Duralex Snack Set from the MightyFix by MightyNest

January 5, 2017

Thanks to the arrival of this fresh, new year, we’ve been talking a lot about challenges, resolutions, and goals here at Food in Jars HQ. I’ve loved reading about your canning and preserving goals here and on the FIJ FB Community page and hearing your responses to the cooking resolutions Joy and I shared on Local Mouthful this week.

Before all this productive intention setting energy escapes us entirely, let’s talk about another set of healthy habits that I’m trying to build in this new year. Yes, that’s right. I want to be a better packer of snacks in 2017.

In my adult life, I’ve never been great at being prepared for those moments when hunger strikes and I’m out in the world. Most of the time, this lack of preparation results in a large bag of cheesy popcorn finding its way into my grocery cart or basket. I then inhale half the bag while driving home.

However, I’m ready to change all that and thanks to my friends at the MightFix, I have the world’s most charming containers to tempt me into tucking small snacks into my bag. These adorable Duralex containers can hold a few nuts, some dried fruit, or even some sliced up vegetables and they’re so cute that I WANT to fish them out of my tote instead of springing for the popcorn.

You might be thinking to yourself that I’m crazy to use glass containers, but Duralex containers are made from tough tempered glass that is 5x times sturdier than typical glass. And if you choose to tuck leftovers into these containers rather than an emergency snack pack, know that they’re safe for the microwave, dishwasher, or freezer.

For the rest of this month, new subscribers to the MightyFix will get these sweet Duralex containers as their first month  of the FIX. And it will only cost you a buck. $1. That’s right, a single dollar will bring you the tools to help create healthy habits all year long. And if you get yourself a yearlong subscription, each month of 2017 will bring a little treat in the mail.

You might get a set of wool dryer balls to replace your dryer sheets. Or a new water bottle so that you can ditch single-use plastic bottles forever. Perhaps a set of Bee’s Wrap, might help you finally kick the plastic wrap habit.

To sign up for a full year of the MightyFix for just $99, head this way. Offer expires January 31, 2017! MightyFix is currently available to US customers with free shipping. Canadian and Australian MightyFixes ship for a small fee. Full shipping details here.

When you follow this link, the discount will be automatically applied. You should see a note at the top of the page when you click over that says that the promo code has already been applied. However, if you don’t see that, you can also use the code FIJDURALEXFIX.

Here’s to healthy habits in 2017!


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4 thoughts on "Duralex Snack Set from the MightyFix by MightyNest"

  • I love them.

    But what about the lids.

    Over the years I have bought some great glass containers with plastic or rubber lids and they’ve stood by me well until the lids inevitable crack and split due to age. Then I have a wonderful glass dish with no lid. And they don’t make them any more so can’t buy replacement lids. And they’re never the same size and shape as anything else. So I have all of these odds and ends glass dishes. I’ve got glass dishes for Pyrex, Rubbermaid and Ziploc. But no more lids.

    I don’t do snacks. But if I did, I think I would go with bento boxes. I have a few and the lid is held on with an elastic band or if it’s plastic with snap tabs. A few are double decker. Yhey’re relatively small so good for holding snack things.

    Here’s a cute one with a bunny that even has it’s own carrying bag. It’s a double decker but they have single deckers too.


    1. Hello, mlaiuppa –
      MightyNest stocks replacement lids for all sizes of the Duralex glass containers, if for some reason the lid goes missing 🙂

  • Probably replacement lids are available for a lot of those dishes, but they might be pretty darn pricey. Do a Google search…

    Those are nice looking containers, though.

    The cheesy popcorn? Meh… but a good cheesy JALAPENO popcorn, well, I’m probably going to make a fool of myself over that.

  • Great looking containers.
    I much prefer glass containers over plastic containers. I replaced all my plastic containers with glass some years ago