Food in Jars Favorites: Earlywood Tasting Spoons

May 26, 2016

earlywood tasting spoons - Food in Jars

I first discovered Earlywood and the gorgeous wooden tools that Brad Bernhart makes thanks to a post on the blog, Dig This Chick nearly five years ago. As a lover of wooden spoons and spatulas, I was powerless in the face of her recommendation and ordered myself a large saute tool and a scraper.

earlywood handles - Food in Jars

Since then, Earlywood tools have become something I buy myself when I reach a milestone or am in need of an inexpensive splurge. For instance, when I turned in the manuscript for my third book, I bought myself a ladle. I’m at the point where most of the wooden tools in my kitchen started their life as a hunk of wood in Brad’s shop.

earlywood spoon bowls - Food in Jars

A few months ago, Brad sent me his tasting spoon set (you can also buy them one at a time), curious if I thought they might have particular application in a canning kitchen. After living with them for a while, I’ve come to find that I reach for them all the time, though not necessarily for tasting.

I’ve found that they’re a fabulous tool for poking air bubbles out of jars (I use both the bowl of the spoon and the handle, depending on the location of the bubble) and for ensuring that jam flows evenly into jars with shoulders. They are beautiful, useful objects and really, you can’t ask for more than that!

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15 thoughts on "Food in Jars Favorites: Earlywood Tasting Spoons"

  • I love wooden items-they are what I first look for at art fairs and specialty boutiques. But these spoons would not go into the “inexpensive” folder in my head. Plus I have a hubby who tends to put everything in the dishwasher!

    1. I wasn’t saying that they’re inexpensive exactly, but that when I want to treat or reward myself, many of the Earlywood utensils are a more affordable option than many other things that we think of a treat or reward. So I hear you.

  • These are beautiful. I love using wooden spoons, even the broken handle one that I still use. Just don’t have the heart to throw it away when it’s still usable.

  • I love his art. I purchased that set intending to gift most of it…. I think I have to order another set because I can’t imagine giving up any of them!

  • I have several Earlywood utensils and use them on a daily basis. He sends out really interesting emails about sourcing the wood he uses and the care he puts into his products too. It is a great company to support.

  • Well, thanks a lot Marisa, I just got into some trouble on that site! Beautiful wood, and one of the set of tasting spoons I just ordered (along with a Trifecta set) will be a little housewarming treat for a friend.

  • I love wooden spoons but have never heard of these before! I might just be in trouble judging by other comments! Ha! Thanks for sharing!

  • These spoons are so beautiful! I love using wooden spoons for mostly everything I cook, so these will be wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Beautiful spoons. I use iced tea spoons for tasting. Same idea but not the wonderful feel and look of wood. I have wooden utinsels, from spurtles to soup ladles, from Alleganey Treenware.