mother in 1989 when we go married.

  62. My Old Weck canning jars – they are so big and fat – just love them – bought them around 30 years ago – still look brand new

  63. I recently graduated from my local Master Food Preserver program and I don’t have much experience yet with different tools…I don’t have a favorite tool yet. Thank you for the information about these products!

  64. I think my most essential piece is my Kuhn rikon spring knife. I reach for it every time I prep fruit. Pots, etc. change based on what I’m making and how much in making, but I always reach for the same knife.

  65. I don’t have any tools– unless you count the jars! But I’d love that food mill for making baby food too!

  66. I have a pair of nice long tongs that I use and my most favorite wooden spoon. I’ve always wanted a food mill for canning tomatoes.

  67. I’d love to win these supplies; making jam as each fruit comes into season. Cherries today, waiting for apricots and peaches be t.

  68. Oddly enough, the freezer just may be my most essential jam making tool! When fruit is in season, typically it all is in season at once. Or at least the fruits I use most are all ripe at the same time. So, I prep the fruit and freeze it in appropriate quantities to make into jam later. Sometimes it is a week, sometimes a month later. Breaking down the task into two stages works very well here.

  69. My funnel. And the little magnetic poker thing to grab the kids. I used to use tongs but now I can’t imagine how that was ever done. Thank you for the chance to win!

  70. I have a vintage funnel and jar lifter and my grandmother’s canning pot. Love using these time tested tools.

  71. I can’t jam without my spatulas. Seriously good at getting all the sticky yumminess off the sides of the pot while cooking and also making sure every available bit goes into the jars.

  72. What a beautiful set of new tools! I’ve become dependent on my tongs with rubber tips. I find them easier that a jar lifter for removing jars from the canning pot.

  73. This time of year in particular, I could not do without my Progressive Cherry Pitter. It does four at a time and it actually works. I bought it on a whim at the grocery store and have rarely been as happy with an impulse purchase like this.

  74. My mother makes the best fig/strawberry jam. It’s time for me to get some equipment and learn how to do it. This would be great.

  75. I started canning only a couple years ago following recipes that made large batches. But now I like making your smaller batch recipes. A yield of 4-6 nice half pints allows me to make all varieties and have enough to enjoy and give away plus… it takes less time! So I’ve been using my very large enameled cast iron which is just a beast… lovely but for small batches a beast. And I don’t want to hurt it — its also a beauty!! So I’ve been thinking about investing in a solid stainless jam pot – but the expense! I would love to win this lovely OXO pot! 🙂

    I just finished a batch of the recent NYTImes Apricot jam, and also the Sweet Cherry Chutney recipe from foodinjars (so awesome!!!) and then my favorite Strawberry vanilla. And now the peaches are in… oh my! 🙂

  76. A new pot for jam would be awesome! My surprisingly favorite canning tool is a Ball (I think).funnel. it sits in jars perfectly for the exact amount of jam I need.

  77. Would love this. Planning a 10,000 sq foot garden and this would help with all the produce! I will be growing food for my needy students.

  78. I haven’t started yet so I don’t have any supplies. I have been watching tons of videos about the process!

  79. Can I say I am addicted to canning. people think I am nuts. but canning is a passion/addiction I hope there is no cure for.

  80. Definitely love my canning funnel, jar lifter, and blossom trivet! I also have a silicone spoon that I impulse-bought at a hardware store, which has become my go-to canning spoon (I don’t use it for anything else).

  81. My most requested jam is Monkey Butter. I doubt it stays in the jar long after I give it away!

    As for the giveaway, I would dearly love the food mill!

  82. I need to use the jar holder apparatus thingy that helps you safely remove jars from the processing bath… do NOT try to use kitchen tongs ? learned that the hard way!

  83. I have some “inherited” canning tools from my Mom but a new set would be amazing. What a fabulous package! I think my curren5 favorite tool is the jar lifter!

