Giveaway: Canning Gear & Jar Accessory Grab Bag

Over the weekend, Scott and I got a new TV stand. This led (as new furniture so often does) to a massive cleaning and reorganization spree. Drawers were emptied, DVDs and games found new homes, and I discovered a cache of unused gear from site sponsors in the past.

I didn’t have a giveaway lined up for this week, and so decided that instead of skipping the week, I’d give away a grab bag of goodies from the past. As it stands today, the lucky winner will get an OXO cherry pitter (by far, the best hand-held pitter I’ve ever used), a Mason Tap, one wide mouth Cuppow in orange, a pair of Coffeesocks filters for a Chemex, and some dissolvable jar labels from Ball Canning.

Because I’m still in clean-up mode, I’m certain that before the week is out, I will find even more jar-centric treasures to add to the winner’s box. So enter early and often, because this is going to be a fun one.

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134 responses to “Giveaway: Canning Gear & Jar Accessory Grab Bag”

  1. Really curious about the Coffeesocks filters – love my Chemex but go through a lot of filters. Pretty sure I could put everything to good use!

  2. my favourite canning accessory? my husband! haha! no really, I love when he cans with me, it makes it so much easier. i love using tea bags for my spice blends when i’m making beets!

  3. Honestly, one of my favorite things are the storage lids for canning jars. I just the jars for so many “not canned” things and they are much easier to use and clean.

  4. My most used tool for canning and preserving is my trusty sharpie… I have to label everything! I also have to mention my cellar storage room. I’ve had a small room for canning storage in the last two places I’ve lived and that extra space is priceless.

  5. I never tried the dissolvable labels, but if they are true to their word, they will make reusing jars much easier. I am also interested in the different lids.

  6. I love this cherry pitter! My computer labels for making cool labels is my favorite tool because my handwriting is illegible.

  7. I don’t know about favorite, but the “I never realized how wonderful it was until I had one” item is the wide-mouth jar-lifter thingy.

  8. My most used item? Jars! Lots and lots and lots of those around here. And I always stock up on jelly jars when I find them cheap (under $.25 each) since those tend to be given away and not always returned. My second most used? My Tattler lids since you can’t can without a jar and a lid 🙂 Love my canning equipment…a big reason I like the house we live in was that it had lots of shelves already made in the basement!

  9. I am a huuuuge fan of the ball lids that turn a mason jar into something that holds a straw for drinking. And I also am looking forward to the 2-in-1 jar lids you posted here- Masonables?

  10. When we (my mom and I) started canning again I came to your site and looked up all the tools you recommend. I then went and bought the red ladle you said was your fave, you were right, it’s fantastic, gets into the “corners” to get all the stuff out of the sauce pan. I also couldn’t live without the tool that tells me if I have the jars filled to the height I need them, I have terrible natural gauges for that, lol. Thanks for the giveaways!

  11. Favorite? Well. Probably the two things most missed if they disappeared would be the funnel and the jar lifter. Those must be my favorites just because they are least easily replaceable by something else.

  12. My favorite canning accessory is my Ball electric waterbath canner. It frees up so much space on my stove, and lets me spread out on my countertop when I’m filling the jars.

  13. My favorite canning tool is the jars themselves. I’m getting a little famous for loving them and I have over a hundred from very old ones to new pretty blue ones. What i really want is some Weck ones, but I haven’t bought any yet.

  14. I love my dinged up canning funnel that I got at a garage sale a few years ago. Prior to that, I’d done everything without a funnel and it makes me SO HAPPY each time I put it to use and watch the “extra bits” pour into the jar rather than down the side. Should’ve gotten one about 10 years sooner!

  15. My favorite accessory is a handmade jar cozy. It was a gift from one friend, who custom ordered it from another. Lots of love in it!

  16. I like this giveaway from the depths of your “storage areas.” My favorite tools are the funnel and the “jar tongs.”

  17. I don’t have a lot of canning accessories, but the year I did cherries without a cherry pitter, my trusty paperclip was the thing I used most. I don’t think my funnel has even gotten that much use.

  18. Actually my favorite jar accessory are the canning jar rings. So much a person can do with them. Using them s molds for making desserts and using for making several muffins one imeis favorite way of using them jar rings.
    Thank U 4 this giveaway opportunity

  19. For canning – I mostly have basics – but I love my tea strainer 🙂 I put spices in it instead of messing with cheesecloth bags 🙂

  20. I am so happy to have purchased a jar lifter! I was using tongs with rubber bands around the tips before now, and it was soooo very unsafe. All kinds of near disasters…not what you want after putting in so much work making a pickle or preserve, so now I can can much more safely!

  21. Where I live there’s lots and lots of assorted fruit trees. Cherries are favorite, we get something called Utah Giants which are absolutely huge. Would love that cherry Pitter and the rest of the giveaway would be a bonus

  22. favorite canning accessory – painter’s tape. 🙂 makes it easy to label things in the fridge, like that half-jar that didn’t quite make it into the canner.

  23. For small recipes I love using my mother’s set of enameled cast iron saucepans. They were a garage sale find from many years ago and are constantly in use.

  24. I like the straw tops (usually without the straws) makes for easy pouring of some things too. As well as an adult-sized sippy cup for the accident-prone!

  25. I love my Ball drinking lids. I use a 24-oz jar to drink from most of the time, to help me drink more water every day, especially when it is herbal teas.

  26. I don’t know if I sent the first comment because it was open on my screen for a while. I was saying that I love that find the goodies to share. I got the Cuppow lid several years ago and it’s my favorite thing for smoothies and water for our mason jar glasses. I’ve baked a lot so I really like my rubber spatula to scoop out icing.

  27. Favorite accessory are the pads I put under my hot, filed jars to cool. They take a beating for me each year! They are normally for putting wet dishes on to dry, but I discovered they work really well to protect my table from hot jars!

  28. For years I canned with our a jar lifter. I’d use wooden spoons to lift the canning rack up and grab jars with pot holders or dish towels. When I finally bought one I thought why did I wait! Love my jar lifter!

  29. My fav is my metal funnel. What I’d love to have is a silicone piece to put at the bottom of my small canning pot!

  30. My favorite canning accessory is this silicone trivet that fits perfectly in the base of my water bath canner. Come in really handy when canning things in large jars and don’t need to use the basket thing that came with my canner.

  31. I know this is odd but my favorite tool is my Dishwasher. Instead of a second pot boiling for long periods of time and putting excess strain on my Air conditioner. I wash my jars on the disinfection cycle, and then keep them hot in the dishwasher until I am ready to fill them. It takes a bit to get your timing down so they are ready when you are, but it actually lowers our electric bill since my AC does not have to work so hard.

  32. Weirdly my most used tool is a pair of tongs. I use them to grab lids and rings, shift jars around in the water when they fall over and of course all the other kitchen uses for tongs 😉

  33. My favorite has turned out to be this Prepworks by Progressive Canning Scoop which looks like the oddest spoon ever but is endlessly handy for scooping, scraping, getting most of a jar filled in one scoop, and on and on.

    I use the jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter, funnel, and all my other canning stuff, but that spoon is weird but wonderful.

  34. I love my plastic jar funnel. I use it whenever I want to transfer bulk nuts, beans, grains, flour, etc. into canning jars to store in pantry or freezer.

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