Giveaway: Mason Jar Lifestyle Leak Proof Plastic Storage Lids

November 19, 2018

This is a sponsored post.

In the last decade, I have spent more time than is reasonable looking for affordable, leak proof lids for mason jars (I realize that this is a highly specific mission, but if you read this blog, I think you’ll feel me). While the two-piece lids we use for canning can be leak proof, if they’re not sealed to the jar they’re not always perfectly reliable.

A handful of companies have brought various leak proof lids to market in recent years, and while they are perfectly useful, they don’t always meet the affordability market. Happily, the folks at Mason Jar Lifestyle have cracked the code. They’ve recently introduced a line of totally leak proof, airtight, and entirely affordable lids. I could not be more pleased.

The lids come in both regular and wide mouth sizes. Sold in boxes of five, they cost $14.99 for the regular mouth and $16.99 for the wide mouth. Each box contains a rainbow of lids, which means you can color-code your leftovers or lunch packing (a different color for everyone in the family, perhaps?).

The thing that makes these lids different from all the other storage lids out there is the fact that each one is fitted a removable liner made out of food safe, platinum cured silicone. Because it’s a full liner rather than a gasket, your food or drink never comes in contact with the plastic lid (though it is BPA-free, if you’re concerned). Both lids and liners are dish washer safe.

These are now the first lids I reach for when I’m putting away leftovers or opening a jar of jam for the fridge. I may need to buy another set, just to keep from running out!

The good folks at Mason Jar Lifestyle want to share the storage lid love and so have offered up two sets of lids (each set includes on box each of regular and wide mouth lids) to our Food in Jars community. Please use the widget below to enter (US residents only).

Know also that Mason Jar Lifestyle is going to be having a giant sale over Black Friday, so make sure to visit their site and sign up for their newsletter to stay in the loop and get your hands on that discount code!

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Disclosure: Mason Jar Lifestyle is a Food in Jars partner and this blog post has been written as part of our ongoing partnership. Additionally, they sent the lids you see pictured here to me at no cost to me. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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