  84. I’d love to have a good food mill. I don’t need one very often, but it would be so much easier than trying to mash food through a sieve! I mostly use my enameled cast iron pot for canning because it’s the only really heavy pan I own, but a more forgiving surface would be nice.

  85. I love a small ladle that I use to fill 8 ounce jars. It is the perfect size to fill the jar with very little mess on the rim (no funnel needed).

  86. P.S. I put in the survey that strawberry was my favorite jam to make, only because neither raspberry nor blackberry was an option.

  87. My favorite canning tool is your book, Naturally Sweet Food in Jars! Second to that is a friend to keep me company (and help cut up fruit).

  88. The last jam I made was freezer peach jam. My favorite tool I used was the aluminum canning funnel set that was my Grandmother’s.

  89. I’m new to jam making, so I’m still figuring out my favorites – but so far it would have to be my jar lifter.

  90. My number one tool is a shallow cuisinart stainless steel skillet – I makes very quick work of cooking down berries for jam. I won’t use anything else.

  91. my favorite canning tool, if you can call it that, is the set of towels that i got in a towel swap – colorful terry cloths that i use on the counter to have a place for the jars to rest when they come out of the canner. 🙂

  92. A pot big enough so you’re not constantly wondering if/when the jam may spill over. Now there’s a thought. Ha!

  93. I lost my internet connection the first time I attempted to comment. Hopefully this won’t be a repeat. 🙂
    I grew up watching my grandmother can all sorts of vegetables and make many different jams. I always wanted to learn how to do it myself. I just started a garden and have plans for berry bushes next season.

  94. Seems crazy, but I. Most thankful for my Wusthof knives, even when cutting fruit for jams. I’m also thrilled when my mother lets me borrow her very nice KitchenAid blender… one day, I’ll splurge and get one for myself. Until then, I’d really love a food mill.

  95. I’m fairly new to canning but the first few times canning were rough without a canning pot and rack. It was a nightmare trying to jerryrig one with my largest stockpots. My mom bought me a canning pot set for Christmas last year with that I’m sure it will be a much smoother process for me in the future.

  96. I love my big stainless pots. Sand plums grow wild like crazy here (except when a late freeze gets the flowers like this year) and my 16 and 20 quart pots come in very handy!

  97. The tool that made the most difference in my canning was actually the plain wooden citrus reamer I picked up while helping clean out my husband’s grandmother’s house. It’s super simple but it makes juicing lemons and lines so much easier!

  98. My favorite heavy bottom jamming pan has been in use for 30 years. Sadly, it got dropped and now the bottom has a ding in it and as time has passed has become a little “bubble” so it doesn’t sit as flat as it should. I would love to have a replacement, but I don’t dare pass this treasured pan on until it is already replaced.

  99. This would be awesome. I love making your small batch jelly. So far this summer I have made strawberry balsamic, vanilla rhubarb,

  100. This is a great starter or refresher kit! I make about 500 jars of jam a year from all my own fruits or foraged ones❤️

  101. I have that same food mill and it is awesome. I also can quite a few cherries, and so one of my favorite tools is a cherry pitter that clamps to the table with a little reservoir.

  102. I have the exact peeler in black and it is still going strong after 12 years of use. Would be great to win this fabulous prize!

  103. I have my grandmother’s old enamel stock pot which I use as my canning pot. Works great, but would love to update my canning supplies and use the old stock pot for planting flowers or something where I can still use it and see it every day. Thanks for the opportunity!

  104. I use quite a bit of canning items that were my grandmas, so all of the are my favorites; strainer, peeler, funnel, wooden spooner, large milk glass bowl, even a special hot pad that was hers. I learned to can from my grandma, and I love the memories I thought no ever time I use her tools.

  105. What a lovely prize package, SO many useful items! My most used items in my kitchen are my stainless steel canning funnel and my wustof chefs knife. There’s not a single day that goes by that both aren’t washed and dried at least, twice!

  106. My small stockpot and rack that fits inside it so I don’t need to pull out the big canners when i make a small batch of jam.

  107. I finally bought one of those screen things a couple of years ago and now all the plops and splats don’t escape all over the stove.

  108. I have a stainless steel Revereware pot I got from my grandparents that serves as both jam pot and hot water bath.

  109. After decades of preserving food, I now use the Ball FreshTech Electric Water Bath Canner – LOVE it for small batch, outdoor canning.

  110. I really love my upgrade to the Ball Secure Grip Jar Lifter. With the configuration of my new kitchen, I have to walk across the kitchen when I pull my jars out of the canner to set them down. This would never be possible with a basic jar lifter!

  111. Probably sounds weird, but my VitaMix! Former boss used to give me tree-ripe (including fallen) tangerines. I love citrus, but hate marmalade’s chunky peels. So, I blend it. Named the results Marvalade after her. 🙂

  112. I am using my mother’s canning pots and funnel which is like 40 -50 years old. Still works. I usually put good quality balsamic vinegar in my jams to heighten flavors.

  113. I have never made my own jam. I have canned other things such as soups and pickles. I ha e made my own fruit syrups. I am now wondering why I have never made my own jam.

  114. My stainless steel pot that I’ve had for over 20 years is my best tool for making jams & preserves…and your website where I find the best recipes 🙂

  115. my silicone trivet used in place of a canning rack when making small batch jams – not having to get out the big canner has made jam making happen much more often and in lots of different flavors!

  116. My favorite is my cherry pitter for canned cherries I use for off season clafoutis and cherry cranberry relish. It also works for olives. The trick is to protect myself head to toe against the cherry juice that spurts out. A bib apron, ponytail holder for hair follwed by a shower for me and a sponge down and mop of all surfaces and floor. In other words, it’s totally worth the mess.

  117. My friend and I just started jamming together! So far we’ve made wild huckleberry jam and watermelon jam. I think my most essential tool has got to be a good silicone spatula, I bring my own every time!

  118. I have a Victorio strainer for applesauce and tomato sauce which I love. I just got the berry strainers as well for it and am looking forward to using that as well.

  119. I love my wooden spoon and my medium sized stainless steel pan from Goodwill. It has very even heating. my spoon has a hole in the center that helps keep the fruit intact while stirring.

  120. I’m new to canning, but I’ve found that the all silicone spatulas are really turning out to be one of my favorite tools to use. I appreciate that at the end of the jam making session, I can throw them in the dishwasher!

  121. I love my enameled cast iron dutch oven. While it may leave some spots, I feel like it’s just adding character to a well-loved piece of kitchen equipment. It’s also nice and wide, which helps the most when making jam.

  122. I dont have any yet, I just recently got into it with my grandmother and now I am wanting to get me some supplies to do it at home!

  123. Right now we are using tools that were passed down from my grandmother. I could use awesome new tools like these..

  124. I don’t have any favorite tools yet…my friend is magic in the kitchen, and she’s just begun to teach me how to make jam. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  125. I would be lost without my jar lifter (mine is a Ball product). I have been able to substitute for everything else in a pinch. My second favorite is my OXO food mill.

  126. I am just starting on this canning journey. I have been looking at the OXO food mill and excited for the chance to win one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  127. I’ve always wanted to, but never really gotten into a groove of making jam every year. I attempted strawberry last year and love the fruits of my labor (?), but this serves as another reminder and motivation to try again before the end of summer!

  128. My regular/wide mouth funnel! It not only does my jam, but also helps when I’m loading up jars with dry goods. Second place goes to my digital scale to get the perfect ratio of fruit to sugar.

  129. For making jam I love my little debubbler/ measuring device. So important to get all those bubbles out and to fill correctly so there is no leakage from the jars during the process. Thank you so much for having such a great little give away! It’s going to make someone very happy!

  130. I have been studying under my mother for a couple years now. I know that she has a strainer that her grandmother used and her mom to make jam. I will never use it. But it is something I wouldnt make jam without.

  131. I have never made it but would love to learn. I have found recently I love to try new things in the kitchen.

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